Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dr Bashar Assad Says He Will Not Leave Syria: He Is Right!! Don’t Believe Our CIA and Our Generals!
The civil war in Syria has been raging on for about 1 ½ years. This war is an attempt by Saudi Arabia, UAE,  the other Sunni state of Turkey to rid themselves of the so-called ‘tyrant’,  Dr Bashar Assad.
Why do I say so-called ‘tyrant’ Dr Bashar Assad? 
First, I address him by his proper title of a British-trained opthamologist- who is a physician unlike the other equally known ‘tyrants’ like King Faisal and his spoiled Saudi ‘Princelings’,  the Emir of UAE [another fake title created by the British after WWI] and the Sabah Family [corrupt non-titular ruling family ] of Kuwait.
The next thing that we need to get straight in this convoluted Syrian civil war- we are dealing with a highly intelligent, professional individual and his family. 
No dummies be they!
Then we have to uncover the line-up behind Dr Bashar and why I think he will remain in power much longer than our misdirected intelligence system has stated. 
As I mentioned before, Putin backs Bashar Assad.  In my opinion, contrary to the naïve, simplistic constructs of our previous neocon factotums behind the Republicans, Putin is strong, shrewd, and extremely knowledgeable. He is an expert in geopolitical strategy and tactics.  Putin knows that by supporting Bashar,  Russia can protect Christians, Druze, Shi’ites and other minority groups from the wanton slaughter by Salafists and Sunnis and acquire a major foothold in the Middle East while American forces pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Then we have the Iranians protecting Bashar.  Iran’s  presence in Syria counters the Sunni forces of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the mercenaries of the USA funded by no other than our favorite “Gang Who Cannot Shoot Straight”---The CIA. 
Next we have the Turks who want to protect their borders from more refugees rushing into the southern border of Turkey.  They have placed heavy artillery and hundreds of thousands of soldiers and Anti-aircraft guns along the northern border of Syria [southern border of Turkey] in order to insure a ‘no-fly zone’.
As previously mentioned a few blogs ago, Erdogan has very little wiggle room with which to play because he has to worry that the Syrians and others [read Russia and Iran] don’t create a secessionist movement of Kurds in Turkey, resulting in the unfortunate loss of about one third of Turkey’s land mass. 
However, the biggest reason why I think that Bashar Assad will survive is the misbegotten assessment of our intelligence community that the US must support the downfall of Bashar.  Why would we do that, you ask?   Answer:  USG wants to support the Saudi thugs (Salafists) in their attempt to overthrow Assad and stop the growing hegemony of Iran over the Middle East especially over the Saudi Arabians.
Why should we support the corrupt Saudis over the corrupt Iranians who, by the way, helped us to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan while the Saudis have done nothing more than finance so-called ‘terrorist groups’ which we first created and then fought.
 Sidebar: Please always remember the basic military principle that the US military and national security establishment over the past forty years only fights those ’tyrants’ that the CIA, WH, or the State Department create and support.  When we no longer find them useful, we accuse them of some absurd sin (e.g. Noriega is a ‘drug lord’ when he was our intelligence and drug intercessor for the CIA) and get rid of them. 
Or, what about this one.  Bush Jr, who swore he would ‘kill Sadam’ because Sadam ‘had tried to kill his father, Bush Sr’.  Unfortunately, he forgot to mention the parts of the story where he, George Shultz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, supplied Sadam with poison gas canisters and helicopters with which Sadam could massacre the Kurds
Same thing with Gaddafi.  He helped the USA to stop some ‘terrorist groups’ and provided Goldman Sachs with 1.4 billion in cash, but he became ‘inconvenient’ so he had to go.
Funny thing is…. Sadam, Noriega, and Gaddafi (the fake Arab born Yemeni-Jew) are all well relocated in far away places where most people would not even recognize them if they walked into the local shopping center.
