Friday, November 16, 2012

The GEOPOLITICAL IRRELEVANCE  Of The Horrendous Israel-Gaza Wars.
“War has broken out between Israel and Gaza/Hamas!”
 Not quite right!
  Almost every major news media outlet and internet chat room is replete with the alarming cry that WAR had begun with Israeli fighter jets decimating Gaza and it’s civilians and Hamas launching Qassam rockets into Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel.
The reality of the moment is devastating!
Now, I don’t diminish the tragedy of lost lives on both sides of the conflagration.  Nor do I,  in anyway, minimize the intensity of the outcries of anger, hurt, and pain.  Unfortunately screams of revenge hurled into the stenching smell of cordite scorching the atmosphere of destruction looming over both Israelis and Palestinians only intensify as the war keeps escalating needlessly…. 
But in reality.
I mean real cold realpolitik REALITY.  This war did not begin now, yesterday, or even decades ago.  This war between the Israelis and Palestinians began in 1948 when the State of Israel was created amidst the lands occupied by the Palestinians.
  As to who was there first and who was historically culled from that particular geographical area on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is not as relevant as how both the Palestinians and Israelis were being manipulated for the sole purpose of “Playing Out The Games of State”. 
Just how did the US and other ex-Great European Powers manipulate both the Palestinians and the Israelis for the Superpowers’ specific geopolitical advantage in the middle east?
As to the cost in lives, that was quite frankly secondary in terms of consideration by British, French, Soviets and now the U.S. in their quest for gaining geopolitical advantage. 
So who is the bad guy?
Let’s look at the history and you decide what where the wiry finger of justice should lie.
In 1948 when the State of Israel was created, the British Empire was waning and both the Soviet Union and the US were ascending in power.  The Soviets supplied the Israelis with weapons manufactured and transferred through Czechoslovakia.  In turn, the British,  in this game of strategic gamesmanship,  supplied and led the Jordan Arab Legion and subsidized the Egyptian Army,  all in the sole interest of trying pitifully to retain some semblance of influence in their Post WWI Middle East.  But history was not so kind and Israel with the outright help of Soviet military and technical assistance supported the birth of state of Israel. 
By the way, at no time during the period from 1948-1968 did Israel ever proclaim itself as the “natural representative” of the “Holocaust”.   The Holocaust was not useful as shibboleth to a young Zionist state replete with bravado, the success of a war and the future promise of a state configured with the ‘new jews’ [implying that they would not submit as ‘passively’ as the Polish Jews and others into the Nazi death camps].
Then the Soviets pulled out of Israel for fear of creating an unnecessary confrontation with the rising economic superpower America.  Instead, the Americans encouraged the French to provide necessary armaments and military support in place of maintaining an American presence on Israeli soil.
But the Soviets instead of pulling out of the Middle East, decided to support Egypt and Syria while the US made a strategic alliance with Turkey and NATO. 
[Please reader, always remember,  that NATO means USA.  Nothing else.  Just another initial to cover the US participation. It sounds more inclusive and multilateral.  Nonsense!! ]
You are starting to get the idea that the Middle East was nothing more than a ‘geographical chessboard’ in which Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians and other Muslim countries were EXPENDABLE CHESS PIECES….mostly pawns.  
Soon the Soviet Union began supporting Yasser Arafat,   Chief of the Palestinian Liberation Organization [PLO] with weapons and technical assistance in order to counter the chess moves that the US was making in Western Europe. 
[Sidebar: I had known Arafat as both a ‘terrorist’ and as ‘Nobel Price Winner’.  I tracked him down and then was told to ‘leave him alone’ .  Decades later, I worked with him on the Camp David Peace Accords and other peace initiatives.]
Basic Lesson In Terrorism: Today’s  so-called ‘terrorist’ is tomorrow’s ‘statesman’.  This was true of Menachem Begin, Mandela, John Adams, Our Founding Fathers, and Sadat.
Now back to the geopolitical chess game. 
  Remember for centuries the territory occupied by the Israelis-Palestinians was fundamental to the geopolitical rise and fall of empires because of it’s central location on the eastern Mediterranean Sea intersecting so many land masses crucial to trade.  And where there was trade, then came religion and ideology.  And of course,  wars
