Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7th interview on Alex Jones, in case you missed it.


  1. Dr. P, thank you for the attempt to steer Jones away from the xenophobic tendency he has been leaning on - Infowars of late has regrettably been crowing strait out of the Samuel Huntington playbook.

    That however goes for your guy Trump, as well, who has been tapping into some of the ugliest instincts of the American body politic in his bid for the presidency.

    1. What's "ugly" about standing up for your own country or race? Why should one American be victimized so that muslims can enter America? If only one muslim in a million is a killer why should we let in even one of them? Why do we owe it them? We don't owe anything to them except our charity and good will, and we can do that by assisting them in their own homelands... They come here because they don't want our help over there. They come here because they want what we have built without building it themselves where they come from.

      Is that ugly?

      Many people today are programmed to believe that the worst of all thoughts are thoughts of exclusion, discrimination, or nationalism.

      But that is nonesense. Racism and nationalism are ubiquitous and always have existed for good reasons and always will exist.

      The present attitudes against these common beliefs is shared by only a few people on the planet as a whole, and this is only a temporary condition which is already waning.

    2. Yes, we should have excluded a certain group of sworn enemies to our republic 70 years ago, but a cabal which gave birth to your former employer let them in by hook or crook. The monster that was created as a result of that treasonous collaboration has steered our U.S. foreign policy into one of nation-wrecking - when other peoples asserted national sovereignty, we responded by wrecking their nations by whatever means necessary, whether by "fun and games" hi-jinks (Iran, Guatemala), or by outright invasion (Vietnam, Iraq), or by the rabble-rousing of their unruly youth (Libya, Syria, Ukraine). The U.S. under the domination of these foreign policy "elites" leaves a trail of failed states in its wake. And as the detritus from these disasters washes ashore, our demagogues (from Bush to Obama to Trump) tell us, in appealing to certain national traumas - most of them staged to some degree - that we have a national emergency, that we must give up our freedoms (enshrined in 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments) in order to fight the threat that their masters created.

      Where now is the presidential candidate who will properly identify the threat, and who will call for the arrest and putting on trial for treason, and who will demand the execution by hanging from the neck, until dead, of these bastards? If Trump starts talking that talk, then he has my vote. But, he had better act on it as well, once in office.

  2. Best interview in ages as Alex let you get more across without interrupting you.

  3. We should block all immigrants for the next 7 years. Get a system to vet those entering the USA. Radical terrorists should be deported.

  4. I agree with the 67% of Republicans who say that Islam is not consistent with the American way of life. American culture isn't about women walking around with veils, and people going to mosques and praying facing Mecca five times a day or wearing the clothes that Muslims wear. That's not the America I know. The America I know is about the local church or maybe synagogue perhaps. It's about people dressing like Americans and holding roughly the same beliefs and having the same culture. Having a strange and alien culture like that around here just isn't what we're about or should be about. Let them stay in their own countries. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with people staying in their own homes? America is like a bus with so many seats, and all those seats have been filled a long time ago. When my family came here there was free land and a dire need for immigration to fill space, but all the land and space was taken a long time ago so let's not hear any more talk about how because our ancestors came here that now we should continue letting people in. This place is way full.

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