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additional Menendez details
some background on previous post

Congratulations to the FBI and Federal Agents for Investigating and Hopefully Indicting:  Corrupt New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert “The Robber” Menendez! so called Cuban-American!  Trash!

I have been waiting for some time now for the FBI to finally investigate Senator Robber Menendez,  an ersatz “Cuban” who was born in America.
Menendez,  like most of the so-called “Cuban American” Politicians – Marco RubioCanadian-born Ted Cruz –all have several similar characteristics.

[1]  They use their so-called Cuban Heritage to advance their political career.   But none were really born in Cuba.    

[2]  None of the three ever volunteered to serve in the US Military in any way!.   However,  they are all Chicken Hawks who have no problem sending our brave men and women to unnecessary wars in Iraq,   Afghanistan and possibly even Iran .
[3]  They are all JINGOISTS.   They all have a clear inferiority complex of being a so-called ‘Cuban‘ refugees in the USA and pronounce how important America is as a ‘superpower’ and military force without having ever been in any true American experience,  other than “cronyism”  of all sorts. 
[4]  Menendez,  like the other two,  is a blatant political ‘apparatchik’,  much like the Soviet Politburo and Russian Oligarchs,  living as ‘a political parasite’ leaching off the good nature and deep pockets of the American Taxpayers.
Thanks to the FBI,  Homeland Security and State Department professionals,  Menendez,  a New Jersey Cuban Goodfella will eventually be prosecuted and indicted for assisting two Ecuadorian losers,  The Dassum Brothers (now hailing from Florida) who stole money from the poor citizens of Ecuador.    Menendez will also be indicted by the FBI and HHS Inspector General for assisting and abetting the porky Dr Saloman Melgen.   This M.D. donates big bucks to Menendez as he rips off Medicare to the tune of $9M!    Menendez then helps broker a sweet port authority deal in the D.R. for the generous doctor!   Not to mention that Melgen supplies under-age girls to the Pedofile Senator Menendez at sex parties!  Wow!  Good old American values from these two!

       Menendez is the worst kind of Cuban trash that swept upon our shores.   He is neither an anti-communist fighter,  a war hero,  an intellectual or an AMERICAN ENTREPRENEUR.    He is just another uber-corrupt Jersey politico a la Chris Christie!

Why do I hate these Cuban pedazo de mierde so much?

  They represent the worst of we Cubans!     These political tools give all decent Cubans who came to the U.S. for freedom,  dignity and a chance to become someone- a bad name!
  Menendez,  like Rubio, and Cruz never worked outside of politics.    They were born and bred in the cauldron of  POLITICAL CORRUPTION—SOCIOPATHS!   They are an embarrassment  to the general Hispanic Community in the U.S.A. 
  What do I mean?
  As most of you,  may or may not know,   I was born in HAVANA,  CUBA in 1943.   We left the country before Castro and the Communists washed ashore like the flotsam and jetsam of Soviet and Fascist Imperialism that my family had fled.     But since my name was not HISPANIC SOUNDING –Menendez,  Rubio,  Cruz– I never had to announce or pronounce that I was Cuban born (and sanctified by a Cuban passport!).
  However,  like most Cubans who fled the Communists,  I started to study English,  work hard and became all the things that America allowed me to become.
I was the first and only CUBAN who was a DEPUTY ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE for presidents NIXON, FORD, CARTER AND BUSH SR.    I say this not as a boast but as a reaffirmation that no one had ever asked or presumed that I was a minority despite the fact that Spanish was my FIRST LANGUAGE.   I joined the US Military like many of my CUBAN friends who became,  like myself,  senior officers in our respective services.
  Even  today,  many of my fellow CUBANS still serve the USA in different ways for which they do not want public recognition.   They are Intelligence officers;  Navy Officers;  CIA operatives, et al.
  The point is simple.
  The Cubans who came to this wonderful country asking for no favors nor special privileges,   did extremely well without having to flip the Cuban Card!   Might I say this is also true for most of the other Hispanics whom I have befriended all over the South America,  Mexico,  Central America and Spain.
  Unfortunately for us CUBAN-Americans,  who have served and worked in the USA,  many of our accomplishments have been OVERSHADOWED by the corrupt practices of a Menendez,  who should go to JAIL.     This senator from N.J. should  give back all those campaign contributions he got from Ecuadorian Fugitives and crooked Dominican Doctors!

This blog is a warning to both the Republican and Democratic Parties who think they can harness the Hispanic Vote by promoting these corrupt and/or stupid hispanic politicos!    They are the POLITICAL PANDERERS and HOUSE HISPANICS for the Florida and Texas MACHINERIES which have one common feature--- THE BUSH FAMILY.    I ask BUSH SR. to stop his sons and relatives from dumping onto the American political forum these PEDAZOS DE MIERDES.     If not,   they will have to deal with those other CUBANS who served you and the intelligence community faithfully.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"The President is bound to stop at the limits prescribed by our Constitution and the law to the authorities in his hands,  [and this] would apply in an occasion of peace as well as war."

Thomas Jefferson 1806
short video clip,  take a watch.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Republican National Committee [RNC] Desperate to Find a 2016 Presidential Candidate!
They even sent me a survey of partisan names asking me [are you kidding?] whom I would select as a potential 2016 Presidential candidate in their ‘straw poll’.    Oops,  I forgot to add,  that the RNC,  in particular the Chairman of the RNC,  Rencie Priebus  was kind enough to suggest that I might want to donate anywhere from $100 to $2,500 or more.
  Isn’t that nice of him?
He wants me to pay for the privilege of suggesting whom I would pick among a potpourri of token hispanics,  blacks and ‘has-beens’ as our next Republican POTUS.    No wonder the party symbolized by the elephant is literally heading for their own graveyard!
Let me just say that old ways of thinking,  especially homogenized group think,  deserves to be analyzed and discussed with reverence and sagacity.  NOT!

