Sunday, October 19, 2014

C.I.A. Finally Tells the Truth about its Past Failures 
“CIA Study Says Arming Rebel Seldom Works” [NYTimes, Oct. 15, 2014 , Mark Mazzetti]. 
Finally, the CIA, the intelligence organization which can never resist a selfie; or dramatize its non-dramatic history [Argo; Homeland; Assets] in a panoply of different media, has finally come-out-of-the-closet and told one BIG TRUTH!!
Somebody decided to reveal the truth that the CIA has had minimal success with arming any rebel groups, except for the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan.  I have a sneaky suspicion that I know why they finally decided to reveal the fact that they, the CIA, is not very good at most things, including arming and training rebel groups, despite the hysteria of neocons and their legislative puppets. 

I think that the CIA and Obama know all too well that arming a ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ is the equivalent of placing super glue on the hull of the Titanic while it was sinking.  The ‘moderate Syrian’ opposition is neither Syrian nor moderate nor an opposition. Obama was correct months ago, when he described this motley group of ‘dreamers, farmers, pharmacists and medical doctors  as a fantasy’ which could never defeat their own shadow let alone ISIS.  Remember,  I was there and from my experience the only ‘credible fighting group’ in Syria is attached to the hip of Bashar Assad and his more ruthless brother.  Any other pretense of opposition is wishful thinking. 
Even the formidable Hizbollah Shi’ite fighting force is waning in power against ISIS.  Hizbollah is finding itself using ever younger and inexperienced soldiers. If Hizbollah cannot match up to ISIS with all the help they receive from Russia and Iran, believe me, ‘vetting moderate Syrians to fight’ is the moral equivalent of necrophilia.
The truth is what I have said a long time ago. The CIA is great at creating 9/11 and the ‘false flags’ along with our own military but solving problems of blowback or other strategic challenges not so good.  Contrary to their collective interest in projecting an image of James Bond or even that poor CIA analyst Jack Ryan, the agency has never  been  effective in quasi-military activities or even professional assassinations. They have had to recruit Special Forces through an office formerly entitled Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict [SOLIC] located in the bowels of the Pentagon. In fact, the CIA has been quite miserable in the field of assassinations. They out-source them and usually mess up: Lebanon; Libya, Iraq; etc.
Have you ever wondered why we muster our military forces to ‘take out’ a former ally now newly presented enemy?  Think: Noriega in Panama or Sadam Hussein in Iraq.

So we can’t even execute targeted assassinations which compels us to create wars that we can never win and sometimes barely fight.  Yet pundits like Bush, Obama, Clinton or second tier Susan Rice, Samantha Powers think nothing about sending our young men and now women in as canon fodder. 
We have 16 intelligence organizations that can barely find out what each one is doing; but they brey like sheep for more and more money for newer toys while they become more and more stupid. Now it seems like a breath of fresh air was wafted through the NY Times.  Yet we all know that whatever the CIA tells you is usually done to protect themselves or as you guys know it---CYA. So the new CIA should be entitled the CYA!! Far more appropriate… and far more honest.


  1. Classic Pieczenik!!! Love the line on Assad's even more ruthless brother!!! And poor Jack Ryan!! How do you present a case against? I'm off to do more homework Dr p!!!!!

    1. A problem is that the media and fiction writers treat covert operations in a fantasy way in which things usually go according to plan and everyone involved is lucky all the time.

      I've posted before saying that in my experience 90% of covert operations FAIL, and that includes regime change/coups such as in Guatamala in 1954. In Guatamala the CIA plan FAILED and did NOT oust Arbenz. What finally caused Arbenz to leave was his fear that after the CIA plan failed that a US invasion with conventional forces was imminent.

      Even in Iran in 1953 the Palace Coup was uncovered by Mossadeq just as he had uncovered one by the British alone a year earlier. After the Palace Coup plan failed the Shah fled the country on a private plane. What caused the coup to finally succeed was improvising a second plan which involved hiring criminals to foment riots and attack government buildings in a day of bloody horror....

    2. As I've also said before...

      The reason why it's almost impossible to carry off covert action is that it's dangerous and the only people committed to such risk and violence are people WELL BEYOND THE NORMAL RANGE OF PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS.

      You ain't gonna find any "modern equivalent of the founding fathers" in these situations. What you have to work with in these matters are "the shooters," meaning the kind of people willing to take such risks and spill blood. Usually that means people who are just not normal in many other ways, and they can't be relied upon at all.

