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Plum Creek: A Liberal Washington State Public Land Holding Company Ravishing Small Rural Town Citizens in Gainesville, Florida!
It’s a David Versus Goliath Biblical Story!
Just when “liberalism” connoted a fair and caring concern for the underprivileged especially minority groups,  like African-Americans bereft of jobs; or the possibility of employment, Plum Creek a public REIT [Real Estate Investment Trust—which does not pay taxes] invades Florida like poisonous weeds in the Garden of Eden. Nothing is more hypocritical or cynical than a $1.3billion public company that banks land and uses its considerable cash in order to rezone that land to profit from the presumed greater value of the newly rezoned land.  On the surface this seems like an innocuous business.  In reality this company has spread across the USA from its pristine liberal base of Seattle, Washington to prey on the helpless, weak, indifferent and ignorant.
What do I mean?

Its rapacious, longstanding financial greedy President, and CEO, Rick R. Holley, had entered into an illegal land deal in Maine in order to develop Moosehead Lake. What the innocent citizens discovered was that Holley as he was wont by habit and natural proclivity, deceived, double-dealt the citizens to such an extent that even he had to admit that ‘Moosehead was a loss leader’.  Plum Creek’s M.O. is to acquire land through complex land swap deals and federal timber contracts, then with the assistance of financial bamboozlers like Tim Blixseth try to flip the pristine property to unsavory developers.  These developers are usually operating on flaky financials and typically end up suing each other and declaring bankruptcy.  The real losers, local citizens and property owners are left with damage goods and lots of lost revenue.  Just ask the state of Montana, the Yellowstone Club fiasco is famous.

In financial terms, that type of duplicitous behavior in a public company listed on the prestigious NY Stock Exchange would have:
[1] had Holley dismissed as CEO
[2] thrown Plum Creek off the stock exchange for interstate financial chicanery, a massive federal offense.
[3] Dissolve the REIT because of fraud; using a financial vehicle for purposes other than the one stated. 

However,  I write this blog because once again my thesis that the corrupt and sociopathic never stop their dangerous behavior until they are ‘bitched slapped’ by the feds: SEC, FBI and various state attorney generals from Washington State, to Maine, to Montana and, lastly Florida.
Why Montana and Florida?
When I lived in Bozeman, MT,  I had seen the heartless corrupt practices of Plum Creek when they developed precious hunting/timber land that was given to them by Governor Racicot, now on the Plum Creek board, and called the expensive development of empty multi-million dollar lodges—Moonlight Basin.  Needless to say that this particular project in the beautiful mountains of Montana was a complete disaster, just as it was in Maine. 
For most of you readers all this stuff that I am discussing should mean very little, except if it happens in your state.  Yet this greedy corrupt company happens to intrude into my privacy and land holding rights by once again appearing mysteriously in Gainesville, Florida, where, by chance, I happen to be living.  As he has done many times before, this charlatan of finances, King Midus Holley, never one to let morals or good business sense get in the way of greed and corruption, promised all kinds of “goodies” in return for increased zoning rights in order to flip this newly zoned property [66,000 acres of Florida swamp land] onto another sucker,  just like they did in Maine and Montana.
Now I had the good fortune to attend one of the meetings where the county commissioners were listening to the palaver of the ineffective Plum Creek representative as he lilted his way to the podium and replied in a high pitched voice “We will research that matter for you!”  Of course, I and every one in that meeting knew the following facts based on the past ignominious experiences of Plum Creek and its Board of Directors led by the Rick R. Holley.
We all knew that most of the Black Baptist Ministers of local Churches, in what is euphemistically called ‘East Gainesville’[ read ‘Black Harlem’] were paid off to support the rezoning with the promise that their constituents would receive jobs from Plum Creek. It was a lie. Not one job was offered or provided; other than that of a paid lobbyist or ‘consultant’.
The  Director of the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, who happened to be black was clearly paid off by the Plum Creek board of Directors, in order to bless the non-existing project of so-called ‘newly created jobs’. Once again I reiterate the simple point that no new jobs could, or would be offered because Plum Creek does not do anything other than rezone worthless land in order to sell it off.  Job creation is not part of their IPO portfolio or stated objectives.
The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Community leaders of Alachua county were incredibly verbose and at the same time completely inane in their claims that jobs valued at $40-50 per hour plus benefits could and should come into Gainesville, thanks to the ‘offer proferred by Plum Creek’.  Also Plum Creek would be able to build a 15million square foot factory to make…. What? I am not sure.
Thank God no one in the room, including the shrewd African-American representative believed this nonsense; and said so, in the following sagacious insight:
“My folks want to know how do they get a job when they have a felony on their record?”
Great question! 
Plum Creek could not and would not be able to answer that question.
So why am I writing this blog?
I am writing to inform the Federal/State/County officials to watch for corrupt, predatory interstate practices committed by the likes this “Liberal” Plum Creek company which dares not invade its own pristine woods of Washington State; lest their citizens there throw this company out of Seattle, Washington.  This company, Plum Creek, and many like them, are predatory creatures who are staffed by ex-governors like Racicot and other state and national officials and have no qualms entering into a poor area like East Gainesville, stir racial hatred and division for the sole purpose of earning a little bit more money for having done nothing more than trading on public lands that were given to them by the USG.