But by 1968, the United States had reached the paramount position in the Cold War. It made a decision that Israel was not really needed for strategic or geopolitical purposes.
  Realizing this geopolitical fact, the Zionist leaders immediately created another shibboleth which forced the USA to maintain a ‘moral obligation’  to the ‘survival of the State of Israel’.   By now, most you know, that the “Holocaust Industry”  was created,  with the assistance of effete French intellectual, Ellie Wiesel, whom I had first heard talk about ‘never forget the holocaust’ in Toulouse, France.
  As a teenager, I had found his appearance and pandering to an audience that had lost half of their relatives as ‘degoutons’.  Disgusting!
Then Soviet Union was ‘taken down’ [with yours truly participating] so the US no longer really needed Israel and quite frankly the Middle East in general.  Even Saudi Arabia with it’s depleted oil (which we in the US rarely used but exported to Japan and China) was not relevant to the geopolitical Superpower status of the US
We had no enemies and no need to have enemies!
  But Israel, still unsettled by US abandonment, and never maturely developed as a Nation-State decided to create a ‘terrorist group’ called----you guessed it---“Hamas”
  I know this is getting somewhat tedious, all this deception, denial, creating ‘strategic tensions’ all over the world but bear with me….there’s a bit more.
 In the late 1980’s,  I was sent over by the SecState, the Honorable George Schultz, to evaluate the state of Palestinian ‘banking’
  In reality, I went there with some very effective operatives, “off-the- record” [again no secrets are or will be divulged at any time by me] to interview several physicians like myself who were ‘members of the infamous PLO’ and talked to them.
  Along with me, was the future Ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan,  Zalmay Khalilzad.   At that time, he was rational and appropriate without a neocon agenda [otherwise I would have fed him to the ‘wolves’—he knew this.].
  What we both learned at the same time from the PLO members [by the way PLO had become like the CFR, a Rotary Club of ex-criminals and ex-ideologues] who had informed us that Shin Bet –the Israelis FBI—had created in Birzeit a “terrorist” group called “Hamas”.
  The idea, as crazy as it sounded to me then and now, was that Hamas would be supported by Sunni Muslims against the Shi’ite supported Hezbollah, located at that time in Southern Lebanon.  So Israel intelligence thought,  even to this day, that they could be so smart as to play one ‘terrorist group’ against another.  In the process,  they could avoid a ‘blowback’ like the CIA had with Al –Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.
In any case, Israel failed miserably as did the PLO, PFLP and Hamas.  Believe it or not, the only ‘terrorist’ group that did well was/is Hezbollah.  The reason was simple.  Like all smart terrorists, they decided that they would convert their collective fighting energy into construction, financing business, and social welfare. That’s why today they are considered a legitimate part of the Lebanese government and society.
[Sidebar: The Ex-Tupamaros,  Uruguays’ terrorists and todays leaders are moving to legalize pot.  Now that’s an enlightened ex-terrorist group.]
Now you know the rest of the story.  We attacked Iraq and Afghanistan ,  thanks to the neocons and “BUCHENEY” [my new made-up word for the day], we lost, got out, and then we pulled out of the Middle East.
So there is poor Israel and Palestine…..left on their own. 
Still in their inevitable, historical  Sado-Masochistic Ritual of ‘beat me-hit me’.
Of course, as you may or may not know,  S&M relationships serve a particular purpose for each of the parties.  Each one can become both the masochist and sadist without too much contemplation or emotional effort.
  So as the US matures in it’s foreign policy and correctly turns it’s attention toward Asia where 90 % of our trade is involved and we concentrate on Cyber war, Cyber Security.   I can assure my readers, as both as a psychiatrist and former operative, that as long as Israel and the Palestinians want to whip and lash each other, that’s their ‘proclivity’ and no amount of sane talk will dissuade them from their dysfunctional behavior.
It’s a pity that Israel, Hamas and the Palestinians have yet to realize that in the course of history and the Real politics of Superpowers ….. they are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT!!
So keep whipping each other, until there is no one left!!!
C’est dommage!!! 
But that is the Human Condition!


