Friday, January 17, 2014

Humans can be such cruel bastards,  this is a very short clip of a recent horse rescue in South Florida.  These women at South Florida SPCA do good work every day,  been to their ranch,  I know they save a lot of horses.  Help them if you can.

Here is their



    This YouTuber has two new videos that claim that the "Lanzas" of Sandy Hook fame worked for the CIA. He also claims that the Gabby Giffords shooting was fake (the shooting of the judge was probably real). The videos deserve to be seen, even if one cannot be sure exactly what the truth is.
    The Lanza Deception - The "Lanza" Family May Only Have Existed as a CIA Operation
    Published on Jan 17, 2014
    CONFIRMED - The "Lanza" Family is CIA Connected
    Published on Jan 18, 2014
    Giffords FAKE - Photographs Prove Her Famous Bullet Wound a Lie
    Published on Jan 2, 2014
    Giffords FAKE II - The Secret Life of Gabrielle Giffords
    Published on Jan 5, 2014

    1. The gabby giffords narrative is a diversion from a dummy "living on planet z" . That Hispanic most likely is a maid in their home.
      This idiot is an overt anti Semite & maladjusted.
      The kid who shot her was on LSD, WHICH IS WHY GE HEARD VOICES.
      AS for her injuries, the speech center on the left side of our brains, & her slurring is the real deal.
      (My Daughter is a speech therapist who worked at Walter Reed with brain injured vets.)
      This video has not gotten many views.

      Do not be gullible. Gabby may have been collateral damage by a inside job, but she is NOW & FOREVER DISABLED, sadly.

      MD SHOULD HAVE INFUSED HER WITH OMEGA 3 immediately & her synapses would have regenerated.

    2. Yes, a lot of these videos really hate Jewish people. That's what turned me off from the "9-11 Truth" crowd.

      This guy seems like he's telling the truth, coming to terms with a difficult reality:
      I witnessed the Giffords shooting
      Published on Jan 26, 2013
      I was a direct witness to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in January of 2011. My mom lived in Tucson, and she would send me to that Safeway. What I witnessed was a crazy kid letting a gun fire off like crazy....but...there were no bullet holes in anything. Not even a dent. Not a scratch.

  2. The hoaxes are coming at us fast and furious. They must be exposed. We're being tested.

    Here are two more videos. I especially chuckle at the LAX hoax with the dummy:
    The Pretend Shootings - 65 Dead - 109 Wounded - 1 Dummy - All Fake
    Published on Jan 17, 2014
    LAX HOAX - Dummy Confirmed - Witness LIES - Nick Pugh Revealed 9/11 Connection! False Flag!
    Published on Nov 3, 2013

  3. All weekend, discussion on Cable TV has been a POWER GRID ATTACK. THIS IS A TALKING POINT.

    The FBI is preparing a catastrophic False Flag. They are OVERDUE. THEY HAVE BEEN HAPPENING QUARTERLY SINCE BARI SEIZED THE WHITEHOUSE. POSSESSION IS 9/10 of the law.

    HE WILL SUSPEND CONGRESS, & get that citizen army on the streets with all those SNIPER HOLLOW POINT BULLETS, & urban warfare tanks he has been hoarding.

    And, oh, those nasty guns- they will be confiscated by EO. ASK DR. P. WHAT HITLER DID AFTER KRYSTALLNACHT: first they came for the guns so the Jews had no protection-they went like poodles into the box cars.

    Have at least two weeks food and water stored for all family members and pets, preferably one month’s storage.

    Have warm clothing, warm blankets and sleeping bags, gloves and hats.

    Have extra medical supplies and prescription drugs if you know you will run out. Have a quality First Aid kit, stocked.

    Have extra firewood and a place to possibly cook outdoors. You might want to include a good tent and/or large tarps, ropes, bungee cords, and a good ax and wood saw.

    Do NOT throw away yard sticks, burnable trash, cardboard, etc. Store them in boxes in the garage or a utility shed. If you do not have either, ask a neighbor if you can temporarily store them in their garage or shed. Buy wood matches and keep them in zip lock bags or plastic containers with lids.

    You will have to decide whether you are going to send your children school. If so, pack food, water, and dress them very warmly and prepare them in advance that you may have no ability to contact them and that they may have to stay at school for several days.

    Fill you cars with gasoline and try to store extra gasoline in a safe place.

    If you can afford to do so, buy a Big Buddy propane heater, three or four 20 pound propane tanks (filled), and an adapter hose for the 20 pound tanks.

    Have paper plates, paper and foam cups, plastic utensils, a good can opener or two, a good all-purpose tool, and keep all store bags.

    Have plenty of toilet paper, sanitary supplies for girls and women, hand soaps, paper and hand towels, and have plenty of small plastic or grocery store bags.

