Friday, December 4, 2015

Congratulations to Alex Jones and Donald Trump for their Landmark Interview on!
This event represents a major shift in the media coverage of the present-day “Truthers” and the new American Revolution!
Dear readers, the impossible just happened. Donald Trump, at the behest of his advisor, Roger Stone [a well-known Republican strategist], has been interviewed on for thirty minutes. What makes this unusual interview a landmark event is that Trump, long-considered a maverick by the Republican Party, has finally granted a form of legitimacy that no other presidential candidate could have given to Alex Jones and his brilliant radio show— 
Alex Jones, known as a brave Texan [Austin], started almost two decades ago when the alternative media was still in its infancy. At that time, he and a few other intrepid radio broadcasters decided to declare a war for the truth; which had been co-opted by the chicanery of Federal Government and their lackeys in the mainstream media. 

Like Trump, I, a former member of the political elite, first went on Alex’s radio show to reveal what I had known about 9/11. I reiterated the point that I had made on 9/11 that this travesty of justice had been planned and executed by Bush Jr/Cheney and our CIA/military establishment; and not some Islamic Terrorist group. The purpose of this false flag/stand down was to create a causa bella for the unnecessary war in Iraq/Afghanistan. It was not conjecture on my part. I possessed hard evidence that implicated Bush Jr/Cheney/ Rumsfeld and the neocon chicken hawks as co-conspirators.  
I was so sure of my facts that I predicted on Alex Jones’ radio show some 14 years ago: that whoever would be POTUS [Democrat or Republican ] would terminate the so-called self-contrived “war on terrorism” by falsely declaring that he/she had killed Osama bin Laden --at the end of the first four years of the Presidency. Obama and his minions were the insipid naves who fell right into this psyop trap; and thereby incriminated themselves by abetting a former administration of crimes committed against America civilians. 

When Admiral McRaven [a self-aggrandizing Navy SEAL ] declared that he had just killed OBL, I went on the Jones show to refute his lies. I stated from the very beginning [9/11] that OSBL had Marfan’s Syndrome, a genetic abnormality that accounted for his carrying a portable kidney dialysis machine; as well as, the fact that he would be dead soon after 9/11 from this genetic abnormality.
Throughout the subsequent fourteen years, Alex Jones was always there for me and many others who were not afraid to broadcast the truth that our USG had co-opted. I hold a very strong belief that “the truth” is neither relative nor malleable. It is absolute and worthy of losing one’s life to both expose it, as well as, perpetuate it.
“Sandy Hook” was another case of Obama’s pathological inability to tell the truth. He, like his sycophant, Eric Holder, had staged a false scenario of a mass killing by an Asperger man whose non-existent psychiatric background was contrived by Yale/Mass Mental Health psychiatrist/nurses who had collectively sold their professional soul for a few shekels. Obama had not only compromised our military/intelligence apparatus; but he had no problem paying off the public[especially the corrupt state police] officials of Connecticut to stage this non-event. 
Alex has never been afraid to broadcast his well-tutored opinions. He often spends a lot of time studying a particular issue and then explaining what he had learned to his vast worldwide radio audience of 20 million listeners. We “truthers” [I am proud to carry that label for life] owe much to this man and his venerable radio crew [who I have gotten to know and are really quite ‘cool’.] Yet, no one was more surprised than I when I watched Donald Trump bravely discuss in detail the problems in Afghanistan and the wasted war we were waging there; while, at the same time, Trump continued to explain that the ‘smarter Chinese’ were collecting rare minerals on the other side of the Afghan mountains with no concern for their safety. 
Next, Donald ventured on to discuss a topic that Jeb and Rubio had avoided for personal  reasons: the tax dodging issue of ‘inversion’ committed by our Big Pharma and other transnational corporations. 

