Friday, October 24, 2014

False Assumptions about the Ebola Epidemic Permeates CDC, USG, and the US Ability to Contain an Epidemic!
Thanks to Dr Craig Spencer of Doctors without Borders Recent Subway Trip to a NYC Bowling Alley.

I hate to say this again but the CDC has performed according to past experiences—TERRIBLY! Not to mention that this new Czarbola Lawyer/Lobbyist without any medical competency has been less useful than his boss’s pronouncements that “America is safe and well prepared for Ebola”.  Both men have been proven to be beyond dismal failures during a crisis.
We still have not answered the basic questions of how this disease defies every precept and mantra about limited infection capacity and an inherent high safety factor in being exposing to the Ebola virus. I personally and professionally have never accepted two basic precepts of the mantra that you have to be in direct contact with the fluids of the Ebola patient in order to become infected.  I have always believed that Ebola is an airborne RNA virus which has a very high capacity to infect anyone in near proximity at a very rapid level of growth.  In an infected person, there are approximately 10 billion Ebola viruses per unit of blood cell versus 10 million HIV viruses.  This exceedingly large number of Ebola viruses per blood cell allows the virus to expand exponentially into the body at an extremely fast rate that cannot be contained or stopped.
Its a mistake to think that a RNA virus which mutates at a very rapid rate every time any antibody attacks it, is a virus that remains static on a surface.  Simply put, the Ebola virus is airborne. It has to be because its RNA genetic code is immune to any kind of interception other than the fact that like the bubonic plague it will have no more hosts in which it can survive and continue to change in form and strength.

This newest case in NYC involving Dr Spencer would not have happened with proper mandatory quarantine and denial of entrance into the USA by competent, knowledgeable US officials.  
Here is what we should do now:
[1] Assume the virus is airborne. There is a reason why the Emory, CDC, workers on the Ebola Ward wear RESPIRATORS!!
[2] Mandatory quarantine of all fliers coming in from West Africa.
[3] Assume that everyone will or has lied on the Customs Forms about travel, fever and exposure to Ebola.
[4] Cancel all flights coming directly or indirectly from West Africa. Thirty other countries have done so.
[5] Provide military charter flights for health workers who are going overseas to treat Ebola patients.

[6] Forget the Czarbola whom Obama appointed—totally useless and misleading. Neither Obama or the Czar have any knowledge or real experience working in containing epidemics.
[7] Re-activate the Public Health Service and take it out of the Coast Guard Operations and make it have the authority to quarantine any persons, areas or countries that are infected with Ebola.
[8] Re-activate the Surgeon General’s Office, with a competent physician, trained in epidemiology and not just bureaucratic hack from Health and Human Services.
[9] Present daily briefings/updates/best practices from some competent medical doctor, other than CDC director or Czar –both of whom have lost credibility with the US public.
[10] The state, county and federal govt can pay for these procedures.  We pay taxes, the government is supposed to protect us from health disasters like this.

Forget the mantra that you are not infected until you show symptoms of fever of 100.4.  Everyone in contact with Ebola patients, directly or indirectly, must be quarantined immediately. Take pre-cautions and keep your immune system healthy.  Act accordingly without panic or fright. Be judicious and be careful. Always assume that what you are hearing from public officials is less than reliable so take care of yourselves.. …..until this epidemic subsides. Ebola will subside as did Polio, HIV, and other highly contagious diseases. It will just take some time and the common sense of the  American citizen in the complete absence of USG leadership, WHO stupidity, UN paralysis and a pervasive epidemic of incompetency.
This crisis will make you stronger and more acutely aware of the increasing systems dysfunctions that will continue to grow exponentially until we Americans decide to choose those people who have a Command and Control system in place, when it is necessary.