It’s times for us, ordinary citizens to retaliate. We do this by writing our congressmen and complain about Plum Creek.  We write to the SEC .  And believe it or not, write the office of the attorney general of your state and then the federal government.  A strong grass roots campaign will allow us to defeat hate mongers who stir up confrontations between whites, black, environmentalist and working class people.
The little people, fight the GIANT GOLIATH who wants to destroy everything that we hold precious: clean land; clean water; reasonable jobs for just pay; and the right to fight for developing our small community without interference from the Wall Street pirates.
What should really happen, is the Plum Creek should be indicted by the both the SEC and the FBI for interstate offenses and RICOH charges—attempt to commit crimes against the poor and helpless—across several state borders.  The list of past crimes involving this company are numerous, I will post a few but do the research yourself.
Despair not!
Once Plum Creek suffers financial loses and trading rights on the big board; then David wins over Goliath!
That’s the way the Holy Book wrote it.
I am just the messenger!!!


On the Ebola front, here is some very interesting info on Nurse Hickcox

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

here's a bit about one of Plum Creek's projects, two time bankruptcy and then more corruption on top of that
Fat Cat REIT Plum Creek has a history of disasters, they promise the poor folk "Chanel" pay off corrupt locals and then leave everyone with a big mess.  They did it outside of Yellowstone and in Moosehead Lake Maine and now they are trying to do it in North Florida.  Their share price sucks and so does their CEO, be posting tomorrow on this Plum Creep.

Friday, October 24, 2014

False Assumptions about the Ebola Epidemic Permeates CDC, USG, and the US Ability to Contain an Epidemic!
Thanks to Dr Craig Spencer of Doctors without Borders Recent Subway Trip to a NYC Bowling Alley.

I hate to say this again but the CDC has performed according to past experiences—TERRIBLY! Not to mention that this new Czarbola Lawyer/Lobbyist without any medical competency has been less useful than his boss’s pronouncements that “America is safe and well prepared for Ebola”.  Both men have been proven to be beyond dismal failures during a crisis.
We still have not answered the basic questions of how this disease defies every precept and mantra about limited infection capacity and an inherent high safety factor in being exposing to the Ebola virus. I personally and professionally have never accepted two basic precepts of the mantra that you have to be in direct contact with the fluids of the Ebola patient in order to become infected.  I have always believed that Ebola is an airborne RNA virus which has a very high capacity to infect anyone in near proximity at a very rapid level of growth.  In an infected person, there are approximately 10 billion Ebola viruses per unit of blood cell versus 10 million HIV viruses.  This exceedingly large number of Ebola viruses per blood cell allows the virus to expand exponentially into the body at an extremely fast rate that cannot be contained or stopped.
Its a mistake to think that a RNA virus which mutates at a very rapid rate every time any antibody attacks it, is a virus that remains static on a surface.  Simply put, the Ebola virus is airborne. It has to be because its RNA genetic code is immune to any kind of interception other than the fact that like the bubonic plague it will have no more hosts in which it can survive and continue to change in form and strength.

