Friday, November 16, 2012

For you home schoolers, another movie to add to your curriculum- Mississippi Burning, not pretty but well done, about a piece of U.S. history that seems so long ago.  You can see how bad things were and with work, how much better they can get.  Sometimes, we really are a good example of how to evolve and change and get our act together.  Hopefully, other countries will learn from our mistakes.

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  1. I can't disagree with you more about this film. The religion of Hollywood is "tolerance" and "inclusion," and it leads them to distort the history of everything related to it.

    Horrible distortions of history like "Lincoln," "Glory," "Blood Diamond," "Amistad," "Schindler's List," to name a few.....

    "Mississippi Burning" gave a highly distorted view of what was going on in the south with the outside agitators who invaded their communities with Sol Olinski agendas.

    Personally I believe there were damn good reasons why Jim Crowe, and even the KKK, came into existence in the south. It was intelligent and conscienteous people who supported that system, NOT the toothless toad morons falsely portrayed by Hollywood.