Friday, November 16, 2012

One of my favorite movies: Lord of War with Nicholas Cage, here is a link to memorable quotes from the movie, worth a look.  posting soon.


  1. I love this movie too. So does my son.

  2. No actually this film was propaganda. I was in Sierra Leone off and on from 1992 to 2000, and one major problem was Israeli mercenaries behind Charlse Taylor, the RUF and the rebel Sierra Leone military.

    In "Lord of War" the Nick Cage character is not really Jewish, but only pretends to be Jewish, and this is to throw off the public into believing that Israelis were not behind the conflict.

    The issue of Cage's character's identity is the key issue in the film.

    Otherwise it's a horrible work of fiction and film-making anyway.

    The other propgandistic work about Sierra Leone was "Blood Diamond," by the same crew that gave us "Glory," and for the same politically correct agenda.

    In "Blood Diamond," the Sierra Leonean father moves heaven and earth to get his son back from the rebels -- something no African father would ever do.

    In EVERY SINGLE CASE that I saw when a family member was lost in the conflict - to kidnapping or death -- the reaction was always, "I can always have another son..." or "I can always get another wife..."

    By having the African character do what only a non-African would do the producers sought to do the same thing as in "Glory," which is to claim that African culture has no effect on the way they behave, and that we must all behave the same because we are all rubish.