Friday, November 30, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS! to the Palestinian Territories from an old counter-terrorist enemy: U.N. APPROVES your bid for OBSERVER STATE STATUS!

CONDOLENCES to Israel for their Pyrrhic Victory with Gaza from an ex-ally.  WELCOME to the  NEW WORLD of becoming an “ORPHAN/ WARD” of the US GOVERNMENT.

Events in the Middle East move faster than tweets in hyper-space.
One day the IDF is testing out their Iron Dome Missile Defense System against their own.  Remember,  Hamas is Israel’s home-grown ‘terrorist organization’, created in Berzeit, Gaza, by Shin Bet [Israeli FBI].  And in a ‘blow-back’ strikemuch like the CIA-created Al-Qaeda , Hamas provoked the IDF to test it’s newly developed Iron Dome Defense system, shooting Iranian shipped Fajr-5, shipped from Somalia, Yemen through Egypt, through the Sinai,  into Gaza.
  And the next week, Peace is initiated by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi of the Islamic Brotherhood and the UAE, Turkey and the US.
Then the day after President Morsi announces the temporary ‘cease-fire’ between the IDF and Hamas,  he unitarily usurps all democratic power from the Egyptian Constitution. 
  Not to be out done, the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah,  announces that he is in a ‘moribund condition’ but not yet dead but will soon assign a new line of succession once he definitely decides to die.
  But then, in a moment of resurrection and defiance, the once ignoble, inert, if not ossified, United Nations General Assembly, elevated the status of the Palestinian National Authority [my old nemesis Arafat’s PLO] from “non-member observer entity” to “non-member observer state”. 
  In simple English, this means that finally after decades of fighting and terror the PLO, nee the Palestinian Authority, will finally see daylight where they will be correctly recognized as legitimate state and not a ‘terrorist’ organization. 
  As someone, who has fought against the PLO, Arafat, the PFLP,  Dr George Habash and Abu Nidal and countless other Palestinian ‘offshoot terrorist groups’- this makes me one very happy ex-counterterrorist professional. 
  Many of  you might remember that in one of my former blogs I once commended both Arafat and the PLO- thanking them for having saved the lives of our FSOs, during the Civil War in Lebanon in the 1980’s. 
  But also many of you might also remember one important axiom that I had always followed: Always treat your adversary “terrorist” with RESPECT because the next day or year, he/she will become the President of that country
  Well, that axiom has been time-tested throughout decades and countless countries including our own ‘Founding Fathers’.
  So who really loses out in this entire medley of changes? 
 In my humble opinion, it is unfortunately, Israel
  Why, you ask me? 
And how could I even say that—especially when the IDF ‘won’ the war against those ‘terrible terrorists’ Hamas in Gaza?  
The answer is quite simple.
  The IDF won a “pyrrhic victory” which means if they have to fight another war against Hamas and/or Hezbollah using the Iron Dome or their newly  developed David’s Sling Weapon System which had quietly intercepted missiles in the Negev Desert on November 20, 2012—Israel will EVENTUALLY LOSE COMPLETELY
One more victory like the one they had with Hamas or Hezbollah where the IDF soldiers did not even go into Gaza will, I assure you, spell the end of the IDF and more importantly the State of Israel
  Paradoxically with all of it’s missile systems  developed jointly by  Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in concert with Raytheon, utilizing  a two-stage Stunner interceptor missiles that unlike the Tamirs [used in the Iron Dome],  will hit inbound rockets directly and destroy them with sheer kinetic impact.  Technically,  the Stunner is also larger than the Tamir and with more sophisticated guidance and propulsion systems so it can travel further than the stratified missile systems of the much –touted Iron Dome.  David’s Sling can intercept  unmanned UAV’s,  short-ranged ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.  
  So in simple strategic terms, the Operational Pillar of the Iron Dome Defense can intercept short and long range missiles shot from Gaza. But a far greater concern for Israel is Hezbollah,  the Shi’ite militia in Lebanon which has more sophisticated weaponry than Hamas. 
  For example, Hezbollah’s inventory holds over 10,000 rockets ranging from 122 mm BM-21 type rockets to the much larger and longer ranged 610 Mm Zelzal-2 rockets. 
So between Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel has become nothing more than an encapsulated “kill zone”.   If and when, both ‘terrorist groups’ decide to fire simultaneously, the IDF and all it’s offensive and defensive weapons will exhaust itself in a spasm of effort that in the long run will transmute Israel into a ‘failed state’ within less time than Israel’s past efforts in having to negotiate Peace Treaties with it’s collective enemies.
This Gaza ‘victory’ is temporary and illusionary.
  At best, Israel has done two very important things.  It’s made itself the fifty-first State of the United States with Tel Aviv,  as the capital city.  It is no longer a viable country suis generis. 
Secondly, it guaranteed that without any new strategic or diplomatic initiatives, it has become increasingly more and more ALONE.  Rather than a ‘ward’ of the US, in reality it is the “ORPHAN” of the MIDDLE EAST—bereft of friends and succor.
  So, as a former military, intel, diplomatic ally of Israel,  I really pity it for the lack of time that the leaders over sixty years took to create a new strategy and tactic of ‘engagement’ with their neighbors - Iran, Turkey and others rather than resorting to the very primitive and tiresome position of being ‘surrounded by enemies’ and ‘helpless to do anything but attack’. 
  As for the myth that Israel is the homeland of the Jews, I have discussed this issue before in other blogs.  Please refer to the books such as the Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black and The Holocaust Industry by  Norman Finkelstein. 