      In terms of the Afhgan war I have to disagree that it was a success. As Mel Goodman of CIA has often said it was a horrible failure in every way. It practically created the Islamist problem of today, it destroyed Afghanistan, it dissolved US-Soviet relations to the point that we almost had a nuclear war in 1983, and it was militarily unimportant...

      The Russians only lost maybe 18,000 soldiers there, as opposed to the US losing 58,000 in Vietnam in a shorter period of time....

      The is because unlike the unified and spirited Vietnamese, the Afghan fighters were a bunch of child-raping, beastial morons from the medievil age.

      They were not effective fighters, and the Soviet withdrawl was something the Russians had been trying to achieve for years and it finally happened due to domestic politics in Russia..NOT any defeat on the "battlefields" of Afghanistan.

    3. CIA is a place of huge diversity of beliefs and values, and it's this lack of cohesion among it's personnel which explains why things get so messed up.

      There are conservatives and liberals, black hats and white hats, republicans and democrats, neo-fascists like myself and then people who hate people like me...all rolled into one agency which is a polyglot with no direction.

      Then what happens is that the President or National Security Council barks out orders and then the Agency has to find people around willing to perform that kind of mission. So depending on what kind of mission it is the Agency rumages around looking for those people who would support it, and that means that a bunch of people there WOULD NOT support that particular kind of mission.

      The best example of a fucked-up mission is the Angola Task Force in 1975, in which the CIA's boys were totally defeated. John Stockwell from Austin was the Task Force Chief and his book "In Search of Enemies" about that matter is still the best around describing how messed up things there can be.

    4. Now about ISIS I have to disagree with the President and those around him.

      Personally I consider ISIS to be a paper tiger, a band of jokers wearing these stupid black pajamas and balaclavas rampaging around in the desert...

      It's not a professional fighting force or insurgency of any kind. They're just a bunch of well-armed assholes and they would fold overnight IF challenged by professionals.

      If it were me I dare say I could wipe them out in a matter of a few weeks. They remind me of the RUF in Sierra Leone in the 1990s, and they were very easily handled by South African mercenaries and later the British SAS.

      The reason why the Pentagon doesn't want the mission is that at this point they don't want any missions, even ones the public would support and that they might win because they have lost all confidence in themselves...

      It's the Vietnam syndrome on steroids.

    5. For that matter....

      Frankly I don't agree that the "Free Syrians" are a lost cause either. I don't think they would have had the initial success they did if they were that hopeless.

      If it were me, in all modesty, I think I could augment their capabilities with some other resources they lack, bring in some professionals from here and there, give them the right weapons and other factors....

      By themselves they are not the answer but if they were augmented as Assad has had to augment himself with Hezbollah..and it would be a different ball game.

      Remember Hezbollah has huge advantages when fighting in Lebanon but outside of there they are fish out of water anyway. Primarily they have no morale in Syria...they don't belong there and they know it.

    6. Remember that it was the French in the American revolution which saved the day for the American "augmenting" is usually necessary in all such matters anyway. We need to "augment" the Free Syrians and then have a success there. Assad and his gang should be simply assassinated and I could bring that about also without much trouble...but then I'm part of the "neo-fascist" wing of CIA that most people think are monsters.

    7. Principally I'd be looking for loved ones of the ISIS and Syrian leadership and dishing it out on them. That's the way I play.

    8. I probably think you're a monster, but your honesty is appreciated.

      As a general principle, it really is in everybody's best interest (including our long-term national interest) to take the high road and not go there when it comes to assassination, no matter the "good reasons" for doing so or the "monstrosity" of the target.

      If there was one successful CIA assassination (not counting the Kennedys since those would be rouge CIA), it was perpetrated against a real monster, the dictator of the Dominican Republic (1930-1961) and reputed inventor of the snuff film, Rafael Trujillo. This came in the aftermath of the CIA's biggest blunder, the Bay of Pigs.

      Whether or not JFK and his brother were in on this one, they were certainly open to the idea of assassinating Castro, and so, having broken that particular taboo, an "honor among thieves" (i.e. heads of state) if you will, the demon unleashed from this Pandora's box came back to haunt each of these brothers.

    9. Well let's put it this way....

      The assassination failures are those we know about.

      But the vast majority of assassination successes are not known to the public.

      Assassination is the one area of covert action which is easily accomplished and used to happen almost routinely.

