Friday, January 10, 2014

White House Political Expedience Will Always Sacrifice Brave U.S. Military Soldiers for Civilian Self-Aggrandizement!

America Has Sent Brave Soldiers to Fight Unnecessary Wars for the Past 30 Years—Iraq and Afghanistan!
Fallujah,  Iraq Won by U.S Marines in November,  2002 at the Cost of 100 lives.   Now Fallujah Falls!
For over three or more decades,  probably back to the Vietnam days,   I have  cautioned my colleagues in the military that we are being used for Political Cannon Fodder in order to advance the political careers of POTUS’s: Clinton; Bush Jr; and now, Obama.    The recent revelation by the honorable,  non-partisan Ex Sec Def Robert Gates in his recent memoir entitled Duty,   Gates makes the same acerbic point of how politically callous Obama and Ex-SecState Hillary Clinton were in their need to ‘lie’ about the ‘utility’ of the ‘military surge’ with regards to their respective political careers.    However,   Gates has only touched the surface of an issue that has obsessed me both professionally and personally for most of my adult years.
  In a recent article by Richard A. Oppel Jr. entitled “Fallujah’s Fall Stuns Marines Who Fought There” ,  NY Times,  January 10, 2014 (posted earlier) are some revealing,  if not painful comments by the brave Marines who fought the Iraqi Jihadists in 2002 to  ‘liberate’  Fallujah,   an iconic Marine Victory.
“It made me sick to my stomach to have that [defeat of Fallujah] thrown in our face, everything we fought for so blatantly taken away.” 
“This is just the beginning of the reckoning and accounting”.

Why is this particular war so important to me ?   Clearly,  I was too old to be in that war as a combatant.
But I had several minor contributions in both protesting the war and advancing the ‘knowledge’ about Fallujah at the time prior to and after the Marines took over the city.
  What do I mean? 
  As most of you know by now,   I was completely against this ersatz Iraq war contrived by the misbegotten,  Machiavellian chicken hawks— Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld;  Stephen Hadley;  Paul Wolfowitz;  Elliot Abrams;  Condi Rice;  Colin Powell;  Zalmay Khalizad;  Scooter Libby;  Frank Fukuyama;  Robert Kaplan; Thomas Friedman;  George Tenet;  Ambassador Jerry Brenner;  Charles Krauthammer;  Steve Cambone; Senator Hillary Clinton; Senator Diane Feinstein; Senator John McCain [phony ‘war hero’-hostage] and those in the military that should have known better: General Michael Hayden,  General Tommy Franks and Senator John Kerry.
I am sure that readers can add names to this list of villains that should be held accountable for their part in the big criminal lie that is Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s up to you,  America to find out who voted to send our brave men and women into a self-defeating war that was never intended to be won.   These are only a few of the culprits who,  other than actual military personnel,  lied,  deceived and cheated the American public by insisting on engaging a major troop incursion into Iraq to benefit the Neo-Conservative Agenda of Israel and the USA becoming the dominant power in the Middle East. 
As nonsensical and dangerous as these ideological assessments of the Neo-con agenda were,  theses neo-fascists were defied by me and others.   We argued on print,  radio and in speeches that these neo-con civilians,  who were mainly Jewish,  had been in a previous incarnation Trotskyites espousing Left-Wing Revolutions.    They had found succor and nurture in such esteemed academic institutions as the University of Chicago (Obama taught there) and Cornell University [my disgraced alma mater.]    Also they found miscreant,   bravado leadership from former well-known Trotskyite phony intellectuals like their pater familia—John Podhoretz and his miscreant wife,  Midge Decter [both founders of Commentary Magazine and Elliot Abrams in-laws].     The most cynical and disgraceful part of these cowards was the fact that they had conscientiously avoided serving or fighting in our military.  

