Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thank You to Federal Judge Thomas C. Wheeler!
Uncovers Bush Jr/Obama Secret Bailout  of Our Corrupt/ Incompetent Financial Institutions: Goldman Sachs is Right Up there on the Top of the List!
Next in line we have Societe Generale [French Puffery] and Deutsche Bank[German Dishonesty]; and the ever-crippled Merrill Lynch. Our government’s ability to deny transparency and truth to the American public still amazes me even now.  I am grateful for the lawsuit brought by Maurice R. Greenberg, former Chief of A.I.G.[major insurer] which had received $182B in bailout money.  His lawsuit contends that the bailout was “so punitive that it amounted to an improper taking of private property by the USG under the fifth amendment.”  Whatever… its confusing because its supposed to be but the bottom line: that was taxpayers money that they were throwing around during the mega bailouts!

The numbers are ridiculous and AIG is not an innocent babe in this bail-out, it basically ‘insured’ the toxic assets, subprime mortgages of  AIG’s trading partners-Goldman Sachs; Societe General; Deutsche Bank; Merrill Lynch.  However,  what will come out of these court proceedings are the hidden truths about the malfeasance committed by our public servants: Ben Bernanke former Chairman of the Federal Reserve; Timothy Geitner [“who did not know Obama before” although Obama worked as a CIA officer for Geitner’s father, Peter Geithner, Asia Society], then President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and then, the non-banker’s banker from Goldman Sachs,  Henry M. Paulson Jr, the Treasury Secretary at the time.  Finally the American people will learn what had happened in the bailout and how our money was squandered.
For the purpose of full disclosure, I was once offered an Investment Banking job by Hank Greenberg, but I turned it down.  I hope I can explain to all of you why the bailout was so problematic and whimsical.  If anyone thinks that logic, reason or concern for the American public was involved, forget it!
So far, what the Judge has found out from the trial is that AIG was charged ‘loan shark’ rates of 14% changed to 8%. Contrast this to how the feds favored and supported ‘illegally’  Sandy Weill’s bank, Citigroup and the other aforementioned banks by charging them somewhere around 2.25 %.  However one cuts this allocation of burden,  AIG got screwed (as did their shareholders).  Thank God for guys like Maurice Greenberg, former U.S. Army Captain who became a lawyer and a mega-business man.  He didn’t get his billions by being a sweetie pie but he’s exactly what we need to expose the enormity of financial skullduggery these guys commit in the name of the USG.
Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson who have never had any experience like your present blogger in salvaging Savings and Loans Companies or banks; simply decided to place the financial, psychological burden onto AIG.  They ‘accuse it’ as the ‘insurer’ of ‘creating the banking crises’ when in fact it was the banks which deliberately gave out cheap money,  starting with Bill Clinton, passing this absurd financial scam onto Bush jr  and then Obama.
The basic premise of this lawsuit is not the money but the fact that the TRES HOMBRES (Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson) were complicit in ‘illegally shifting the blame’ of the banking crisis from the banks to it’s insurer—AIG.  In their cowardly deed of shifting the responsibility of the banking crisis from their banking-buddies to the insurer in question which had nothing to do with the ‘banking part of the crises’—these public servants committed a crime in lying to the U.S. Treasury and the American Taxpayers.  No wonder, Geithner, Bernanke and Paulson were quick to come out with a nonsensical autobiography too big to fail as they failed us,  as did our PRESIDENTS.

Why don’t we elect someone who has had business experience? Or someone who has the strength to put the country first and not kowtow to these fanatical bamboozlers who just want to cut deals favorable to their banker friends and who screw the public regularly.  Instead, we have had nothing but two incompetent Economists who were political cronies and one failed Investment Banker, Paulson, who knew nothing about M1-M2 or fiscal policies or even simple banking.
I once explained to one ignorant Liberal congressman, that Paulson was not a ‘banker’ in the classical sense of owning a bank or knowing how to evaluate risk, credit, cash flows; the answer  I got was predictable: “what’s the difference?”  This is the problem with today’s public servants, they are either crooked and greedy or they are just dumb.

I will anticipate more juicy details from this trial and hope that the media doesn’t squash it.  One thing for sure, I wouldn’t want to mess with Hank Greenberg (despite his age), he is into revenge, just ask Eliot Spitzer.


  1. My problem with the Banks is that nobody ever has to pay the piper. In the UK we have had interest rate fixing, laundering of drug money, bail outs for criminal incompetence. No one ever goes to prison but they do get silly fines or possibly a Knighthood! I liked Iceland's way of taking a vote then issuing arrest warrants for the Bankers who then had to leave town. On an individual level I do not understand the sheer greed of these people, many of whom are already millionaires. What is the point, how many Houses do you need? We had an Economic advisor to the last Labour Government (x-Goldman I think) who had 11 houses in London! Maybe it is power. I remember reading how Hugh Hefner once had John Paul Getty round to one of his parties, he said next to the Billionaire he felt really small. Why? In London if I see a gold coloured Lamborghini (usually owned by an Arab) I do not envy him or want it, but just think what a Dick! I think if a few of the senior bosses were dragged out of the building one lunchtime in handcuffs it might make them think twice.