  The simple matter is that it never was or will be a haven for jews as long as the United States remains a land of freedom, opportunity and diversityJudaism is only the cover that Israel has left to legitimize a ‘moribund’ or dying state
  With 300,000 protestors in the street yelling for equal pay, the end of corruption and the end of war,  Israel has more to concern itself with than engaging in a demonstration to the military bazaar of the world, that it can manufactures instruments of war that can kill at will any and all civilians.   Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and many other authoritarian leaders with much stronger armies and tougher leaders became extinct by the sheer weight of their moral ignominious behaviors  mass killings of innocents—Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Confucius. 
However, I would like to end this particular blog on a really happy note. 
And that is to congratulate once more,  the Palestinian Authority for their long hard, well-earned fight –in all it’s meanings –for the long-awaited and long-due recognition of the Palestine People and their right to a legitimate state.
  On a minor note of warning—it would serve our American Administration to facilitate this inevitability and do nothing—but nothing—to impede the State of Palestine. 
Mazel Tov!!!  

I will be posting soon, my reflections on the U.N.'s decision to begin the process of recognizing a Palestinian State (about time).  But I thought the attached list would be interesting to some of my readers..

We really do have a "international weapons bazaar"....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stop Recycling Human Financial Waste like “Endless-Bankruptcy” Banker Michael A. Carpenter—from Kidder Peabody $600M Failure to Ally Financial GMAC $17B Bailout.
I am constantly overwhelmed by the basic human tenet: “That ‘shit’ floats to the top!”
Usually I delineate the detritus that constantly flows up and down the system in government ---both Republican and Democrats---alike.
In part,  I explain that phenomena by the fact that one takes basically a very weak narcissistic individual and then place them in a power structure where they need to excel by ‘sucking up’ and ‘beating down’—much like a totalitarian system.  In the end,  many succeed  because there is no accountability and sociopathy is part and parcel of  the political system. 
 [Previously posted a link to Eric Fromm’s book: The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness  read it to understand this type of sado-masochistic dynamic inherent in all organizations.] 
  This psychological dynamic clearly works as well in the banking world.  The only difference is that the dynamic of sucking up, sociopathy, and incompetence is replete with financial incentives and buy-outs
  Without going too much into the details of the situation, suffice it to say, that no one portrays my concept of ‘financial human detritus’ than Michael A. Carpenter.   He is currently the CEO of Ally Financial Inc. , one of the leading automotive financial services companies that had once been GMAC and once was profitable but turned into a lemon.  BUT then it was bailed out by THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, to the tune of $17 billion
  GM and Chrysler depended on Ally to finance their dealerships and inventories and in return the dealers would refer customers to Ally for auto financing. 
Simple business concept: You wash my hand and I wash yours!!
However, trust me when I say that no one can screw up a series of major businesses like the infamous Michael A. Carpenter. 
And by the way,  Ally still OWES US TREASURY ABOUT $12Billion.  And no one either in business or government knows how he will pay back this money.
Several years ago,  I was working as a managing director at Kidder Peabody -assigned the task of re-structuring that organization.   Michael Carpenter was the president and CEO when I was there.  In less than elegant terms,  I told him he was incompetent and incapable.  I also remember telling him in my humble but irreverent sotta voce tone some rather insulting things about his low class English accent, his second rate school of Nottingham University, you know, my usual style.
So I resigned and left Kidder PeabodyGary Lynch of the SEC was brought in to take down that corrupt investment bank bought by the ‘ingenious, brilliant Jack Welsh’. 
Subsequently, KP was liquidated.
As a reward for doing so poorly at KP,  Carpenter was hired by Sandy Weill, [another piece of human detritus who bought the right to place his name on my once prestigious medical school Cornell University Medical School now known as Weill MS],  to become Chairman and CEO of Citigroup’s Alternative Investments from 2002-2006.  ‘ The Carpenter’ was in charge of Salomon Smith Barney Inc. and Citibank’s Global Corporate Banking Activities.   Smith Barney went under as did Salomon brothers.
In short, Michael is the poster child for corruption, incompetency and upward mobility in the financial world.
We will never fix this corrupt financial system if we continue to re-cycle these incompetent managers that got us into the mess in the first place.   Let’s hold these guys like Carpenter accountable for their failures, do not put them on boards of other financial companies when they cannot even manage their own jobs!  And for god sake, do not bail them out with taxpayer’s dollars!
  Let, WE THE PEOPLE,  bury the FINANCIAL WASTE the way we bury any toxic substance --- Let’s keep our financial system as ASEPTIC as possible before it BECOMES A FINANCIAL CONTAGION---ONCE AGAIN!!!

This is a book for your library The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Fromm, it got me thinking about today's headlines...I will post later.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack Obama Admits He Had Killed and is Continuing To Kill Innocent Civilians With Unauthorized Drone Program

As a Conservative Republican who had voted for POTUS,  I have been waiting for his admission about his direct unauthorized role in the “assassination” of  ‘innocent civilians’ in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia .
Now why would I write that I was waiting for his personal admission?   I knew that he was fully aware of how illegal his actions had been with regard to his continuing his PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT  in both assessing and targeting specific ‘individuals’ and ‘groups’ for ‘unauthorized’ attacks.  POTUS says he ‘ostensibly’ targets  al-Qaeda  and terrorists groups which ‘could potentially attack America’. 
As most of you know by now the unauthorized targeting of the drones was conducted by DCI and then Sec Def Leon Panetta.  This was done by subcontracting CIA operatives, through secret cut-out private companies which utilized Special Forces US soldiers who were temporarily stripped of their official military epaulettes, then used as ‘civilians contractors’.  Conveniently when a particular program of ‘mass killing’ was over, these same ‘contracted civilians’ were reinstated back into the US Special Forces. 
