Saturday, November 17, 2012

I think this link works, scroll to the screen w/Alex and press can hear my latest appearance where I talk about this Benghazi thing.....


  1. Steve,

    I just listened to your Alex Jones interview again, and nothing adds up for me. You say that the whole civilian government has become corrupt, which is certainly true. You are saying that the stand down order came not only from the White House but from Obama himself. So this would have to be a false flag by Obama. But why would he do this, especially in the middle of an election? It just does not make sense. Come on, Steve? Who actually did the attack? Was it not Ansar al Sharia led by CIA agent and Guantanamo graduate Sufyan ben Qumu? And who would have given Qumu his orders? He was released by Bush in 2007. Isn't it likely that his controller was part of the neocon faction? Was this a coup attempt by neocon-Mormon-Zionist forces around Romney? First their Islamophobia network release a surrilous video. Although they now say it had nothing to do with the attack on the Benghazi consulate, it was reported as the occasion for demonstrations at 25 US embassies including the one in Cairo. While these were going on, Qumu was given the signal to attack by his neocon CIA controllers. This makes more sense to me than the story you tell Alex of an army fed up with the illegal wars of incompetent cowboy civilians. Especially since you go on to say how useless our army generals are, cowards who care only about their million dollar salaries. But then you also say you were developing a "core" of generals who would say no when ordered to fight an illegal civilian cowboy mercenary covert war. OK, so what was your plan then? This core would step in, disband the CIA, also disband the federal government, which you say is useless too - and then what? A military dictatorship with Generalissimo Petraeus at the helm, or what? And what exactly does this have to do with the timing of the event, on 9/11 less than two months before the election? Really, the election had nothing to do with it? Or was Obama so smart that first he ordered the murder of his ambassador, then issued the stand-down order and is now taking down all the defiant generals who wanted to respond but didn't? No, that doesn't make any sense either. They did not defy the stand down order. But they are being taken down anyway, in some cases using sexual affairs as a pretext. I do wish the Obama administration would make public the real reason for the resignation of more than a dozen military commanders so far, but I guess they have been given the opportunity to quietly resign. If these people were part of your "core" - and you also just resigned CFR - it would appear that you were on the losing side. If my analysis is right and the losing side is the neocons, why in the world would you have wanted to help them? That doesn't make sense either.

  2. tony,

    go back to your original post on this topic and read my response:
    you have neocon on the brain.

    obama was taken by surprise. it was the soviet proxy who contracted for the hit with iranian proxies.

    putin has warned obama to stop the gun smuggling into turkey, used by cia spawn al qaeda sociopaths to go on a murdering tirade in syria.

    putin was issuing a warning to obama to stop the proxy war. (OBAMA HAS PROXY WARS DECLARING THEM UNILATERALLY ALL OVER THE EAST without consent of Congress.)

    Have you noticed the ire of McCain and Graham?
    Graham went to Yemin and interviewed one of the perpetrators. THEY KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON AND ARE PLAYING DUMB FOR NOW.


    Which is why there has been no response from Obama.
    He knows the Generals are fed up and will not follow his orders, which is why he is playing dirty with preemptive slander...ONE'S REPUTATION IS ALL ONE HAS.

    Obama has committed Treason, more than once. Recidivists and sociopaths always think they are impervious to consequence. they are "magical thinkers". problem with obama is he is dismantling 233 years of america in a 4 years! a danger to humanity.

    Not if McCain and Graham have their way. They are biding their time...for articles of impeachment. Graham already drew up the boilerplate once and he'll do it again.

    As for the video, it was in the inventory of John O.Brennan executive offices, to be used for a rainy day. it was posted by a Brennan lackey on youtube.

    It's not so complicated, merely malfeasant.
    When you go to bed with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

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  4. Patriarch,

    Thank you. That's a very fresh take on this! So then you are saying that this was not a false flag event at all, it was a Russian-Iranian operation. But then how do you account for the stand down? I guess you are saying that Obama was surprised by the Russian/Iranian move and "stood down" because he did not know what he was dealing with and decided to sacrifice the ambassador. It was not a false flag type of stand down as Cheney and Rumsfeld did in 9/11, but maybe just a kind of freezing up from surprise. Petraeus and others wanted to respond but obeyed the stand down order. That does fit together pretty well. If this is so then Obama's reaction could be considered cowardly. Steve thinks Petraeus and the others should not have obeyed the stand-down order, and I can understand why he feels that way.
    Good men who could have been saved were left to die in cold blood. On the other hand, I can also understand that the military is supposed to take orders from the Commander in Chief, who is the only one with the legitimacy of being the elected representative of the people of the United States. In this case, that person is Obama, coward or not. So in spite of the fact that good men who might have been saved were being left to die, I can understand why Petraeus and the others did not disobey the stand down order. But since they did follow orders, why are they now being removed? Were they insufficiently compliant, or what? I wish it were true that we had patriotic generals who would refuse to fight in illegal wars, whether of Bush, of Obama or of Johnson, but I have never heard the slightest indication of this from David "Surge" Petraeus or any other general in all my years. Petraeus is against illegal wars? Really? He was the commanding general in two of them. If he is really against illegal wars, then why doesn't he go before Congress and testify in open session before the whole American people what Obama and the CIA have been up to? As head of the CIA, he ought to know.

  5. "Illegal wars," "what the CIA has been up to...,"

    Give a break Dude.

    In the Cold War [my days] CIA officers held erroneous ideas about the monolithic communist threat which ALLOWED them to play James Bond and Marquis DeSad. Psychologically they loved he idea of their dramatic struggle. It gave meaning and substance to their otherwise boring lives.

    Today it's the same with the myth of Islamic "terrorism."

    These guys actually believe that American policy has nothing to do with the terrorists, and that they're always going to be there because Islam demands that they bring the world under a single Caliphate.

    This is what they WANT to believe so they can play soldier.

  6. Look at it this way...

    CIA, the Pentagon, MI5 and MI6 believe and do what they do for the same reason why millions of kids play violent computer games.

    And if you haven't seen these games you ought to. It's HIGHLY distrubing.