Here are the names on the 2016 RNC Presidential Survey and what I think of them:

[1]   Kelly Ayotte- NH Senator.  Not ready for prime time.  She is a talented private attorney,  NH prosecutor and would make a good VP.
[2]   Haley Barbour –Former Mississippi Governor—"Oldies but not Goodies".
[3]   John Bolton –Former US Ambassador To UN.   I know him well and respect him.  But he is not presidential material.   He would be good as the National Security Advisor.
[4]   Jeb Bush—A decent,  smart man.   But I reiterate his mother’s incisive,  prophetic words: ”No more Bushes in the White House!”. 
[5]   Herman Cain—Attractive,  funny,  down-to-earth CEO of pizza company.   He would should be Secretary of Commerce.  He knows business.
[6]   Dr Ben Carson—Neurosurgeon and author.   I have a lot of professional respect for him and his incredible accomplishments.   He would be best suited for Secretary of Human Health Services or Surgeon General. 
[7]   Chris Christie—Come on!! This one is  a ‘bridge over troubled waters’. 
[8]   Sen Ted Cruz—He can run in his birth place –Canada,   as the first Hispanic Prime Minister.   Get him out of the USA before he destroys our USG.   Send him back to Canada or Cuba—both Socialist countries.
[9]   Governor Mitch Daniels [Indiana] –Who? 
[10]  Newt Gingrich—Waste Management Retread. 
[11]  Nikki Haley—S.C. Governor— Hollande move over.
[12]  Mike Huckabee- Former Governor of Arkansas.  King of cosmetic surgery.  Uncle Sugar and Women’s libidos?
[13]  Gov. Bobby Jindal [Louisiana] –“Laissez les bons temps roulez!” 
[14]  Gov. John Kasich [Ohio]- It’s a swing state,  you will need his support there.
[15] Peter King  [NY Congressman] – Too busy catching make-believe ‘terrorists’.
[16] Gov. Susana Martinez [NM]—A female Hispanic.   In theory she is worth twice as much as a white male.   But that is a patronizing theory,  typical of Republican thinking. 
[17] Gov. Sarah Palin—Are you kidding? She is the best show on TV besides the Colbert Nation and Jon Stewart. 
[18] Rand Paul, M.D—I literally don’t ‘see eye-to eye’.  He is an ophthamologist,   he is not quite Presidential material.   He is too acerbic and never had major management experience.
[19]  Ron Paul, M.D. – Made major contribution to Libertarian philosophy.
[20]  Gov. Tim Pawlenty—Former Gov, Minnesota—Too nice and too unknown. 
[21]  Gov. Mike Pence [Indiana] –unknown.
[22]  Gov. Rick Perry [Texas] –He has trouble remembering which agencies exist in the Federal Govt.
[23]  Senator Rob Portman [Ohio] He wanted the M1 Abrams Tank when our DOD said we don’t need one.   He is out of synch with our economy and national security.
[24] Condi Rice—She belongs behind bars for perjury and  criminal acts against the USG during Bush Jr/Cheney administration.
[25] Sen. Marco Rubio – One more ‘slip sliding away’ wannabe Hispanics borne of drug money and Florida political cronyism. 
[26] Congressman Paul Ryan—Strong financial analytical mind.  Bipartisan politician.   At present,  he is ‘collateral damage’.
[27] Gov. Brian Sandoval [Nebraska]—The only Sandoval I know of is the famous Cuban trumpeter played by Andy Garcia. 
[28]  Sen. Rick Santorum—He tried but failed.
[29] Sen. Tim Scott [ SC] – We have had two POTUSs from the South—Carter and Clinton.  That’s enough!
[30] Sen. John Thune [ND] –jr senator from S.D.   The last thing we need is more professional politicians with no skills,  no executive experience from an unimportant state.
[31] Gov. Scott Walker [Wisconsin]—Possible.  But still a major unknown.  Friends with RNC chairman.
[32] Allen West [Fla] –Strong advocate for minimalist government.  But no broader appeal.
  That’s the list, folks!

From my present perspective,   I feel that the RNC must:
Fire the Director of the RNC.   He is not effective and failing miserably.
Think out-of-the box,  more 21st century.
Develop a broader agenda including gay rights,  same sex marriage,  women’s rights to choose,  medical marijuana,  immigration reform.
Stop pandering to the minority groups in a patronizing way. 
However,   Republicans,  keep the faith.     There are many talented individuals who have not been mentioned and are extremely qualified to be POTUS.
Republican leadership will need to think seriously about the unique characteristics required of an effective POTUS—management,  business experience,  military/intelligence past,  broad recognition and an extremely clean background without any hiccups.
  Good luck,  elephants.    Use your highly-touted memory to recall those who have served as the "Best and the  Brightest."   So far they are not on the RNC list.

