Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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  2. Time for an aqueduct system to the San Joaquin Valley.
    That should put a lot of people to work as Roosevelt's
    Electrification NEW DEAL did.

    1. Part 1: The History of False Flags is the DEEP Rogue Government

  3. I think if anything such as that existed it would be well known to many geologists in the oil industry and academics. It would be unlikely that it could be known only to our government.

    With that said however I am a believer that government agencies absolutely know how to keep secrets.

    Contrary to what journalists think the consequences of speaking out regarding highly sensitive matters are so severe that dicipline is regularly maintained regarding thousands of issues involving tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals, none of which ever says a peep....

    Look at the tens of thousands of people in Israel who work in their nuclear program and tell me that governments can't keep secrets.

    Of course they can.

    1. As for the size of the lake involved being suitable for "undersea warfare"....

      There's many types of undersea warfare which do not require large ocean areas to train in.

      For example the prior training of dolphins for undersea warfare tasks required little more than a lake....

    2. On another topic...

      I just heard complaints from Sierra Leoneans that monies given to the government for assistance in combating Ebola have gone missing!


      It reminds me of my old friend the Minister of Defense during the rebel war, Samuel Kambo, who duped me into helping him come to Texas in 1994 when he'd just emptied the entire Defense budget into his bank accounts in Geneva....

      Yes even during time of war, or time of plague, or time of anything....

      There is absolutely nothing that will prevent an African from stealing whatever money is available to steal....

      Because like Obama during his twenty years in south Chicago..or like his present indifference to the horrors of ISIS...

      Africans don't give a shit about anyone.

    3. I still have the original Samuel Kambo "roadmap of crime" diplomatic passports showing his travels to Switzerland, Amsterdam and Brussels documenting his diamond smuggling and banking mis-steps.

      When I figure out how to put images on this board I will post them as each page is photographed and in my files.....

      Each and every African in government does the same thing, no matter which country they are from, or which tribe, etc....

      All Africans are the same, and they have no morality, no ethics, nothing except the law of the jungle and their own selfish pursuits.

    4. Kambo filed police reports at the time and explained that I was behind the dissappearance of the passports, but I'm sure the statutes of limitations are over now so I might as well expose them. They're not doing any good sequestered away where they are....

      Anyway Kambo was of course deported for being a war criminal in a history making case...

      He hired good lawyers and he won all his deportation trials and appeals...

      However it turns out that in extreme cases that even if someone wins these trials in ICE Court that there is another body, sort of a Star Chamber, which has the authority to act anyway...

      And so after the government lost their last appeal on his case this other Star Chamber thing came in and they deported his miserable African ass anyway !!

      I thought that was cool.

    5. And then three years ago he turns up as a character on "Burn Notice" of all things, and they changed his name just a little and made him from Liberia, but at one point the Bruce Campbell character actually says his real name, "Kambo" and the whole thing was given away...

      And as for those people who think the Michael Westin character was based on myself....

    6. Soon I will post regarding the strange coincidences between the Michael Westin character and myself.

    7. So here is the funniest Samuel Kambo story...

      When the film "Blood Diamond" was to be released the State Department rushed to grab him and expell him before the film would be released.

      A woman investigator called me and asked me to be a witness and to find other Sierra Leoneans who would also testify against Samuel...

      Well I asked one person from Sierra Leone, one Matthew Kamara, who I knew from Sierra Leone and who was a Major there, actually outranking Samuel and the other Minsisters of State all of whom were only Captains...

      So I ask Matthew to be a witness against Samuel and he agrees and all seems fine until....

      6:30 AM I arrive at my home and lurking in the shadows is a huge man behind an oak tree who emerges and asked if I am Michael....

      Okay do I go back to my car and get my gun or what?

      This guy flashes a badge at me so quickly i couldn't see a damn thing, and then he says...

      "You've got a lot to answer for!"

      Well this guy was a Federal agent from the INS, and he's been sicked on me by a corrupt attorney in the Texas State Police who Samuel had been bribing...

      Samuel made up a story about me and next thing you knew I had this Federal agent after me, and then I had to explain to him that there was this woman in the INS/State Dept who I was working with and that Samuel had heard from Matthew what was going on and that's how all this had come about...

      So this agent calls the woman and she explains that I'm a witness, and suddenly it dawns on him that the story he'd been fed by his buddy in the State Police was a lie, and that the whole thing was made up by Samuel and his corrupt buddy to put me in hot water because of my witness activity...

      So Africa comes to America, and Texas State Police go on the take to run down favors for African war criminals.

  4. It sounds a bit like Loch Ness which is fantastically deep and some say has caverns to the sea. I went there in about 1980 and spoke with a guy who lived on it's banks and was a full time 'monster' hunter, who was utterly convinced as he had seen it twice. Unfortunately just after out meeting he disappeared. I think he may have fallen out with the locals.I went a couple of times to a local 'secret' base called Fort Halstead where Britains first A bomb was developed to do some talks on Hypnosis and stress in their environments because I think a lot of their scientists suffered from anxiety. Most of whom worked deep underground maybe because it was one of the primary Nuclear targets during the cold war and they also played with nerve gas, lazers and other unholy shit. I was told to arrive half an hour early for security clearance, which of course I did not as I am not big on punctuality, so they had to stick me in a base fire engine to get me to my own lecture on time. On another note, or tip of the week I Found a site called Gruveo on Public intelligence blog it is a much better no download version of Skype and allegedly much more secure. I intend to start using it today for long distance sessions.