      The reason why assassination can work is because it takes few people to make it work - it's a controllable matter as opposed to setting loose a war.

      The other reason is becuase unlike war assassination takes place in an environment of the rule of law, and law enforcement, etc, unlike civil conflict.

      When you're planning a murder you are much...much...much more careful to MAKE DAMN SURE NOTHING GOES WRONG.

      Take it from really becomes a sobering matter when you're planning to kill someone and get away with it.

      Think about all those people in the Kennedy matter, all those witnesses like Dorothy Killgallon and scores of others...

      All these people were properly murdered.

      For that matter I personally worked with David Strier, who killed many people at that time and before, including Dr. Frank Olson in New York in 1953 [and New York law enforcement is fully aware of his role] as well as killing Mary Meyer in 1964.

      David Strier talked a great deal, which was why I had to baby sit him. His son, his only son, knew a great deal about his work and his connection to the Kennedy killings. His son talked about it to someone in the media and he was killed for it. That was David's only son, killed just as David had killed others involved in the Kennedy matter...

      Many people were killed in all these different ways and everyone knows that it was murder in all these cases.

    10. In the Mary Meyer matter do you ever hear of Strier or ANYONE in government involved with it? All you ever hear is that some witness fingered a black man, and on no evidence to speak of he was tried and aquitted because he had a good lawyer - the black man.

      Go to Youtube and see the videos about the Mossad team who murdered this guy in his room in the hotel in Dubai.

      Look all these people are known, they used passports from willing Jews the world over who believe in Israel, and none of them have been brought to justice, whatever the hell that is supposed to be.

    11. Right now I'm really angry with Obama because of his immoral indifference to the people being slaughtered by ISIS.

      Obama doesn't give a shit about these poor people anymore than he cared about the scores of black Junior High and High School shooting each other in his own neighborhood in Chicago when he was there for twenty two years...

      During the decades Obama plyed his phony racket in Chicago youth homocide among young teens skyrocketed, with fourteen year olds killing each other every fucking day in his neighborhood over nothing...and I mean nothing.

      It's not about territory or drugs or's just mindless, senseless killing of kids by kids...

      And Obama didn't do a fucking thing to address it or even say a fucking thing about it and it was going on all around him.

      Now as MY President he's performing the same fucking negro indifference that he performed as a negro "community activist" in Chicago.

      It's a fucking disgrace and I don't mind having a negro as MY President so long as he doesn't do anything purely indifferent to the lives of others like black leaders always do everywhere they rule.

      If he were a white man of any kind, even an evil white man like Bush, he would at least give a fucking damn about these people under the knife of ISIS....

      But because he's black he doesn't give a shit.

    12. WXXX,

      Why is it the "high road" to not kill someone whose going around killing innocent people?

      I remember the one thing Strier and I had in common and the reason why he liked me was because we shared that one thing in common...neither one of us had any inhibition about killing certain people whose deaths are needed to protect others. He and I could never understand why others feel otherwise.

    13. Killing a bad person is not a bad act, and I cannot understand the defensibility of any "argument" to the contrary.

      The truth is all motion picture violence is based on this principle, and it shows that although the public CLAIMS to believe that killing of malfactors is wrong that such is not what they actually feel.

    14. Yes I made a headline out of that (your revelation of last week) ...

      But Frank Olson? Hank Albarelli in his "A Terrible Mistake" zeros in on Francois Spirito and Pierre Lafitte as the defenestrators, based in part on an entry in George Hunter white's diary.

    15. Albarelli is totally wrong. All his information comes from a completely unreliable source who made his living framing people in narcotics stings. This particular case is what showed me that even after all these years there are teams, funding by something somewhere, who are tasked with disinformation about matters such as the Olson killing. Albarelli was purposefully misled.

      Law enforcement in New York, including the DA's office as well as Olson's family members are aware of Strier's role and DO NOT believe in the Albarelli fiction. Albarelli was contacted by the phony narcotics guy right after the Strier information was given to the DA's office and they contacted CIA and the Defense Department about Strier...which caused them to terminate their investigation.

    16. The "high road" is due process. Without due process leading to a punishment, all we have is epistemic uncertainty as to whether the target is really guilty, and not a patsy, or a manufactured "bogeyman" who's physical assassination is preceded by character assassination from the media. The due process is there to weed out uncertainty and to protect the accused from the "feelings" of a manipulable public as well as those of self-assured and self-appointed executioners.

