Wednesday, December 2, 2015

James Comey, The Director of The FBI, May Determine The Future of This Republic!
Very rarely in the history of any nation, does one individual determine the future of a country. In Leo Tolstoy’s brilliant novel, War and Peace, the author argues that the winds of war are created by an amalgam of different factors. I believe that great history is made by great men/women. In examining the chessboard of American History, one can say that certain periods of time were destined by the actions of one; or even a few men—rightfully or wrongfully. Truman marked the beginning of an era when he dropped the atomic bomb. Eisenhower pulled us out of the Korean War and prevented us from going to war in Vietnam. LBJ/JFK brought us into the useless, expensive Vietnam War.
You get the idea.
Now, as I look over the 2016 election prospects, I realize that neither Trump nor Hillary, inter alia, will delineate the truthful outcome of the election. Allow me to do what I have done countless times in both psychiatry and intelligence—deconstruct the complex problem/issue to one simple factor. In this case, I believe that the entire outcome of our 2016 Presidential Race will be determined by the FBI’s present criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private emails.
Did or did she not violate our national security laws?
Did she lie under oath to federal officials?

The FBI has to determine whether a federal crime was or was not committed by Hillary Clinton. That is not a hard problem to solve. However, there is a conundrum in this seemingly simple resolution. Can James Comey, the Director of the FBI, who once stood up to Bush Jr, be able to defy Obama’s flippant, inappropriate comments regarding “Hillary’s alleged criminal behavior” [She did it. But, she did not violate national security.] For me, the issue is simple and it concerns the integrity of our FBI.
POTUS has played many mind games with the American Public; as have both of his predecessors, Clinton and Bush Jr. Our Republic is corrupt and deteriorating by the day. Citizens have no faith in our White House and its minions. Citizens have no faith in our highly decorated mercenaries who insist they are our nation’s finest military. Citizens have no faith in our intelligence community which was/ is co-opted by the WH. 

I do not expect the Secret Service, which is beholden to the Emperors for their jobs[as exempted Pinkerton Agents], to preserve the integrity of our Republic. Their unholy secrets garnered at the expense of many American deaths, here and abroad, could have prevented the travesty of a Bush/Cheney 9/11 and wasteful Iraq/Afghanistan Wars.

It is now up to the once tainted FBI which, in the past, had miscreant leaders -- Hoover; Mueller; Freeh; etc.—to determine whether they can be free of Caesar’s bloodied hands. I rely on James Comey who defied one Emperor and refused to do his bidding [Bush Jr]. 
As a concerned citizen, I will ask James Comey if he is free to decide the fate of our nation? Or will the FBI continue to be used as a tool by some foolish federal prosecutor to harass political enemies of those in power?  I have my own personal example of such harassment (remember: the FBI served me w/ a subpoena a few years ago for something that happened 30 years prior when I was a military officer and government official). 
Yet, I am an optimist by nature; otherwise, I could not get up every morning and concern myself with the state of our Republic. I am hoping for the best: this flagrant political/financial corruption will be punished to the full extent of the law.
Let me end this blog with a quote from the great French writer, Honore de Balzac:
“Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.”
Is that true, James? 



  1. Wow what a moment in history Dr P, will Comey stand up and face the firestorm, or die a cowards death (figuratively speaking). I bet he stands up and applies the law equally to all. time will tell, and the whole World is watching!

  2. Dr.P, you’re hurting me.

    I know you started the article saying “very rarely”, but most people will walk away from this, thinking you support the great-leader theory of history.

    Let me say that when I read War & Peace, I completely bought into Tolstoy’s calculus of the masses.

    But life responded by showing me that’s a load of crap.

    Then I started believing that everything was due to great leaders or power-brokers. And MIT stepped in to show me I was thinking like an idiot.

    We all have a tendency to project some view upon the world. That probably makes for great story-telling.

    But the truth is somewhere in-between. We don’t live in a Platonic universe.

    ... Life is way more interesting!