This newest case in NYC involving Dr Spencer would not have happened with proper mandatory quarantine and denial of entrance into the USA by competent, knowledgeable US officials.  
Here is what we should do now:
[1] Assume the virus is airborne. There is a reason why the Emory, CDC, workers on the Ebola Ward wear RESPIRATORS!!
[2] Mandatory quarantine of all fliers coming in from West Africa.
[3] Assume that everyone will or has lied on the Customs Forms about travel, fever and exposure to Ebola.
[4] Cancel all flights coming directly or indirectly from West Africa. Thirty other countries have done so.
[5] Provide military charter flights for health workers who are going overseas to treat Ebola patients.

[6] Forget the Czarbola whom Obama appointed—totally useless and misleading. Neither Obama or the Czar have any knowledge or real experience working in containing epidemics.
[7] Re-activate the Public Health Service and take it out of the Coast Guard Operations and make it have the authority to quarantine any persons, areas or countries that are infected with Ebola.
[8] Re-activate the Surgeon General’s Office, with a competent physician, trained in epidemiology and not just bureaucratic hack from Health and Human Services.
[9] Present daily briefings/updates/best practices from some competent medical doctor, other than CDC director or Czar –both of whom have lost credibility with the US public.
[10] The state, county and federal govt can pay for these procedures.  We pay taxes, the government is supposed to protect us from health disasters like this.

Forget the mantra that you are not infected until you show symptoms of fever of 100.4.  Everyone in contact with Ebola patients, directly or indirectly, must be quarantined immediately. Take pre-cautions and keep your immune system healthy.  Act accordingly without panic or fright. Be judicious and be careful. Always assume that what you are hearing from public officials is less than reliable so take care of yourselves.. …..until this epidemic subsides. Ebola will subside as did Polio, HIV, and other highly contagious diseases. It will just take some time and the common sense of the  American citizen in the complete absence of USG leadership, WHO stupidity, UN paralysis and a pervasive epidemic of incompetency.
This crisis will make you stronger and more acutely aware of the increasing systems dysfunctions that will continue to grow exponentially until we Americans decide to choose those people who have a Command and Control system in place, when it is necessary.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

C.I.A. Finally Tells the Truth about its Past Failures 
“CIA Study Says Arming Rebel Seldom Works” [NYTimes, Oct. 15, 2014 , Mark Mazzetti]. 
Finally, the CIA, the intelligence organization which can never resist a selfie; or dramatize its non-dramatic history [Argo; Homeland; Assets] in a panoply of different media, has finally come-out-of-the-closet and told one BIG TRUTH!!
Somebody decided to reveal the truth that the CIA has had minimal success with arming any rebel groups, except for the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan.  I have a sneaky suspicion that I know why they finally decided to reveal the fact that they, the CIA, is not very good at most things, including arming and training rebel groups, despite the hysteria of neocons and their legislative puppets. 