    Finally the government in Mexico City is addressing the murder of scores of students in the shithole of Guerrero. Mass graves are turning up and it looks like the local police and their craven criminal gang partners have been slaughtering people there for some time.

    I remember in the 1980s when DEA agent Enrique Camerena was tortured to death in Mexico by Mexican police and Federal officers there. President Reagan and his Administration did nothing about it.

    The time has come to intervene in Mexico. US companies there will suffer but they never should have gone there in the first place.

    Mexico has no military except whatever they have which is used to kill their own people so it wouldn't be any problem.

    The time has come for US imposed regime change in Mexico, but before any such change of their own it needs to be administered by an American Viceroy and to become a protectorate like Guam or Okinawa.

    The Mexican people will thank us and thank us and thank us for saving them from their own craven, bloodthirsty criminal political class.

  6. There will not be any "shock and awe" or other ruthless demonstrations which slaughter innocents.

    US forces will simply show up and dismiss the government in Mexico City. Any armed resisters will be dealt with. But US forces will simply show up and tell the local authorities to go home. We will impose law and order for an interval and then hold elections which are free and fair for the first time in their miserable history.

    We will round up everyone involved with illegal activity such as gang affilation or narcotics trafficing and put them into work farms where they will become slaves, making themselves productive for the first time.

    We will make contraception available to all women, and force sterilization on men who misbehave.

  7. Polio-like illness claims fifth life in U.S.:

    At least five children infected with the respiratory illness known enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) have died in the U.S. in the past month....

    ...a study published in Virology Journal, found EV-D68 among some of the 3,375 young, ill people tested in eight Latin American countries, including the Central American nations of El Salvador and Nicaragua, in 2013....

    According to CDC, there are no available vaccines, antiviral medications or specific treatments for EV-D68.

  8. There is an appeal to Mit's "take charge mentality". In a world where people are too fucking stupid not to wash ebola infected vomit off a sidewalk without using a pressurized spray washer to aerosolize the fucking virus while people are walking by, maybe there is an argument that could be put forth or at least entertained whereby the morons, miscreants, imbeciles, criminals, and low lives, are actually controlled by others with more advanced inclinations, so we may have a chance to help them to be able to produce something of value at some point, say as opposed to leaving them to their own devices. Hmmm maybe thats what is being done to all of us! Lol.

    Anyway, Obama has improvised his ISIS "Whack A Mole Plan" to attack the growing Ebola problem. I conjure up an image of someone putting their finger in a hole in a Dyke, no pun intended here, sorry, but seriously maybe i should have used the word "Dam", would be more pc. Anyway, I don't think the CDC takes into account the stupidity of humanity when they do their transmission vector studies nor the fact that hospitals kill and injure a tremendous number of people just from their own incompetence and hospital based infections (nosocomial infections). Now add Ebola to the mix and you really do have a witches brew. Its a fucking guessing game who has been exposed and who hasn't. I guess I won't get too worried, until I see Obama give the State of the Union Speech, wearing a mask and gown with Dr. Ben Carson spraying him and his podium down with Chlorine Bleach afterwards.

    1. For some reason Obama is sending a large number of US military personnel to Sierra Leone and Liberia as though the US military is prepared to put down a pandemic in Africa....

      I think Obama is doing this because he only gets emotional when dealing with other blacks.

      The only time he's ever showed any emotion was when he introduced his initiative to help young black men...

      The reason for this is his utter inward looking nariccism...

      When a young black man like Travon Martin dies he says...

      "That could have been my son."

      "If I had a son he could have looked like Travon.."

      Obama ONLY cares about himself, and thereby extension individuals who look like HIM.

      That's why he's sending US military personnel to west Africa so they can be infected by Ebola just as all the other western aid workers such as foreign nurses have contracted it.

      It's very difficult to work in the Ebola situ and not become infected, and US military people are at best going to have a sudden and brief training.

  9. Exposed! CDC Suggests "Hermetically Sealed Caskets" for Ebola Victims - AKA "FEMA Coffins"

  10. Its rare to hear resignation from MIT.

  11. President Koroma of Sierra Leone says...send us millions!

    Today at yet another "donors' conference" for Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone declared,

    "We need millions. We need it now!"


    Get ready all you bankers in Switzerland to receive more plundered and pillaged funds from Sierra Leone!

    All you wonderful bankers and solicitors in Geneva start licking your chops! The funds are on the way! Ebola will be very good to your account holders from Sierra Leone, and therefore to you!

    Yes all you donor countries...don't send equipment or medical supplies...JUST SEND THE CASH !!

    Christine LeGuarde has said it's an emergency and must be done!

    1. Send MONEY! MONEY! Always more MONEY!

      MO' MONEY!