What is sad and tragic,   if NOT CRIMINAL part of the narrative,  all of these “CHICKEN HAWKS” had no qualms about sending innocent men and women to fight in an unnecessary,  unprepared for war in both Iraq and Afghanistan.    They created a phony Stand-Down Called 9/11 and assured the nation that we were attacked by the non-existent Osama Bin Laden [thanks CIA, Military Intelligence].     Next these American War Criminals sent our nation into a cauldron of insurgencies that we could never really contain or extinguish.
Very few stood up to protest.
I did and I paid a very heavy price for it.
  The “American Intelligence” Magazine declared that "I did not know what I was talking about when I said 9/11 was nothing more than collusion and incompetency of the combined WH and the military/intelligence complex."
Shame on AFIO , CIA,  MI. 
  From my point of view,  and those who have served repeatedly in our military—These men were the equivalent of American War Criminals who knowingly sent our brave men to die needlessly.
This blog is not about me but I would like to show how I tried to stop this inevitable ‘slaughter’ of our Marines,  only to illustrated how someone who cares about our military and is repelled by our White House,  POTUS, and legislators worked sub rosa.
  For over twenty years,   I had the privilege of giving one lecture a year to men and women from the military,  CIA, and military intelligence at the FT McNair,  Washington DC.    Only the military could accommodate my constant arguments to 9/11 and the impending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I was allowed to express my complete dissent against the impending invasion into Iraq at FT McNair
  Not really.
  One of the advantages of having served one’s country is that no matter what one’s views are,  our senior military officers and intelligence officers were afforded the opportunity to hear all sides of an argument.   Whatever that issue might be.
  In this case,   the question at hand was the impending invasion of Iraq.    I warned those officers in the room that it would fail.   That the invasion was completely contrived by the manufacture of false intelligence ordered by Bush /Cheney/Rumsfeld/Powell/Condi. 
  I had known a lot about them professionally and personally,  as a matter of fact,  Condi had taught one of my relatives at Stanford and was a very good teacher…but a lousy National Security Advisor and … like the rest of the civilians in the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld---complete pathological liars.    I had known about their collective nefarious deeds all the way from the Nixon/Kissinger days up until RAND and then beyond that point.    Their agenda was clearly spelled out in their written diatribes for PAX AMERICA in the MIDDLE EAST WITH ISRAEL as a joint partner.
  Clearly,   my warnings about the inevitable failure of the Iraq War was not heeded.    I did not expect that I was sufficiently important to turn the tide of war.   However, I did not stop there.    Let us just say that if I could not stop the war and it’s inevitable denouement of mass slaughter and defeat,  I did offer my services, such as they were,  to some military officials.
  What I did or said is not as relevant as the following episode:
  On my own and for personal reasons,   I undertook a trip to Jordan,  Syria,  Iran and other points just to find out for myself how bad the situation was for our brave military personnel.   It was worse than I had even envisioned.    On one occasion,   I purposefully walked straight into the Hornet’s Nest--- Syria.    There I was interrogated for hours, having been accused of being a spy for the USA.
  I assured them that a man in the better part of the fifty years old,  dressed in cut-off shorts and had reddish hair from from a bottle could not by logic or any form of rational reason… be a spy of any type… in reality I was being an ‘old fool’ who just wanted to visit Palmyra,  Lattakia,  Aleppo,  Damascus,  Homs,  Hama as part of my research for a non-existent book in the Op Center series.    The Bashar Administration was smart enough and gracious enough to release me and allow me to tour the country.
  What I learned was quite simple.
  The Syrians admitted to me that they were in the process of arming the insurgents in Fallujah with major artillery intended to ambush and decimate our Marines there.   By whatever means,  I was able to pass that information onto the proper US Military authorities.    What occurred subsequently is not anything that I can or will attribute to my interrogations.
  All I knew is that when I returned back to the USA,   I felt a sense of comfort that in a very small way I might have helped our Marines, warning them as the Syrians had warned me about an impending ambush in Fallujah.
  Today,  I became disheartened. 
  I read of the defeat of Fallujah and I became angry once again.
  Our Presidents,  Clinton [prepared the way for Rendition and 9/11 with Sandy Berger, NSA];  Bush jr/Cheney; Rumsfeld; Condi; Obama; and all the other civilians who were too cowardly to serve our country and who were completely incompetent in managing a war that they created.
  As one Marine veteran of Fallujah said in the article:
“it was irresponsible to send US OVER THERE with no plan AND NOW TO JUST GIVE IT ALL AWAY!!”
No,  my brave Marine,  it was not just ‘irresponsible’—IT WAS CRIMINAL!!
  And now America,  it’s your turn to decide what you want to do with OUR WELL-DOCUMENTED AMERICAN WAR CRIMINALS!!!
  Indict them? 
Create An American Nuremberg War Crimes Trial? 
  Now is the time to stop these cowardly civilian politicians and their military henchman from sending any more of our sons and daughters into a needless war!  Stand up!
  Semper Fei!!!!  