I think that the CIA and Obama know all too well that arming a ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ is the equivalent of placing super glue on the hull of the Titanic while it was sinking.  The ‘moderate Syrian’ opposition is neither Syrian nor moderate nor an opposition. Obama was correct months ago, when he described this motley group of ‘dreamers, farmers, pharmacists and medical doctors  as a fantasy’ which could never defeat their own shadow let alone ISIS.  Remember,  I was there and from my experience the only ‘credible fighting group’ in Syria is attached to the hip of Bashar Assad and his more ruthless brother.  Any other pretense of opposition is wishful thinking. 
Even the formidable Hizbollah Shi’ite fighting force is waning in power against ISIS.  Hizbollah is finding itself using ever younger and inexperienced soldiers. If Hizbollah cannot match up to ISIS with all the help they receive from Russia and Iran, believe me, ‘vetting moderate Syrians to fight’ is the moral equivalent of necrophilia.
The truth is what I have said a long time ago. The CIA is great at creating 9/11 and the ‘false flags’ along with our own military but solving problems of blowback or other strategic challenges not so good.  Contrary to their collective interest in projecting an image of James Bond or even that poor CIA analyst Jack Ryan, the agency has never  been  effective in quasi-military activities or even professional assassinations. They have had to recruit Special Forces through an office formerly entitled Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict [SOLIC] located in the bowels of the Pentagon. In fact, the CIA has been quite miserable in the field of assassinations. They out-source them and usually mess up: Lebanon; Libya, Iraq; etc.
Have you ever wondered why we muster our military forces to ‘take out’ a former ally now newly presented enemy?  Think: Noriega in Panama or Sadam Hussein in Iraq.

So we can’t even execute targeted assassinations which compels us to create wars that we can never win and sometimes barely fight.  Yet pundits like Bush, Obama, Clinton or second tier Susan Rice, Samantha Powers think nothing about sending our young men and now women in as canon fodder. 
We have 16 intelligence organizations that can barely find out what each one is doing; but they brey like sheep for more and more money for newer toys while they become more and more stupid. Now it seems like a breath of fresh air was wafted through the NY Times.  Yet we all know that whatever the CIA tells you is usually done to protect themselves or as you guys know it---CYA. So the new CIA should be entitled the CYA!! Far more appropriate… and far more honest.

background for my next post

Thursday, October 16, 2014

sorry about the absence, will get back to a regular schedule of posts next week.  I am fighting the legal bullies on a number of fronts, takes time.  Here's my Alex Jones show today: ebola etc

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Takes a German to tell us how messed up we are domestically, you'll need 2 hours to hear Wolfgang Halbig discuss Sandy Hoax.  This is why Holder exited and more will be in store, thanks Tony Unplugged

Imminent Fall of Baghdad Reminds Me of the Fall of Saigon fifty years ago!

I have sadly concluded that with the furious advance of ISIS supported by ‘the Great Pretenders’  our erstwhile DESPICABLE Sunni allies: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, U.A.E, Dubai, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria this entity will eventually through conventional and unconventional tactics enter Baghdad within a week or so. Once again America finds itself at the tail-end of the jackass of all wars,  the initial Iraq Invasion and then the subsequent consequences of incredibly incompetent civilian, military and intelligence leadership. No one can be spared from this denouement of trillion of dollars spent on unnecessary wars, drone attacks, and indiscriminate civilian massacres.
I failed as a teacher, lecturer and national security operative to make certain that our brave men, women and their families would be spared the agonizing call of defeat beckoning our country into a combat scenario reminiscent of the Vietnam War.  Many pundits have claimed that Vietnam and Iraq were two different species of warfare. Their arguments of dissimilarity were enticing illusory, allowing our civilian/military/intelligence planners to ignore the basic lesson of Vietnam: Don’t fight a war in a distant land that you do not intend to win.

