Monday, January 13, 2014

Blustering Bravado of a Buffoon,  NJ Governor Chris Christie Seeks Redemption in Splaying Out Blame to Everyone But Himself!

Resign,  Christie!!
Several months ago,  I wrote a blog describing in detail the basic sociopathic,  bullying nature of an inept Christie;  and I made the prediction that he would eventually self-destruct.
Much of the financial and political irregularities were provided by the investigative journalism of the NYTimes and most recently HuffPost article on Christie's alleged  mis-appropriation of federal funds provided for Hurricane Sandy victims.

However,  the ensuing George Washington Bridge imbroglio highlights several basic themes of a political sociopath like Christie:

[1] They always deny their involvement.
[2] Whatever inconvenience they may cause their constituency is never a primary consideration.
  Remember in the last blog,  I highlighted the fact that Bush jr,  Cheney and others had no qualms whatsoever about having sent our brave military into a self-immolation.
[3] As a classical sociopath , who should be arrested for state and federal crimes,  Christie knew the consequences of his action and still refuse to personally act in a professional way—to RESIGN!!!  And not blame everyone around him who had been ‘loyal’ to him.
[4] Furthermore,  it is characteristic of Christie to mock and deride any one who may question his veracity as he did with the ‘cone’ episodes.
[5] Like any grandiose,  paranoid ‘thug’ who likes to ‘bully’ people,  he will quickly send his loyalists to the gallows without hesitation.

[6] Christie forgot one major problem as a inept sociopath.   Unlike the self-styled Louisiana Kingfish,  Huey Long,  Christie has literally done NOTHING TO  IMPROVE  the state of N.J.    Huey built roads,  improved education and offered literacy to hundred of thousands of poor southern famers.   Christie funds municipal bonds for which he or his family members receive a hefty fee.   In particular,  it would behoove the Federal /State prosecutors to investigate his involvement in student loans,  health insurance and other ‘so called benefits’ and examine how he and his family benefitted from these scams.
[7] In the recent well received movie American Hustle by Peter Berg,  one can see how a far more compassionate NJ politician was entrapped into a FBI sting.   I predict that Christie will eventually end up under a Federal indictment for obstruction of justice and embezzlement of funds and more.
  [8] Christie’s predictable shenanigans were an organic part of his nature and egregious political ambitions.

What is far more devastating to me as a Former Republican who had been in the Nixon Administration is how closely Christie’s actions mirror the Watergate Cover-up and how like Nixon,  he was willing to sacrifice his loyal henchmen.   Remember what happened to Nixon loyalists –Haldemann and Ehrlichman?
However,  the most revealing and potentially explosive outcome of this Christie travesty is the fact that Fred Malek,   a Republican King Maker who was as RUTHLESS and MEAN as CHRISTIE himself,  sat quietly and uttered absurd reassurances that he,  Malek [A MARRIOT HENCHMEN] ‘knew Christie and he is a good man in whom I have faith to be a good President’.    In my opinion,    Malek was never a good person either in the government nor in the Hotel Business.    Malek was known by ‘reputation‘ as ‘son-of-a-bitch’   And had it not been for Watergate,   he would have helped Nixon concentrate more federal power in his corrupt administration. 

The moral is simple.
  America will no longer tolerate sociopathic  lies,  bullying or political cronyism of any form.
Suffice it to say that our Judicial system may not be perfect,  but it does work.
  Christie will be eventually indicted for some unsavory activity.
The State of New Jersey deserves better. 
And quite frankly the NJ Mob should remember the line from the film “Bugsy” where Meyer Lansky informs Bugsy Segal, "Keep your mouth shut. We don’t need publicity"

  Christie,  you are  an embarrassment to everyone—NJ,  Republicans,  USA, and last but not least the Five Families.    Soon  your profanity-laden,  cowardly school friend,  David Wildstein [clearly not Italian, nor Catholic] who just invoked the the FIFTH in order not to incriminate himself,  will be flipped by the prosecutors on the NJ Legislative Investigation.    Christie as a former prosecutor,  you know that the weakest element in a COVER-UP is the one who could act as your ‘pitzavonti’ –henchmen.
Christie,  I strongly suggest you resign with some dignity and suffer the consequences that you deserve.    You abused the public's trust and you caused discomfort/harm to your own state citizens!  Republican Kingmakers,  really?  This is the best you can do?   Better act quickly.   Stick a fork in it,  its done


  1. You called it Dr P, you can rightfully say " You told us so " . In a political arena full of Piranha, there is always a bigger fish ready to cannibalize a rival or their own for that matter if it is expedient, especially when it comes to filling the power vacuum that will follow. The feeding frenzy is about to begin, and their is a lot of meat on those bones! Goodbye and good luck Mr. Christie and take those orange cones with you !