  1. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. DO NOT FORGET the Iraqi civilian casualties and the Afghan civilian casualties! Between the two (2) illegal fraudulent invasions of Iraq, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the very terrible and illegal sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people, there have been well OVER A MILLION PEOPLE "SLAUGHTERED"--MOSTLY CHILDREN! THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!

    These CRIMINALS ARE VERY "SICK" (PSYCHO!!!!)! WHAT DOES ANYONE EXPECT FROM SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS (George H. W. Bush Sr., George W. Bush Jr., and William Jefferson Clinton)!

    Currently, illegitimate Obama is a C.I.A. ASSET (controlled by SKULL AND BONES for CITY OF LONDON, England)! Illegitimate Obama was produced and works for the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES)! In fact, who is Obama (C.I.A. given NAME)???

    Dr. Pieczenik did you read my comments attached to the prior follow-up comment with an attached article????

  2. Jesus Christ man what did you think was gonna happen?

    Did you really believe that Fahlujah and Ramadi had been "made safe for democracy?"

    That phrase was made up to trick the public into fighting in 1917 , and nothing's changed since.

    After WWI was over the public saw that there was no democracy after the war, nothing but more endless conflict, competition and intrique. Consequently the public had no stomach for entering the Second World war as their sacrifice in the first one had accomplished NOTHING!

    Vietnam was a lost cause from the beginning because it was fought only because it was known that 86% of the South Vietnamese would have voted the communists in IF THERE HAD BEEN AN ELECTION.....

    When you have pretty much everyone who isn't a gangster in the country opposed to you then you should expect that when you leave the people will finally win out over what you had impose on them.

    The Sunnis are up in arms largely because the majority Shiite government has been oppressing them to no end and now the fight is on. Iraq could have been held together if the present government hadn't have put their knees cruelly into the backs of the Sunnis.

    The American soldiers who fought and or died or were wounded there were not "brave" but just ordinary guys doing a job because they needed the job for college tuition and such. They did the best they could, but as in the days of Smedley Butler the whole mission was FUBAR, so go figure.

    Only foolish, unprofessional soldiers really expect that their sacrifices will change the world, or any part of it.

    Part of being a professional soldier is to realize that your job is to execute the mission as a professional, which means you expect no changes to the world because of what you do. It also means that your enemy is just as motivated for moral reasons as you may be so stop your whinning.

    That what professionalism means as a soldier.

  3. As for the allegation that the White House uses the military for domestic political reasons I don't agree at all.

    In Smedley Butler's day imperialism was conducted for the interests, both financial and principled, of particular businesses, but that's not the same thing as sacrificing men to gain a political advantage.

    And what Robert Gates has written is being grossly misinterpreted. The people around Obama persuaded him, correctly I might add, that the military had totally fucked up both Iraq and Afghanistan and that the brass was thereafter just trying to save their miserable skins.

    Of course Obama didn't trust the military! Who the fuck would?

    This is the military which declared "mission accomplished" in two countries....


