Thursday, October 9, 2014

Takes a German to tell us how messed up we are domestically, you'll need 2 hours to hear Wolfgang Halbig discuss Sandy Hoax.  This is why Holder exited and more will be in store, thanks Tony Unplugged


  1. Another good article on From pol pot to ISIS,"anything that flies on everything that moves" great journalistic piece.

  2. One very interesting article "ISIS AND SANDY HOOK - LITTLE GIRLS AND FACEBOOK"

  3. Only intended to give this Halbig's vid a 10 minute run through but ended up watching it all, very persuasive. As usual it is the small things which matter like the Porta Potties, the clean up and everyone reading from the same script at the same time. It is like once I heard Dr P I think talking to Alex about leaving somewhere in South America at speed and when presenting his expenses back at 'base' a 'bean counter' asked for his Hotel receipts before they would pay up, which of course because of the urgency of his situ were not a high priority for him to collect.
    The point is detail reveals the bigger picture and therefore can reveal the truth of a situation. I still do not get Sandy Hook because of the sheer number of people that have to be in the loop. It is obviously an event but it is not clear what kind. Maybe also an experiment in what you can get away with. One thing that really bothers me is how Halbig has not been confronted by angry parents anywhere at the sheer outrage of not believing their child was gone. Always there is the kicker in yours the most litigious Country on earth where are the law suits...not one again it does not make sense. On another note does anyone have any experience of an intelligence consultant called Michael Shrimpton. I am reading a book of his called 'Spyhunter' it is interesting with some good angles on things, but he is obsessed with German Intelligence's involvement in World events to a frankly bizarre level. His take on CIA 'Great idea, shame about putting German spies in charge of it' is typical throughout. One I did like however is that not only was Obama ineligible for POTUS because of his birth in Mombasa, Kenya, but also Senator McCain had not been born in the US either as he is down as being born in Panama.