Wednesday, November 21, 2012

John O.Brennan:  American Spy--- American Assassin--  Or An American Murderer? 
  That my dear readers is the question one must ask oneself….
  Who is this John O. Brennan,  son of Irish immigrants,  a devout Catholic and a 25 year ‘career’ with the CIA.
  That’s what we can say up front.
  But unfortunately there is much more to the story of this ruddy-faced, bulk of an Irishman than meets the eye or the records.
  For the present, he has the indubitable distinction of officially being called the Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism to President Barack Obama, “the child-bride of the CIA”.  And you might have guessed,  Brennan does not report to his fellow Irish-men of less dubious distinction and merit, his ostensible boss, Denis McDonough—a novitiate to national security and perhaps the “most eunuch” of all the choir boys including  Donilon,  Dempsey, and Clapper
  You get the picture.  The Nativity scene of Irish Catholics devoted to the Church and country is replete with irish wit, irish cynicism and unfortunately, Irish bad luck bestowed on the American public (of whom forty million are of Irish descent).
Now, let’s not get upset here, for I have also the better tale of Irish wit and charm used in the service of our country in the apprehension a very catholic CIA spy, named Aldrich Ames, who had allowed many of our diverse Soviet ‘assets’ to ‘burn’ because he was a traitor to our country and the CIA.  Ames did it for the money, about $4.3 million but one Paul Redman helped to bust him.    
The hero of that tale is my good old friend and soul mate—Director of CIA Counter-Intelligence--Paul Redman, a fine Irish ‘rogue” from the south side of Boston and the north end of Harvard ‘Yaard’.
But that tale is to come a bit later. 
  So,  follow me, if you care, on this path of psychological vivisection that I am about to perform much like my favorite Irish author James Joyce in Finnegan's Wake
  I intend no insult to the Irish nor their descendants but it is important to dissect why we have this over- abundance of Irish Catholic men doing ‘the dirty work’ of President Obama (Ireland, a country that was once devastated with famine and discharged her minions onto our shores to do no harm and bade us well.)
But, unfortunately, that is not the case with the Choir Boys nor in particular with Mr John O. BrennanMr Obama’s “Top Gun" as had called him.  
  In simple terms McDonough, Brennan’s boss,  is a man of little if no consequence, other than speechwriter or political operative who sucked his way up the mammary glands of Democratic Politics. 
  But, John O. Brennan, “Johnny Boy”, if we may call him that with certain tone of both insincerity and disdain, is quite another story.
You see, the public knows a lot about him!
  Just look up his Wikipedia and you get a certain bland perspective to this bland-less, bloated, ruddy –faced complexioned man who sits in a small west-wing office reporting to no one, but as I had said, but the POTUS.
  Now for the record, to be fair, I have never met, Johnny boy. So I cannot offer any personal observations about him.
  Then,  you ask,  how can I,  a man with no personal acquaintance of this ‘fine man’ be so cleverly insightful and precise in my assessment without direct observation?
The answer is quite simple.
  I know him through the countless of Irish-American Station Chiefs I have worked with overseas for over thirty years and in countless countries where their charm only exceeded their ineptitude.
  But more importantly, I know him and his ilk because I have treated the Irish-American CIA families and they all have certain characteristics in common.
  One, they have very dysfunctional families.  In good part, because if you are a Station Chief, you spent most if not all of your time in the office or in the field. 
But that is not a particular variable for Irish-American Intel officers.
Then there is,  may I say without prejudice, the problem of alcoholism in the family.  Be it the Station Chief, his wife, his son or his daughter or all the above.
  Alcoholism is rampant throughout our intelligence  community , diplomatic corps and our military.
  The reason—very simple.  All of these American working overseas can obtain alcohol at the nearest Base PX at a very low cost.  Also the different organizations tend to encourage socializing and drinking as a way to entertain foreigners.
But we stray here. 
  And the last part of my analysis of John Brennan, is the fact that I have never met him.  The field of counter-terrorism was a very small community of operatives and specialists.
  Over thirty years in and out of five administrations,  I had never encountered him personally and only knew him as the ‘station chief in Saudi Arabia who screwed up’  and allowed 19 of our American Soldiers to die in the Khobar Tower explosion.
  I have been involved in countless Middle East terrorism encounters [events] including the PLO, PFLP, Arafat, Abu Nidal, George Habash, Hamas, Hezbollah, JLA etc , etc.
  Nowhere was he or the CIA to be found in an  ‘effective role’.   I would have known since over that period of time, I was DAS who had access to all and every intel operative that was important to my terrorism and counter terrorism endeavors.