    17. Or shall I say the way the CIA responded to the New York DA's office inquiry is what caused the DA to terminate their investigation.

      For that matter Strier had a history of crime in New York going back to the 1930s including his illegal work as a stevidore and as a prize fighter all while he was a minor....

      There were many reasons why the DA had to end the investigation.

    18. WXXX,

      Due process is what all citizens are entitled to but not foreign leaders or citizens of other countries.

      We owe no due process or public process to non-citizens or residents.

    19. As for "self-appointed" executioners....

      Well somebody's gotta do it.

      I don't trust American government officials to kill people...either in capital punishment or otherwise.

      They don't have the competence or the good faith to not also kill the innocent.

      But when it comes to foreign assassinations of people like Assad there's just no other way. I would approve his particular killing.

      These are not simple issues. The government is going to have to power to assassinate anyway and they are going to misuse it so better face up to the facts that it's always going to happen.

      I'm saying let's also kill a few that deserve it.

    20. A case in point. I have a friend who claims to be a hit man, who was in special forces, a top-rated sniper, a merc, has a chip in his neck, etc .etc. He has all kinds of stories and it's difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaf. One of his stories however is that he kills pedophiles. Well, not too many will fault him for this because everybody hates pedophiles. Here is my issue, however: how does he know it's really a pedophile he's killing? Because someone hired him to do so and he's taking their word for it that the target is in fact a child raper? Perhaps however his handlers have profiled him as most effective when he thinks the target is a pedophile, and so that's what they lead him to believe, when in fact he's assassinating a whistle blower or someone otherwise unjustly targeted.

    21. I mean for crying out loud the District Attorney's office contacts CIA and the Defense Department asking specifically about Strier...

      And low and behold these "witnesses" come to Albarelli with these SPECIFIC NAMES of FOREIGNERS....CANADIANS...who they claim are the guys who threw him out the window..and why?

      According to Albarelli's witnesses they didn't really intend to throw him out the window but it JUST HAPPENED?

      GIVE me a FUCKING break.

      I mean even someone as dense as Albarelli appears to be can't be that stupid.


      CIA never used foreigners for hits in the US or anywhere in 1953.

      Everyone knows at that time CIA used US military personnel for all assassinations everywhere.

    22. That was not a big window! You have to be thrown at the glass with a huge amount of force to break through the thick window glass and every bit of the victim goes flying out the window to the ground below.

      He was stunned by Strier first with a blow to the head by Strier's elbow, and then Strier and one other person threw him against the CLOSED window with as much force as they could. And CIA officer Lashbrook witnessed the whole thing.

      Strier was a former fighter with over 100 bouts and was 6'4" and very strong with huge hands.

    23. Pedophiles?

      Dude I can guarantee you that no one in a position to be using assassins would employ them over such a matter as sex offenders.

      People in government involved with assassinations are completely indifferent to vice or morals crimes, etc., and tend to have criminal tendencies themselves...

      I can't imagine anyone in government taking the money and time and effort to do payback for the little molested kids of the world.

      Under what budget does that fall? How is it justified as "national security?"

      Sounds like your guy is full of shit.

    24. I did say he is quite the story teller... What has been vouched for, by a mutual friend, is a photo of Reagan handing him a medal or some kind of award (for being top sniper) along with a Zippo lighter with an American eagle that he decades later would still carry around. He sang and played trumpet in a little musical outfit we were in. He comes from old Kentucky stock, and his dialect somewhat resembles Charles Manson's. I would say: "he's the Charles Manson of our group, only our Manson really killed people!" But I don't know that.

      The last time I spoke to him was a few Xmas eves ago when he called me, saying he was suicidal. I talked him out of it, but I haven't heard from him in years. The cell #s he gave me no longer work. When I read about mysterious snipers shooting both sides in Maidan square or in Egypt, Syria, etc. I wonder, "is that what [redacted] has been up to lately?"

    25. One week ago, Putin came to attend military parade in honour of red army helping liberate Belgrade, Serbia, where they raped 100000 females and pillaged everything before they had to go back to Hungary and Romania. Of course real reason for celebration was that Russians left. As a note, US soldiers were giving chocolates to kids while females were dating US soldiers willingly. So, day before that glorious day, high risk soccer qualification match for European soccer championship between Serbia and Albania happened, (real derby paganus balcanica inside Belgrade's circus minimum), which had to be stopped in middle of game because of chaos, helped by fact that someone sent drone with flag of greater Albania in to middle of soccer field. That was nice message from someone to every of those 1000, old KGB operatives in Belgrade protecting Moscow's action-patriarch, that they are able to kiss their Putler very soon. Eastern pagans respect things falling from sky.