  By playing this ‘bait and switch’ the administration—not only this one but Clinton, Bush Jr, --could honestly tell our dysfunctional legislature and our indifferent American citizenry that ‘no US soldiers’ were involved in the killing of innocent Yemeni, Somalian and Pakistani civilians.
  On paper this was technically true.  But in reality, given the fact that Obama touts himself as ‘caring liberal constitutional lawyer’, he knows this to be a COMPLETE LIE.  And who is there by his side?   Brennan! in his usual catechism of protesting his ‘catholic innocence’ along with the usual ‘choir boys’.
Why I am bringing up this issue of Obama and his administration’s direct participation in the Drone Attacks on innocent civilians in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia? Thanks to the brave Scott Shane of NYTimes , I presume with the blessing of his intrepid executive editor Jill Abramson,  The NY Times has once again reclaimed their lost luster as an investigative journal -willing to place their inestimable reputation on the line to report the underlying lies, distortions and political betrayals of our present administration. 
  Now,  I know many of you will probably say this is liberal propaganda or disinformation.  But let me make myself clear about one thing---- Our media although it may be controlled by big business and may have their own hidden agendas,  is still a worthy instrument of the Fourth Establishment ---Executive, Legislative, Judicial and then the Media. 
  Remember in the world of intelligence, one does not throw out the baby with the bath water.  If one wants to find out about US economy,  then I strongly suggest reading the Wall Street Journal [yes, a Murdoch paper] and watch CNBC.  How you decide to interpret the news is up to you. 
Caveat emptor! 
Back to the article (posted link on my site yesterday) titled “Election Spurred A Move To Codify U.S . Drone Policy”  read it and interpret very carefully what is really said in ‘journalese‘ couched correctly as ‘reporting’.  Remember this reporting is not an ‘OP ED’ piece but a legitimate reporting of events and words spoken by the President and his WH advisors. 
What I will attempt to do in this blog, is to try to offer my interpretation of what is really MEANT and what really HAPPENED based on my extensive experience in ‘regime change’ in ‘neutralizing terrorists’.  Both my interpretation and that of the NY Times is open to discussion which is the least I expect from you, my readers. 
Let’s start with what I consider the most self-indicting comment that Obama made so far,  “One of the things we’ve got to do is to put a LEGAL ARCHITECTURE [my emphasis] IN PLACE, and we NEED CONGRESSIONAL HELP [my emphasis] in order to do that,  to make sure that not only am I REINED IN TERMS OF SOME OF THE DECISIONS THAT WE’RE MAKING[ my emphasis]”, Obama said.  Now this one is a real humdinger, POTUS makes this self-incrimination of a war crime on ---you won’t believe this one because I could not believe it----on Jon Stewart’s  “The Daily Show” on October 18, 2012. … only a few weeks before the election.
Next in an interview with Mark Bowden [author of “Black Hawk Down” talking about his new ‘novel’  on the killing of ---you guessed OSBL, called ‘The Finish’ –which may be the ‘finish’ of the ‘credibility’ of this author and his publisher]  where Obama said the following even more self-incriminating statement, ”creating a legal structure, processes, with oversight checks on how we use unmanned weapons, is going to be a CHALLENGE FOR ME [my emphasis] and MY SUCCESSORS [again my emphasis] for some time to come.” 
Wait!! the self-incrimination of his ‘indictment’ as ‘a mass killer of civilians’ does not stop here,  Obama keeps on revealing more and more.
Obama, like any good sociopath and mass killer, usually can’t stop himself  from confessing his ‘sins’ [simple technique in ‘interrogation ---let the culprit just talk ad hominum and let him indict himself---NO ‘torture a la Brennan is required’].  The President expressed ‘wariness of the powerful temptation drones pose to policy makers[NY Times quote]: 
“There’s a remoteness to think that somehow we can, without any mess on our hands, SOLVE VEXING SECURITY PROBLEMS [my emphasis].”
WOW! If this is not an outright admission of guilt.  I don’t know what is!!
  By his own admission of ‘distant personal oversight and targeting of innocent overseas civilians’ Obama should be brought up on charges of ‘unauthorized’ murders against ‘innocent civilians’.  For less than this we have impeached Bill Clinton [remember Monica Lewinsky?] and threw out, Richard Nixon.
What more do you need?
  As you might have imagined,  not only were these words covered up by our Irish choir boys—Donilon, Biden, Dempsey, Mc…[ the National security advisor?] and of course, the “Ace of Spies”---John O. Brennan—the Killing Program was immediately Classified to the extent that ---now listen to this piece of amateurish work---they hand carry from office to office the classified  ‘targets for drones’ ---rather than use email.

  America awaken!  This Drone Affair is getting lots of coverage but you have to look for it…my dear readers, people like you will play a part of this new revolution to rid our government (it is ours! remember) of corrupt leaders and dysfunctional, inert representatives. 
  Thank god for our American sense of fair play, transparency of government, and our basic code of decency, honesty, and valor. 
None of which have been demonstrated by this administration! 
The NY Times,  reminiscent of the Vietnam days when they went after the secret Pentagon Papers, is now requesting through Freedom of Information Act  the ‘SECRET LEGAL OPINIONS [my emphasis] on TARGETED KILLINGS”. 
But as you may have suspected,  like all tyrants who have committed mass killings –Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Che, Fidel, Pol Pot, Bush Jr, Cheney, ---“the GOVERNMENT HAS REFUSED EVEN TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE EXISTENCE OF THE DRONE PROGRAM IN PAKISTAN” [my emphasis again]. 
We ordinary American citizens, we have been not only subjected to the treachery of three incompetent administrations---starting with Sandy Berger as the servile minstrel to Bill Clinton –who initiated the “secret rendition programs” where the CIA , once again they appear like sick, malignant clowns on the horizon of national security and  abduct ‘innocent’ suspects and illegally sent overseas to Egypt, Italy, Bulgaria, Italy, etc. to be ‘interrogated ‘and ‘tortured ‘ under the direction  of John O. Brennan. 