  1. WEll written and thank you for your clarity. I read too much vitriol on Veterans Today by Gordon Duff (who I am sure you are aware of). Israel and that area ARE irrelevant. This is GOOD news (not really news but you get the point).

  2. another very very interesting post dr pieczenik, ive often wondered how israel have had such a hold on the west in general, i know here in england all political parties have members who belong to friends of israel groups ect ect, and only a few whom support the palestinians who in my opinion get a very poor deal and recieve next to no sympathy by british media, i find it unbelievable that i have to look at "alternative" media outlets to actually get the picture from the palestinian perspective and that in any circumstance is not fair and correct,whats more anyone who voices any sort of support to the palestinian people are at best a supporter of terrorism and at worst anti semetic! and i can assure anybody this isnt the case. please excuse my semi rant but i believe in fairness, i personally think that the unfortunate people of that part of the world are being played like chess pieces which is what i think you mentioned, and whats interesting is what goes on regarding support of israel by different countries over the decades i.e uk,usa,ussr ect,and what you have explained about hamas is very very enlightening and demands further reading on my part though it shouldnt surprise me given what i read on how the al jazeera tv network was founded in a similar way! i have a very basic knowledge on matters such as these but i strive to improve and i am grateful to sites such as this where not only are we enlightened but are given an opportunity to reply and read peoples thoughts, many thanks

  3. It's a very simple fact that Zionism is a form of nationalism based on race. In that respect it resembles Naziism, and the government of Israel resembles that of South Africa under apartheid more than any other. The Nazis and the Zionists understood each other and got along very well, as "The Transfer Agreement" shows. The essence of Zionism is the establishment of a "Jewish state" in Palestine. A "Jewish state" means, BY DEFINITION, a state where Jews are the only real citizens with rights. As long as this principle is maintained, there MUST be conflict between Jews and non-Jews, that is, people of any and every other ethnicity that are excluded from the definition of a "Jew" maintained by the Israeli government, which is that you are a Jew if your mother is a Jew (and she's a Jew if her mother is a Jew, and so on and so forth.)

    The "two state solution" to the conflict is Zionist hypocrisy. Such a "solution" is the same thing the apartheid government of South Africa wanted. It is to give them "Bantustans", some Indian reservations with no army and no power and no natural resources where the oppressed non-White or non-Jewish population can live in squalor and be a source of low-wage labor. Israel cannot exist much longer as the Jewish South Africa of the 21st century.

    The only way to peace for Israel is to give up the Zionist objective of a Jewish state and to become a normal democracy. This is called the "One State Solution" and it is indeed the ONLY mathematically possible solution to this problem. Here is how to implement it: First, the government of Israel issues a blanket offer of citizenship with full rights to every resident of the West Bank and Gaza. Then, it invites the people of the area to hold local elections and send representatives to a constitutional convention (Israel does not now have a written constitution). They will hammer out a constitution that guarantees equal rights to all citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity. This will have to be guaranteed by national vertical integration of both the army and the judicial system. On the local level, communities should elect their own mayors, police forces, etc. Once the new constitution has been finalized, it must be ratified by the vote of the whole population, one man, one vote. There, solved, end of conflict.

    What is preventing this from happening? It is the U.S./Israeli military alliance, of course. Only so long as Israeli Zionism is protected by the U.S. can such an anachronism continue to exist. The U.S. could make a one-state solution happen by making it a condition of any further U.S. support - just as did happen with South Africa. This solution would greatly benefit the United States, Israel and indeed the whole world. What do you think, Steve? Could we make something good like this happen for a change?

  4. The nascent state of Israel depended on benign neglect/assent and passive allowance for weapons transfers into Palestine by both the Soviet Union and the West.

    Who made sure the gangs had the superior weapons?

    Israel, once spawned, played a fine game of using its connections with the U. S. and the Soviet Union to improve its geo-political security.

    At one time or another playing off one against the other. Some call this playing both sides against the middle or playing a double game.

    Always a dangerous game.

    But whatever decade, the 1940's, 50's, 60's, 70's ... or today, Israel has had a qualitative & quantitative military advantage.

    Who made sure the gangs had the superior weapons?

    So, Israel created Hamas, and now is killing off its own creation, but at what cost to the rest of the Palestinian People, most, simply innocents trying to survive in a brutal environment -- an environment molded by others...

    And the disparity of weapons makes equalizing this as somekind of a tit-for-tat, slap-and-tickle, sadistic cat and mouse game, to play out... wrong.

    Morally wrong.

    No, sometimes its misdirection when the key to the story is STILL the innocent people, the innocent blood, the innocent children.

    We can not let Israel have its way with innocent children in a dark closet of wickedness & moral degradation.

    It is against the U. S. vital national interest.

    Is there likelyhood the U. S. will wash its hands of Israel? No.

    So, Israel's conduct reflects on America whether we like it or not.

    Israel... its value is disputed:

    For there are those, who, as a foreign diplomat once said, think Israel is a 'shitty little country' and there are those who hold Israel as the 'cross-roads of the world'.