I wish I could make up this type of nonsensical gamesmanship,  but as a fiction writer it was too absurd even for me.  The Rule of Kings which insures the survival of the enemy leader and gives him /her an ‘escape clause’ in a ‘trumped –up-war’ by the US or any other nation does not allow for the recent death of so-called ‘tyrants’.
 Now, we come to the basic fact that Bashar has so far refused the ‘routine offer’ that states make to a ‘tyrant’ in order to rid themselves of these ‘noisome pests’. 
  He has very clearly stated ‘I will not leave here [Syria] alive.  I was born here and I will die here in Syria’.
  As I have mentioned before in my previous blogs, I had a chance to get to know Hafez Assad (father of Bashar) He was a forceful ex-Air Force Commander and leader of Syria.  As luck would have it, I was interrogated by Bashar Assad’s Interior Security Minister,  I have come to a definite conclusion about the Assad family:  Don’t mess with them!!!
They were born in Syria and they will die in Syria. 
  Our own Benghazi catastrophe was an unfortunate by product of this covert civil war in which the CIA used the American consulate to ‘illegally’ store ‘large weapons’ [against all international laws--violating Libyan, international and American laws] which would mistakenly support the Saudi thugs—the ‘salafist’ and ‘sunni terrorist’ groups financed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Doesn’t this sound familiar? 
September 11, 2001 and September 11, 2012—same cast of characters—the Hot Shot, Hot Headed, “Legacy of Ashes”, our CIA and now under the direction of General Petraeus (who should have known better) and not have been sucked into this stupid plan concocted by General Dempsey, Brennan, Donilon, Biden, Hillary, and the other brains who never understood the Middle East.  Not the way Ambassador Christopher Stevens did (a brilliant ‘Arabist’ who opposed this support of the non-existent ‘freedom fighters’ of Syria). 
So four Americans die for an asinine plan concocted by the Usual Suspects—Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, Petraeus (unfortunately), Panetta and the White House ‘choir boys’. 
  Two of the dead were CIA contractors who died for a paycheck, not for love of country or honor.  But that’s the price you pay when you trust your life in the hands of American amateurs who try to depose a professional tyrant’
We continue to make this mistake over and over, costing the US lives and lots of money.
It goes something like this…..
We create an unnecessary conflict and conflagration –like 9/11 ten years apart—declare it a war and a dishonor to American security. Then we devise some half-baked plan to solve a problem that we created in the first place.  Inevitably, we find ourselves with mud on our face and blood on our hands.
Next we appoint a ‘commission’ to ‘investigate’ the original problem that should never have existed in the first place.
Finally, we concoct some fictional narrative like Osama Bin Laden, despite being already dead and buried, will be found and killed when it is politically convenient….sometimes Hollywood gets in there to “help us out” with a good story….
  Soldiers and mercenaries are sent to far away places that the British Army had long deserted over one hundred years ago.  Our American soldiers and mercenaries die needlessly and we immediately declare them as ‘heroes’ despite the fact that most of them had never seen the enemy.  Most were killed by anonymous snipers or more likely erratic IEDs. These are not heroes but ‘cannon fodder’. We throw away our men and women into an electronic/robotic warfare in which they rarely engage anyone but an electronic initiated detonation. 
  To make matters even worse, we call these maimed bodies ‘wounded warriors’ and then discard them in the back halls of VA while our Generals go onto earn seven figure salaries for losing the made up ‘war’
  Some of generals are so modest as to go on and write a book about their ‘fictitious heroics’ . 
Boycott those books!
Dr Bashar Assad will continue to live on…..along with other ‘tyrants’….. Saudis…..Iranians….. Salafists… and…….CIA…..White House Choir Boys….
Wake up America!  Stop spending billions on “phony wars”.   