    1. I've had arguments with Noam Chomsky where I point out to the masses and democracy can be very warlike. The masses often love war, and bring it about. Certainly the American public wanted the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The public in Sparta and Athens loved their imperial wars to conquer and enslave their neighbors, The Romans loved their imperial wars of conquest, particularly against the hapless Carthaginians.... The masses love war so people like Chomsky who assume the public are victims are dreaming.... The victims are the people living in the countries being attacked and invaded.

    2. In 1914 one million Englishmen volunteered to form a new army to deploy to France and fight the Germans. The English public loved the idea of that war until they encountered the realities of it, and even then they wouldn't bring an end to it no matter how many of their sons were butchered. The English are war lovers.

  3. Dr.P you and I should have been students together at MIT so we could discuss our views about the causes of war in a seminar with Steven Miller or Charlse Glaser.

    I agree that the final act which causes war to happen or not depends on the decision of one man, and that another man would have made the opposite decision. In 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis it's clear that if Nixon, Johnson, either Bush, Eisenhower, or probably anyone other than John Kennedy were the decision maker there would have been nuclear war. Whether it would have been a global nuclear war or merely confined to Cuba is uncertain, but it would have involved at the minimum dozens of atomic weapons.

    However you must consider the factors which lead to the circumstances that put that one person into the position where he has the opportunity to make that choice. In order for the conditions to arise for the choice to be made many other things must happen, and that involves the acts of many other people.

    In Cuba in 1962 it required the decisions of Krushov to have started arming Cuba in the first place. Krushov was a titan and made bold decisions which put other actors into predicaments.

    Then there are the actions of those around Kennedy, his brother, the Joint Chiefs and his other advisors which worked on his decision making. The same applies for Krushov.

    I think it's a superficial view to look at the one man who pushes a button and then conclude that most of history is determined by "great men." I think there are some people, like my hero Hitler, who are more determined and dynamic, but on the whole most of these actors are in turn acted upon by the decisions and actions of others.

    What I do believe is that there are some individuals who are what I call "warmaking personalities," in that they gravitate towards decisions for war when use of force is not necessarily required.

    In terms of Hitler I don't think of him as a "warmaking personality" in that he was trapped into war when Britain and France declared war on him. He did start a small war with Poland that was not necessary, but if he had not conquered Poland there would have been huge costs for Germany and the millions of Germans in Poland who were living their against their will because the Versailles Treaty tore away huge areas of Germany and gave them to Poland, which had not even existed before. From the point of view of Hitler and the Germans Poland and Czechoslovakia were artificial, synthetic states which had no legitimacy because they were merely cobbled together a few years before at Paris, and even the people who lived in these "countries" didn't want to be there.

    Hitler could never understand why anyone would treat Poland or Moravia or Bohemia or "Czechoslovakia" as though they were real countries like France or Italy or Switzerland were....

    1. Examples of war making personalities are Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, George W. Bush, George HW Bush, Richard Nixon, and Abraham Lincoln.

    2. If you go over to Daily Mail online, you can hear a recording of Hitler when he is not doing a speech, quite interesting really.

    3. Thanks Bill, that was interesting.

      The backstory is that Hitler dropped in on Mannerheim's 75th birthday celebration.

      The tone of Hitler’s voice will make him more human to anyone who views him as the one-dimensional lunatic we were introduced to in high school.

      But for others who’s opinion of him has improved over time, this may serve as a regression.

      This eleven minute snapshot of a private “discussion” is essentially a monologue by Hitler.

      Magda Goebbels’ is reported to have said, "It is always Hitler who talks! He can be Führer as much as he likes, but he always repeats himself and bores his guests."

      In case you want to hear the full clip:

  4. Dr.P I think the Korean war ended because Joseph Stalin died, or was murdered. I don't think it was because of anything the jackass Eisenhower did. Eisenhower was the absolute worst President, and much worse than Truman. I could and possibly will write a book about Eisenhower, but he was the turd who misused Covert Action and permitted CIA to become an out of control rogue agency, he also used nuclear bluffs and permitted SAC to construct a rigid massive retaliation employment policy which had little or no flexibility. He didn't understand statecraft or international politics and he created a national security monster which then at the end he regretted somewhat. He was a nut. Even Howard Hunt hated him. Everybody hated him.

