Friday, January 10, 2014

Be posting later tonight,  here is some background


  1. And in the meantime the US government considers training Iraqi "elite" forces in Jordan to fight the very same insurgents or whatever you choose to label them!!! Now I may be missing an education here and welcome correction but if they have failed to do beat these insurgents themselves surely its fair to assume what and how are they going to train this new elite force??? My thoughts are perhaps its a good thing Fallujah has fallen and maybe just maybe we as a people regardless where whence we hail just might realise the futility of these "shock & awe ace in the hole blah blah" operations and wars! Time the world grew up

  2. PROPER DEVIL: Create the most "CHAOS" and "DEATH," while realizing the "GREATEST PROFIT"! Given this:

    The CITY OF LONDON, England has been creating "WAR" for awhile, since the beginning of the 19th Century! WAR is very profitable, and there is a lot of "CHAOS" and "DEATH"! During the 20th Century, there has been W.W. I, W.W. II, Korean WAR, and the Vietnam conflict or "POLICE ACTION"! The Vietnam conflict was never officially declared a WAR; and over 60,000 U.S. TROOPS DIED or M.I.A., and over 400,000 Vietnamese died! The Vietnam conflict was a complete "FRAUD," that was initiated over a "FALSE FLAG OPERATION"--A LIE!

    The "WAR ON TERROR" is a complete "SHAM" and a "FRAUD"! First of all, the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 were done by various intelligence agencies, including but not limited to, THE C.I.A., BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, MOSSAD, and SAUDI INTELLIGENCE! Al Qaeda (created and controlled by C.I.A. and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE) were the set-up patsies, just like Lee Harvey Oswald (C.I.A. AGENT demoted to ASSET and set-up) was for the J.F.K. ASSASSINATION! The "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 were a "FALSE FLAG/STAND-DOWN OPERATION and an "INSIDE JOB"! Because, Vice-President Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney ordered the stand-down; and George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) ran the C.I.A.'s involvement for his (Bush Sr.) son (illegitimate (acquired by fraud) President George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES))!

    Since the "WAR ON TERROR" is a complete "FRAUD," the second invasion of IRAQ and the invasion of Afghanistan was a "FRAUD"! The said second "fraudulent" invasion of IRAQ used more "DEPLETED URANIUM" than the first "fraudulent" invasion done by President George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES)! Over 1 million Iraqi civilians have "DIED" and continue to "DIE," as a result of the said two (2) "fraudulent" invasions and terrible and illegal sanctions! Possibly illegitimate President William Jefferson Clinton (SKULL AND BONES) is complicit as to the said terrible and illegal sanctions imposed on Iraq! The really sad part is most of the civilians killed were women and children! WHY??? SATANIC SACRIFICE???

    To make matters worse, there is the awful treatment of all the soldiers; and there is the awful treatment of all the veterans when they (said veterans) return (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Beyond Treason: The True Story of Depleted Uranium" posted by TheAnswerto1984is on August 24, 2011)!

  3. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (January 10, 2014 at about 4:45 p.m. (VIDEO)), while I was briefly at Von's Grocery (located at Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California), Phillip Randolph Norman (b. August 8, 1962 and about 6' 1" TALL, almost bald, heavy set, and severely diabetic) was leaving. I had a small conversation (about 10 minutes) with Phillip while he (Phillip) walked to the bus stop to catch the 55 SOUTH!

    Phillip Randolph Norman (b. August 8, 1962) previously worked with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT; and Phillip Randolph Norman did classified work on advanced space based weapons! Phillip Randolph Norman is also affiliated with the "ILLUMINATI" MASONS and possibly very corrupt law-enforcement (WEED AND SEED ???)!