Also get rid of dangerous dinosaurs Karl Rove,  Fred Malik, and other King Makers who have consistently failed to pick a winner in the past.
Build a new,  creative,  effective political operational team that understands mass psychology,  national security,  entrepreneurship, and has a squeaky clean background.
  No more Christies nor Bushs nor Florida/Texas ‘wannabe hispanolas’ who cost our USG a fortune for their collective stupidity.
RNC –The good news is that the winning  candidate is out there. 
You just have to be smart enough to figure out who it is.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The “Americans Are Coming”!
In a bold creative initiative,   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,   US Army General Martin Dempsey has offered to help his Russian counterpart,  General Valery V. Gerasinov in assisting with the security of the forthcoming Sochi Olympics.    More often than not,   we Americans are conditioned to think of diplomacy as a sole province of the State Department or the White House.    Gen. Dempsey’s hand across the table to his Russian counterpart literally marks a series of diplomatic initiatives that Gen Dempsey and the US military have taken in the past several years.
By definition,  a military diplomatic overture appears to be an oxymoron.    However,  Gen Dempsey and other US military leaders have shown an uncanny ability to develop strategies and concomitant tactics that allow them to do what they do best—PREVENT WAR!
  Yes,   the true military combat officers are the ones who understand that war is a phenomena that can neither be controlled,  no matter how well planned it is beforehand.    Also Gen Dempsey and other US senior military leaders understand that engaging in preventive negotiations with a potential enemy,  or should I say competitor like Russia,  is wise if not exceedingly beneficial.
  Clearly,   this Dempsey initiative sanctioned by POTUS and the State Department allows for the US military to access Russian throughways into Afghanistan.   Despite an apparent quid pro quo between the US military and the Russian military,  there is a very noble element to Gen. Dempsey’s outreach program.    He has taken the initiative as did the FBI to help the Russians attempt to protect the Sochi Olympics from impending terrorist attacks.
  On the surface this may seem somewhat Machiavellian,    possibly tying US military assistance to Snowden.    However,   Gen Dempsey has long shown an appreciation for the diplomatic route versus engaging in some sort of reflexive military action.   In particular,   I cite the clear public statement that Gen. Dempsey made where he clearly stated that military action into Syria PROMOTED by the Liberal “Warhawks” like Sec State Hillary Clinton,   Ambassador Susan Rice and the ‘genocide voyeur’ Samantha Powers-- was both DANGEROUS and DESTABILIZING TO THE MIDDLE EAST.    He had learned the terrible lessons of US intervention into Libya—creating eventual chaos. 
From my extensive experience working with US Generals,   I find Gen. Dempsey’s continuous assessment of international crises to be judicious and temperate.     He tries to seek out solutions that are legitimate alternatives to placing US ‘boots on the ground’.
If you think that is easy,   it is not.

Through several administrations I have witnessed the civilians comfortably ensconced in their bureaucratic cocoons browbeating our senior military officers to engage in some sort of conflict.    Usually the berated Pentagon and officers try to stave off the civilian warmongering cries for ‘retribution’ or ‘military action’.  Witness Sec State Madeleine Albright’s comment about whether our US military had ‘cajones’ [balls]. 
Then we all remember how Sec State Ex-General Colin Powell literally lied to the world insisting that a small bottle of Anthrax was recovered from Sadam Hussein’s non-existing arsenal of nothing.

In my humble opinion,  General Dempsey is a new breed of military officers who have the strength of character and intelligence to allow the Pentagon a unique opportunity to assess military alternatives that do not involve ‘wars’,  ‘incursions’, or ‘counter-offenses’.     It takes a lot of guts to resist fighting a war when you are trained for war.    But like any good professional,   General Dempsey knows that war is not really the first recourse when “Hysterical Legislators” [McCain, Graham, McConnell, Cruz, Rubio, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid] on both aisles of the legislative aisles want to initiate self-destructive conflicts in Iraq,  Afghanistan,  Syria,  Iran, and other parts of the geopolitical spectrum in the name of some nonsensical ideology or human rights concern.    But lets be real-  the actual reason that these legislators are constantly calling for war is because their campaign funds are fueled by the war machine of the MI complex.

Gen. Dempsey,   like all true military professionals,   understands that war is too serious a matter for POTUS and Legislators or Think Tank Talking Heads on TV/ media.
  War belongs to the province of the US military.   Therefore,  the pre-emptive actions to prevent any potential conflict belongs suis generis to the US military, DOD, and the Pentagon.
  America is disgusted with  the ‘neocon chicken hawks’;  the Liberal Saviors of Democracy; and now those warmongers who insist that we need a stronger military presence all over the world—especially in the Middle East to protect Israel –‘our best ally’ [nonsense!]!
  General Dempsey and his talented DOD staff have shown that with a few good men we can accomplish a lot more through peace and goodwill.
  That is the true American Warrior!
An outstretched hand in need will always garner gratitude and fond memories,  no matter whom our designated adversary may be.
Keep up the great work,   DOD !!  

I thought this was a good idea a few months ago,  my later post will tell you why.  Here is some background info

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gov Christie and MSNBC:  A Symbiotic Relationship Gone Awry!

A recent NYTimes article on Jan. 19, 2014 entitled  "For Christie and MSNBC, a Messy Divorce Plays Out In Public View" caught my attention.   The article was written by Michael Barbaro and Bill Carter. (posted earlier)
  By now,  everyone in the USA  knows about New Jersey Governor’s “Bridgegate”.
Also,   most Americans know that the politicians create narratives about themselves that may or may not correspond to the truth.   In order for a particular politician to deliver his/her carefully crafted image,   they must pander to the whims of the media.

The mutually beneficial relationship between the politician and the media derives it’s basic legitimacy from the fact that whatever the media broadcasts to the public is usually interpreted as ‘news’ or ‘truth’.    In turn,   the politician must act according to the ‘truth’ that the media projects to the public.    Any deviation from the narrative or image invites disaster.    In this apparently beneficial relationship between the politician and the media,  there is a NEXUS OF MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION that is never articulated by either the media or the politician.    As long as the politician acts according to the narrative that both parties agree to- there is an implicit harmony wherein the media garners proprietary access to that particular candidate.    In turn that candidate becomes the so-called ‘darling‘ of that media outlet.