    1. Making him the Supreme Allied Commander or even the CINC of anything was a horrendous mistake. He was just a staff officer, a Colonel for God's sake, and he didn't have the intellect for such awesome responsibilities.

      For crying out loud he actually could have kept Stalin from conquering Berlin but he actually thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to let Stalin have Berlin !!!!

      Look at what that later led to.

      Look at what the CIA/MI6 coup in Iran in 1953 brought about !!!

      Truman vetoed the coup plan for Iran, so the British went to Eisenhower BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED and Eisenhower pledged that upon election he would proceed with the plan !!

      Planning in CIA started IN ANTICIPATION of Eisenhower's election while Truman was still in office !!

      He was the Supreme jackass and every single decision he made led to complete and total disaster later.

    2. On a personal level Eisenhower was arrogant and imperious. Those around him hated him. His wife used to spend all her time in bed calling on people who needed to see her to come see her while she was in bed, where she would issue out orders and commands. She really loved being the wife of a General and the President. She liked ordering people around while she lay in bed.

      They were wacked.

    3. In Germany after the war Eisenhower committed war crimes by collecting hundreds of thousands of Germans, many of whom were women, and left them exposed in open fields surrounded by guards. The Germans had no shelter and little or no food. American guards mistreated the females terribly. Many Germans died due to mistreatment because of Eisenhower's outrages.

    4. Rheine Meadows was one such "camp."

    5. When the Soviets gathered up three million Germans and hurded them to the Soviet union as slaves Eisenhower thought it was a fine idea.

    6. Eisenhower is that fuck wad who cancelled the elections in Vietnam set for 1956, thereby guaranteeing the Vietnam war.

      Eisenhower was the monster who approved the military takeover of Guatamala by forcing out the elected government of Arbenz, bringing about the most blood soaked regimes in the western hemisphere....

      You can find a film of Eisenhower where he boasted that "There was a communist who was the President of Guatamala so we got rid of him."

      Excuse me Mr. Eisenhower but Arbenz was NOT a communist, and no one in CIA or anywhere else thought of him as a Marxist. He had many Marxists around him, but he was by no means a communist.

      That was the kind of INSANE statement and "decision" made by this asshole and creep Eisenhower.

      Today Eisenhower is barking in hell, and is in the form of a Pomeranian who is being fucked in the ass for eternity of Arbenz, Mossadeq, and the millions of people raped, tortured and murdered by the monsters Eisenhower put in power in these various places.....

      Hope you like your time in hell Eisenhower.

  5. Hello Steve,

    Excellent article you cited from WPost about this.

    Here is my question for you, if you could help me understand this better:

    Why is it that the CIA, NSA, DIA, ODNI all SENT THE E-MAILS to an unsecured private server?

    I am not trying to exonerate Hillary by any means, but the fact that these agencies all repeatedly sent the e-mails to an obviously external private e-mail address would imply that they might have all been IN COLLUSION with Hillary to break the law.

    If that is the case, then that is even more scandalous than what Hillary herself is guilty of and would raise the question of how extensive is this hidden "support network" that Hillary has within the US government (and beyond that why would they all be acting to support her to the extent of breaking the law). I raise these points because it seems that Hillary wanted to have this private server in order to hide illegal activities that she was involved in (Benghazi? Syria?). If that was the case and if it was the case that this "hidden support network" also committed illegalities, then this then would explicitly indicate that a "shadow government" network (to which Hillary belongs) has been operating in the USA which breaks the law to achieve secret objectives.

    1. I don't think they knew the status of the server. Furthermore this is a tempest in a teacup because these "security protocals" are bullshit. The secure servers are not secure either. They are all penetrable.