  Then of course, we have Cornell grads (a so called agricultural school that produces criminals??)?) Stephen Hadley,  Paul Wolfowitz and Frank Fukuyama and their 9/11 attack on the US people a la neocon theories of ‘American Supremacy’. 
Today we have Obama, the child-bride of the CIA with Brennan and the choir boys, who claims that the Drone Program was used to ‘prevent operational plots against the United States’ and counter the ‘terrorist networks’ that ‘targeted the United States’.
As I put pieces of the drone puzzle together,  I think of a time in 1999 when I was asked to come back to Washington (from Hollywood) to meet an old comrade –in-arms , my elegant friend, Yaqub Kahn—Former General of the Pakistani Army , the Creator of the ISI forces in Pakistan, and a wonderful Ambassador to the US.
  At the time he had warned me that the ISI, the CIA, and others [Mossad, Saudi Arabia, UAE, BCCI] were involved in an attempt to ‘create a measured disturbance‘ in both the US and the Middle East.  At the time, I had no inkling of the significance of what he told me. 
Only later when I was forewarned in the Bush Jr administration after a ‘disturbing meeting at SOLIC’ [Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict] where the CIA and other CIA ‘contractors’ were brought into the Pentagon that I realized that something was amiss. 
  Then  9/11 occurred,  I immediately knew who did what and who was involved because I had been involved in the Bush Jr campaign (under the direction of Bush Sr’s main surrogate).  But I was kept purposefully away from the Vulcans--Condi, Wolfowitz, Perle, Hadley, Khalizad, etc. 
  After I had interrogated some operatives in Paul Wolfowitz’s Deputy Secretary Of Defense shop—his ‘people admitted to me’ with great trepidation and fear of what they knew that I could to them individually and collectively, that ‘9/11’ was a ‘Stand down’.
So that’s what I recall from the past….. and now this same secret treachery and the war on the non-existent terror continues with Barack Obama. 
  For our future,  its up to Americans to inform themselves and demand that we STOP this immoral fake war on terror.   This web of secrecy of lies, deception that allowed ‘the CIA and the military to carry out ‘SIGNATURE STRIKES’ against groups of ‘SUSPECTED UNKOWN MILITANTS’. 
  Thank God for the NY Times and other media outlets which profess the following: ”But the ADMINISTRATION APPEARS TO BE LONG WAY From EMBRACING SUCH OPENNESS.” 
So now, we Americans must wake up and demand that our "government" stop the unauthorized killings!
Veterans who have fought on behalf of our liberties from WWII to the present can stand up and demand your rightful place in the government and your rightful monetary, physical, emotional, and medical remunerations that you JUSTIFIABLY deserve.   Your generals who led the U.S. to military defeat time and time again—receive private jets, private limousines, million dollar contracts and six figure pensions—for having failed you and our country in peace and war. 
  To those governors who want to secede from the Republic –then do so. 
  Ten years ago, I predicted in my novel  “State of Emergency“ that the Republic would be in conflict with our states and counties and that there would a SECOND CIVIL WAR . 
 Let that Second Civil War be peaceful.
  Let the veterans and students who have been burdened by undue debts figure out their new ‘battle of democracy’ and how they will ‘fight for it’. 
Embrace the power of the internet to expose the wasteful spending and amoral murders that our current leaders seem to "buy into" without reservations...
Now, let’ see how the internet and public demonstrations  can ‘reconstruct’ after ousting the criminals from this administration and the "leftovers" from the past three administrations----that’s the least we can do for the future of our children, the sanctity of our nation and the memory of those who died to preserve our liberties and our ability to  live a life without interference.
  So, as I had once said to a governor who had accused me of treason"that in a state of tyranny, treason is patriotic’
And may we finally succeed in our travail against injustice, corruption, incompetency and flagrant mass killings. 


Here is another eye opening article on this "drone issue"....I will be posting soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is quite a bit of reporting by NYTimes.  Read the article, I will comment later.
oooops, got a bit too aggressive with my posts on Facebook...I guess I will have to behave myself for awhile.

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If you want to read something more...

The Grand Inquisitor:  FBI Director Robert Mueller.
  In the world of dirty tricks, secrets, lies, deception, denial, false flags , and stand downs, in other words in the world of National Security Intelligence, no one makes the loudest noise than the man who says nothing.
In this case, there is no one like Robert Mueller.
 Quite frankly, my dear readers, I must admit that for many reasons, this man really impresses me unlike any other person I had ever met in my thirty year career in national security.
Let me be up front, as I usually am, and admit to you that I have never met him but that I would love to …and ask a baker’s dozen of questions. 
But, alas, that will not ever happen for obvious reasons as you will soon read.
First of all, Robert Mueller was propitiously made the FBI Director only ONE WEEK before September 11, 2001.
Then he had to be involved in the Osama bin Laden fairy tale but more importantly,  he had to have ordered the FBI to eliminate any of the tapes that were taken away from the stores and gas stations that showed that there was no plane that had crashed into the Pentagon as I had previously mentioned.  It had been a missile a la USAF Chairman Richard Meyer [one of our worst military commanders –but that is another story].
  Then we get back to Mueller’s involvement in the “Fast and Furious” affair with our illustrious, our beloved dysfunctional Attorney General “What Me Worry?”  Eric Holder.   The Black Man’s version of Senator Joseph McCarthy.  He can find a pig in the poke when he needs to---think of the recent emails about General Petraeus and his ex-women friends.  But Holder can’t get the FBI in four weeks to Benghazi---TOO DANGEROUS!!!!!