    Have several quality flashlights, A LOT of batteries. Several old-fashioned oil lamps with wicks and clear glass chimneys and a gallon or two of lamp oil will provide good light and quite a bit of additional heat.

    If you have babies have stored formula, cleaned bottles, diapers, wipes, ointments, and plenty of warm baby blankets, hats, mitts, booties, temperature-lowering medicines and electrolyte juices.

    If you have senior parents or grandparents, get them prepared with all necessities.

    Know how to shut off your natural gas.

    Get laundry done

    Dumbbell dunce TelePrompTer cheater BARI Malik Shabazz was preoccupied in a drug stupor to ever learn the LESSONS OF HISTORY---his ultimate demise.

    1. Frightening scenario.

      >>The FBI is preparing a catastrophic False Flag. They are OVERDUE. THEY HAVE BEEN HAPPENING QUARTERLY SINCE BARI SEIZED THE WHITEHOUSE.<<

      Why can't others see that? Why can't just one major news network expose anything, or even talk about it?

      Power went out in last year's Super Bowl. Are the preparing the same for the nation in two weeks?


  5. Of course, from the man who repeatedly vowed that you could keep your health-insurance plan, all the while scheming to eliminate your health-insurance plan, we’ve come to expect this disconnect between rhetoric and reality. What makes President Obama so hard to take seriously is not just the lying. It is that he does not take his job seriously. Consider the great “metadata” controversy, the focal point of yesterday’s speech.

    It has been seven months since Edward Snowden’s first felonious leaks — seven months of firestorm over the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone-record information on virtually all Americans. During that time the program has been hysterically slandered by critics on the left and right — the libels aided and abetted by legislators who’ve known for years exactly what the NSA was doing and yet feigned shock over Snowden’s “revelations.” (I use the mock quotes in a nod to Representative Jerrold Nadler (D., Upper West Side), who conceded last June that, when it came to the NSA’s data collection, Snowden revealed nothing that hadn’t been well known and hotly debated for seven years.)



  7. No one informed about the gun culture in the US could ever believe that gun confiscation could happen here. Only in a few urban areas will people tolerate gun confiscation.

    I think the facts about these events are in dispute, but I don't believe that they were conspiracies because there's no one in power who believes that gun confiscation is an option, or could be.

    People like Diane Feinstein would like it to happen but they know it can't, no matter how many Sandy Hooks there are.

    1. Mit, don't underestimate the elite's desire to disarm the American People.

      There are too many indicators of a false flag/hoax in the Sandy Hook affair to ignore.

      The elite have had many successes manipulating the American People.

      Example: The normalization of homosexuality; a couple of thousand years of sexual custom and taboo thrown out the window, achieved in 40 years.

      From the second Sandy Hook youtube:

      Governor of the State of Connecticut after Sandy Hook:

      "... I have been spoken to and prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state."

      That's a quote on video the governor made at a public press conference.

      Please, the governor's statement is absurd unless it was planned in advance.

      Again, Mit, you hopefully are right that the American People would never be duped into gun confiscation, but that the elite want gun confiscation is obvious.

      Why Giffords would agree to play a role in a hoax for gun confiscation is puzzling, given her prior support for gun rights, unless that was a ruse, but then that would suggest a very long-term agenda.

      I agree with the Giffords video that the appearance of her head wound is inconsistent with actually getting shot in the head.

      Even plastic surgery wouldn't be able to minimize the exit wound on her forehead that much.

      But it does seem pretty fantastic that she would be part of a plan.

      But remember, the current drum beat to take away guns started with the Giffords shooting.

      But would a sitting federal judge go along with a hoax?

      That seems pretty far fetched.

    2. You obviously don't know shit about pistol wounds.

      In Phoenix there was another case in which a woman was shot "execution style" by a .44 magnum to her forehead.

      The bullet entered her forehead, traveled between the hemispheres of her brain, and then exited out the back of her head...

      She lived.

    3. If you think homosexual marriage is a conspiracy of the elites then get your head examined.

      In "educated societies" homosexuality is accepted because it's harmless and the homosexual lobbies are loud, vocal, and uncompromising.

      I'm the only educated person I know who opposes homosexual marriage. I don't think all these people are putty in the hands of an elite conspiracy.
      They're just well meaning people who think they're acting humanly but who haven't considered the issue much.

    4. Mitt
      Anaconda was speaking about the exit wound to the forehead and how her forehead appears now and implying it would not appear so undamaged. He was not saying anything survival odds...That is also the thesis of the video - lack of scarring.

    5. james rae, thank you. Yes, it's the lack of scaring on the forehead.

    6. To Anaconda who asks "would a federal judge go along with a hoax " ? I say did Chief Justice Roberts go along with Obamacare?

    1 month after the JFK ASSASSINATION:'s%20CIA%20article.html