Thursday, October 2, 2014

Also from C I A, Jim Glaser still has it at 76!  Long live the greys


  1. What an amazing performance of a song that's not easy to sing. Watching him reminds me of the BEST OF AMERICAN CULTURE....the ordinary humble working people and their creativity and passion for living..

    Would anything this good come from my favorite countries of Norway or Germany? Probably not.

    Only the free open spaces and room and possibilities of America accounts for creativity like that we see in this performance.

    Would be nice to recapture the best of what America had in the last century and dispose of the evils which have overtaken it. You can see the dispair and callousness of today's America in the music produced today.

    Even if America sinks beneath the waves it was my good fortune to have lived here in it's golden age.

    1. Go to this Y/T channel 'Country's Family Reunion'
      As Johnny Russell said on the very first show way back in 1997 they grew up in the Golden Era of country music which is so right, you only have to listen to Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky singing - Dear John Letter to realize how much talent there was way back then!