It should be simple history.
Yet ignorant narcissism of our civilian leaders  [Clinton, Bush jr. Obama] combined with the egregious cowardliness of our political generals [Tommy Franks] allowed us to to repeat the hell of Viet Nam, this time in Iraq. There are too many to blame for this incredible foolishness; including the CIA; military Intelligence, legislators; and a military officer corps that had no idea of how to fight counter-insurgency [Gen David Petraeus] combined with an ossified CIA [Tenet; Panetta; Brennan].  These dolts repeated the mantra of ignorance “arm the moderate rebels” and “we have no HUMIT”.   The citizens are also to blame for not going to the streets and protesting this absurd shameful war which will mark this country as both a ‘paper tiger’ and ‘a decaying Empire’.
  According to OSINT, Stratfor, October 7, 2014 (posted earlier)  three thousand ISIS fighters have succeeded in capturing the key strategic areas a few miles from Baghdad---RAMADI and FALLUJAH!! The town of Fallujah has a special resonance just like the ‘Tet Offensive’ has to me—our marines were successful in capturing that town, they won that battle; but our leaders LOST THE WAR!!
Coalition airpower bombing day and night will not make the slightest indent in the actual membership of ISIS or it’s force structure. Like the carpet bombing of Vietnam all that we had accomplished was the spread of napalm over the bodies of innocent Vietnamese civilians as well as poisoning our own troops with Agent Orange (thank you, Admiral Zumwalt).
As ISIS comes ever closer to Sunni Baghdad; the Sunni ISIS soldiers will change their combat uniforms into one of a ‘local resident’ of Baghdad; wherein they will continue to implement their successful terrorist tactics (suicide bombers, IEDs)  attacking both soft and hard targets using counter-insurgency techniques. Our fighter jets can no longer distinguish ISIS from innocent civilian targets.  ISIS will advance into the center of the capital just as they did in Damascus, Syria; and drive both the Shi’ite Iraqi Prime Minister; as well as, the American Embassy Officials out of Baghdad, if they don’t slaughter them all.

Most likely,  Obama will send in more Marines in order to ‘protect’ our useless, bloated American embassy until it becomes apparent to all that we must evacuate all American personnel from there to our naval fleet.  This naval fleet that is standing by for one more evacuation of American personnel.
How do I know this?
I was involved tangentially in the evacuation of the American Embassy in Saigon and I remembered debriefing Ambassador Graham Martin whose only words were:
“What happened? How could we have lost this Vietnam War?” Unfortunately,  I had many obvious answers but out of respect for him and Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, I remained silent.  The answer lay in our ignorance of Vietnamese history and what Prime Minister Le Duc Tho, reminded me years later “that you Americans are lazy and arrogant”.
He was right!
Americans have been incredibly stupid and boisterous,  screaming out about how we could change the course of thousands of years Middle East History in the vast deserts that really had no boundaries, despite the Sykes-Picot Treaty. Our intelligence was akin to a ‘fact-idiot’; we knew the coordinates of the geography without understanding the complexity of the ethnic tribes woven in the incestuous cobweb of Shi’ite and Sunni Factionalism.
Allow me to quote Former Special Forces General Jerry Boykin who once said very poignantly, ”the American military has not won a legitimate battle since 1944.” In Iraq, despite all the military assistance we provided the non-existing Iraqi Army, ISIS just defeated the 7th, 8th, 9th Divisions [located in Hit; Ramadi; and Fallujah, respectively]. 

Eventually, you will hear on the mainstream media how ISIS infiltrated Baghdad and then raised the ISIS flag on top of the American Embassy.  Remember that history does repeat itself and these deadly games are played over and over.  Let me remind you that the Viet Cong,  like ISIS, was the creation of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. If you ever travel to Hanoi,  you could see the pictures of Julia Child [yes, the famous chef] and other OSS Operatives, teaching the VIET MIN how to throw hand grenades. In WWII,  we had trained HO CHI MINH himself,  an ardent admirer of American culture,  to fight against the Japanese.
Today we have trained ISIS, the CIA’s creation, to fight against ourselves. How ironic and pitiful!  America has become more self destructive over the past fifty years as we ignore the history lessons that our fathers paid for in blood.

Be posting on this subject later tonight

Monday, October 6, 2014

While we are using all our resources to fight "fake terrorists"...what about the real criminals?  Interesting read.
I am "hearing" a lot about this murder, anyone who can shed light on the subject?
What's going on in Peru?