    The said about 10 minute conversation with Phillip Randolph Norman was concerning a computer game; however, due to "tape fragments" (Phillip Randolph Norman waring a wire and ear piece) produced by THE C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED), it might sound like some really bad "terrorist" was speaking! Because, I was discussing using "nukes" on an opponents base (said computer game), just before fully taking the said base (said computer game) out ("bubbling the base"/said computer game)! I have had several conversations (most at said Von's Grocery (VIDEO)) with Phillip Randolph Norman concerning various tactics being used within said computer game!

    On a couple of occasions, a few months ago, there was an individual (forgot his name) at Von's Grocery! This said individual claimed to be a 33rd degree "ILLUMINATI" MASON, and said individual met with once just outside said Von's Grocery with a C.I.A. AGENT! I KNOW, because I had a very brief encounter (said: "Hi.") with the said two (2) individuals (UNFORTUNATELY NO VIDEO OUTSIDE)! This particular said individual is a friend of Phillip Randolph Norman (b. August 8, 1962)!

    There has been an older Caucasian individual (demographics: 5' 11" TALL, HEAVY SET, GREY HAIR, some facial hair, disabled) frequently visiting the area (SOUTH COAST METRO AREA), primarily at Jack-in-the-Box (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)! Said individual has an older (Filipino Woman ???/demographics: 5' 5" TALL, HEAVY SET, DARK HAIR) possible wife! I first met said individual at Starbuck's Coffee (MENTIONED STRIP MALL BELOW) during 2011, later at Carl's Jr. (strip mall located at Bristol St. and Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California), and a few occasions on the 57 BUS (BRISTOL ST.)! Said individual is connected to WEED AND SEED and corrupt government; and said individual is a friend of Phillip Randolph Norman! Because, Phillip Randolph Norman conversed with him (said older Caucasian) on the one (1) occasion, when the said 33rd degree "ILLUMINATI" MASON, I and said older Caucasian individual were at Von's a couple of months ago (dining area near SOUTH DOOR (possible VIDEO))!

    Do NOT FORGET Dr. Pieczenik! The C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED) have taken-out my "entire" BACKGROUND (ALL RECORDS) to substantiate an illegal "IDENTITY SWITCH"! I believe, because of conversations with John Edward Addington (MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION), there is a "LIST" of certain criminals that need an new identity! I believe Phillip Randolph Norman (possible sex offender with prior drug felonies) might be on said "LIST" PRODUCED BY THE C.I.A., along with John Edward Addington, Matthew Alan Faris (b. [I believe.] June 6, 1988 or 1987), and John Lawrence Simeone (born during 1962 and possibly died during 2012)!

  4. Last night (January 9, 2014 in the evening (about 9:40 p.m.)), while I was at McDonald's Hamburgers (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California), I had an encounter with the older C.I.A. ASSET I had mentioned before in several comments! He (said C.I.A. ASSET) was coming out of the drive thru at said McDonald's with his (said C.I.A. ASSET) wife. He (said C.I.A. ASSET) offered to give me a extra large long sleeve blue shirt; I declined! He (said C.I.A. ASSET) wanted to know where I have been, because he had not seen me in a while. I stated: "I have been around." There was possibly a wire and an ear piece involved ("tape fragments" to produce a fragmented and fabricated false tape); therefore, I had to be careful! I also stated: "I thought you had gone, because they [ELITE] were done or finished with me; and you moved on." He (said C.I.A. ASSET) stated: "When we are finished you will know! Your situation is going to take awhile. They [ELITE] want you to become President, because they like your 'IDEAS' ("TAPE FRAGMENTS" for a "FABRICATED" and "FALSE" TAPE ????)!"

  5. [minor correction] The mentioned "ILLUMINATI" MASON mentioned in the above comments was a 32nd degree "ILLUMINATI" MASON! Said individual "bragged" to me on a couple of occasions at said Von's Grocery (dining area near SOUTH DOOR) that he (said mentioned individual) was a 32nd degree "ILLUMINATI" MASON!

    1. Raymond you are as sane as anyone else on this board, or maybe more so.

      I'm with you all the way to the bitter end !

      Count me in and let's roll !