    The fighting never stopped.

    The war was never over.

    The military had their chance after 9-11 to tell Bush and Rice that they couldn't do these missions but NOOOOOOOO.......

    Our stupid, feckless military of morons and idiots told the Bush and the NSC that they could conquer these two countries, govern them and then turn them over to democratically elected regimes.

    What a joke.

    Of course Obama never believed that these subsequent punting strategies would solve the core problems of those two wars ------------ NOTHING CAN.


  4. Personally I am so fed up with our feckless military going off gung hoe into these invasions of other countries and then when can't control everyone they don't want to admit their mistake and get the fuck out.

    Instead of admitting that they CANNOT WIN and that NOTHING CAN BE DONE they lie to the public and the President and falsely claim that they can win if they are just given more resources, more time, more this and that......

    ...implying that they have a case for finally winning the war and that they have a just cause and that people in country are supporting them....


    These two wars were predictable loses from the beginning because you can't invade a country and change its government when everyone there is against you. As soon as you leave everything's going back to what it was before in some form or another.

    1. "Just cause" is the key idea here. They will never admit to themselves that they are the bad guys, nothing more than common aggressors. That's why they continue with their bullshit.

  5. As for the misfortune of the soldiers who died or who were horribly wounded.....

    You took your chances. This was was not a melodrama of good guys versus bad guys. Liars like Chris Kyle claim it was and tried to make a career out of it and look at where he is --- dead at the hands of his own government.

    As Saddam Hussein said, "War is not a joke."

    Clearly Saddam Hussein was more realistic about these matters than anyone in the American government was in 2003.
    But then he had his live on the line and no one in the USG did.

  6. I want to repeat this one point just one more time....

    In Afghanistan the Taliban government never surrendered.

    In Iraq the Ba'ath government never surrendered.

    End of story.

    1. Some excellent points MIT and in general I'd have to agree! Who in the cold light of day really expected to "hold" Fallujah or even Iraq or Afghanistan for that matter? It is particularly sad that ex soldiers feel let down but one can only hope that in the future that the "Penny" drops before excepting the Kings "shilling" I'll make one thing very clear talking from a British perspective and its this, nobody is going over to Iraq or Afghanistan representing me and as far as I remember the empire where the sun doesn't set couldn't impose its will on Ireland across a short sea so how its going to win hearts and minds in the middle east ect is beyond me! Fact is no one liked us and now America has that thrust upon them! These military campaigns in a lot of cases been a case of lion's being led by donkeys I'm afraid to say and to once again borrow Gerald celente's phrase if they want war get out the white house and get on a white horse and lead the charge and take David Cameron and the rest of the chicken hawks with you! And as for anyone else that wants to go crack on but don't have the temerity to scratch your heads in disbelief when its tits up! Its their countries and above all their problems! And we in Britain certainly have enough on our plate

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      It's cash in their hand buddy. Go for it. ;)

    5. Looks like there is one man show here of the sleazy dreams of the Boston night. Looks like in reality the sex with real women is less frequent occasion than thanksgiving for our MIT friend

  8. As for myself however my horndog days are over.

    My heart from now on only belongs to Mary Katherine Hamm, and her wholesome freshness and sanity are what makes life worth living for this Buck Turgidson. =o)

    Until Mary Katherine and I finally get together I'm hanging up my cock ring !

    1. In your dreams you low life desperate misogynist. No one with a triple digit iq would blink an eye your are pathetic.

    2. The lady thanks you Patriarch. It is getting disgusting on this blog.

    3. Nah nah nah

      Say what you like but I like women [young ones that is] and they like me. They like paying their bills with someone like me and they like our sex together, me and about 3,000 of them and counting!

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  9. >>Fallujah, Iraq Won by U.S Marines in November, 2002 at the Cost of 100 lives.<<

    Didn't the United States enter Fallujah in April 2003? Didn't the Iraq War start in 2003? Perhaps you're confusing Iraq with Afghanistan?

