Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fat Cat REIT Plum Creek has a history of disasters, they promise the poor folk "Chanel" pay off corrupt locals and then leave everyone with a big mess.  They did it outside of Yellowstone and in Moosehead Lake Maine and now they are trying to do it in North Florida.  Their share price sucks and so does their CEO, be posting tomorrow on this Plum Creep.

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  1. Why Are Pre-Teen Girls so Horny?

    No kidding...

    I was having lunch in a diner in Neu Braunfels, Texas yesterday and saw a five year old girl become upset when her father didn't allow her to come sit on his lap and cuddle. "Not here baby," he told her. The girl's mother was also sitting with them and the girl made no effort to sit on her lap or cuddle with her....pre-teen girls never do.

    When I was a child in the 1960s I never saw any public displays of affection between young girls and their fathers, or their grandfathers...

    But today I see it everyday, all the time, and what's strange to me is that I never see ANY public displays of affection between young girls and their mothers...never.

    What's going on?

    In the last years I've seen young girls, younger than twelve years old for sure, grinding on their fathers and grandfathers crotches, wrapping their legs around them while standing, etc...etc....

    This is NOT the way I grew up and it's unfamiliar for me but it's everywhere, and it's the way these young girls are being socialized with their fathers and grandfathers at home obviously. There's a whole lot of physical affection going on and it's not between the mothers and daughters but between the daughters and fathers.

    I'm not suggesting that this intimacy is sexual per se, but it's only one degree at most from being so.

    Is this normal or what?

    Whatever it is I find it strange and it's now the norm.

    I have no idea if it's good or bad but it's what these girls want.

    So there you have it.