Monday, November 26, 2012

Here is another eye opening article on this "drone issue"....I will be posting soon.


  1. My ex-brother-in-law has a job making drones for close to minimum wage. We don't need this kind of job. Drones? That's all this country knows how to make? That and TSA jobs feeling up crotches and harassing bums. And prison guards for our burgeoning slave labor population.

  2. Drones have their place (a limited place), but should not be used as a one-size fits all, imperial enforcement tool at the farthest reaches of the Empire (because that's how drones are currently being used).

    God help us should drones start to be used right here in the heart of the Empire. That would be the tangible evidence we have turned into a slave empire where citizens are presumed guilty and need to be closely watched at all times from the sky. But perhaps that would be the tangible evidence courageous political candidates could point to when declaring, "WE ARE AN EMPIRE & ITS WRONG!"

    The vast majority of the citizens haven't a clue as to how far this noble experiment in representative democracy has fallen.

    As for the near minimum wage, that would appear, based on the above comment, to be the dirty little secret of high-tech, high profit, manufactoring, where the labor gets wages that possibly qualifies them for food stamps and section 8 housing (a type of corporate welfare), while the investors get big bucks -- enough to shower millions on political campaigns.

    Why do I say "corporate welfare" when the subsidy is actually going to the worker? I say it because without the "worker subsidy" those workers would demand better wages & benefits that the company would have to pay its labor force. (Gee, it might dent the profits ever so slightly -- can't have that!)

    This is the new America brought to us by BOTH political parties. An America where the labor market is so slack that high-tech, high profit companies can get away with such bullshit.

    It's the Walmartization of America (and it stinks).