    2. And speaking of penetration while I was staying in Chatsworth my host was an aspiring actor who was dating his agent, and I won't give out her name, but she was the former girlfriend of several stars including Bert Reynolds. She showed me a letter he wrote to her while he was on the set of "100 Rifles" and it was very pornographic indeed.... Anyway he was a horndog and it turned out that one of our neighbors in the building was pornstar Madison Stone! Well she was the first person I'd ever seen who had a tongue stud in her mouth, and I sudderred when I thought of the pain she must have gone through to have a bolt or a nail driven through her tongue! Anyway she was pretty cool but she started coming over to hang with my host and then they would start banging in his bedroom and the sounds of her ghasping and saying "Oh my God, Oh my God...yeasssssss oh yeesss, and then his grunts and so forth...well it was embarrissing for me to say the least. I knew he was very well endowed and girls would tell me he had the largest penis they'd ever seen. I gathered as much by the bulge in his trousers. Sometimes he would say, "Yowsa yowsa what's dat in my trouwsa!"

    3. Then in Febuary of 2013 I was hosting him in my apartment and while he was staying there alone he drew a bath because he had artheritis and liked to soak in the tube. He turned the water on and then had a heart attack in the tube and died without turning the water off! The water ran all over the apartment for three days and then I got a call from the apartment management saying that they needed to get into the apartment because water was coming out from under the door.... And when they got in he had been dead for days and was swollen and decomposing into the water and it was a horrible mess... All my best rugs were ruined and there was a half inch of water on the bottom of all my antiques. After they removed his remains a Crime Clean company had to come out to disinfect and sterilize the whole place because of the putrid water...

  6. I cannot compete with my day at the Zoo!

  7. And Vincent Lisi suddenly "retires" as Comey arrives:

    "Vincent B. Lisi may be the perfect guy for the job. Whatever that job may be -- framing an innocent man, orchestrating a false flag attack, or declaring martial law.
    He's a company man.

    September and October 2001:
    Lisi was selected to lead the Anthrax investigation of the anthrax letter attacks - a "mad scientist" was framed, and then mysteriously committed suicide

    The FBI lied. They framed Dr. Bruce Ivins.

    On the morning of July 27, 2008, Ivins was found unconscious at his home. He was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital and died on July 29 from an overdose of Tylenol, an apparent suicide.
    No autopsy was ordered following his death because, according to an officer in the local police department, the state medical examiner "determined that an autopsy wouldn't be necessary" based on laboratory test results of blood taken from the body.

    Dr, Bruce Ivins was a hero. On March 14, 2003, Ivins and two of his colleagues at USAMRIID at Fort Detrick received the Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service—the highest award given to Defense Department civilian employees—for helping solve technical problems in the manufacture of anthrax vaccine."

    Vincent B. Lisi was named Special Agent in Charge of Boston Division -, where martial law was declared during the manhunt for Boston Marathon Bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - after zrichard DesLauriers suddenly "retired".

    It was the FBI that declared martial law in the entire City of Boston. And declaring martial law in a major metropolitan city for the manhunt of one individual was an unprecedented event in our nation's history. Scarier, it was an unprecedented suspension of the U.S. Constitution.

    Was Boston a dress rehearsal for when the feds declare martial law in the entire U.S. following a false flag attack?

    If corruption is the game, the FBI IS THE KINGPIN.

    "As casino construction nears, FBI anti-corruption billboards pop up in Springfield's skyline

    SPRINGFIELD - The FBI has recently taken its get-tough message on bribery and fraud to the city's skyline.

    Just months after Boston FBI supervisor Agent Vincent Lisi warned that the arrival of casinos in Massachusetts could boost corrupt activities, including bribery and a spike in organized crime, two billboards popped up on I-291 and I-91.

    It reads:

    Call or go to to report

    The huge placards are part of the Massachusetts FBI's "Stop Corruption Now" campaign launched in response to legislation that green-lighted licensing up to three casinos and a slots parlor. The FBI says its concern is that the entrance of casino gaming will create a public integrity crisis to necessitate it launching a "Stop Corruption Now" awareness campaign."