    Perhaps, given all that has happened, it is both, princess & harlot.

    The Key to... what? Dominion or Ashes.

    Does that mean anything goes? Even if it drives the peaceful American People over the brink of war.

    Against the Palestinians, does Israel have an obligation to employ reasonable & proportional force?

    What obligation does Israel have to the People of Gaza? Are they to be treated like mice in an over-crowded cage managed with a cowprod for anybody who gets out of line?

    Is there truth to what critics of Israel's Gaza policy call, "Israel's disproportionate use of military force?"

    It's a squeeze play, the game Israel is playing.

    It's a dangerous game.

    Much as I might like to turn my back on the whole mess, the United States vital national interest necessitates the U. S. play a constructive diplomatic role in that part of the world.

    It does depend on traditional diplomatic principle, forwarded by American diplomats:

    Reduce the 'Tension', turn-down the temperature, seek diplomatic understanding, not 'Regime Change'.

    Here's where Israel matters: Israel sees & observes Uncle Sam, behind the curtain, taking out Libya, now attempting to take out Syria.

    What kind of lesson is that for Israel?

    How about, "better get, while the getting's good."

    Seriously, at this time, a web of geopolitical tension has been spun in the Middle East. Like the silken thread of a spider's web, pulling a thread can cause unanticipated consequences, in deed, pull the wrong thread and the whole spider's web can be sent vibrating with repercussions.

    And the tighter the tension, should a strand snap & break, the whiplash could be a scorpin's sting in the eye.

    I agree, we have no enemies and no need to have enemies at the strategic level.

    Traditional Diplomacy at humanity's best, reduces tension and promotes peace & stability.

    It takes men of honor to man the oars of the ship of state in rough seas.

    It takes a People to insist on men of Peace & Honor to man those diplomatic oars.

    Directed death & destruction, at the hands of aggressors, observed without response, are corrosive to Man's compassion, an outlet of the human soul.

    A window to the human soul is a good thing to keep open.

  5. I recommend going to and listening to Webster Tarpley's latest interview on Press TV for more good analysis of Israel.

  6. once again every day is a schoolday! im grateful to all people that actually make me think!even in the minority of one the truth is still the truth!

  7. Thank you Dr. Piezcnik! What an incredibly insightful history lesson and perspective. Very provocative views which, if nothing else expose the ridiculously obvious media spin that is force-fed to the American people.

  8. The ONLY solution is the one state solution. Israel must allow the return of everyone exiled, their property must be returned, everyone must be allowed to vote, and there must be no special legal privileges to anyone because they are Jewish.

    This is the only solution and IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

    The Israeli leadership in both Likud and Labor will never permit anything which makes Israel a normal republic instead of a religiously-based, ethnically-based JEWISH state.

    That's why in the end this matter will absolutely only be settled with massive violence.

    There is no other way.

    1. In my view there is a chance for this to happen if the U.S. would withdraw support from Zionism and treat Israel an apartheid state like South Africa. That resulted in a peaceful transition of state power, and it could happen in Israel too. You say this will never happen, but it could if Israel becomes seen as a strategic liability by U.S. policymakers such as Brzezinski, who wants to turn attention to Asia. Also, Israel's behavior is coming to be so execrated by the whole international community that Jews in the U.S. and around the world are increasingly distancing themselves. The Netanyahu regime is weak and isolated.

  9. All the things you cite will only bring the Likud and Labor to the point of a two-state solution.

    Unfortunately Arab self-determination on a sliver of land isn't the major problem.

    The indiginous Arabs don't want SOME homeland, SOMEplace.

    What they require is their former homes and property returned. Self-determination isn't enough. The bigger problem is that of THEFT of the real properties expropriated to which the Arabs had legal title.

    If the Arabs were to all return and be allowed Israeli citizenship the Jewish population versus Arab would be deminished to the point that the Arabs would out-vote them in the Kenesset.

    South Africa was an isolated place with no influence in American politics and was suppressing people identified with America's own racist history.

    The South African example has no bearing on the Israeli lobby in the U.S., and the ease with which Israel can portray their Arab opponants as "terrorists," which are now the bugimen of many an Americans' nightmares.

  10. I take no joy in my cynical prediction that only violence will resolve things.

    But no Isreali party will permit the right of return because it would spell the end to the Jewish state.

    Things in Palestine are getting more polerized, not less. With the loss of Arab governments tolerant to Isreal we are heading for a terrible series of events.