  1. Romney said in the foreign policy debate that he would have supported regime change in Syria, and I just had to shake my head.

    FYI, these are the people he would have supported:
    Syrian rebels: “We want an Islamic caliphate”
    Posted by The Right Scoop on November 8th, 2012

    Also FYI:

  2. The Honorable Decent Good General Petraeus just resigned...for an affair...After Bari's re-election software fraud....


    a man with prostate cancer, has an affair and confesses to it..hahahahahaha!

    a man who is not a 32-year CIA careerist(unlike his deputy) who was about to testify before Congress......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    a man who obviously REFUSED to go along with BARI's TREASON...

    (A Military "Insider" said Bari would be "Watergated"; perhaps Petraeus was chosen as point man: )

    Florida's redistricted (intentionally to hang him), Rep. Allen West, a decent patriot with documented integrity, just lost his bid to a creep, a juvenile delinquent, and an indolent trust fund baby, who stole it by voter fraud...obvious, on its face, since ALL PALM BEACH COUNTY ABSENTEE BALLOTS WERE ERRONEOUSLY PRODUCED WITH MALICE OF FORETHOUGHT BY THE ELECTIONS' SUPERVISOR AND HAD TO BE "REVISED" MANUALLY, AFTER RECEIPT.

    Our leadership is comprised of evil doers, not patriots. If you are a patriot, you are forced out, unable to serve your country.

    "Where have all the soldiers gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the soldiers gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the soldiers gone?
    Gone to graveyards every one
    When will they ever learn?"

    Indulgent children of America are dancing around the Golden Ox at the base of Mt. Sinai...unbeknownst to them, Moses is busy with a celestial encounter which took priority.

  3. Nothing to see here! Move along!

  4. Steve,

    Are you saying that all these people including Petraeus and the White House choir boys, also including Biden are responsible for the Syria policy or for the murder of Stevens? Their responsibility for the Syria policy is clear. But I don't think you could say that they are all responsible for the Stevens murder, which was done to "Carterize" Obama for the election and clearly came from the Neocon camp around Romney. You say Stevens was a good FSO who opposed the Syria policy. Surely Obama himself would not have wanted this to happen on the eve of an election. So was Stevens a good FSO who was appointed as such in good faith by Obama, and they were both betrayed by clandestine forces around them going all the way up to Biden? It seems unlikely that Biden would have been in on the Stevens murder. Maybe he is just an idiot with two aneurysms? It isn't clear. Whose policy is the Syria policy? Is it Obama's policy, or is it the CIA's policy? I know Obama himself has a CIA background, but he comes from the neoliberal faction around Brzezinski, as opposed to the neocon faction. So do you think it might be possible for Obama to assert control over policy through allies in the neoliberal faction, perhaps including you? It seems that Petraeus must have retained neocon contacts from the Bush years and was on the other side. Will Hillary also resign? What about Panetta? He seems to be such a dolt. Will Obama now also fire the choir boys and get some reliable intelligence officers? Maybe he could take Pickering's recommendations on who to hire, or yours, after Pickering finishes his investigation into this fiasco and a few hundred more heads roll. What say you?

  5. Tony-I am always willing to help out my country (for free), whenever they ask.....hopefully, "they" read the blogs AND my astute reader's comments.....appreciate your contribution!

  6. With so many people on the government payroll these days I can guarantee you Dr. that someone someplace has the job of reading this. However today's government is completely different from the one you and I served.

    I'll give you one example....

    Someone I know used to be the first Chief of the CIA counter-terrorism office in Cyprus.

    Do you know this guy? He retired in 1993.

    During dinner together in West Palm I mentioned that two South Africans I knew from the Sierra Leone war, "Lion" and "Lukie" had been arrested in Zimbabwe for attempting a coup in E. Guinea.

    Furthermore I told this patriotic gentlemen that "Lion" and "Lukie" had been working for Paul Bremer in Baghdad since 2003....

    My friend responded, "No way! I know Paul Bremer and he's never use any kind of people like that!"

    Well....Paul Bremer did.

    Today's government is the "hip-hop" generation of gansta-inspired thugs and liars.

    They have no morals, ideals or standards.

    They are brutal killers.

    Yo yo yo...