  But truth be known,  as many of you my readers have learned, I have never had a great respect for the CIA and relied much more on DIA and the military than on ‘cowboys’ and ‘analysts’ [who were most of the time wrong].
  I find it interesting  that Brennan’s career really begins with Bill Clinton.  There he was a daily briefer for the President as he is now.
  Then in 1999, Brennan became chief of staff to DCI, George Tenet
Now, here is the date that becomes important.
  Brennan Deputy Executive Director of the CIA in March 2001.
  So, my dear readers, guess what happens on 9/11/2001?  That’s right.  We have the Greek Immigrant son’s George Tenet,  pimping for the WASP Bush Jr and work with the Jewish Neocons –Paul Wolfowitz and hint---here is a hint, Paul—and a Polish–American descendant in Paul's office to create—the “stand down’ and 9/11 attack on the American public,  killing about 3,450 innocent American lives.
Who says America is not an ‘equal opportunity killer’? 
  Now Brennan is responsible for the deaths of the 19 American Soldiers,  3000 plus Americans and then he ‘claims’ that ‘he was against the war in Iraq’.
My dear readers, let me tell you the next characteristic feature of our choir boys and our Irish-American CIA operatives that make them particularly susceptible to mistrust and complete disregard for anything they may or may not have said.
 Are you ready? 
  They are inveterate liars.  They are born to lie. They grow up in the Catholic Church repeating Catechisms of obedience and self-delusion, convincing themselves that they are indeed very special,  anointed by provenance to serve church and state as ‘obedient servants’ to the extant hierarchybe it lay or religious.
  In other words, they will say or do anything in order to remain in good graces with the State and Church as long as they are told what to believe and obey.  Theirs is really never to question or defy but to bow and disgrace in the name of a ‘greater good’. 
  Even when they take an initiative, they believe that they are doing for ‘the greater good’. 
  I do not fault a Catholic for his or her religion. I fault a man who claims to be a ‘good catholic’ and then commits the greatest of sins---killing innocent men, women and children.
And that,  my dear readers, is what I accuse John O. Brennan of being—An American Murderer who has killed and participated in the killing of thousands of innocent Americans. 
But, that is not he end.
  Without remorse or shame  in his heart, he wheedles his way back into the good graces of our dear CIA-cradled POTUS  entreats him with the delights of mass murder on a far more elegant and complex scale. 
  He terms the assassination of intended targets—presumably al-Qaeda [remember a CIA creation] with drones and distant rockets with  heuristic concept he calls ‘disposition matrix’.
  Now, this good Roman Catholic had no qualms when he instigated ‘waterboarding’ and ‘enhanced methods of interrogation' but now he and his walnut farmer partner Leon, “The Nut” , Panetta, SecDef, decide to kill hundreds if not thousands of ‘terrorists’ and----oh by the way---countless thousands of ‘innocent Pakistanis, Afghanis, Yemeni’s’
So this Brennan, born of the church, educated by the disciples of St Ignatius [Jesuits—many of whom I have treated as they left the CIA and Woodstock, their seminary], trained and nurtured by the dysfunctional CIA, brought into pre—9/11 by Bill Clinton [who by the way would have to be included along with Sandy Berger –his Jewish NSC Advisor—who was indicted for stealing secrets from the Library of Congress], and covered by the cowardly George Tenet [borne from the political sluts of Congress], infused by the neocons –Wolfowitz, Perles, Khalizad; aided and abetted by SOLIC, Cheney , Bush Jr, and then returns back to the bosom of the CIA and the intelligence community to continue a war that never was-----what else should I call him but An American Murderer?
  But there are those who correctly point their figure at me and ask –are you no better, Dr. ? 
Perhaps not!
  But, as someone who had been accused of ‘being an assassin’-whether true or not--- I can assure you that I never had to torture nor had I ever had to compromise one American life in my ‘regime change’ and those who died or might have died were ‘designated enemies’ and regimes which fostered the death of innocent people in their own and other countries. 
 Does this make a better or more moral man? 
Not at all.
  But I never hid behind religion or the system or the lies--- or invoked my innocence on behalf  of my chosen profession ---medicine---or my allotted religion—Judaism. 
  What I have done I have done simply because I was trained to do psychological operations against any and all enemies—whether foreign or ---in this case--- more importantly DOMESTICALLY.
 I stand by my accusation that John O. Brennan is a ‘traitor‘ to America and to it’s core values and is the MURDERER OF INNOCENT AMERICAN MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN .  If not the murderer of innocent civilian muslims.
  He is the core of the war on terror.  He is the American traitor who remained loyal to the code of omerta, the Opus Dei version of American Treason, committing crimes against americans.
 As Paul Redmond would say, ‘It’s time to take him out!” 
"Bless me father for I have sinned, its been twenty five years since my last honest confession, I have murdered innocent people in pursuit of what I call duty…."