Far Right Nationalist, Xenophobic, European Movements Meld into a Rancid Hungarian Goulash!
Just as we have witnessed the rise of extremist Islamic Groups in the Middle East, we are now going to be entertained by a motley crew of the long-forgotten Aryan Supremacy dolts who once proclaimed their dubious ancestral heritage to the ‘white race’; as well as to all matters that are the inherently ‘white’ in nature.  What we have here is the tedious ersatz philosophies of ‘being white’ and therefore entitled to:  anti-immigration hatred; anti-Muslim diatribes; the obsessive re-incantations of Anti-Semitism; anti-European integration; and, believe it or not, Anti-Americanism. That last point is a new one in the list of anti-everything party which claims that we Americans have co-opted their national culture.
So now we have the inevitable rise of the Anti-Party which means if they can’t articulate a constructive program then they must resort to denying everything and anybody who has accomplished something of value; be it good, bad or irrelevant. When one is bereft of a real philosophy or ideology then the best thing to do is to resort to basic ignorance and proclaim that you are the ‘anti-party’.
After having read a very detailed analysis of this amalgam of dullards in Budapest, Hungary  between Oct. 3-5, 2014 [Stratfor, Oct.4, 2014] it served as a reminder to myself of the turmoil that occurred between WWI and WWII in Berlin, Germany.  That time of the Weimar Republic provides the original template of this Hungarian Goulash that we find ourselves stirring today.

One of the leaders of this xenophobic, Anti-American movement is none other than Richard Spencer, an AMERICAN WHITE NATIONALIST [whatever that means], President of the National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. Apparently this ungrateful American has formed a strong bond with none other than the Russian ex-Czarist throwback by the name of Alexander Dugin, a personal adviser to the Kremlin Kleptocracy of Vladimir Putin.  As if this were not the most bizarre odd couple, then we throw in a fat blob of a frenchman who looks like he has eaten his way to the top of his absurd game.  His name is Phillipe Vardon, the so-called head of Nissa Rebela,  the NICE [city] affiliate of Le Bloc Indetitairie, a French far-right group founded in 2003.

However,  we cannot have a Hungarian Goulash without the spice of paprika. So we add the long-standing, inveterate Anti-Semitism of the HUNGARIAN PEOPLE as evidence in the Jobbik Party, now kowtowing to the commands of their master, Russia.  Contrary to the beatific image of Hungary as a country of rolling hills and the Danube River, they have been a vicious race of xenophobes ever since the liberal-minded Emperor Franz Joseph let them fraction into segments of ignorance and resentment.
What’s their agenda?
For one, these out-of-shape misanthropes are learning “basic fighting skills”….. to “learn how to resist cops.”
“An example of such a workshop is how to endure an assault to the knee by a baton and withstanding tear gas”. [Stratfor, Oct 4, 2014]. Of course, let me not forget that ignorance, hatred and stupidity is not limited to the aforementioned countries; also present at the private Budapest conference are representatives from the “Greek Dawn Party”; “Italian Northern Party” and Italy’s Fascist Party ‘CasaPound’; French National Party; Swedish Democrats;  as well as citizens of Austria [don’t forget the House Painter, Hitler]; Croatia [always reliable Estashi]; Belgium; and Germany.
This emerging trend of the rising of the far right resembles the rise of fascism after WWI; and up to and through WWII. Most of the members of this Hungarian Goulash should remember what had happened in history. Russia formed an alliance with the Nazis. Next Russia destroyed the Fascists ruthlessly. Then we Americans came in after we made certain that all American Nazi sympathizers were completely ‘neutralized’ by Hoover’s FBI.

What makes Richard Spencer, the American ‘stool pigeon,’ think that his fate might be any different from that of Father Coughlin?  America is quite forgiving of its sons and daughters who served her in time of need, but she can be very vengeful and ruthless if one tries her patience with that type of fascist nonsense.  Richard Spencer should remember that veterans, who fought for American values do not take kindly to cowards, traitors and demagogues like yourself.  Remember WWII was fought in order to rid our Republic of your garbage and those who purvey it.

some background for my next post on the right wing emerging trend in Europe.