Now I don’t believe—much ---in guilt by association, but whom you sleep with determines which fleas or shit you wake up with---usually a politico of some sort.
  But let me not be so hasty to judge Robert Mueller. 
  Oh don’t forget that we have Mueller involved in ‘some mysterious way’ with the only flight of out of the country hours after 9/11 facilitated by our noble FBI operatives----of the Bin Laden family ---for ‘fear that they may be in harms’ way’. WOW!
  That’s pretty empathic of Mueller and the FBI. They first worried about the safety of potential target as opposed to the safety of our country??
Hey, let’s not knock, the G-Men for following orders.
 I will tell you, my dear readers, one thing I do know about our beloved FBI G-men created by the Crypto-Homosexual, Crypto-Fascist, ex-Mob ‘jock-smeller’ and race-horse enthusiast [owing Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky and Lucky L. large sums of money----our favorite American Hero]--- Edgar J. Hoover--- like the self-loving CIA,  no one loves the FBI as much as the FBI does. 
To be honest, the FBI has a longer history of self-delusion and malignant narcissism going back to James Cagney and the movie “G Men”.  Then of course there was “I Led 3 Lives” for radio and TV.  Let’s not forget that the big TV series The FBI starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr ran for nine years on ABC.  You see, JEdgar was very careful to hone a positive, beneficent  image in the American public’s eye.

  However, my experience with the FBI, especially during the “Hanafi Muslim Siege” in 1977 was that they were like the CIA---completely dysfunctional, weak and counter-productive. 
I had to throw them off the hostage siege team because they could not repel off of helicopters and they could not effectively negotiate a ‘napalm filled stair well’.  Their chief even begged me not to use them.  I complied and relied (as most local police men will testify) on the incredible talents of Chief Cullinane---DC Police and their personnel. 
Not only was the FBI a ‘real disaster’ but they were DANGEROUS!!!!
But guess what, my dear readers? 
Two years later, they portrayed themselves in TV show, repelling down the very building they were afraid to even touch.  What a creative FBI re-writing.  Oh by the way, thanks to you taxpayers, they also have a division that works with ‘Hollywood’.
Now back to Mueller.
  Robert Mueller has nothing to say about Osama bin Laden and his ‘eventual assassination’.  That’s impressive.  So far it shows that Mueller, knows how to keep his mouth shut unlike his boss Eric Holder.
  But what interests me is that Mr Mueller,  like “The Great Inquisitor” in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s brilliant psychological novel The Brothers Karamazov,  who feels that most humans by nature are incapable of handling freedom;  of taking care of their basic needs;  of accepting the moral responsibility of conscience living with differences.  He does believe that only a small group—read: elite—BY NATURE--- are really capable of leading these people with conscience and good grace.
  Truthfully, my dear readers, the aforementioned section was pretty heavy intellectual lifting even for me. But please follow my reasoning and your curiosity will hopefully will be rewarded accordingly.
  You see, unlike you and me, Robert Mueller is really BORN OF THE MANOR.  He was born in 1944 in NYC and grew up outside of Philadelphia---please read MAIN LINE Wasp. 
Now here is the difference between Robert and me and those other pushy guys like Paul Wolfowitz, Sandy Berger, Stephen Hadley, Frank Fukuyama all Cornell University alumni [not quite an Ivy League School] and Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams (neo cons)  ….Mueller went to ---drums please---St Paul’s School.
  If Jesus were to descend and attend private school in America, I don’t think that even he, “a Prophet”--- could have gotten into St Pauls,  maybe Andover,  maybe Exeter,  but not St Pauls.   Even the original St Paul—Saul of Tarsus---an epileptic who fell off his horse in Damascus Syria, --could not have even attended St Paul’s School ---let alone be on the Polo team.
  Then, Mueller attends Princeton University where he graduated in 1966 with a B. A. nothing unusual there. But we poor folks did not apply there.  I , like many others, strove to get out of the ghetto through a New York State Scholarship based on merit and attended Cornell University…happy to be far enough from 108th and Amsterdam and wile away my time until med school. 

Next our Mr Mueller attends New York University Law School in 1967 [not very prestigious] but wait—there we are---he then goes onto to , yes, University of Virginia School of Law –whew!!—and graduates from that Waspy institution [founded by our Founding father Thomas Jefferson—the ultimate hypocrite---black mistresses and children while espousing the benefits of slavery] in 1973.
From my brief reading of his disjointed law education,  I could make the case that RM is not the ‘swiftest boat in the harbor’ but who the hell cares when  you are pure blood WASP.
  But now, my dear readers, we get into a little ‘tricky area’.  Unfortunately for Mueller, I know this case all too well. 
There is the fault line in the Grand Inquisitor----Robert Mueller was the Prosecutor-in-chief of Panamanian General Manuel Noriega.
  As many of you have already read in my other blogs, that I was sent down to give Noriega an ultimatum to leave his country for reasons that I, along with our State Department Counselor,   never fully understood ---first, I was to ask politely then if that didn’t work…(it didn’t) I created agitprop.
  But throughout my experience with Noriega even up till this day, I was never really sure why we threw him out; other than he was an embarrassment to the Bush Sr administration. 
Noriega once explained to me in a Safe House [believe me there very few CIA there ---mostly DIA.  As usual,  I relied on my Military Intel operatives and not ‘drunk Irishmen’--- oh there was one CIA operative, a beautiful  blonde-haired woman, hmmm.. I do admit that I doubled her but back to the story]---he, Noriega, was no longer useful to our country; so like all the allies we work with ---Sadam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Somoza, etc—we eventually get rid of them when they are ‘inconvenient’.  We don’t kill them usually we just send them away to a distant location.
  And so it was with Noriega who had chateaux in France and Spain. 