  1. It appears that Clapper is taking the fall, not Brennan.

    FYI, I just posted two days ago, “Whiskey was invented so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world." It's from at least 1974:

  2. another fascinating account dr pieczenik, ive been thinking what to reply and to be honest my enthusiasm lets my heart overtake my brain! but a basic thought is how do these people get away with doing what they do? we are all well aware of the 9/11 cover up as well as the 7/7 over here! but that is another discussion, after reading the micah zenko piece its obvious everything brennan says is the opposite to what the yemenis say! and yet he is not alone and its always the usual suspects both sides of the atlantic! what i would suggest if i may is these sociopaths could well be architects of there own downfall as there is enough evidence to at least cast dubious light on most of these individuals! and more importantly people are beginning to realise all isnt as it seems in the world and they are reclaiming their voice. whats interesting again is the religion aspect which in this case is the church of rome but if its not that particular religion its another i.e. judaism, islam ect ect, people ought to remember these all were born of the same region with a lot in common in my opinion but there is an english saying "familiarity breeds contempt" but im wandering from the point that we have pathological liars running the world and dictating policy! after reading felix dzerzhinsky,s quote id say at least he was a wolf in wolfs clothing dr pieczenik! as a side issue i just read the report regarding "secret" emails concerning the bin laden burial and the codenames "fedex" delivering the "package" cant make this up once again!!

  3. Steve

    You have dropped the hook of alcoholism a few times.
    It would be interesting to read a blog on this subject as it relates to all high level institutions and those in power and some opinions on the effects of long term alcoholism and brain function..

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all. My Dallas Cowboys are playing like turkeys.

    FYI, here's another saying about alcoholism and diplomacy that was said by UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson in 1964, but was probably coined by Australian Ambassador Howard Beale in 1959:

    “A diplomat’s life is made up of three ingredients: protocol, Geritol and alcohol.”

  5. Well, well, well, better than any WSJ op-ed! They would heavily edit your analysis.

    Here is a current newsworthy item:

    Shall we connect the dots?

    From the Benghazi Slaughter to "The innocence of the Muslims" video, ALL avatars lead to John O. Brennan.

    Since he's a presidential advisor, Congress would generally never compel him to answer questions in a hearing. However, he is now being considered for CIA Director, to replace Petraeus. THEN HE HAS TO APPEAR BEFORE CONGRESS.
    "Stanley, Inc. was awarded a $164 million contract to print new U.S. passports in 2006. Two employees of Stanley, Inc., along with a third individual employed by another defense contractor identified as The Analysis Corporation, were identified

    as the perpetrators who breached the records of the U.S. passport office on three occasions in 2008 and “improperly accessed” the passport records of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The breaches occurred on January 9, February 21 and March 14, 2008.