    That you for all your efforts. Obviously, you have been proven correct. Americans died for nothing. Actually, they died for less than nothing. All that treasure was spent to make them hate us; the governing Shias in Iraq are closer to Iran, and the Sunnis feel betrayed.

    It would be nice if every politician who lies can be held accountable for those lies.Obama lies all the time, famously on "Obamacare." Bush lied; people died. Clinton lied, and so on.

    The bigger message is that people should not be so trusting of the government with their lives. The Powers That Be are not there to help you.

    The rich are there to get richer. The economy stinks and this week's employment report is a total embarrassment. 92 million Americans are not in the workforce, not even counted as "unemployed." We're in deep trouble.

    Truth is the only way out. Expose false flags when you can. I'm still working on Sandy Hook. It's difficult for the average person, who has no power, to fight all this in one's spare time.

    I read today that more people are remaining independent, refusing to sign up as Democrat or Republican. The college kids want to listen to Ron Paul, not Nancy Pelosi or John Boehner.

    The nation should have had its wake up call in the 1960s, when JFK was assassinated and the Vietnam War was on. it's been a long time coming.

    Dr.P., you were (and continue to be) the groundbreaker, the pioneer who takes all the arrows (as Rush Limbaugh would say). Your actions are not lost here, and I will teach them to my children.

    We stood up to a war in Syria. Secretary Kerry (of all people) wanted it. We stopped it.

    We just have to act faster and smarter, because economic collapse is coming and there's not much time.

    1. Well said Barry! Another post in which I'm in total agreement! The irony being just last night I watched a documentary about the birth of American rock music and looking at interviews of the time regarding Vietnam and yes that should of been the wake up call and we've had numerous since! Get ready for the black hawk down sequel as your boys are in there now having another crack at it!!!!!!! Who knows bin laden may be resurrected in time for easter Christ like! Surely there can't be many more cards to play?

    2. You'd think Vietnam would have taught the US military some lessons but the idiots who fought there were never told that the elections were canceled in 1956 because the communists had 86% of the vote. These stupid soldiers thought they were fighting for democracy LOL.....

      When your whole purpose is based on a lie and you don't even know the simplist facts about where you are and what your doing then after it all goes to shit you aren't in any position to "learn any lessons" because you will never admit that you were lied to in the first place and your whole original purpose was bogus.

      Same applies to the Middle East today.

      The US went into these places because the "Neo-Cons" conflate Israel with the United States [something the actual Israelis never do though] and hate arabs, their culture and religion. They thought they could use American "might" [as they are fond of saying] to rid arab governments of their dispotic leaders and bring them into the light of Judeo-Christian utopia.

      Of course this didn't work because every assumption it's based on is wrong. Iraq was only held together by Saddam Hussein, and the instant he was removed the whole place flew apart.

      Lybia is a mess, Syria is a nightmare, Egypt is back to square one......

      Gee maybe the "paradigm" might have been in error...

  10. So let's draw a lesson of our own....

    If all the acedemics in all the think tanks and the government agencies are completely wrong about the simplist facts regarding their jobs what does this mean for the rest of our culture?

    Do you think it's possible that the Medical Doctors, their training and the corporations which get rich supporting them might be similarly dead wrong despite all their mountains of scholarship?

    Do you think the economists in all the universities and think tanks might be dead wrong about their opinions also? Do you think maybe that's why they can't improve anything?

    What kind of an age are we living in? There's endless expertise and volumes of facts and knowledge but why is it all wrong? What's at the heart of this thing?