    1. Thank God we have banks who will accept drug money so it can be re-cycled back into the economy.

      Can you imagine what would happen if all that cash remained in the criminal world?

      Those in the know are aware of the importance of encouraging and re-capturing these needed funds.

    2. "Sheer greed of these people?"

      Oh please.....

      Greed is when you grab a bigger piece of the pie that would otherwise go to working people.

      What they were doing was just creating money out of nothing and playing with it like a big sandbox.

      It's magic.

      In fact I'm going to commission a painting of the CEOs of these banks dressed like five year olds and all in a sandbox fighting with each other and crying and pinching each other.

      That's the only way to think about these guys.

    3. It's human nature that there's always going to be colossal amounts of money spent on intoxicants. Most people are weak, venal, and many are degenerates.

      The important thing is WHO benefits from the inevitable drug trade. A rational government will seek to influence the issue positively without the destructive effects of seeking to suppress the traffic too much.....

      That's why I never, once, ever blamed anyone in CIA for their trafficking in heroin or cocaine, regardless of the consequences here.

      It was gonna happen anyway.....only worse.

      Let's be pragmatic after all.

      Life's too short to be stupid.

  2. Amen! Right On! Happened at Kidder Peabody.

  3. Bailout funds were "taxpayer money?"

    Dr. P have you been smoking something again?

    These funds didn't come from taxpayers. They came from the Federal Reserve, which created them as fiat ledger entries. The funds were dispersed to banks at sweetheart rates for them to use for whatever they wanted because this is the network which accesses the Fed "window" from which fiat funds are lent.

    Poor AIG and other non-banks were at the back of the line.

    I'm really gonna have a good cry over that one.

    1. Okay maybe the funds passed through the US Treasury but they came from the Federal Reserve which is buying up Treasury debt because there's not enough of a market to purchase it all...

  4. "If I were a rich man...

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  5. In other words...

    Welcome to the world of ISHKADIDDLE.

    OY !

  6. When the Director of Photography for Fiddler on the Roof shot it I heard he stretched a piece of nylon stockings over the lens to get the amount of brown sepia he disired so he wouldn't have to attain it in printing. I forgot his name... Norman Wexlar? I think he just died....

  7. What I could never understand about these Jewish bankers is why they are all bald...

    Milken, Bosky from the eightees were the same...all these Jews had bald pates and not enough hair among them to cover a rat's ass.

    It's God's way of punishing them for their joke.

    Katzenberg, Diller and a lot of Jews in hollywood are the same way. They all need to repent and maybe get their hair back which God has taken from them.

  8. Jewish economists like Stieglitz and his kind all have plenty of hair.

    But the bad Jewish economists like Milton Friedman and all the bankers like Bernanke and so forth are all without hair.

    Henry Paulson was bald too just like his evil twin in diplomacy John Negroponte and those two evil-doers are non-Jews but are honorary Jews....sort of like Rupert Murdock is an honorary Jew.

    1. Notice that Paul Krugman has plenty of hair, and he's a Jew economist like Stieglitz...

      Just goes to show you.

      Robert Reich still has his hair also and he's a good guy.

    2. Noam Chomsky isn't an economist but he's a Jew and look at all the hair he still has!

      Now that's integrity and God puts it right on his head for everyone to see!


    If you are wondering if talent and spirit can defy time and obliterate age then take a look at these two artists, both seniors, and tell me that the human spirit and the spark of creation can't live forever so long as people live a balanced life !!

    Celebrate these two artists and what their age has to teach us all....

    I hope these links actually work...

    1. Here when you try to open a kid's bank account you are put through hoops, because they are worried about money laundering. Apparently some drug cartels got tired of the raids and the field burning so they removed 350million of liquidity which helped bring down Lehmans in Europe. As for CIA shipping drugs (wasn't that the plot of Lethal Weapon?) just because you can do something and make money does not mean you should, it is illegal or it is not there are no grey areas. Make it legal. Because of EU rules the UK now includes Drugs and Prostituition in it's GDP figures at c £10Billion, looks like big business here to. As for the bailouts in UK the Tax payers own the Banks and allegedly they are trying to pay it all back. I see the Mossad have a nice new recruitment site they have not specified if you need to have your own hair or a 'syrup', (syrup of figs=wig) but you do need a nice Tennis kit for some reason.

    2. hey why you worry so much, when procession were going thru city in middle age, prostitutes had their own, under protection of St. Magdalena under full blessing of local Bishop... as long as you pay your coins to temple, everything goes

    3. THX C I A, both music videos are re-posted, big Tom Jones fan myself, gf even more so. Jim Glaser is great. Love the decision NOT to color his woman convinced me about a year after I met her to stop coloring my hair (bad chemicals). Being a silver fox is good😅

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