Friday, October 3, 2014

They are already calling him "president Ebola", this is a fox story so if someone has feedback or counterpoint please supply....but CDC power was "weakened" under President Ebola


  1. What I would do....

    This business about the beheadings is getting out of hand. If they're going to keep this up as a drip...drip...drip matter then action will have to be taken.

    If I were POTUS I would learn everything I could about the loved ones and family members of the Englishman and others among ISIS, including "al-Baghdadi, et. al.......

    Then I'd put their family members into two categories....

    Those I could kill and live with myself and those that if I killed I couldn't live with myself...

    I've had to make this calculation before. Take any group of people and there will be those who are assholes anyway and if I kill them I won't lose any sleep even if they didn't contribute directly the issue involved.

    Once I've got a list of those loved ones of al-Baghadadi, et. al. who I can kill I would snatch them and hold them hostage.

    This of course is the age old and effective way of dealing with these kinds of situations and it's what I would do to put a stop to this horror theater.

    And it would work.

    1. Probably construed as a harsh comment but ultimately correct! What amazes me is countless atrocities can take place with barely a whimper but behead a taxi driver!!! Its a game but we on here see it

    2. 'East West Theatre II: Vladimir Putin Playing Same Orchestrated Game as Western Colleagues toward One-World Government – through World War'

    3. I believe you are correct Mit, it would be nice to give them a little of their own medicine.

  2. Dr Steve, 'Ebola: How US lab dumped infectious monkeys in Liberia'
    'ISIS Plans On Sending Muslims Infected WIth Ebola Into America To Infect And Kill Americans' - See more at:

  3. Hard to counter, when FEMA volunteers are saying all protocols are being violated. But, if they won't take any precautions to minimize infections, at least they have prepared with all of those plastic coffins in Madison, GA. We might at least be afforded the dignity of a mass burial!