  11. Ahhh you hit the nail on the head MIT, you see THERE IS NO HEART in this BEAST ! Just Satan's folly and man's logic.

  12. I usually like to read Steve's blog; I understand Steve's goals through the content of his blog. I agree with him that our military has been used by incompetent, mediocre, sick, and evil individuals. These creepy individuals have been put in power and used by evil bankers and ideologues.The main purpose of these wars is to make money. Conversely, I am disappointed by Steve because he didn't mention the illegal chemical weapons used by the Marines to extinguish the resistance in Fallujah. In conclusion, it was a war crime and the statement "We follow the orders" didn't stand for the German soldiers in Nuremberg war crimes trial.,_The_Hidden_Massacre

    1. Bullshit.

      The US military has never been "used" for anything.

      It was the US military which drafted the Vietnam war because it's what they wanted to do.....they were just too stupid, ruthless, bloodthirsty and arrogant to see the facts.

      The same with Iraq.

      After the seeming success in Afghanistan with little resources applied the US military brass was iching to go into Iraq and prove what they could do.

      There were very few dissenters.

      The US military gets just what it deserves, and actually deserves a lot more. They've never really been held accountable for their pathetic, miserable failures.

  13. What about Mr Frank James "Jim" Sensenbrenner, Jr. Stanford educated, and recognized as " one of the architects of the Patriot Act"? What's your take ?

  14. "Mission Accomplished " MIT…. its called "Order Out Of Chaos "
    but mostly its called " CHAOS ". Maybe Maxwell Smart new this before the rest of us… But I hope like " Buck Turgidson " that we "don't get our hair mussed " !

  15. Correction: john is midge & Norman's SON. ELLIOT IS MARRIED TO MIDGE's daughter Rachel.

    Elliot is a charlatan who takes the fall like a patsy would for the above- mentioned WAR CRIMINALS. He is a useful media mouthpiece, desperate for income so he will lie to put food on the table. He has zero credibility.

    As for Gates, his TRUE MOTIVE FOR INVALIDATING OBAMA is because he is removing senior generals from duty, like frogs slow boiling in a pot... 200+ to date .
    The TEST: if they refuse to take up arms against Civilians in a martial law scenario, they are HISTOIRE.

    Boston 4-19-13. The anniversary of the Battle of Lexington. & Concord was NOT A COINCIDENCE: IT WAS A SMALL SCALE MARTIAL LAW DRILL.

    Gates has been loyal to those he has a fault. He is CIA & appears to be more fed up & PATRIOTIC THAN LOYAL TO THE WHIMS OF JOHN BRENNAN.
    He also was agitated that obama issued an ORDER to all military heads when no civilian POTUS EVER USED THAT LEXICON.

    "Gates also derides Biden for once trying to pressure Gates by telling him that the president’s decision should be considered an “order.” To which Obama quickly said, “I am giving an order.” Gates was taken aback by the need to make that assertion:

    I was shocked. I had never heard a president explicitly frame a decision as a direct order. With the American military, it is completely unnecessary. As secretary of defense, I had never issued an “order” to get something done… Obama’s “order,” at Biden’s urging, demonstrated, in my view, the complete unfamiliarity of both men with the American military culture. That order was unnecessary and insulting, proof positive of the depth of the Obama White House’s distrust of the nation’s military leadership."

    He also intimates OBAMAS PRIORITY WAS HOMOSEXUALITY, THOUGH HE DOESN'T reveal any fact directly.

    Also, gates was part of the photo shopped situation room- Of the phony zero dark thirty charade:

    On the Osama bin Laden raid:
    "Although Gates elsewhere describes Obama’s crackdown on leaks, he also explicitly blames the White House and CIA for revealing details about the “techniques, tactics, and procedures the SEALs had used in the Bin Laden operation,” despite his warning not to release them. “Everybody in that room agreed to keep mum on details. That commitment lasted about five hours,” Gates writes of the night of the raid, adding that the White House and CIA “just couldn’t wait to brag and to claim credit. The facts were often wrong, including details in the first press briefing. Nonetheless the information just kept pouring out. I was outraged and, at one point, told Donilon, ‘Why doesn’t everybody just shut the fuck up?’ To no avail."