But for sure, Robert Mueller must have known exactly what I knew. The only different was----simply this---he was co-opted by his fellow WASP—the Bushs Sr and then Jr.
So like all WASPS who don’t go to hell,  they end up in a future administration.   In this case, Robert Mueller did such a good job at monitoring the US citizenry with General Michael Hayden [Head of the NSA and CIA] that he was rewarded the “Grand Inquisitor Role”. 
  So that is how this brave American ex-Marine who won the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Gallantry Cross, Robert Mueller, decided to sell his Episcopalian soul for a few shekels of political fame and fortune and turn against the very people he had sworn to defend---in his oath of office as a military officer and Director Of the FBI-----in order to participate at increasing higher levels for a two decades in a Faustian deal where he could monitor the well-being of WE, The People. 
I am ashamed of you Robert Mueller!
  Of the others,  I could have expected more or less this type of despicable behavior.   But you were born of the manor to protect and defend us against any and all foreign and domestic tyranny ---but you have failed us.
And for that alone,  America will never forgive you. 
As for the dysfunctional, almost pathetic, self-aggrandizing FBI, believe me…. POTUS will find another highly compromised politico---just like Bill Clinton found Louis Freeh in New Jersey [one among many of ‘the chosen families’—the Supermob!],  American History will always condemn you to be like the Grand Inquisitor---the American Anti-Christ!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Bad Osama Bin Laden Death Narrative
  The Man Who Never Was Dies Once Again –Now Revealed! For The First Time In Classified Internal Emails On Board The USS Carl Vinson.
  You won’t believe it!  But, yes, my dear friends , the Intelligence Community just can’t give up on how Osama Bin Laden----the Terrorist who never was---died a “million deaths”!
  This time,  Navy Intelligence reveals from “Internal Emails among U.S military officers indicate that no sailors watched Osama Bin Laden’s burial at sea from the USS Carl Vinson and traditional procedures were followed during the ceremony”.  Huh???
  WOW! I must be “one bad dude” for the CIA, Military Intelligence, the Chief of Naval Operations, the SOCOM Commander, the DCI, the SEALS and now navy officers trying to shut me up, squash the ‘truth’ about Osama’s re-death at the political convenience of a future president.  (for those of you just coming in…I said ten years ago that Osama died before 9/11/2001 of complications from Marfan syndrome)
  Now folks, I am pretty good at predicting events and political/psychological dynamics  but  I am really NOT THAT GOOD ---or to be frank---that DANGEROUS –for U. S. national security ---(including all of the aforementioned agencies and personnel) to have wasted so many tax dollars and months, days and hours to concoct a story line that even a moron on a leap year couldn’t believe. 
Maybe Presidents Clinton, Bush Jr  and now Obama [believe or not , he staked a piece of his election on killing an already dead man]--- they can believe this “bullshitski”—but , my god, hasn’t our intelligence system something better to do than stupidity?
  However, my dear readers, you do have to remember one basic axiom---no one loves the CIA more than the CIA. 
  You know what---they even have an office---at your taxpayer dollars expense to pitch stories to Hollywood about their ‘legacy of ashes’ that’s how epics like “Charlie Wilson’s War” and now, “Argo” get made.
  Unfortunately,  I had to see “Argo” in a preview again,  this time in order to cast my vote for best picture of the year. (In one of my many roles in life, something that the agency only dreams of possessing, is that I have been a TV Movie Producer which , believe or not, qualifies me to vote—drum roll please---for the “Best Picture “ at the Academy Awards in Hollywood.)
  Yes, that’s right.!
Now, guess who was laughing on the floor all through Argo?  You got it, me!
I could not believe how a smart, insightful Ben Affleck could have made such a bad film [that’s a question of taste] about one of the worst failures in the history of US intelligence----The Iran Hostage Siege.
I am always amazed by  THE CIA’s out right boldness, arrogance and self-congratulatory affection that they have for themselves ---over and over again.
  As I mentioned in one of my former blogs, Argo is really a testimony to the stupidity and incompetence of the State Department and more importantly the CIA. 
They never fail to F..k UP !!!!
  But the beauty of the CIA,  the military as well as the FBI,  is that they love to portray themselves as they believe they should have acted---appropriate, competently even a little bit irreverent—that’s the swagger part.
  These guys including SOCOM under Navy control and now the Regular Navy are invested in creating fiction.
But really, its obvious that they need some (lots) of help ….so let me try to give them some friendly advice.
  First, guys, if you want to create a convincing story line about the SEALS and the presumed killing and death of Osama Bin Laden—don’t use the names of Navy personnel who have been fired or retired.
That’s not only cowardly and silly, it’s also not credible.
Important!  as writers you have to be consistent—bozo!  Don’t use the name of an Admiral who was just dismissed by the POTUS and the Choir Boys—like Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette whom you just canned when he did do something noble like defy POTUS’s orders to “Stand Down” in the Benghazi affair.
  Hey bozos, stay away from using Admiral Mullen, the son of a former William Morris Agency PR man and a ‘self-aggrandizing, narcissistic’ bullshitter in his own right.
  Now, you have a cover story with no credible characters or witnesses but a bunch of names whom you, yourselves discredited.
Next, the most important aspect of intelligence or story writing is never to harp on a subject that has no truth or is really been discredited worldwide.
  But quite frankly, if you guys want to say you killed a dead man who never planned the 9/11 attack in 2001 and then you killed the dead man who never was on May 2011----go ahead, knock yourselves out but I can tell you, it won’t sell.
 Oh by the way, I do like the Latino touch.