  1. The strange thing about common sense is it is not very common, all of the above by Dr P are practical sensible sometimes obvious responses to a crisis, but Western Governments seem to specialise in stupid people. We have PM 'Dave' the pie faced boy leading us. People assume that because they can climb the 'greasy poll' of politics they are smart, but most particularly in the UK have usually held no other jobs so are disconnected. I remember a media guy here who said just because your words are now broadcast to millions does not mean they are any smarter then when you shouted from one end of the bar to the other. On another note here in UK Comedian Russell Brand has caused waves on a flagship BBC Political show for doubting official story of 9/11 the manipulated outrage is fun to see and hear. Made a few points on Daily Mail Online (like our Drudge) saying go look up Dr P, Sibel Edmonds, Robert Steele to see how un-foil hat it all is now. I think much like other issues the people think one thing that it is 'stand down' and the metroplitan media elites another. We will get there in the end.

    1. There you go again Dr. P, making sense of the catastrophe de la journee. Here is a link about "The Origins of the Ebola Epidemic".
      Heard this on Alex Jones show; American Law professor Francis A. Boyle answers questions about biological warfare research in West Africa as it relates to the CDC and WHO, and a few other well known government agencies.

    2. tell people to imagine their city tomorrow with 70% of people missing, and after that those remaining 30%, obviously becoming rich nobility, not bad lottery ticket, i see no mutiny :)

    3. What was Dr. Spencer doing in Africa anyway? Africans don't give a shit when they croak so it's a fool's mission to travel there and treat them as though they weren't savages.

      The over-population of the savage natives of Africa will destroy the ecology of that place unless disease and famine do what it's supposed to do there - kill off the excess population of negros.

      Ebola, HIV and malaria are needed remedies the planet has put in place to seek to maintain the balance of nature in which negros have always lived until the STUPID white man showed up there seeking to treat the place like europe, which thank God it never will be.

    4. Now as for the nearby to me Dallas-based Vietnamese-American nurse Nina Pham.....

      I will happily trade bodily fluids with Nina anytime, anyplace!

      Now declared "free of the Ebola virus" I proclaim my confidence in her recovery by offerring to share the most intimate of physical intercourse with her!

      Nina let's put to rest anymore lingering doubts about her ability to spread anything other than your nubile limbs.

      I volunteer!


  2. Classic Mit ! Yep Nina is pretty cute, and incidental to that (lol Mit), glad she is feeling better too : ))

  3. Your sacrifice for the furtherance of science and humanity Mit, is exemplary lol : ) Do you think that just one test would be sufficient MIt, or do you think that you would you need a year long research study, you know to collect sufficient data?

    1. Once should be enough to establish that she's safe to be around. I offer my services for her benefit.

    2. MIT, When I saw her smiling recovery photo, I thought not of her mother, or boyfriend, but of YOU! Lol.

  4. Great post by Bill UK! As well as the rest of the "usual suspects" on this board!! I'm evermore hopeful and optimistic for the simple reason on here at least we seem to be pulling in the same direction and I'm sure the powers that be whom monitor this concede the point

    The Ottawa shooting comes just before they get to vote on a Patriot Act-type bill restricting the rights of Canada's citizens. Just try voting against that now.

    There is a big gun control bill in Washington state that Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates are supporting with their millions. What happens just before the November vote? Why, it's a school shooting, of course.

    False Flag? WA School Shooting During Drill and Right Before Gun Control Vote
    By Melissa Melton on October 24, 2014
    What are the odds?
    Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how a few elite billionaires including Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates have spent some $8 million to make sure Washington’s controversial gun control bill, Initiative 594, will appear on the state’s November ballot and that voters will be flooded with anti-gun propaganda in the lead up.
    Now, less than two weeks before that vote, and during or shortly after a SWAT training drill on school district property no less, a school shooting has struck a Marysville, Washington High School just north of Seattle, leaving one student dead and three injured before the Freshman gunman reportedly turned his weapon on himself.

    With lightning quick reflexes, the Bloomberg-tied Moms Demand Action group released an official statement calling on voters to learn more about the $8 million gun control vote on Initiative 594 coming up in just 11 days. The politicizing of the event, in other words, sadly but predictably began the moment it happened.

      More from TruthStream Media. I'd posted on this before.