  2. As for Mit, that self proclaimed; "Nazi and racist", come back to us, we need your keen analytical powers, oppositional defiance, and quirky and unique perspective on this Blog !!!! : )

    1. I'm feeling much better now. I just had a little shock when I learned that Mary Katherine Ham was now a mother.......

      As things are she was on O'Reilly again tonight and once again tried to speak sanity to O'Reilly about the folly of the marijuana laws, and once again he berated and badgered her mercilessly. I'm emotionally crushed that I will never be the center of Mary Katherine's lust [which I'm certain is boundless] but I still admire her for her intelligence [something so lacking in most females].

      As for Christie....

      Would anyone here want a guy who looks and speaks like him to date his daughter LOL ?

      The guy's clearly an asshole, an out-of-control nutcase.

      If he were President would he be similarly unaware of the antics of his closest staff members? Has Christie merely been possessed by the ghost of Richard Millhouse Nixon?

      Thank God he's been unmasked in this affair because if he'd become President he would wake up one morning and order nuclear strikes because he was depressed over his diet or something.

      The guy's dangerous.

    2. I can tell you are feeling much better today from your biting critique of Gov. Christie, glad you are doin well Mit. : ) I just wish Dr. P would have photoshopped a baby between Christie's hands in the above picture just for the hell of it. Sorta like eating a big turkey drumstick on those old pirate movies.

    3. Actually that pic of the smoked chicken looks good and the only thing that makes me feel better since Mary Katherine is eating, so I'm on my way to eat some Texas barbeque...

  3. I think Obama is gloating in the picture above, as he dwells upon Christie's misfortune (to come, i.e. further investigations).

  4. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Hurricane Sandy was a "TEST" for F.E.M.A. OPERATIONS to come in set-up and process the victims (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "BREAKING NEWS FEMA Camps for Hurricane Sandy Victims YouTube" posted by MyMoviemonkey on January 2, 2013)! New Jersey and New York (STATE) had several F.E.M.A. CAMPS set-up for the victims, and some of the said F.E.M.A. CAMPS were "off-the-grid" (CLASSIFIED)! WHY??? F.E.M.A. "DEATH" CAMPS???? SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Hurricane Sandy- Destruction, Weather Warfare, Martial Law and FEMA Camps" posted by FrankieGotz (AUTHENTIC) on November 30, 2012!

    There is some "EVIDENCE" of the H.A.A.R.P. WEAPON being used to create and manipulate Hurricane Sandy (SEE THESE VIDEOS AT YOU TUBE: "HAARP engineering FRANKENSTORM Hurricane Sandy - CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!!" posted by Libby Lagadi on October 30, 2012; "Proof Hurricane Sandy track was caused HAARP" posted by Novusod on November 4, 2012; and "Meteorologist: Hurricane Sandy Manufactured" posted by the ALEX JONES CHANNEL (AUTHENTIC) on October 28, 2012)!

    President Obama immediately sets-up F.E.M.A. CAMPS and the RED CROSS, which a known "FRONT" of the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES)! SEE THESE VIDEOS AT YOU TUBE: "President Obama Speaks at FEMA Headquarters" posted by The White House (OFFICIAL) on November 3, 2012; "President Obama at Red Cross" posted by The White House (OFFICIAL) on October 30, 2012; "President Obama Tours Storm Damage in New York City" posted by The White House (OFFICIAL) on November 15, 2012; "Weekly Address: Recovering and Rebuilding after the Storm" posted by The White House (OFFICIAL) on November 3, 2012; "President Obama Speaks on Rebuilding the Jersey Shore" posted by The White House (OFFICIAL) on May 28, 2013; and "Helping the Survivors of Hurricane Sandy" posted by The White House (OFFICIAL) on November 2, 2012)!

    With all these said FEDERAL AGENCIES being involved, the power was NOT RESTORED in most areas for weeks! There was "MARTIAL LAW" established in some areas that made the situation even worse; and there were reported "classified" F.E.M.A. CAMPS in some regions, with heavily armed personnel and "BLACK" helicopters! WERE THESE F.E.M.A. "DEATH" CAMPS BEING SET-UP AS A "TEST"???????