    26. The Red Army had women in it and it's male members made a habit out of raping any cute girl they came across everywhere they went.

      In the German Army and SS sexual assault of civilians was PUNISHABLE BY DEATH, and therefore never happened.

      To me this typical of the difference in civilization between the Nazis and their communist foes everywhere at all times...and is why I call myself a National Socialist.

      American soldiers did also rape women as well as kill prisoners, and these issues have been covered up and are not admitted. Americans raped men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan also recently, and the exposure at Abu Gahrab prison is typical of the American mentality of warfare...not only the sexual sadism but the cover-up and denials and phony image of Americans as civilized when in fact they're a bunch of morons and assholes culled from the slums of shitty countries the world over. Sexual assault of cute girls in the US military is widespread, an everday affair, and no one in the officer corps addresses it or gives a shit.

      In the Israeli armed forces there are many cute girls but they are never molested because unlike the US armed forces their commanders are not Mexican, negros, or other scum.

    27. WXXX,

      Well if this guy was suicidal I'd say he might have been involved in assassinations, although not of pedophiles unless he was doing that on his own.

      Although many such "hit men" like Strier had no ill effects psychically from their killing job MANY DID.

      It was the Vietnam generation of killers who became disillusioned and had all kinds of emotional disturbances and these were the guys who showed up in our office and had to be monitored by us...and they were really fucked up.

      That movie "Heaven and Earth" has a character like that in it played by Tommy Lee Jones, and he went crazy with guilt and then killed himself....

      Yes that's par for the course with the Vietnam era guys.

      There was this one guy though who we were working with and his problem was that he got all worked up to kill this Vietnamese guy in his home, at night with a knife...and the target never showed up.

      The assassin was so worked up to kill this guy with the knife that when it didn't happen he went into a depression, and then spiraled downward ever since to the point that years later in the 1980s he wound up in our office.

      Go figure.

    28. Anyway I think the present generation of killers are sociopaths and a product of the new America with its gangster youth culture and so forth and they will never have guilt for their killings.

      Normal US servicemen today are killing themselves in droves because of their guilt but these are the normal servicemen and NOT the types picked today for Special Access Program affairs...

      The guys used TODAY, as opposed to the Vietnam era guys who were misguided patriots, are like.....



      Chris Kyle admitted in his deposition in the liable case brought by Jesse Ventura that MOST OF THE THINGS IN HIS 'AMERICAN SNIPER' BOOK NEVER HAPPENED.

      And Kyle turned out to be just a lying asshole who liked killing people, playing cons on the public, etc.......

      And it's these kinds of assholes who the military look for today for assassinations and even Special Forces work because in the past they used the cream of the best soldiers and all those guys fell apart and killed themselves later.

      Today they want guys like Kyle who are high school dropouts and not even good soldiers....

      But they are sociopaths and losers who make workable thugs and killers.

      That's why they end up raping so many men and women, torturing civilians, etc. in today's wars so frequently.

      Just watch a Youtube interview of Kyle saying he beat down Jesse Ventura and then see in court testimony that he admitted he was lying the whole time...and you can see what kind of idiot you're dealing with.

      BTW he was assassinated also because of what he did.

      Kyle was murdered by an old-fashioned wound-up mind-controlled robot like the 1960s....awesome.

    29. I mean Kyle goes to a shooting range with this zombie whose been in and out of the mental hospital under control by US Army "clinicians" and all of the sudden...

      BANG !

      For no reason whatsoever he points a handgun at Kyle and blows him away and then drives off into the zombie land unknown.....

      For no apparent reason whatsoever.



    30. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Ventura verdict/judgement would have come down AND KYLE WERE STILL ALIVE ?

      Now that would have been a black eye for everyone.

      As it is it was just a footnote..not even that.