  7. Let me add this conversation occured in 2006, and his initials are FR.

  8. Oh here's another example from my native Texas!

    A recently discharged SEAL, Christopher Kyle of Dallas, in promoting his book heralding him as the "world's most dangerous sniper" claimed in News broadcasts that he taught a lesson to former SEAL Jesse Ventura by cold cocking him when Ventura declared that SEALS should die because their anti-terror mission is FUBAR.

    Kyle produced several SEAL buddies who confirmed to the media that the event actually did occur!

    Yet in Ventura's on-going litigation over the matter NONE OF THESE SEALS WILL SAY UNDER OATH THAT IT EVER OCCURRED.

    The whole thing was made up to seek to humiliate Ventura because he's a critic of poicy.

    Would any SEAL in my time, or your time Dr. Pieczenik ever have done such a thing?

    Of course not.

    Today's SF operators are torturing, man-raping hip-hopping ganstas....

    Yo yo yo

  9. And so the WMD REDUX lie begins:

    “ 'One aspect of the weapons plan was to set up a false flag operation to make it appear that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Imagine the outcry from the civilized world to the news that Assad ‘gassed’ his own people. That would be an invitation to NATO and the West to openly intervene. Don’t forget about the timing of all of this. Two months before the elections, and time was running out. The job of taking out Assad was not yet complete. Such an event would quickly advance this agenda. By this time, however, being caught and placed in a rather unenviable position between Russia and the U.S., the Turkish consul general was in a ‘CYA, clean-up’ mode, assuring that none of the chemical weapons that might have still been in Libya were headed for Turkey.'...
    the fuse for WW III has been lit. You are witnessing history playing out right before your very eyes. I mapped out their plan. Has anyone been paying attention?"

    1. Link addition:

    2. Patriarch,

      I still don't see any convincing proof that Ansar al Sharia is controlled by Iran. Whether the Turkish envoy was in on it or whether he was just allowed to leave before the attack started is also an open question. John Brennan is out of the picture. Maybe he's the "insider" this story coming from.

      However, I quite agree that the Syria policy is illegal and impeachable and is leading to WW III. But whose policy is it? Obama's? He's just a puppet, wouldn't you say? Who is pulling his strings? Please don't tell me he's part if a secret Muslim conspiracy to establish Sharia in the U.S. That's just too ridiculous.

    3. So, here it is, the False Flag to enter another war. Obama believes he is omnipotent, impervious, and immune from prosecution.

      Dangerous sociopaths do get caught.

  10. Drudge Tweets on Sarin Propaganda:

    1. Syrian Girl speaks:

  11. Iraq WMD redux. These are the same tactics used by the neocons in the Bush administration who did 9/11. Tarpley says the same neocons are pushing for war with Syria. He says they are also responsible for the Benghazi affair. He says they were defeated by superior intelligence work on the Obama side and that is why a dozen or so generals led by Petraeus have been sacked. Now he warns Obama not to go along with the neocon push for war, because it will get really ugly, Americans will die, there will quickly be mass demonstrations and he will be as unpopular as Johnson in the last days of his administration. I would add that the resolution by Republican congressman Walter Jones to impeach Obama if he goes to war without Congressional authorization should be used to discourage Obama. His policy of shipping weapons and terrorists to overthrow non-compliant regimes was and is totally illegal and impeachable. But he could redeem himself by resisting the neocon push to war, and he just might have to do it for his own political survival. Brzezinski, his chief foreign policy advisor, has called the chemical weapons talk "Hysterical flap", so he might be a constructive force in this situation.

  12. I'm posting this communication from the LaRouche group. I think it's pretty accurate as far as it goes, but it does not go into the question of whether neocons were involved in giving Qumu and Ansar al Sharia the order to attack. This is a point Tarpley stresses but LaRouche doesn't. I think Tarpley is right. It wasn't just that Obama's al Qaeda assets got out of control. Somebody other than Obama was controlling them.