  5. Life imitating Art in the GARDEN STATE. Tony Soprano in girth but without a heart. He eats his way to self - love ( hate in reality)
    Dr. P. Can better explain compulsive eating.

    As for resignation, he will never resign unless there is prima FACIE evidence, but he should be recalled. It is not Wisconsin, so it is possible.


    GET OBAMA REMOVED & that will scare the shit out of Christie.

    Christie's damage is reversible; obama- Shabazz may not be.

    Shabazz is bringing down the economy in 6 yrs & NO ONE HAS STANDING IN COURT TO DEFY HIM!

    Here is the latest: his "experience in Kenya" is plagiarized right from the local Chicago library book: I DREAMED OF AFRICA, as he stole. $4.000.000+++ on the taxpayers debt to cover his exotic holiday as he PREACHES INCOME INEQUALITY, from a SELFISH SOCIOPATH WHO CARRIES NO $$$ & mooches off the secret service! -NEVER GAVE A NICKEL TO ANYONE.

  6. To summarize:
    If Obama's long-form "birth certificate" were genuine, then the White House would have released a simple, borderless digital image resulting from the scan of a genuine paper document, in a widely-used graphical format. (The 2008 certificate image was released as a JPEG.)
    But because the "birth certificate" is a forgery, what we wound up with is a mess. Paper black-and-white copies of the forgery, with the basketweave security pattern digitally "turned off" before printing, were passed out to the White House press corps. Then a much-poorer-quality color image, inexplicably masked with a white border, was deliberately digitally damaged by the forger to confuse Internet sleuths before it was released to the public in PDF format (generally used for documents, not stand-alone pictures) as the "green thing".
    If you would like more detailed evidence of forgery than is contained in this brief summary, I urge you to download and read my complete research report, Barry Soetoro's Birth Secret, available at:

    1. As interesting as the birth origin issue is I think it's going to change anything. Best to focus on issues which can make a difference such as why the DEA and the ATF has been working with the Sinaloa cartel.

  7. I never watch CNN but they keep it on at the gym and I have been exercising to stave off the depression I feel at having lost Mary Katherine....

    Anyway there was a segment on CNN this morning about filings in Federal Court in Chicago regarding a high Sinaloa operator who alleges he has immunity granted to him by the DEA and goes into some detail about the relationship between DEA and Sinaloa.....

    Personally I've heard this also from people I trust here in Texas and I've been posting about this and it's without a doubt true....

    The past Mexican President actually was helping Sinaloa take over Juarez from the old Juarez cartel, and that's why there was so much bloodshed there in the past years.

    Also it's pretty clear that the Fast and Furious program was intended to aid Sinaloa all way it was any "mistake."

    There was a novel once called "Clear and Present Danger" which outlined this kind of thing....who would have thought a real sitting President and his trusted Chicago/criminal Attorney General would actually pull off this kinda thing....and get away with it.

    The Congress and everyone else needs to revisit Fast and Furious and not let Holder off the hook regarding that.

    Make this thing unravel.

    Also what's needed is some kind of independent filmmaker to do something like the Clinton Tapes/Mena regarding Fast and Furious and this Sinaloa thing.

    1. No one cares. Fast and Furious? A president's program gives guns to a murderous Mexican drug cartel, costing thousands of lives? Like we're supposed to care?

      No one cares about Mexican lives. Illegal Mexicans in the United States--those are Democratic votes, now you're talking about something!

      In a normal society, people would be put in jail and the president would be impeached over this. It's much bigger than Watergate ever was. But now it's like, no big deal, THE BACHELOR is on tv.

    2. Just watched Charlie Rose interview Robert Gates. As a former Secretary of War was quite interesting. He is such a smooth operator and with Charlie it is like listening and watching two serpents carefully playing and yet avoiding every ugly truth. On Iraq and a destruction of that magnitude including the horrific carnage it all comes down to an evil Saddam and if in 30 years things are decently democratic them all is good and if not well I guess we were wrong. Simply an amazing soft peddler and butter melts in his mouth.

  8. No wonder Gallup finds 72% of Americans fear Big Government, CNN declares this the worst Congress ever and Gallup finds 25% identify as Republicans, 31% as Democrats and 42% as Independents.

    A corrupt system will not reform itself. Only outsiders can and will:

    1. All human government will be corrupt and fail because of human nature, which the founders understood all too well.

      The answer, if it comes at all, will be when the alien hybrids take over.....

      Reference CIA program "Breed and Seed" for further information.