Nothing was further from the truth than the symbiotic relationship created by Christie and MSNBC,  the left-leaning TV network.
  Before the honeymoon turned sour,   both Christie and MSNBC purposefully embellished an ‘ersatz romance’:
MSNBC viewed Christie as the ‘tool’ /’vehicle’ which would allow this Left Leaning Network to break through the Fox Impasse into the ‘top tier’.    In return,  Christie manipulated,  so he thought,   MSNBC into the venue through which he could portray his carefully crafted anti-Tea Party [favored by  Fox News]  pro-bipartisan skills straight into the White House as the leading Republican candidate for the 2016 Republican Presidency.
But as we know now,  "Bridgegate" erupted into the public purview compelling the seemingly ‘even-tempered’,  ‘jovial’ , ‘judicious’  Christie Avatar to disintegrate into the well-worn Christie traits of ‘bullying’, ‘lying’ , ‘deceit’ and ‘nefarious sarcasm’.
  Suddenly!   MSNBC became the Partisan Network and  Mika Brzezinski the scion of one of the most sophisticated Psyops experts,   Zbig Brzezinski,  turned into  a disingenuous, wounded ‘Bambi’. 
  She even bemoaned  her hurt feelings:  ”I was a little surprised when he took a jab at us.”
Of course this type of symbiotic relationship is neither new nor surprising.
For most Americans,   we expect this form of  bilateral pandering almost bordering on a sado-masochistic relationship,  minus the accoutrements of whip and chains.   What fascinates me is the fact that in the 21st century where the internet and not the TV media has trumped all news outlets that this type of mutual pandering even exists at all.
  Here is the reason why I believe that the days of the political candidate and his/her need to portray a benign if not completely false narrative  to the public,  is at best absurd if not self-destructive. 

[1]   The dynamics of political narratives has changed completely in the 21st century.
One can’t create the nonsensical,  simplistic idioms like Honest Abe or Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.    Those days are gone for ever!
[2]  The political candidate in the 21st century has to be incredibly sophisticated in elements of psychological warfare.
[3] The essence of a candidate has to be written in such a way that whatever truth has to be hidden—usually the need to be liked,  an essential ingredient of political pandering—has to be filtered through t the dynamics of DISTORTION,  DENIAL and DISPLACEMENT.

Here is an example with Christie;
  He is by nature a ‘bully’,  ‘manipulative’, ‘controlling’ and ‘egregiously manipulative’.    In many ways,   Christie is just the iconic representation of most politicians on all levels of government.    In order to hide the aforementioned ‘negative qualities’ of Christie’ or any other candidate,   kingmakers like Fred Malik or Roger Ailes will hire sophomoric spin doctors who know little about psychodynamics or psyops and use the standard techniques of ‘sucking up to the press’ .     Invariably,   as we have seen with Mitt Romney,  a decent chap,  or McCain,  a professional warmonger/wannabe military hero,   the truth about each of them emerges in the incessant revelations of past experiences that belie the accepted narrative.
  Two  essential elements destroy the Rhino fabrications of Presidential candidates.    First,   is the fact that the American public has less tolerance for ‘bullshit’.    Secondly,  the powerful nature of the internet and the ability to fact check instantaneously,  allows for any dissenters,  including yours truly,   to decimate any narrative or any  factual distortions.
In effect,  Reality Checking  has become the predominant vehicle for ‘neutralizing’ the kingmaker’s fabricated narratives and the mutual pandering of media and candidate.   However,  every rule has it’s exceptions and that one as far as I am concerned is President Barack Obama.
  When the nation state injects restrictions into the ability of the US citizens to access any information like Obama’s past personal history or his academic record or his involvement in any secret organizations then the state becomes a legitimate target of internet penetration.    But that particular issue of the nation state attempting to embark on the purposeful repression of a candidate’s historical past lends itself into the Snowden revelations.

As for now,  let me simply say that the Democrats and Republicans have to do much better with prospective candidates who seek the presidency.     The fact that we might not need a President is somewhat premature for today’s discussions.
  However,  as long as the nation craves a leader,   called The President then the candidate should be ensconced in the world of deception,  psyops and  if possible,  TRUTH.
I have someone in mind but that suggestion of a likely effective Presidential  candidate will have to wait till the next blog.
  Until then,   keep  REALITY CHECKING  all of the POLITICAL PANDERERS and their KING MAKERS as well as their preferred media outlet!   I wish you all---GOOD WILL --- HUNTING!!!

I can't help myself,  here is some background for tonight's post.

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Humans can be such cruel bastards,  this is a very short clip of a recent horse rescue in South Florida.  These women at South Florida SPCA do good work every day,  been to their ranch,  I know they save a lot of horses.  Help them if you can.

Here is their

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dysfunctional Socialist French President Francois Hollande has Developed Serious “Hard-Ons” for the Wealthy and the Ingenues.

As I have mentioned,   I start my morning newspaper perusal with the NYTimes,  WSJ,  HuffPost, and last but certainly not least,  The New York Post.    Nothing encourages me to smile more than the NY Post headlines and their elegant evisceration of their intended subjects.
After a day of Christie Bashing,   I was somewhat exhausted by my ’fulminating’ blogs.   In an attempt to boost my flagging spirits,   I often pick up the NY Post .   Low and behold,  I was once again inspired to write something that caught my fancy. 
The article was not,  as I had wished in a more whimsical moment,  a paean to personal tranquility and good governance.   The article was entitled as follows and the rest of the story becomes quite apparent:
"Fearing She’s French Toast" NY Post page 11,  yesterday…posted earlier.
  Now,  how can any fiction writer beat that intro?