      TruthStream Media
      Quick Question About the Timely Plane Crash of Iowa’s Libertarian Senate Candidate…
      By Melissa Melton on October 25, 2014
      Just throwing this out there, but does anyone else find it a bit…oh, I dunno, odd…that the Libertarian Senate candidate for Iowa, Dr. Doug Butzier, died all alone in a plane crash less than a month out from the election when he was set to get about 2% of the vote and that just so happens to be how much of a lead Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst has over Democrat Bruce Braley in a race where if the Republicans take Iowa, they are projected to have the six states they need to take control of the Senate?

      Does any other American ever stop and see all this happening and start to question it?

      Zero Hedge
      Another Deutsche Banker And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Commits Suicide
      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/25/2014 10:52 -0400
      The WSJ reports that Mr. Gambino had been "closely involved in negotiating legal issues for Deutsche Bank, including the prolonged probe into manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, and ongoing investigations into manipulation of currencies markets, according to people familiar with his role at the bank."
      Clearly Deutsche Bank is slowly becoming Europe's own JPMorgan - a criminal bank whose past is finally catching up to it, and where legal fine after legal fine are only now starting to slam the banking behemoth. We will find out just what the nature of the latest litigation charge is next week when Deutsche Bank reports, but one thing is clear: in addition to mortgage, Libor and FX settlements, one should also add gold. Recall from around the time when the first DB banker hung himself: it was then that Elke Koenig, the president of Germany's top financial regulator, Bafin, said that in addition to currency rates, manipulation of precious metals "is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal."

    3. Actually Deutsche bank is the cleanest bank in Europe, and has never been involved in any of the criminal schemes which are common with banks in London, France, Switzerland or Italy.

      Deutsche Bank is the biggest because the German economy is the biggest and that's because the German people are the hardest working.

      German banks through history have never had a record or practice of dishonesty like the banks of London, France and Itlay, or their American counterparts which are run by the same kind of scum from those countries.

  6. Yep, the very minute I read the account, was my 1st thought. What a co-inka-dink!

    Justin Bryant of The Ottawa Expositor is pissed. Government employees in Ottawa signed pledges not to say anything about what happens there, so he had suspected this. Police cars set up a half hour before the "event." The NWO false flag playbook works to perfection once again? Is free thought in Canada gone forever?

    Published on Oct 25, 2014
    Amazing video by Justin Bryant! Wake up Canada!!!

    The Ottawa Expositor
    Published on Oct 25, 2014
    SUBSCRIBE for MORE - The Ottawa Expositor RETURNS with an inside perspective of the suspicious events in Canada's Parliament that led up to and took place on the 22nd day of October, 2014.
    “This is like the free trade agreement: there’ll be the official version for the masses and the real arrangement, cloaked and operational. Not even (Prime Minister) Harper’s cabinet knows most of the facts” stated the source today.

    Under “Track B”, according to the source, police and special para-military units will have unlimited powers of arrest and detention, utilizing secret prisons and open ended warrants to incarcerate anyone indefinitely without due process or Habeas Corpus.

    “November 1 is the official start date, but things are moving already” said the source.

      This video also discusses the above, but adds some valuable links.

      Published on Oct 25, 2014
      Pissed! Tired! We are letting psychopaths rule our lives. When are people going to wake up and say "Enough?"

    2. Do you also think that weirdo with the axe or hatchett or whatever it was in New York who attacked the police was also a "false flag?"

      Can it be that the New World Order of the Bilderberg Group and the Rothchild Banking Cartel is now brainwashing muslim dupes into picking up the nearest hatchet or axe and charging local peace officers!

      Suicide and kamakazi attacks by axe-wielding muslim maniacs programed by the Bankers!

      How could I have missed it?

    3. Sometimes an axe-wielding maniac is just an axe-wielding maniac.We all recognize that.

      Sometimes a plane crash is just a plane crash. Sometimes 20 banker suicides are just 20 banker suicides. Sometimes a shooting is just a shooting. Sometimes NSA spying is just NSA spying. Sometimes an anthrax attack is just an anthrax attack. Sometimes planes going into the World Trade Center are just planes going into the World Trade Center.

      However, given the government-media pattern of lying these past 50 years, plus the recent repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act opening the door to LEGAL GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA, we have every right to be suspicious.

      The bills now before Canada will make her into a police state (if it's not already). The bill in Washington state is just a step to take away the gun rights of Americans.