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    32. i can agree with you some in aspects, for instance THE biggest mistake for any nation to do is to let former slaves to be rules or let them in to governmental institutions... look what happened to south africa or soviet russia, i know that those SA mines needs to get cheaper, but hey more merciful is to entice civil war or conduct direct invasion... because this transformation is going to slow and especially because there were western civilisation there which needs to be rebuild soon and now white mine owners are protecting them self from USA through black socialism while USA is supporting those scums also to weaken functional white south african oligarchy... pat position... job must be finished

    33. One of the most devious, blood thirsty Presidents in history was Abraham Lincoln. During the civil war he continued to advocate for the removal of freed slaves back to Africa and continually repeated his conviction that negros were inferior to whites and that the two races could never live together...

      But at the end of the war when he realized that the Republican party needed the freed blacks in the south for their votes he completely reversed himself and cravenly announced that black men in the conquered states would be voters !

      That's a right no woman had, nor had free blacks in his own state of Illinois, where they couldn't even own property and couldn't set foot.

      It was that announcement which was the tipping point for men of principle like John Wilks, who determined to kill the asshole...and he did!

      When I have the tiime I'm going to found "The John Wilks Society" to recognized the valor of all men of conscious who sacrifice to kill the most evil among us while all others do nothing...nothing.

      John Wilks Booth is an example of the highest level of conscious and exemplary courage - an individual who will not tolerate the worst forms of wickedness while others are indifferent.

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    35. South will rise again, it will be little darker but it will be South on steroids... do not worry. Socialist box of north in which south was put (getting factories on north to be filled with people from south ended just 36 years ago), now that socialism is ending... south is rising, i started to cry when i saw black people as only group which were protesting against gay marriages... just look economic power of south today versus north and trend... but i believe also some kind smart and soft apartheid against socialist on south will be needed, south african and saudi models are best, just look how saudi arabia is advanced, in last 10 years they moved from 20M to 30M people while 10M are non-national, while not even one broken glass on streets of Saudi Arabia, stable families etc... God gave us chance to learn from pagans. People wants King, God and Police force

  2. As everyone knows, Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL (A.K.A.: ISIS) are merely intelligence mercenaries controlled by the intelligence community (including THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA))!

    Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL (A.K.A.: ISIS) were trained, funded, and armed by the intelligence community; and the "so called" "moderate rebels" are Al Qaeda (intelligence mercenaries), ISIS (intelligence mercenaries), and ISIL (A.K.A.: ISIS) (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 1" posted by corbettreport (AUTHENTIC) on December 30, 2008; "Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 2" posted by corbettreport (AUTHENTIC) on January 11, 2009; "Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 3" posted by corbettreport (AUTHENTIC) on January 12, 2009; "Hillary Clinton: 'We Created al-Qaeda'" [This was an interview conducted by the mass-media!] posted by OccupyingTheMind on July 23, 2012; "Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda" [This was an OFFICIAL CONGRESSIONAL HEARING while under OATH!] posted by Truth Syria on December 27, 2011; and "General Admits American Involved In ISIS Creation" posted by TheAlexJonesChannel (AUTHENTIC) on September 3, 2014)!

    The C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES) have been involved with various criminal activities on UNITED STATES SOIL since 1947, when the C.I.A. was created! The C.I.A. first started out with MK_ULTRA, which is "mind control" (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO (BEGINNING OF SAID VIDEO ("SINS OF THE PAST")): "Beyond Treason (Depleted Uranium US-WMD Iraq War Veterans Dying 2005).divx.avi" [There are several posts of "Beyond Treason"!] posted Green Iguana on February 19, 2012)! The first "major" assassination was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas! Then, there was Martin Luther King, Malcolm "X", and Senator Robert F. Kennedy (brother to J.F.K.)! In the interim, there were several illegal bio, chemical, and radiological experiments being conducted on the general population of the UNITED STATES (OVER 300); AND ALL OF THIS WAS DONE THROUGH THE C.I.A., with the N.S.A. (initiated during 1947) to completely cover-up any and all criminal activities of THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)!

    LEGALLY GET RID OF THE C.I.A. (both governmental and PRIVATE)!

  3. Thanks for the excellent info, its good to be back.

  4. Dr Steve, 'BOMBSHELL: Specialist Murdered on Flight MH17 to Cover-up Ebola Biowarfare Psyop!

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    The new movie "Kill the Messenger" is about the CIA, drugs, and money to support the Contras in Nicaragua back in the 1980s. Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News found a connection and wrote a report, then got crucified in the Washington Post, NY Times and LA Times. The San Jose Mercury News retracted the story, demoted Webb, and he ultimate committed suicide (or was murdered) in 2004. The CIA has admitted (mostly) that Webb's reporting had been accurate.

