Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Grand Myth: That the American Government Can Protect it’s Citizens at all, from War; Financial Corruption/Disaster; Terrorism; White House Intrusions; and most of all, Ebola!
In the last few weeks,  we have seen an elaborate charade of the U.S.G’s stated raison’etre of protecting American citizens here at home, or abroad.  The recent incursion of a mental patient who entered into the bowels of the White House residence, in an attempt to threaten POTUS is a metaphor for all the contrived lies across a spectrum of American life.  Remember that we the taxpayers have paid for nothing more than massive federal dysfunctional entity including:
the inebriated, promiscuous Secret Service
the dysfunctional military/intelligence complex throwing bombs and drones all over Syria, Iraq and wherever else they feel like causing murder and mayhem
our banking system which had been totally mismanaged by unqualified ‘bankers’ [who had never been functioning bankers]- Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson; 
raging epidemic of Ebola, staring in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia and now supposedly here in America 
The federal government seems to be descending into a complete FUBAR with every institution being run by incompetent jerks or greedy, cheating thugs. I know that for many of you, I am stating the obvious.  I am just completely taken aback by the sheer incompetence of all these federal agencies which profess to have some modicum of professionalism.  I can’t remember anything good thats come from a federal agency, institution or office in decades.
I worked with the secret service way back when they were considered competent and professional.  I ran the psychiatric back-up wards at St Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D. C. for those ‘so-called White House intruders’.  There was no question as to when, how or why these individuals were automatically incarcerated in a maximum security ward. That was then. But now, one ostensibly can wander all around the White House without even presenting a ‘clear and imminent’ threat.
Times have changed.
Now our President throws our intelligence community under the bus every time that he might have made a mistake about going or not going to war anywhere and everywhere. When I heard that the present problem with ISIS, ISIL; or even the wars in Iraq/Syria; did not lie within our Commander-in-Chief’s hands but rather was the fault of Generals Michael Flynn [DIA] and James Clapper [DNI], I was incredulous. This type of externalization of blame is equivalent to the marathon runner blaming the quality of his shoes, rather than himself.  I do criticize our intelligence community ad hominum but as a citizen and taxpayer that is my right and duty . 
However, when POTUS goes out of his way in public and directly implicates Gen James Clapper as the source of POTUS’s lack of strategy, foresight or capacity to engage in an unnecessary wars, I find this type of executive behavior to be completely abhorrent and disgraceful to the Office of the Presidency.  Sounds like humpty dumpty is cracking. I can tell you that this type of behavior in any other country would have automatically led to a military coup.  I could have told you that any former POTUS who dared to compromise our intelligence services, be they, civilian or military,  were automatically eliminated.

So now it seems that our federal government failed us once again.  It was all over the news that ebola was raging through Liberia, Sierre Leone and Guinea,  all failed states on steroids.  Did our big daddy government that spies on all of us, keeps record of our travels and what we buy, did It do anything to protect our shores from a viral invasion?  Nope!  Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that anyone coming from the infected part of the world should have been quarantined.  Does anyone get held accountable for this mega mistake?  Didn’t Obama tell American citizens that we have nothing to fear?  Oh yeah, he was the same guy that told us ISIS was not a threat.  First its not a problem, don’t worry and then its whoops now its a problem (big problem) but its not my fault.  We pay these people a lot of money to do their jobs (president, congress, judges, CDC) and we even look the other way when they skim some off the top or from the sides.  However, we do expect them to take care of the basics and they are not, on any front.


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    1. I doubt whether more than a handful of people in or out of government in this country has ever heard of Liberia or even know it's a country.

      Unless it's Kanye West or Beyonce or maybe LeBron James few if any Americans would know.

  6. The Presidential detail of the Secret Service hasn't gotten any worse because it's always been a disgrace. The morning before Kennedy was assassinated they up til five am drinking a carousing at after hours bars....they party with local call girls and strippers everywhere they go overseas....the list of their antics is endless.

    One problem is that the Presidential detail is just a temporary assignment in a career is mostly law enforcement involving counterfit investigations.

    The sad truth is that the Secret Service is just a bunch of law enforcement officers, and people that go into that are always low IQ.

  7. Dr. P I am getting a msg when entering your site that your go daddy security certificate has expired today! This is a free public service msg. from me to you, to renew your certificate for your website so we can continue to enjoy your insights, as well as those of your fantastic bloggers : )

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  9. For what it is worth I believe we should restrict travel from Ebola infected hot spots immediately and have a 21 day quarantine for all others coming to the US, to see if symptoms appear after their travels are complete, at least until this outbreak is contained.
    We should set up "fever clinics" separate from hospital emergency rooms, so that we do not expose those with other emergencies; i.e. heart attacks, gallbladder attacks, asthma attacks, ectopic pregnancies, abruptions, rupturing aortic aneurysms, spiral fractures of the femur etc etc who typically come through our emergency rooms, from being exposed to the Ebola Virus for no good reason.
    We have a President who doesn't have a fucking clue, who seems more concerned that his landmark paradigm shift in our US immigration policies and his goals to shift voter demographics with the Latino vote, who does not want to be inconvenienced by the Ebola Virus at this time.
    It is time for the President and the CDC, to get a fucking clue.

    1. What would be the harm in terminating all travel from Africa altogether?

      They don't contribute a damn thing in this country and we don't need them, their diseases, their cultures, their food, or anything else they have.

      Let's ban all Africans from our shores once and for all.

  10. And it is time for our bloggers to stock up on (weed) sprayers, bleach, gloves, gowns, masks, and goggles, just in case it turns out that I am right. Because most likely, if this gets out of hand, and I believe it is inevitable that it will, you will be too late in your attempts to acquire them later on.

  11. Soap that contains a disinfectant,(although mostly anti- bacterial), hand sanitizer (but alcohol base may break down integrity of skin in some cases so be prudent), and over the counter drugs that lower fevers may also be in order here imo and a backup source for fluids - rehydration, i.e. electrolyte concerns.

  12. Aside from this, the only other thing you have to worry about if this Ebola gets out of hand, is touching other humans. No problem right?