      We must wake up. Questioning all that's happening is still legal.

      Theresa May Seeks NWO Powers Against "Hate Speech" (Redsilverj)
      Published on Oct 27, 2014

      Free speech is under attack...

      The new measures will be targeted at people and groups who "stay just within the law but spread poisonous hatred", she said.

      Posts by extremists on social media such as Twitter and Facebook will also be the target of controls

      Theresa May: British values will prevail over extremists

  8. OT: JEB! JEB! JEB!

    Because in a country of over 315 million people, you can only find the same handful of criminals to lead us?

    1. If ever there was a place with a Republican party as nasty as that in Texas it's Florida. By locating there Jeb used the base of lunatic drug trafficking killer Cubanos his father husbanded into our country in the heady dayz of Papi Bush's CIA Operation Mongoose fantasyland.

      Yes boys and girls the Castros remained in power because the people of Cuba, the ones who stayed there, would prefer to have a nutball like Fidel than the US todies/criminals which preceeded him.

      The Bushes gave us the Iraq war which we lost, the Afghanistan war which we lost, the war against communist Cuba which we lost, the war in Vietnam which we lost.....

      Boy we always knew these guys were fucking idiots but JEZZZZZZ...



      Die Jeb...DIE !!

  9. Mr. Cool JIAN GHOMESHI exposed as a SEX TORTURER !!


    Canadian Broadcasting/American public radio talker Jian Ghomeshi has been fired from Canandian Broadcasting when he confirmed accusations that he's fond of tying up his sex partners and treating them like slaves!

    The scuffy-and-oh-so-cool short, small little Persian asshole who likes to wear leather trousers is now suing Canadian Broadcasting for fifty million dollars.

    Those of us who know Iranian men are not suprised at these revelations of course. Ghomeshi is a small little turd of an unshaven creep. It's not unusual for men of south asian and Iranian racial backgrounds to find irresistable the exhileration of forcing women into violent acts of rape, and fantacizing that they held them as actual slaves. How romantic!

    I had the little shitstain pegged when broadcast after broadcast he continually supported homosexual musians and groups on his show, as well as transgendered and other weirdo sexual deviants of all varieties.

    Please you five foot tall unshaven jackass go straight to hell and get off my planet Mr. Ghomeshi. Go straight to hell where you and everyone like you can spend an eternity sodomizing and raping each other. While you're there you can rub shoulders with such others as Liberaci, Paul Lind, Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and the like! You can really have a party there enjoying grinding each other into the dirt, dismembering each other, slicing, dicing, and using electrodes while your victims beg and beg for mercy.

    The more they beg the more you like it.

    1. indians in their pagan minds just thinks about sex, money and chocolate, in east europe they like cars instead, idols idols

  10. Hooray for the 10mm !!

    Every gun dealer I know can't keep them in stock when they buy one used and put them out for sale. Go to any dealer and see the rows and piles of .40 Smith and Wessons they've bought from people that nobody wants anymore because people have finally caught on that it's no different than the lame 9mm.

    Please Sig, HK, Walther, Smith and even Ruger....

    You can make a fortune if you listen to the public and start selling 10mm again.

    Last weekend I finally took out my Glock 29 compact in 10mm and had the time of my life. That little fucker carries the needed velocity and shock to actually stop an attacker, which even the phony .45 ACP really cannot do. It can also shoot through doors, sheet metal, etc., which these lesser rounds cannot save the .357 magum or the .357 Sig.

    Come on manufacturers let's build a gun worth having in 10mm because like most people I really prefer not to shoot the Glock.

  11. Love the trigger action on the Glock. Shoot well with the 9mm, also like the Ruger GP100 357. Never tried the 10mm but now I'm curious to try one.

  12. Another phony infiltration into another country by drill Sargent aka Obama obeying his superior's orders.


    He stole it & incinerated it.

    Voter fraud next week, naturally.


    He is the Enemy Within.

    NATHAN Folks exposed the Boston hoax.
    His dad works for the CDC.

    California license plates on the ambulances on the BACK LOT of a Hollywood studio recreating LIBERIA!



    Fear takes a few weeks to settle down before reason can reassert itself.