    However, Webb is still being hounded in the Washington Post. The CIA's control of the news in this country is incredible.Even now, the story can't be told. You won't hear about it on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh won't stop plugging his children's books for one second to talk about "Kill the Messenger."

    Must read:
    WPost’s Slimy Assault on Gary Webb
    October 18, 2014
    Exclusive: The movie, “Kill the Messenger,” portrays the mainstream U.S. news media as craven for destroying Gary Webb rather than expanding on his investigation of the Contra-cocaine scandal. So, now one of those “journalists” is renewing the character assassination of Webb, notes Robert Parry.

    By Robert Parry

    Jeff Leen, the Washington Post’s assistant managing editor for investigations, begins his
    renewed attack on the late Gary Webb’s Contra-cocaine reporting with a falsehood....

    1. Leen is CIA. SO IS WOODWARD & so was Ben Bradlee.

      Post is CIA mouthpiece; so is National Review.

      Greed is good especially with bags of cash.

    Planes crash. I know, I know, I know. Still, why does every single plane crash seem to smell so bad?

    As usual, the comments aren't buying it.

    Zero Hedge
    "Anti-Petrodollar" CEO Of French Energy Giant Total Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/20/2014 19:10 -0400
    Three months ago, the CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, dared utter the phrase heard around the petrodollar world, "There is no reason to pay for oil in dollars," as we noted here. Today, RT reports the dreadful news that he was killed in a business jet crash at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow after the aircraft hit a snow-plough on take-off. The airport issued a statement confirming "a criminal investigation has been opened into the violation of safety regulations," adding that along with 3 crewmembers on the plane, the snow-plough driver was also killed.
    No one is beyond the reach of TPTB, even presidents of multi-national corps it appears...
    Anyone remember the Brazilian presidential candidate a couple months ago?
    The Petrodollar war machine will do anything to survive.
    Your slave paid tax dollars at work, eliminating enemies of the Fed Reserve. This is how business is conducted by the USSA crony capitalists.
    This was no freak accident. This was a professional CIA hit cause this CEO has a lot of clout in his statements! When he said that the US dollar need not be the petrodollar, he signed his death warrant.

  8. I assumed that the idea was to create, then build up Dictators like Sodam Insane sell them arms, then bring them down with a war where yet more arms are sold then repeat somewhere else. I did not realise it was inadequacy in the assassinations department, although someone somewhere seems to be very good at small plane crashes!. I remember being surprised that Howard e Hunt had a nice little acreage and a family, especially with his shenanigans with JFK and all. I thought you would have to be a single mobile guy for it to work at all as the trappings of family life could make you vunerable. As for that Kyle fella knocking out Ventura it is just silly, Jesse would have thrown him out the window. To be fair to Kyle I think many of these true life tales are BS, I remember reading the SAS Bravo Two Zero and was sure one of the torture scenes was from The Marathon Man with Olivier and Hoffman. Maybe the publishers egg them on a bit.

    1. Not many people are aware that Howard E Hunt Once Admitted That The Jesuits are The Worlds Greatest Intelligence Network!

    2. Well as for Howard Hunt's family his wife died in a plane crash outside of Chicago during the watergate matter and she was carrying $10,000 in cash with her.
      I don't know what her status was..if she was an officer or what...but she was a part of his work and had clearances. They met when she was working for a front having something to do with operating the Marshall plan I think..

    3. Hunt is an interesting case because he wasn't wealthy and always struggled for money. He moved in a world of wealthy men who could do almost anything they wanted, dressed the way they liked and drove the cars, etc. of their station...but Hunt had to struggle to make appearances and had no savings...

      Another case is Tracy Barnes, who was Head of Covert Action during the 1950s. Like his peers in the Agency at that time he lived off family wealth and trust funds, but while working in CIA he neglected his fortune and it was fritted away by managers. He never learned anything about finance and he ended up broke, then the CIA fired him, and he spent the rest of his short life in New Haven with some shitty job at Yale in which he had to struggle with the negro gangs which had taken over the neighborhoods around campus...

      Oh how the mighty fell in those dayz and ended up so very humble.

    It's too early to tell. Tune in to "We'll do it live!" for a discussion at 9 p.m. tonight.