  You have a Latino,  Rear Admiral Samuel Perez, Commander of the Carrier Strike Force [is he your in-house  spic?]  asking this nonsensical question, “Any news on the package for us?” Then you have the Latino responding,  “FedEX delivered the package” ----Are you guys kidding? This is really beyond stinky dialogue…. This is just bad!!!!!
“Both trucks are safely enroute home base,” Perez responds again.  Mira le! Mamacita que puede decir!!!
WoW! This makes CHEECH and CHONG sound WASPY!!!
  So now the navy gets rid of one Admiral Gaouette for bravery and puts in his place ‘frito bandito’.
As someone born in Cuba,  I find this stereotype of Hispanic Navy personnel ---OFFENSIVE!!
  C’mon…bad story line, used-up faked narrative, stereo-typed characters, lies, bad fact checking, you guys are really amateurs!
  The truth is that our military leaders have failed in combat since WWII –Korea, Viet Nam , etc. And don’t get me started on the mistakes, mis-steps of our intelligence service!.... seriously, leave the overt propaganda to Hollywood, you guys really need to concentrate on your jobs!  
You have repeatedly failed our country in telling the truth and dishonoring the memories of veterans who truly DID DIE in a real war ---not a contrived war ---- in order to serve our country and save it from domestic tyrants who call themselves POTUS, CIA operatives, Homeland Security or some other nonsensical national security acronyms which costs the American public trillions of dollars while veterans suffer needlessly in your VA hospitals… and our citizens have to work two jobs… and others are still on food stamps…. And thanks to your military-industrial juggernaut we, the US, rank 47th lowest country in the world in education
  The American public is tired of your lies, incompetence and arrogance and for that you will pay in time---- as the American public will deem fit.
  My past and future blogs are dedicated to one thing: telling the truth!
 In others words, as the CIA liked to say in the Movie “Argo” ---Arrr…go F..k Yourselves!!! 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

“We stand for organized terror - this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution. Our aim is to fight against the enemies of the Soviet Government and of the new order of life. We judge quickly. In most cases only a day passes between the apprehension of the criminal and his sentence. When confronted with evidence criminals in almost every case confess; and what argument can have greater weight than a criminal's own confession?” 
― Felix Dzerzhinsky

John O.Brennan:  American Spy--- American Assassin--  Or An American Murderer? 
  That my dear readers is the question one must ask oneself….
  Who is this John O. Brennan,  son of Irish immigrants,  a devout Catholic and a 25 year ‘career’ with the CIA.
  That’s what we can say up front.
  But unfortunately there is much more to the story of this ruddy-faced, bulk of an Irishman than meets the eye or the records.
  For the present, he has the indubitable distinction of officially being called the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism to President Barack Obama, “the child-bride of the CIA”.  And you might have guessed,  Brennan does not report to his fellow Irish-men of less dubious distinction and merit, his ostensible boss, Denis McDonough—a novitiate to national security and perhaps the “most eunuch” of all the choir boys including  Donilon,  Dempsey, and Clapper
  You get the picture.  The Nativity scene of Irish Catholics devoted to the Church and country is replete with irish wit, irish cynicism and unfortunately, Irish bad luck bestowed on the American public (of whom forty million are of Irish descent).
Now, let’s not get upset here, for I have also the better tale of Irish wit and charm used in the service of our country in the apprehension a very catholic CIA spy, named Aldrich Ames, who had allowed many of our diverse Soviet ‘assets’ to ‘burn’ because he was a traitor to our country and the CIA.  Ames did it for the money, about $4.3 million but one Paul Redman helped to bust him.    
The hero of that tale is my good old friend and soul mate—Director of CIA Counter-Intelligence--Paul Redman, a fine Irish ‘rogue” from the south side of Boston and the north end of Harvard ‘Yaard’.
But that tale is to come a bit later. 
  So,  follow me, if you care, on this path of psychological vivisection that I am about to perform much like my favorite Irish author James Joyce in Finnegan's Wake
  I intend no insult to the Irish nor their descendants but it is important to dissect why we have this over- abundance of Irish Catholic men doing ‘the dirty work’ of President Obama (Ireland, a country that was once devastated with famine and discharged her minions onto our shores to do no harm and bade us well.)
But, unfortunately, that is not the case with the Choir Boys nor in particular with Mr John O. BrennanMr Obama’s “Top Gun" as had called him.  
  In simple terms McDonough, Brennan’s boss,  is a man of little if no consequence, other than speechwriter or political operative who sucked his way up the mammary glands of Democratic Politics. 
  But, John O. Brennan, “Johnny Boy”, if we may call him that with certain tone of both insincerity and disdain, is quite another story.
You see, the public knows a lot about him!
  Just look up his Wikipedia and you get a certain bland perspective to this bland-less, bloated, ruddy –faced complexioned man who sits in a small west-wing office reporting to no one, but as I had said, but the POTUS.
  Now for the record, to be fair, I have never met, Johnny boy. So I cannot offer any personal observations about him.
  Then,  you ask,  how can I,  a man with no personal acquaintance of this ‘fine man’ be so cleverly insightful and precise in my assessment without direct observation?
The answer is quite simple.
  I know him through the countless of Irish-American Station Chiefs I have worked with overseas for over thirty years and in countless countries where their charm only exceeded their ineptitude.
  But more importantly, I know him and his ilk because I have treated the Irish-American CIA families and they all have certain characteristics in common.
  One, they have very dysfunctional families.  In good part, because if you are a Station Chief, you spent most if not all of your time in the office or in the field. 
But that is not a particular variable for Irish-American Intel officers.
Then there is,  may I say without prejudice, the problem of alcoholism in the family.  Be it the Station Chief, his wife, his son or his daughter or all the above.
  Alcoholism is rampant throughout our intelligence  community , diplomatic corps and our military.