In my wildest moments of salacious thoughts,   I could never imagine that a humdrum socialist French President like Francois Hollande who spends most of his time destroying the French economy by taxing the citizens at 70% would have the time to do anything else???   Clearly,  I was wrong!    I must admit my inability to judge French Presidents for their enviable sexual appetites and accomplishments.
The Post says that Francois had been making love to Julie Gayet,  a 41 year old gorgeous blond movie star.    At the same time,  he had ensconced his primary mistress,  Valerie Trierweiler, 48,  in the official residence at the Elysee Palace.   Poor Valerie was immediately hospitalized upon learning that her Lothario was committed ‘adultery’ [not quite].    She said that she was ‘prepared to forgive him’,  Hollande, 59,  "but she wants to know where she stands."
Apparently,   Trierweiler was no ingenue,  herself.
  She had met Hollande while she was a journalist covering him in the metaphorical sense during his rise [sorry] through the Socialist Party.   However,  the real problem as in most marriages or trysts is never the question of enduring love …. but money…. Honey.
  This problem is slightly more complex:
“Trierweiler has all the taxpayer-financed perks of a first lady,   including the entourage and an office in the madame wing of the Presidential palace .   NOW SHE COULD LOSE IT ALL!” [my emphasis].
But this is just the beginning…..
  This DSK clone,  Francois Hollande had copulated extensively [I am running out of words here] with Trierweiler while Hollande was living "WITH HIS PREVIOUS GIRLFRIEND,  the mother of his four children". [my emphasis].    So true that politics and power were always considered an ‘aphrodisiac’.     We Americans know that the  French are quite “Libertine”,  as they say.
However,   after the expose of the former Dominque Strauss Kahn [DSK],   I had a feeling that the French body politic would temper their collective appetite for political/sexual scandals.   How completely foolish I was!!    DSK had singlehandedly transformed the meaning of “Priapism” ---constant hard-on—from a cursed medical abnormality to an attainable dream for ‘wishful thinkers’. 
Then along comes the Harry Reems of France—Francois Hollande—A Socialist!!    At least DSK,  Chirac,  Sarkozy were right of center.   But I must admit that a socialist was not in my limited purview.
Why was I blindsided?
For the most part,  Hollande grew up in a very upper middle class environment.    He was born in the city of Rouen.    He went to elite private religious and secular schools.    His mother was a social worker.   His father was a prominent ear,  nose and throat Medical Doctor.   They all lived in the very tony suburb of Neuilly-Sur-Seine,  on the outskirts of Paris,   not far from all the major right wing politicians [Sarkozy].

Socialists Politicians are often the scion of the wealthy who could afford the luxury of not having to engage in manual labor or take the risk of building a company.    What better way to feel meaningful and creative than screwing the middle class who were the very organic origins of your own family??
In addition,  Hollande had inherited the French bourgeois indulgence of being able to renounce Roman Catholicism for agnosticism and entrepreneurship for Socialism.    Therefore,   all the free time he had not working was transmuted into a constant stream of ejaculations in love trysts while the French economy tanked.     Now France offers ordinary French worker no chance for jobs,  security or pensions!   If the country continues on this high tax,  no job path- there will be no France left for future generations.

Be posting later,  here is some background!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Blustering Bravado of a Buffoon,  NJ Governor Chris Christie Seeks Redemption in Splaying Out Blame to Everyone But Himself!

Resign,  Christie!!
Several months ago,  I wrote a blog describing in detail the basic sociopathic,  bullying nature of an inept Christie;  and I made the prediction that he would eventually self-destruct.
Much of the financial and political irregularities were provided by the investigative journalism of the NYTimes and most recently HuffPost article on Christie's alleged  mis-appropriation of federal funds provided for Hurricane Sandy victims.

However,  the ensuing George Washington Bridge imbroglio highlights several basic themes of a political sociopath like Christie:

[1] They always deny their involvement.
[2] Whatever inconvenience they may cause their constituency is never a primary consideration.
  Remember in the last blog,  I highlighted the fact that Bush jr,  Cheney and others had no qualms whatsoever about having sent our brave military into a self-immolation.
[3] As a classical sociopath , who should be arrested for state and federal crimes,  Christie knew the consequences of his action and still refuse to personally act in a professional way—to RESIGN!!!  And not blame everyone around him who had been ‘loyal’ to him.
[4] Furthermore,  it is characteristic of Christie to mock and deride any one who may question his veracity as he did with the ‘cone’ episodes.
[5] Like any grandiose,  paranoid ‘thug’ who likes to ‘bully’ people,  he will quickly send his loyalists to the gallows without hesitation.

[6] Christie forgot one major problem as a inept sociopath.   Unlike the self-styled Louisiana Kingfish,  Huey Long,  Christie has literally done NOTHING TO  IMPROVE  the state of N.J.    Huey built roads,  improved education and offered literacy to hundred of thousands of poor southern famers.   Christie funds municipal bonds for which he or his family members receive a hefty fee.   In particular,  it would behoove the Federal /State prosecutors to investigate his involvement in student loans,  health insurance and other ‘so called benefits’ and examine how he and his family benefitted from these scams.
[7] In the recent well received movie American Hustle by Peter Berg,  one can see how a far more compassionate NJ politician was entrapped into a FBI sting.   I predict that Christie will eventually end up under a Federal indictment for obstruction of justice and embezzlement of funds and more.
  [8] Christie’s predictable shenanigans were an organic part of his nature and egregious political ambitions.