Friday, October 3, 2014

They are already calling him "president Ebola", this is a fox story so if someone has feedback or counterpoint please supply....but CDC power was "weakened" under President Ebola

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Grand Myth: That the American Government Can Protect it’s Citizens at all, from War; Financial Corruption/Disaster; Terrorism; White House Intrusions; and most of all, Ebola!
In the last few weeks,  we have seen an elaborate charade of the U.S.G’s stated raison’etre of protecting American citizens here at home, or abroad.  The recent incursion of a mental patient who entered into the bowels of the White House residence, in an attempt to threaten POTUS is a metaphor for all the contrived lies across a spectrum of American life.  Remember that we the taxpayers have paid for nothing more than massive federal dysfunctional entity including:
the inebriated, promiscuous Secret Service
the dysfunctional military/intelligence complex throwing bombs and drones all over Syria, Iraq and wherever else they feel like causing murder and mayhem
our banking system which had been totally mismanaged by unqualified ‘bankers’ [who had never been functioning bankers]- Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson; 
raging epidemic of Ebola, staring in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia and now supposedly here in America 
The federal government seems to be descending into a complete FUBAR with every institution being run by incompetent jerks or greedy, cheating thugs. I know that for many of you, I am stating the obvious.  I am just completely taken aback by the sheer incompetence of all these federal agencies which profess to have some modicum of professionalism.  I can’t remember anything good thats come from a federal agency, institution or office in decades.
I worked with the secret service way back when they were considered competent and professional.  I ran the psychiatric back-up wards at St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D. C. for those ‘so-called White House intruders’.  There was no question as to when, how or why these individuals were automatically incarcerated in a maximum security ward. That was then. But now, one ostensibly can wander all around the White House without even presenting a ‘clear and imminent’ threat.
Times have changed.
Now our President throws our intelligence community under the bus every time that he might have made a mistake about going or not going to war anywhere and everywhere. When I heard that the present problem with ISIS, ISIL; or even the wars in Iraq/Syria; did not lie within our Commander-in-Chief’s hands but rather was the fault of Generals Michael Flynn [DIA] and James Clapper [DNI], I was incredulous. This type of externalization of blame is equivalent to the marathon runner blaming the quality of his shoes, rather than himself.  I do criticize our intelligence community ad hominum but as a citizen and taxpayer that is my right and duty . 
However, when POTUS goes out of his way in public and directly implicates Gen James Clapper as the source of POTUS’s lack of strategy, foresight or capacity to engage in an unnecessary wars, I find this type of executive behavior to be completely abhorrent and disgraceful to the Office of the Presidency.  Sounds like humpty dumpty is cracking. I can tell you that this type of behavior in any other country would have automatically led to a military coup.  I could have told you that any former POTUS who dared to compromise our intelligence services, be they, civilian or military,  were automatically eliminated.

So now it seems that our federal government failed us once again.  It was all over the news that ebola was raging through Liberia, Sierre Leone and Guinea,  all failed states on steroids.  Did our big daddy government that spies on all of us, keeps record of our travels and what we buy, did It do anything to protect our shores from a viral invasion?  Nope!  Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that anyone coming from the infected part of the world should have been quarantined.  Does anyone get held accountable for this mega mistake?  Didn’t Obama tell American citizens that we have nothing to fear?  Oh yeah, he was the same guy that told us ISIS was not a threat.  First its not a problem, don’t worry and then its whoops now its a problem (big problem) but its not my fault.  We pay these people a lot of money to do their jobs (president, congress, judges, CDC) and we even look the other way when they skim some off the top or from the sides.  However, we do expect them to take care of the basics and they are not, on any front.

A repost from hey hey "Dear John"...good listening, I am still editing my post, gotta tone it down.
One more for your entertainment, serious stuff tonight.  Obama the great pretender.
Also from C I A, Jim Glaser still has it at 76!  Long live the greys
From C I A, we all love Tom Jones and he is 74 and still one of the best.  Enjoy!