  The reason—very simple.  All of these American working overseas can obtain alcohol at the nearest Base PX at a very low cost.  Also the different organizations tend to encourage socializing and drinking as a way to entertain foreigners.
But we stray here. 
  And the last part of my analysis of John Brennan, is the fact that I have never met him.  The field of counter-terrorism was a very small community of operatives and specialists.
  Over thirty years in and out of five administrations,  I had never encountered him personally and only knew him as the ‘station chief in Saudi Arabia who screwed up’  and allowed 19 of our American Soldiers to die in the Khobar Tower explosion.
  I have been involved in countless Middle East terrorism encounters [events] including the PLO, PFLP, Arafat, Abu Nidal, George Habash, Hamas, Hezbollah, JLA etc , etc.
  Nowhere was he or the CIA to be found in an  ‘effective role’.   I would have known since over that period of time, I was DAS who had access to all and every intel operative that was important to my terrorism and counter terrorism endeavors.
  But truth be known,  as many of you my readers have learned, I have never had a great respect for the CIA and relied much more on DIA and the military than on ‘cowboys’ and ‘analysts’ [who were most of the time wrong].
  I find it interesting  that Brennan’s career really begins with Bill Clinton.  There he was a daily briefer for the President as he is now.
  Then in 1999, Brennan became chief of staff to DCI, George Tenet
Now, here is the date that becomes important.
  Brennan Deputy Executive Director of the CIA in March 2001.
  So, my dear readers, guess what happens on 9/11/2001?  That’s right.  We have the Greek Immigrant son’s George Tenet,  pimping for the WASP Bush Jr and work with the Jewish Neocons –Paul Wolfowitz and hint---here is a hint, Paul—and a Polish–American descendant in Paul's office to create—the “stand down’ and 9/11 attack on the American public,  killing about 3,450 innocent American lives.
Who says America is not an ‘equal opportunity killer’? 
  Now Brennan is responsible for the deaths of the 19 American Soldiers,  3000 plus Americans and then he ‘claims’ that ‘he was against the war in Iraq’.
My dear readers, let me tell you the next characteristic feature of our choir boys and our Irish-American CIA operatives that make them particularly susceptible to mistrust and complete disregard for anything they may or may not have said.
 Are you ready? 
  They are inveterate liars.  They are born to lie. They grow up in the Catholic Church repeating Catechisms of obedience and self-delusion, convincing themselves that they are indeed very special,  anointed by provenance to serve church and state as ‘obedient servants’ to the extant hierarchybe it lay or religious.
  In other words, they will say or do anything in order to remain in good graces with the State and Church as long as they are told what to believe and obey.  Theirs is really never to question or defy but to bow and disgrace in the name of a ‘greater good’. 
  Even when they take an initiative, they believe that they are doing for ‘the greater good’. 
  I do not fault a Catholic for his or her religion. I fault a man who claims to be a ‘good catholic’ and then commits the greatest of sins---killing innocent men, women and children.
And that,  my dear readers, is what I accuse John O. Brennan of being—An American Murderer who has killed and participated in the killing of thousands of innocent Americans. 
But, that is not he end.
  Without remorse or shame  in his heart, he wheedles his way back into the good graces of our dear CIA-cradled POTUS  entreats him with the delights of mass murder on a far more elegant and complex scale. 
  He terms the assassination of intended targets—presumably al-Qaeda [remember a CIA creation] with drones and distant rockets with  heuristic concept he calls ‘disposition matrix’.
  Now, this good Roman Catholic had no qualms when he instigated ‘waterboarding’ and ‘enhanced methods of interrogation' but now he and his walnut farmer partner Leon, “The Nut” , Panetta, SecDef, decide to kill hundreds if not thousands of ‘terrorists’ and----oh by the way---countless thousands of ‘innocent Pakistanis, Afghanis, Yemeni’s’
So this Brennan, born of the church, educated by the disciples of St Ignatius [Jesuits—many of whom I have treated as they left the CIA and Woodstock, their seminary], trained and nurtured by the dysfunctional CIA, brought into pre—9/11 by Bill Clinton [who by the way would have to be included along with Sandy Berger –his Jewish NSC Advisor—who was indicted for stealing secrets from the Library of Congress], and covered by the cowardly George Tenet [borne from the political sluts of Congress], infused by the neocons –Wolfowitz, Perles, Khalizad; aided and abetted by SOLIC, Cheney , Bush Jr, and then returns back to the bosom of the CIA and the intelligence community to continue a war that never was-----what else should I call him but An American Murderer?
  But there are those who correctly point their figure at me and ask –are you no better, Dr. ? 
Perhaps not!
  But, as someone who had been accused of ‘being an assassin’-whether true or not--- I can assure you that I never had to torture nor had I ever had to compromise one American life in my ‘regime change’ and those who died or might have died were ‘designated enemies’ and regimes which fostered the death of innocent people in their own and other countries. 
 Does this make a better or more moral man? 
Not at all.
  But I never hid behind religion or the system or the lies--- or invoked my innocence on behalf  of my chosen profession ---medicine---or my allotted religion—Judaism. 
  What I have done I have done simply because I was trained to do psychological operations against any and all enemies—whether foreign or ---in this case--- more importantly DOMESTICALLY.
 I stand by my accusation that John O. Brennan is a ‘traitor‘ to America and to it’s core values and is the MURDERER OF INNOCENT AMERICAN MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN .  If not the murderer of innocent civilian muslims.
  He is the core of the war on terror.  He is the American traitor who remained loyal to the code of omerta, the Opus Dei version of American Treason, committing crimes against americans.
 As Paul Redmond would say, ‘It’s time to take him out!” 
"Bless me father for I have sinned, its been twenty five years since my last honest confession, I have murdered innocent people in pursuit of what I call duty…."