Perhaps the most telling point that Trump made on the Alex Jones show was the insight that the problems in this country stem not only from the gross incompetency of Obama and his political minions; but equally to blame were the ineffectual Republican legislators like “Miss Lindsay” Graham; as well as, the  “Hanoi Hilton traitor”, John McCain. For the remainder of the time, Trump went onto describe the morass of other politicians whose major job is to do nothing more than pander to the mainstream press and solicit funds from large financial donors.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones are the face and voice, respectively, of the NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION. As many of you know, I have been agitating for this new style of Revolution for over twenty years. In Montana, Steven Quayle was brave enough to invite me on his radio shows; when we both realized that I was being monitored by most, if not all of the American intelligence agencies [I happen to like them anyway].
Nothing has made me happier than to see such a distinguished American like Donald Trump willing to brave the inane verbiage of mainstream media that has labeled Alex and I to be some type of ‘crack pots;’ or, even more ridiculous, ‘right wing extremists’.
What makes Donald Donald is something American citizens have not seen in decades and that is his indomitable courage, integrity and willingness to be different and effective in order to fight for a Greater America. Under no condition did Donald fold to the underhanded pressures and manipulations from the staid, antiquated Republican mainstream [whoever they may be]; nor did he fear to enter the new age of social media and the alternative news channels that he has now singlehandedly made “mainstream”.

So-called brave conservatives like Sen. Rand Paul [physician] and Sean Hannity were too afraid to appear on the Alex Jones Show for fear that the mainstream media might label them as ‘crocks’.  For that alone, I consider Donald Trump to be worthy of the America Presidency—not tomorrow—but today.
He, Alex and I agree that we do not have much time to turn this country around. We don’t have years or even a few more presidential terms. We only have fewer than a baker’s dozen months; and, even that, is asking a lot of two brave American Heroes –Alex Jones and Donald Trump!!!

President Woodrow Wilson stated the following:
“The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.”  
May Alex and Donald keep on swimming toward the shores of freedom, valor and the right for all Americans to live our lives accordingly without unnecessary government interference… or false flags/stand downs… like 9/11…  and  Sandy Hook. 


  1. Hello Steve,

    You are a true patriot and God bless you.

  2. Alex has got a big following here and I am glad he helped take Morgan down a peg. It is strange how in a World of lies being a 'Truther' is an insult. Everything is inverted. I predict in the next few weeks one of the Jihadis will bring down an RAF Tornado with a US or Saudis missile. That is what happens when you arm 'moderate' terrorists.

  3. LOL Alex Jones claims that the Bilderberg Group picks out who each party will select at it's Presidential candidate, that soon Marshall law will be declared and further elections cancelled and any who dissents will be sent to FEMA camps. He continuously lies about his early life claiming that he had gotten into countless physical fights with other never happened. He doesn't believe a word he says, is an inveterate liar and fabricator, and true conspiracy theorist of the most outrageous kind.

    Jones discredits the truth movement and the liberty movement by causing people to conflate them with insane ideas of a world conspiracy of bankers to bring about a distopia where all rights have been lost an a ultra elite works on life extending science so they can life forever in robot bodies while soft killing the rest of the human population.

    Jones is a charlatain and a bully.

    He has an audience though and therefore people like Trump will use him to reach that audience.

    In the mean time Jones will be slinging his gold coins, emergency food supplies, and suppliments guaranteed to lose weight!

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    3. About ten years ago I might have agreed with you about the 'Banksters', but now it is clear they do finance both sides in major Wars, destroy countries economic hitman style, provide liquidity to the World Drugs market to the tune of billions, finance political candidates, and blackmail countries for massive bailouts, while no one goes to jail, as they fix interest rates, gold markets and stock exchanges. How much more of a conspiracy do you want?

    4. How many of these banksters are Jews? There's your answer.

    5. Your knit-picking, cherry picking.

      Ok, so he lied about some "fights" he got into when he was younger? As if for that sole reason, I would stop watching INFOWARS. The point of INFOWARS is to get the public to assimilate the paradigm of DISOBEYING.

      This is why, I, and others in top Universities are HAVING A GREAT TIME Listening to, and analysing the Alex Jones INFOWARS Show.

  4. Go to Youtube and see Jones verbally assault Michelle Malkin at a rally. Look at what he does and says and tell me he's not an asshole. He's not only a vile asshole but he's a liar and a coward. He's continually lying about his history in Texas, claiming that he was involved in many physical fights, etc., when in fact he was involved in none. I do know of a case here in Austin where he asked someone at the local community broadcast facility outside for a fight and the other person sucker punched Jones and he fled after the one punch hit him. He's disgusting and an obvious fraud. That Dr.P considers him a hero of any kind speaks to the poor judgement of Dr.P these days. I really think Dr.P has gone off the deep end.

  5. Obama reads teleprompter from the Oval Office to the American citizens and illegal immigrants:

  6. I was thinking of buying one of those Russian Dolls for Christmas but they are just so full of themselves!