What is far more devastating to me as a Former Republican who had been in the Nixon Administration is how closely Christie’s actions mirror the Watergate Cover-up and how like Nixon,  he was willing to sacrifice his loyal henchmen.   Remember what happened to Nixon loyalists –Haldemann and Ehrlichman?
However,  the most revealing and potentially explosive outcome of this Christie travesty is the fact that Fred Malek,   a Republican King Maker who was as RUTHLESS and MEAN as CHRISTIE himself,  sat quietly and uttered absurd reassurances that he,  Malek [A MARRIOT HENCHMEN] ‘knew Christie and he is a good man in whom I have faith to be a good President’.    In my opinion,    Malek was never a good person either in the government nor in the Hotel Business.    Malek was known by ‘reputation‘ as ‘son-of-a-bitch’   And had it not been for Watergate,   he would have helped Nixon concentrate more federal power in his corrupt administration. 

The moral is simple.
  America will no longer tolerate sociopathic  lies,  bullying or political cronyism of any form.
Suffice it to say that our Judicial system may not be perfect,  but it does work.
  Christie will be eventually indicted for some unsavory activity.
The State of New Jersey deserves better. 
And quite frankly the NJ Mob should remember the line from the film “Bugsy” where Meyer Lansky informs Bugsy Segal, "Keep your mouth shut. We don’t need publicity"

  Christie,  you are  an embarrassment to everyone—NJ,  Republicans,  USA, and last but not least the Five Families.    Soon  your profanity-laden,  cowardly school friend,  David Wildstein [clearly not Italian, nor Catholic] who just invoked the the FIFTH in order not to incriminate himself,  will be flipped by the prosecutors on the NJ Legislative Investigation.    Christie as a former prosecutor,  you know that the weakest element in a COVER-UP is the one who could act as your ‘pitzavonti’ –henchmen.
Christie,  I strongly suggest you resign with some dignity and suffer the consequences that you deserve.    You abused the public's trust and you caused discomfort/harm to your own state citizens!  Republican Kingmakers,  really?  This is the best you can do?   Better act quickly.   Stick a fork in it,  its done

Here is some more fuel on the Christie blazing inferno,  doesn't surprise me,  I will be posting soon.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My apology and correction:  American Intelligence is produced by NMIA not by AFIO,  thanks for calling that out.  Sorry about that.

Friday, January 10, 2014

White House Political Expedience Will Always Sacrifice Brave U.S. Military Soldiers for Civilian Self-Aggrandizement!

America Has Sent Brave Soldiers to Fight Unnecessary Wars for the Past 30 Years—Iraq and Afghanistan!
Fallujah,  Iraq Won by U.S Marines in November,  2002 at the Cost of 100 lives.   Now Fallujah Falls!
For over three or more decades,  probably back to the Vietnam days,   I have  cautioned my colleagues in the military that we are being used for Political Cannon Fodder in order to advance the political careers of POTUS’s: Clinton; Bush Jr; and now, Obama.    The recent revelation by the honorable,  non-partisan Ex Sec Def Robert Gates in his recent memoir entitled Duty,   Gates makes the same acerbic point of how politically callous Obama and Ex-SecState Hillary Clinton were in their need to ‘lie’ about the ‘utility’ of the ‘military surge’ with regards to their respective political careers.    However,   Gates has only touched the surface of an issue that has obsessed me both professionally and personally for most of my adult years.
  In a recent article by Richard A. Oppel Jr. entitled “Fallujah’s Fall Stuns Marines Who Fought There” ,  NY Times,  January 10, 2014 (posted earlier) are some revealing,  if not painful comments by the brave Marines who fought the Iraqi Jihadists in 2002 to  ‘liberate’  Fallujah,   an iconic Marine Victory.
“It made me sick to my stomach to have that [defeat of Fallujah] thrown in our face, everything we fought for so blatantly taken away.” 
“This is just the beginning of the reckoning and accounting”.

Why is this particular war so important to me ?   Clearly,  I was too old to be in that war as a combatant.
But I had several minor contributions in both protesting the war and advancing the ‘knowledge’ about Fallujah at the time prior to and after the Marines took over the city.
  What do I mean? 
  As most of you know by now,   I was completely against this ersatz Iraq war contrived by the misbegotten,  Machiavellian chicken hawks— Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld;  Stephen Hadley;  Paul Wolfowitz;  Elliot Abrams;  Condi Rice;  Colin Powell;  Zalmay Khalizad;  Scooter Libby;  Frank Fukuyama;  Robert Kaplan; Thomas Friedman;  George Tenet;  Ambassador Jerry Brenner;  Charles Krauthammer;  Steve Cambone; Senator Hillary Clinton; Senator Diane Feinstein; Senator John McCain [phony ‘war hero’-hostage] and those in the military that should have known better: General Michael Hayden,  General Tommy Franks and Senator John Kerry.
I am sure that readers can add names to this list of villains that should be held accountable for their part in the big criminal lie that is Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s up to you,  America to find out who voted to send our brave men and women into a self-defeating war that was never intended to be won.   These are only a few of the culprits who,  other than actual military personnel,  lied,  deceived and cheated the American public by insisting on engaging a major troop incursion into Iraq to benefit the Neo-Conservative Agenda of Israel and the USA becoming the dominant power in the Middle East. 
As nonsensical and dangerous as these ideological assessments of the Neo-con agenda were,  theses neo-fascists were defied by me and others.   We argued on print,  radio and in speeches that these neo-con civilians,  who were mainly Jewish,  had been in a previous incarnation Trotskyites espousing Left-Wing Revolutions.    They had found succor and nurture in such esteemed academic institutions as the University of Chicago (Obama taught there) and Cornell University [my disgraced alma mater.]    Also they found miscreant,   bravado leadership from former well-known Trotskyite phony intellectuals like their pater familia—John Podhoretz and his miscreant wife,  Midge Decter [both founders of Commentary Magazine and Elliot Abrams in-laws].     The most cynical and disgraceful part of these cowards was the fact that they had conscientiously avoided serving or fighting in our military.  