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Thank You to Federal Judge Thomas C. Wheeler!
Uncovers Bush Jr/Obama Secret Bailout  of Our Corrupt/ Incompetent Financial Institutions: Goldman Sachs is Right Up there on the Top of the List!
Next in line we have Societe Generale [French Puffery] and Deutsche Bank[German Dishonesty]; and the ever-crippled Merrill Lynch. Our government’s ability to deny transparency and truth to the American public still amazes me even now.  I am grateful for the lawsuit brought by Maurice R. Greenberg, former Chief of A.I.G.[major insurer] which had received $182B in bailout money.  His lawsuit contends that the bailout was “so punitive that it amounted to an improper taking of private property by the USG under the fifth amendment.”  Whatever… its confusing because its supposed to be but the bottom line: that was taxpayers money that they were throwing around during the mega bailouts!

The numbers are ridiculous and AIG is not an innocent babe in this bail-out, it basically ‘insured’ the toxic assets, subprime mortgages of  AIG’s trading partners-Goldman Sachs; Societe General; Deutsche Bank; Merrill Lynch.  However,  what will come out of these court proceedings are the hidden truths about the malfeasance committed by our public servants: Ben Bernanke former Chairman of the Federal Reserve; Timothy Geitner [“who did not know Obama before” although Obama worked as a CIA officer for Geitner’s father, Peter Geithner, Asia Society], then President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and then, the non-banker’s banker from Goldman Sachs,  Henry M. Paulson Jr, the Treasury Secretary at the time.  Finally the American people will learn what had happened in the bailout and how our money was squandered.
For the purpose of full disclosure, I was once offered an Investment Banking job by Hank Greenberg, but I turned it down.  I hope I can explain to all of you why the bailout was so problematic and whimsical.  If anyone thinks that logic, reason or concern for the American public was involved, forget it!
So far, what the Judge has found out from the trial is that AIG was charged ‘loan shark’ rates of 14% changed to 8%. Contrast this to how the feds favored and supported ‘illegally’  Sandy Weill’s bank, Citigroup and the other aforementioned banks by charging them somewhere around 2.25 %.  However one cuts this allocation of burden,  AIG got screwed (as did their shareholders).  Thank God for guys like Maurice Greenberg, former U.S. Army Captain who became a lawyer and a mega-business man.  He didn’t get his billions by being a sweetie pie but he’s exactly what we need to expose the enormity of financial skullduggery these guys commit in the name of the USG.
Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson who have never had any experience like your present blogger in salvaging Savings and Loans Companies or banks; simply decided to place the financial, psychological burden onto AIG.  They ‘accuse it’ as the ‘insurer’ of ‘creating the banking crises’ when in fact it was the banks which deliberately gave out cheap money,  starting with Bill Clinton, passing this absurd financial scam onto Bush jr  and then Obama.
The basic premise of this lawsuit is not the money but the fact that the TRES HOMBRES (Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson) were complicit in ‘illegally shifting the blame’ of the banking crisis from the banks to it’s insurer—AIG.  In their cowardly deed of shifting the responsibility of the banking crisis from their banking-buddies to the insurer in question which had nothing to do with the ‘banking part of the crises’—these public servants committed a crime in lying to the U.S. Treasury and the American Taxpayers.  No wonder, Geithner, Bernanke and Paulson were quick to come out with a nonsensical autobiography too big to fail as they failed us,  as did our PRESIDENTS.

Why don’t we elect someone who has had business experience? Or someone who has the strength to put the country first and not kowtow to these fanatical bamboozlers who just want to cut deals favorable to their banker friends and who screw the public regularly.  Instead, we have had nothing but two incompetent Economists who were political cronies and one failed Investment Banker, Paulson, who knew nothing about M1-M2 or fiscal policies or even simple banking.
I once explained to one ignorant Liberal congressman, that Paulson was not a ‘banker’ in the classical sense of owning a bank or knowing how to evaluate risk, credit, cash flows; the answer  I got was predictable: “what’s the difference?”  This is the problem with today’s public servants, they are either crooked and greedy or they are just dumb.

I will anticipate more juicy details from this trial and hope that the media doesn’t squash it.  One thing for sure, I wouldn’t want to mess with Hank Greenberg (despite his age), he is into revenge, just ask Eliot Spitzer.

More background on AIG lawsuit in case you want it.
I will be posting later on this subject of AIG's Greenberg lawsuit