    It is important to note that the CEO of the Analysis Corporation at the time of the passport office break-in was John O. Brennan, who served as a close advisor to Obama in 2008 on matters of intelligence and foreign policy. Brennan also contributed to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Brennan also had a 25-year career in the CIA..",_Inc

    "What is unique about Brennan's unprecedented role -- as compared to previous White House counterterrorism advisers, such as Richard Clarke and Frances Fragos Townsend -- is his responsibility in directing and implementing the vast targeted killing program that Obama has authorized. (It's also noteworthy that Brennan reportedly opposes the death penalty, presumably within the United States.)...Obama conducting nearly seven times the number of targeted killings than his predecessor...",1

  6. 11-24-12 The Nation: The Wrong Man for the CIA

    "The strikes Brennan asks the president to approve frequently lead to civilian casualties. Indeed, the first strike Obama ordered on Yemen, in December 2009, destroyed a Bedouin village that was mistaken for a terrorist training camp. American missiles killed more than 50 people, including 35 women and children. Watching that strike live on a grainy feed the military calls Kill TV, Jeh Johnson, the Pentagon’s top lawyer, later admitted, “If I were Catholic, I’d have to go to confession.” "

  7. Sounds like Brennan gave the stand-down order and Petraeus, Allen, Ham, Gauette etc. obeyed it. So were they part of the plot, or were they just obeying orders coming from the White House as the military is supposed to do? The Washington Times has a story claiming Ham defied the stand down order and was removed by his second in command Gen. Rodriguez. I don't know where they got this story. It's something they would like to believe. Maybe the political leadership - Obama, Clinton and Panetta did know about the stand down and trusted Brennan's judgment. Will Pickering be able to sort this out?

  8. I made my first trip to Rome [and thereby the Vatican] in the company of Col. David Strier [CI Florence until 1956]. I love the country, people, and so forth, and this notwithstanding must conceed that Dr. Peiczenik's picture is an accurate one [as pertains to the Church]. Italy and the Vatican are what they are, and the predictable scandals that shake that otherwise fatalistic society made for little reform save of late. Now it seems the whole place would rather shrug off all politicians and be administered by technocrats appointed from outside to save them from themselves.

    As for the Irish I've always given them latitude given that their traditional enemy, the British, are even more malevolent. Anyone who stands up to the British is someone I have to give credit to, though otherwise un-merited.

  9. Futhermore I must tip my hat to anyone functioning as Clinton's daily briefer. Anyone with the fortitude to spend an hour every morning giving a presentation to a blank wall is someone my heart goes out to. =o)

  10. As far as alcholism is concerned everyone I knew in the agency who wasn't a heavy drinker was Jewish, and that's to their credit. Although it's also true that most of the Jews were in the DI, and not in the DO. The only Jew I met who had a problem with alchohol was Col. David Strier, not because he was an alchoholic, but because he had a brain injury which resulted in "occassional discontrol," meaning the pathways between his lower, impulsive brain and his frontal lobes were damaged and he had little govern over his impulses. When he drank, which was when we went "on the town" [the guy was lonely and had no friends] he lost what little inhibition and control he had and dangerous situations did occur. That's why I was there. If he'd not been a pro fighter illegally when he was only 15 or so the shots he took to the head might not have done this permenant damage, but as it is.... And then of course during the war his penchant for clobbering anyone who looked cross-eyed at him was not un-noticed. OPC [later CIA/DP] in their zealous wisdom therefore such a person is just what they needed for such tasks as throttling Communist Party members and their friends just before taking them upstairs for a quick trip out the window....

  11. Reportedly the pair of Obama and Brennan are very close, especially on "Tyrant Tuesdays" (when they select their kill lists). In the NYTimes article that described this relationship back in late May, the two are depicted as if they are in some kind of monastic brotherhood of death.

    Besides their Irish ancestry, there's something else the two share in common....

    "Later, Keane recalled Brennan having spent the summer after freshman year with a cousin who was working for the Agency for International Development in Indonesia, and visiting Bahrain on the way home.

    "I wondered if he had even been recruited that early," Keane said."

  12. "..a monastic brotherhood of death?"

    Please enough with the melodrama.

    From our points of view what they're doing is sinister and odeous, but from their perspective they are merely doing their duties of protecting the world from militants who are killing our personnel and might plan terror attacks in Europe or even here.

    I agree that all this is unnecessary and grand folly, if for no other reason than it's counter-productive as well as unconstitutional.

    But if have to look at it from their point of view if you wanna arrive at their "relationship."