What is sad and tragic,   if NOT CRIMINAL part of the narrative,  all of these “CHICKEN HAWKS” had no qualms about sending innocent men and women to fight in an unnecessary,  unprepared for war in both Iraq and Afghanistan.    They created a phony Stand-Down Called 9/11 and assured the nation that we were attacked by the non-existent Osama Bin Laden [thanks CIA, Military Intelligence].     Next these American War Criminals sent our nation into a cauldron of insurgencies that we could never really contain or extinguish.
Very few stood up to protest.
I did and I paid a very heavy price for it.
  The “American Intelligence” Magazine declared that "I did not know what I was talking about when I said 9/11 was nothing more than collusion and incompetency of the combined WH and the military/intelligence complex."
Shame on AFIO , CIA,  MI. 
  From my point of view,  and those who have served repeatedly in our military—These men were the equivalent of American War Criminals who knowingly sent our brave men to die needlessly.
This blog is not about me but I would like to show how I tried to stop this inevitable ‘slaughter’ of our Marines,  only to illustrated how someone who cares about our military and is repelled by our White House,  POTUS, and legislators worked sub rosa.
  For over twenty years,   I had the privilege of giving one lecture a year to men and women from the military,  CIA, and military intelligence at the FT McNair,  Washington DC.    Only the military could accommodate my constant arguments to 9/11 and the impending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I was allowed to express my complete dissent against the impending invasion into Iraq at FT McNair
  Not really.
  One of the advantages of having served one’s country is that no matter what one’s views are,  our senior military officers and intelligence officers were afforded the opportunity to hear all sides of an argument.   Whatever that issue might be.
  In this case,   the question at hand was the impending invasion of Iraq.    I warned those officers in the room that it would fail.   That the invasion was completely contrived by the manufacture of false intelligence ordered by Bush /Cheney/Rumsfeld/Powell/Condi. 
  I had known a lot about them professionally and personally,  as a matter of fact,  Condi had taught one of my relatives at Stanford and was a very good teacher…but a lousy National Security Advisor and … like the rest of the civilians in the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld---complete pathological liars.    I had known about their collective nefarious deeds all the way from the Nixon/Kissinger days up until RAND and then beyond that point.    Their agenda was clearly spelled out in their written diatribes for PAX AMERICA in the MIDDLE EAST WITH ISRAEL as a joint partner.
  Clearly,   my warnings about the inevitable failure of the Iraq War was not heeded.    I did not expect that I was sufficiently important to turn the tide of war.   However, I did not stop there.    Let us just say that if I could not stop the war and it’s inevitable denouement of mass slaughter and defeat,  I did offer my services, such as they were,  to some military officials.
  What I did or said is not as relevant as the following episode:
  On my own and for personal reasons,   I undertook a trip to Jordan,  Syria,  Iran and other points just to find out for myself how bad the situation was for our brave military personnel.   It was worse than I had even envisioned.    On one occasion,   I purposefully walked straight into the Hornet’s Nest--- Syria.    There I was interrogated for hours, having been accused of being a spy for the USA.
  I assured them that a man in the better part of the fifty years old,  dressed in cut-off shorts and had reddish hair from from a bottle could not by logic or any form of rational reason… be a spy of any type… in reality I was being an ‘old fool’ who just wanted to visit Palmyra,  Lattakia,  Aleppo,  Damascus,  Homs,  Hama as part of my research for a non-existent book in the Op Center series.    The Bashar Administration was smart enough and gracious enough to release me and allow me to tour the country.
  What I learned was quite simple.
  The Syrians admitted to me that they were in the process of arming the insurgents in Fallujah with major artillery intended to ambush and decimate our Marines there.   By whatever means,  I was able to pass that information onto the proper US Military authorities.    What occurred subsequently is not anything that I can or will attribute to my interrogations.
  All I knew is that when I returned back to the USA,   I felt a sense of comfort that in a very small way I might have helped our Marines, warning them as the Syrians had warned me about an impending ambush in Fallujah.
  Today,  I became disheartened. 
  I read of the defeat of Fallujah and I became angry once again.
  Our Presidents,  Clinton [prepared the way for Rendition and 9/11 with Sandy Berger, NSA];  Bush jr/Cheney; Rumsfeld; Condi; Obama; and all the other civilians who were too cowardly to serve our country and who were completely incompetent in managing a war that they created.
  As one Marine veteran of Fallujah said in the article:
“it was irresponsible to send US OVER THERE with no plan AND NOW TO JUST GIVE IT ALL AWAY!!”
No,  my brave Marine,  it was not just ‘irresponsible’—IT WAS CRIMINAL!!
  And now America,  it’s your turn to decide what you want to do with OUR WELL-DOCUMENTED AMERICAN WAR CRIMINALS!!!
  Indict them? 
Create An American Nuremberg War Crimes Trial? 
  Now is the time to stop these cowardly civilian politicians and their military henchman from sending any more of our sons and daughters into a needless war!  Stand up!
  Semper Fei!!!!  

