Monday, January 20, 2014

I can't help myself,  here is some background for tonight's post.


  1. Is this the Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey "ROAST" coming to us tonight? I hope so! More B.S. and more B.S.! He (Gov. Chris Christie) wants to be PRESIDENT??? Please! Talk about a "BAD JOKE"! Of course, if illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET and British agent) can become President, anyone has the potential of becoming President--even me, if they (NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE") would let me! I do NOT THINK SO!

    Hilary Clinton is even worse! "I got it (WHITE HOUSE), I laughed, I pushed the 'BUTTON'!" It would be "HOT!" What an entrance!

  2. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Has anyone ever asked: Why soooo "MUCH" for soooo little; and how could have survived for long, given soooo "MUCH"???? Maybe, "NO ONE" is interested. Are you interested Dr. Pieczenik???

    I just now decided to take notice of the set-up. What set-up??? The YOU TUBE as to google+ set-up, with all my posts at google+ connected to my name at your (Dr. Pieczenik) "BLOG"; and I am the only one like this. I must be really really important!

    What I appear to be is not what I actually am. I appear to be a completely isolated transient residing in Santa Ana, California, with NO FAMILY, NO FRIENDS, AND NO MONEY! Does anyone really "CARE"??? Very few! Who am I really??? As I have stated numerous times, I am actually the "ELEVENTH" COUNSEL MEMBER and the HEAD OF THE "ORIGINAL" COUNSEL OF TWELVE plus GOD; or WE are the "original" "13"! Therefore, I am actually the #2 person in this UNIVERSE! I know. Everyone believes I now need a doctor--like you Dr. Pieczenik. What makes things even more interesting, GOD intentionally reduced me and destabilized me (a little crazy) into flesh to fool the immortals concerning my actual identity, until it was time (1986, when I was 22 years in the flesh). My current mental illness was originally produced by GOD and enhanced by the immortals overtime; therefore, my mental illness is irrelevant as to my actual identity. Unfortunately, "NO ONE" wants to see it that way.

    What do you think would happen, if I was put into PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY" and "taken-out"???? If I am actually authentic (#2 person reduced and destabilized by GOD and pout into flesh), what would be the consequences??? I feel I am wasting my time with this, because it has been three (3) years since the arrest on December 30, 2010 (CASE 11CF0028); and there is NO LAWYER, NO HELP (except maybe favorable government, including SANTA ANA POLICE), and NO MONETARY SUPPORT, except for my panhandling on a daily basis. Furthermore, my entire background has been eliminated (illegally erased or modified); therefore, as to my BIRTH IDENTITY, I am nonexistent!

  3. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    A couple of days ago, at the Starbuck's Coffee (SOUTH COAST PLAZA, near SEARS), the mentioned OLDER C.I.A. ASSET (retired C.I.A. AGENT) and a co-worker were sitting there doing paperwork. I stated: "You are not going to win." He (said C.I.A. ASSET) replied: "We will see about that!" To talk about the arrogance...! I know. They have been to Bohemian Grove; therefore, they do NOT CARE!

    I have not seen John Edward Addington (SEX OFFENDER) for awhile. I wonder if he (John Edward Addington) is still on the LIST. Maybe not. I currently believe Phillip Randolph Norman (sex offender) is a top contender for my "watered-down" identity. I just recently looked-up Phillip Randolph Norman at; and I found this case number: 99HF1161 (OC Pay Number: 1125543)! Phillip Randolph Norman was convicted of molesting little children, thus, making Phillip Randolph Norman (demographics: 6' 1" TALL, BLOND HAIR, GREEN EYES, AND ABOUT 225 LBS., as of 1999/current demographics: 270 LBS. (HEAVY SET), very little hair, and a severe diabetic) a top contender for my "watered-down" identity! By the way, both John Edward Addington and Phillip Randolph Norman hang out at the MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION ("M.H.A.") located on Main St. near Main St. and Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California. I have been "banned" from M.H.A. by the late and former Director (Laura) during the first week of March 2011. This was for not getting treatment from a psychiatrist and not taking prescribed psych medications, which is technically illegal! It is illegal for any organization to "force" psych treatment and psych medications for services from said organization! Of course, Laura (former Director) knew about my entire situation. I over heard Laura state to the front desk, just after getting off the phone with someone from the County (ORANGE COUNTY, California): "He (meaning me) is going to jail." Moreover, M.H.A. was in on the "BURN" (illegal "identity switch")!

  4. Raymond…. quit living in the past ! Stop documenting every past event or wrong like Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rainman! Start living for now and shape a brighter future for yourself. You have a sharp enough mind… if you focus and have the will to do so you can do it. Even with mental illness. Look at that guy named Nash that came up with game theory and received a Nobel Prize who was portrayed in that movie called "A Beautiful Mind ". If I was you , and I'm sure your glad I'm not, I would type my story on a crowd sourcing site !!! Sort of like cyber pan handling. Take the money and print T-shirts that have your Face on the front with the caption "SAVE RAYMOND ! " on them. Just like they did to save Ferris Bueller in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As the bucks roll in, you will actually be able to HELP all your other buddies out on the streets ! You will have redeemed yourself by helping others! You can start your own Mission ! Just like The Fred Jordan Mission on skid row in L.A. ! You can invite us all to carve turkey dinners for 1000 people in need of a good dinner! You will become the very thing you need ! How is that for a vision of your future ? Scary isn't it ? Do it Raymond !!!! Start with a picture of yourself. Put a face with the Name Raymond H. Carlson