    In one example of those differences, Gates called Obama’s decision to order the Bin Laden raid, despite doubts about whether the Al Qaeda leader was at the compound in Abbottabad, "one of the most courageous decisions I had ever witnessed in the White House."
    Gates had favored using heavy bombers to obliterate the compound. The option was less risky because it did not involve putting troops on the ground, but might have left doubts about whether Bin Laden was in fact killed.,0,1276282.story#ixzz2qAymxjW4


    He is merely protecting any more military brass from being fired frivolously. McCrystal's REVENGE so to speak.


    2. >>Boston 4-19-13. The anniversary of the Battle of Lexington. & Concord was NOT A COINCIDENCE: IT WAS A SMALL SCALE MARTIAL LAW DRILL.<<

      The Boston Marathon bombing was on April 15, 2013, not April 19, 2013.

      The YouTube videos are just amazing. You can see them yourself. It appears to be a smoke bomb during a drill.

      Once you add Sandy Hook and the Bostom Marathon incidents together, you get very, very angry that this is happening. Everyone stays silent and no one asks questions. None of this evidence is presented on any MSM outlet. No one in Boston tells the truth. No one in Connecticut tells the truth. No one.

    3. The city "lockdown" was April 19. To refresh you memory, an email WARNING from a government employee was discovered PRIOR TO THE MARATHON BOMB GOING OFF, informing the readers that a young man in his early 20's would go down on Friday April 19.

      "Anonymous 04/15/13(Mon)18:42 No. 15795252
      WARNING: laws being written to screw you.

      I work on a security commission and I’ve just received word to start campaigning on a campaign we’ve been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.

      I’ll keep it as short as I can.

      They’re going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he is unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public.
      They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events."

      I can’t do anything or I’ll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don’t let them get away with it. They won’t find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don’t let them hurt our rights.

      I’m at work so I used a copy of the picture from another thread. Also please don’t mention me. It will seriously hurt me."

  16. This is like Fukushima. Too real. Too scary. Don't want to get involved. Let's smoke a joint - have a beer. I am listening to Alex Jones radio right now about radiation levels on the West coast.

    1. those who watch things happen are feeders and unworthy of liberty.

    2. This is the night of the expanding man....

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      They call Alabama the Crimson Tide...

      Call me Deacon Blues,

      Deacon Blues.

    3. I am just a poor boy though my story's seldom told
      I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of
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      All eyes in jest,
      Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregareds the rest.....

      When I left my home and my family I was no more than a boy, in the company of strangers...
      In the quiet of a railway station running scared..
      Laying low,
      Seeking out the poorer quarters where the ragged people go, looking for the places only they would know.

      Asking only workmans' wages I go looking for a job but I get no offers..
      Just a come on from the whores on seventh avenue
      I do declare...
      There were times when I was so lonesome
      I took some comfort there...

      Now the years go rushing by me,
      They are rocking evenly
      I am older than I once was
      But younger than I'll be that's not unusual
      Nor is it strange
      After changes upon changes we are more or less the same,,
      After changes we are more or less the same...


    Hey my name's Tyrone and I'm Michael's roommate and I just found him here by the computer where he sits in his underwear for hours, anyway he's been drinking which he never does and there's even a bottle of grappa over here, and empty bottle.

    Anyway he said something about "Mary Katherine had someone else's baby" whatever the hell that means. Who's Mary Katherine? If anyone knows please tell me. Anyway he looks real bad and I'm taking him to the free clinic because I think he may have swallowed some pills.

    Please pray for him if you are his friends.

    signing off,
    Tyrone Barryington Jefferson

  18. ROFL. Nice try MIT. But just in case we better get Mary Katherine over there to give him CPR with some mouth to mouth resuscitation! : )

  19. As part of a fifth generation military family from the French and Indian War to Normandy, Okinawa, Academy, MENA and classified submarine duty, here is a comment:

    Used to think WWII was the last war we won, but after studying Bastiat's Broken Window Fallacy, there are no winnable wars, only false flags for war profiteers.