Be posting later tonight,  here is some background

Friday, January 3, 2014

The New Huey Long Of New York:  Newly Elected Mayor Bill de Blasio,  "The Kingfish" of Racial Tension!
American politics has it’s own harbinger of success and failure.
  Like the “Rockin Robin” of springtime,   Bill Clinton’s appearance at the newly elected NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inauguration portends ominous signs of “Liberal Fascism” replete with anti-white rhetoric;  class conflict;  and impending political cronyism.
Lest you think me too pessimistic,   let me refer you to  NYTimes article entitled ,  “Taking Office De Blasio Vows To Fix Inequity” by Michael M. Grynbaum. (posted earlier)
  Nothing strikes a more discordant chord of disharmony than the following words of populist sentiment:
“We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that THREATENED TO UNRAVEL [my emphasis] the city WE LOVE…Its urgency is read on the faces of our neighbors and their children,  as families STRUGGLE TO MAKE IT,  AGAINST INCREASINGLY LONG ODDS.”
That is the only the opening notes of the clarion call for class warfare!
  Let’s see how the 21st century populist a la Louisiana’s Huey Long,  De Blasio  continues his unabated diatribe against the invisible rich and  nefarious wealthy:
“Gone was the solemn air of inaugurations past,  replaced by the booming strains of DICO,  SOUL,  and DANCE MUSIC BY THE COMMODORES,  MARVIN GAYE, and DAFT PUNK spun by  a local D.J…… EVEN HILLARY CLINTON SWAYED WITH THE MUSIC".    Those Swinging Clintons are the Houdinis of truth,  integrity, and transparency,  followed by our very own POTUS, Obama.
“The ceremony was an unusually AIRING OF THE CITY’S RACIAL AND CLASS TENSIONS [my emphasis],  including a poem BRISTLING WITH FRUSTRATIONS about “ brownstones and BROWN SKIN PLAYING TUG-OF-WAR…. In the PLANTATION CALLED NEW YORK.” [all my emphasis].
"Mr. De Blasio,   A CAREFUL CUSTODIAN of HIS POPULIST IMAGE,   took pains to choreograph the appearance of a newly approachable,  and INCLUSIVE CITY HALL… NOT SHOWING THE MANY POLITICAL OPERATIVES AND LOBBYISTS IN THE CROWD."
Then, we have one more racial zinger:
 ---“Ms. McCray (his wife),  a poet herself,  described a New York that was not LIGHTS,  NOT BROADWAY,  NOT TIMES SQUARE But COFFEE-COLORED-CHILDREN- PLAYING  HOPSCOTCH ON WHAT IS LEFT OF A SIDEWALK.” 
  As you know by now,  I grew up in the 1950’s in Black Harlem on 108th street.    I don’t remember that we had La Grand Corniche of Cannes or Nice.     I recall the sidewalks were always filled with dog shit,  rubbish, and trash cans.   And despite that array of ‘discarded city life’,    we managed to play stick ball and chase each other using the tops of the trash cans as shields or weapons.    I won a scholarship when I was 15 years old that enabled me to go to Cornell,  far away from the city's strife.

But, of course, I am waxing poetic.    The truth was a little more ugly.   Since DeBlasio has an affliction,  if not addiction,   for the poor and lonely Sandinista Terrorists or any other group espousing ‘violence’ and ‘hate’,   I do remember a gang of black ‘thugs’ trying to beat up on a ‘bunch of white boys’ who were called by such affectionate terms as ‘honkey’, ‘pillsbury’ and ‘faggot’. 
For those  Liberal  New York Jews living near  Zabars,  on the Upper West Side,  my first encounter with virulent anti-semitism was gratis of the ‘brown/black’ skinned ‘under privileged‘ youths.
  “Kike”,  “Christ Killer” were routine epithets of the black denizens of my ghetto who intimidated me and other white friends at Booker T Washington. 
  Therefore,  Mr De Blasio,   cut the populist nonsense!   If you pursue that route of white hate,  which is what you and your wife appear to be doing,  then you will divide the city as you clearly want to do for your own political purposes.
  The better part of me would hope that you are a smart enough politician to realize that Huey Long’s legacy was divisive,  intrusive and at the end quite lethal … to him.
  Remember,   Mr DeBlasio,   NYC is not Nicaragua.    New Yorkers are not Sandinistas.   Your mentor may have been Mayor Dinkins.    But it may behoove you to remember that your immediate predecessor,  Bloomberg,  received only one dollar salary per year for his Mayoral work.    However,  he spent close to $700M dollars of his own personal wealth to improve the condition of his less fortunate New Yorkers.

Al Smith,  may have been your model,  but he was also part of a very sophisticated Jewish/Italian gang that helped elect your Presidential idol FDR,  an extremely ruthless politician who was able to initiate and conduct two major world wars from a wheel chair.
The choice is yours.    You can continue to elaborate on the "DECREPIT HOMELESS SHELTERS IN THE SHADOW OF GLEAMING MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CONDOS" [my emphasis] … or you can decide to make your rhetoric more mature,  intelligent, and cautious. 
  Otherwise,   you will have pursue the course of all Liberal Fascists—Robespierre [beheaded];  Trotsky[axed];  and The Kingfish Huey Long –shot by Dr Weiss.
  That’s not a threat,   just a fact of the inevitable denouement of contrived civil strife infested with racial hatred,  and anti-entrepreneurial sentiments.
  Death becomes the inevitable retort to those who use Liberal Fascism and racial epithets as the tool of political manipulation and hierarchical despotism. 
DeBlasio!  recant your hateful,  class/racial warfare rhetoric!  In case you were too busy helping the Sandinistas,   let me remind you that Marvin Gaye also sang about Peace and Love!