    Red Pill Revolution


    Before It's News
    Gov. Sourced Website Proves End Is Near! Can You Explain This? We Dare You!
    Wednesday, October 22, 2014 5:21
    With Obama Ebola ‘Czar’ Ron Klain now officially exposed as calling for ‘depopulation’ as an answer to the world’s biggest problems as shared in the 2nd video below, we have been emailed a tip that should help prove to all doubters that ‘the end is near’ as shared in the 1st video. Among the list of countries on, a US government sourced website, pertinent data for the US now and in 2025 is enough to make EVERY American become a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

    If anyone has a rational explanation for why the population of the US is supposed to DROP 78.2% from 316+ million now to ONLY 69 million people in 2025, we’d love to know the answer. If anyone knows why our military spending will drop in 10 years from $726 billion dollars to $8 billion dollars in 2025, please explain. Is there a reason why our GDP per capita will be dropping from $52,838 to $13,328 by 2025? Inquiring minds surely want to know…and we deserve answers! Check out the data for the US on yourselves; any ideas what we are witnessing? Is this proof of depopulation? If not, why the huge forecasted drops?

    Update to Site even more crazy information
    Professor Doom1
    Published on Oct 22, 2014

    1. Now on Infowars also:
      U.S. to crumble as superpower, population decimated
      by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON | OCTOBER 22, 2014

    2. I think it is an ersatz Government site and quite frankly even if it were true they would not have the 'bottle' to do it. That would be an awful lot of bodies to be disposed of and the elites do like driving around in their limos with outriders lording it over the living ordinary folk. When the London Olympics was on myself and practically everyone I know thought it would have an 'event' real or staged. I believe they 'bottled' that as well, so many were watching and waiting with their camera phones, it would have unravelled very quicky with their phoney drill etc. In fact I thought they might have built something into the main stadium but just decided not to use it. It is like Ebola at the moment, protocols ignored encouraging its spread or is it sheer ineptitude. Or did your founding father's deliberately build in this Governmental inefficiency which makes it very difficult to do anything good or bad? Also I have a beef my mum and dad and most of my aunties and uncles are gone yet Kissinger, Soros, Duke of Edinburgh and so on live on and live well! Are they pickled in their own evil or something, it really pisses me off.

  11. 'Putin´s and his Bribed Hardliners´Position Imminently Threatened by US/Saudi Oil Price War and Western Sanctions – while Rothschild´s Khodorkovsky Is Readying Himself for the Presidency'

    As stated previously, shows that the U.S. population will go from 315 million to 69 million in 10 years. Deagel claims that its website was hacked, but the Wayback machine shows similar U.S. declines on the website in past years.

    The YouTuber here speculates that Tom Clancy might have used Deagel and possibly came across something he wasn't supposed to know.

    If Dr. P has anything to add, it would make for a heck of an Alex Jones show. (Infowars covered the topic just yesterday.) The Tom Clancy part starts at 9:24 of the video.

    Hacker posted depop info on Deagel is a lie! Is a huge mystery solved also?
    Professor Doom1
    Published on Oct 23, 2014
    I can prove the depop info is not from a hacker! Also I present conjecture that may just solve one of the biggest mysteries we have seen in past couple years.

  13. In 1980 there were 235 million people in the US and suddenly there's 315 million? This country is bulging at the seams with over-population suddenly, and this explains why the recording industry, television and film is so lucrative. In the 1970s when I was a kid it was a struggle to make money in entertainment, and only the biggest names and products raked in money while everyone else starved. Today however any television program, even with a tiny share of the audience, can find revenues....because a tiny share today is twice the audience a tiny rating share was thirty years ago.

    This also explains the explosion in revenues for sports, particularly college sports, beer and alcohol sales, and every single stupid thing everyone needs.

    The American market is sooo much bigger than what it used to be.

    Everyone in these industries depends on the market growing and growing regardless of the future consequences on shortages of water, farming land, etc.....

    Anyone suggesting that elites would suddenly want to reverse all that and send themselves into poverty and the whole nation into civil war should re-examine their ideas.

  14. Pieczenik is simply a CIA propaganda/disinformation asset. Like so-called "ex"-CIA assets/agents McGovern and Scheuer, Pieczenik is STILL a CIA asset, whose primary goal is to PROTECT the CIA by shifting attention to others. NEVER trust an "ex"-CIA agent/asset. Once CIA, always CIA. In others they will ALWAYS LIE. That's what the CIA specializes in: lies and the promotion of terrorism worldwide.