Saturday, November 10, 2012

Memorandum To The 18th Communist Party Congress: Explain To The Chinese Youth And To The World- The Chinese Holocaust!
And How You Must Repent For Your Atrocities or You Risk a Repeat of the Violence Of The Red Guard!

Today I want to highlight that the present Chinese Communist Party is no different from one that instituted what is euphemistically called the “Cultural Revolution” from 1966-1976.
  In that so-called Cultural Revolution over 30million Chinese civilians were beaten, tortured and thrown out of their respective abodes and sent into the countryside. Another million innocent Chinese civilians were tortured and killed. 
What the 18th Congress and especially the old leaders like Jiang Zemin and the Princelings of the Original Communist Party have to explain to the Chinese how  so many were tortured, beaten and killed for nothing more than the whim of a fat old dissolute man by the name of Mao Tse Tung who believed that it was time to purge the Communist Party of it’s leadership. 
Mao decided in 1966 at the Plenum of the Central Committee [much like  your 18th Congress] to create a corps of young radicals called Red Guards to challenge the Communist Party and rid them and the ordinary Chinese of their bourgeoisness and lack of revolutionary zeal.
Not unlike the Bo Xilai episode!
Mao made himself a cult figure where millions of young Chinese students, many of them in the Central Committee right now and in key Chinese bureaucratic positions, were ordered to torture, beat, denounce their teachers and parents. 
  These Red Guard members became like the Khmer Rouge which by the way took their inspiration and support from the barbaric actions of these young zealots. These kids roamed all over the country side denouncing their teachers, friends, families, and many other innocent Chinese civilians until millions were killed by Mao, Lin Biao , the Minister of Defense, and the infamous Kang Sheng, head of the Public Safety System [Internal Affairs]
This ten year period constituted the equivalent of Stalin’s purges of Soviet officials and Russian civilians. In the case, Stalin killed 10 million Kulaks, innocent Ukranians who refused to give up their respective private lands. Then Stalin killed another twenty to thirty million  soldiers, bureaucrats and civilians because he had he claimed , ‘it was necessary to convert Russia from an agricultural society to an industrial one.’ 
Hitler’s Holocaust consisted of let’s take the ‘agreed upon number’ of six million jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and political prisoners’. 
Let’s not forget Pol Pot’s auto-genocide of 2.2 million.  
Now you get a sense of proportion of what exactly is missing in the history of present day China---the Declaration of A Chinese Holocaust or more precisely—“The Chinese Auto-Genocide” of millions of it’s own people. 
Why is this important today?
  As I have mentioned throughout my blogs, history has a nasty way of repeating itself.  In particular, if the truth of the past is hidden, then the atrocities committed in the past will arise one way or another.
What do I mean?
Power corrupts. And, as Lord Acton once said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
China is still in turmoil, politically and economically. As we talked about the succession issue in my other blog, the one ignominy overhanging over the Central Committee and the Peoples Liberation Army is the fact that no one---but no one of the present party leaders have in any way recognized or mentioned the atrocities that their parents, families committed against themselves as Communist Party members and against those who were not party members. 
  Denial is the most primitive and effective of the psychological and political defenses against having to admit blame, culpability or self-incrimination.
Once denial is in effect on a massive level it becomes a narrative of euphemism---read ‘cultural revolution’ or rather, as it should be properly described—‘auto-genocide’. Then the false narrative becomes part of another false ideology like communism and what you have is compounded lies, false-hoods, denials, betrayals and distortions.
  These logarithms of lies creates a false sense of nationalism in which the Chinese are expected to work harder and longer for the benefit of China—read: Chinese Communist Party and particularly the Central Committee. 
These compounded lies beget a false sense of political control and efficiency by the Chinese Communist Party. 
But they are no fools.  Rather each member of the Communist Party is like a carnivorous crab that will by it’s  political/psychological nature climb over, claw and kill one another to advance their own career at the expense of the very one who may have put them into power.
Each sycophant empowers other parasites so that they have entered into a fragile hierarchy of subordinates and superiors who at any moment,  just like the Cultural Revolution, can turn on each other on a moment’s notice---without cause or notification. Fear permeates this helix of political symbiosis until one person dominates them all (as Mao did) or they collectively agree not to injure each other in order to maintain stability and peace. 

The current sense of stability is very fragile.  Because the Chinese leadership knows all too well what had happened with Lin Biao and how he suddenly died in an ‘accidental plane crash in Mongolia fleeing to Russia’
  Party leaders watch each other not out of altruism but out of fear.  They must affiliate themselves to the collective will of the elite communist party hiding within the myth.  If they ‘drink the kool-aid’ they remain and ascend within the party and will thrive and more importantly survive.
But fear and danger lurks within the fabric of the Chinese Communist Party collective memories.  Then leakage begins.  It’s inevitable.  Who will betray whom?
Who will attempt a civilian coup as Bo Xilai tried?
And more importantly, to whom if anybody, is the People’s Liberation Army loyal to?
  And who will receive the government contracts? And how much will it take to buy off their respective loyalties? You get the drift, my dear readers.
  The strongest man is the man alone—Henrik Ibsen The Master Builder [Norwegian]. But if he is the strongest man then how weak is the collective mass of party members embracing each other in the false brotherhood of fear, betrayal and corruption called the Communist Party Committee
 That my dear readers, is what we will find out in the next couple of days and weeks.
My prediction based on my personal experience with China over thirty years and then some, is that the 500 million peasants in the western part of China have yet to be heard from ---it’s a Clear and Present Danger for the Chinese Communist myth that they are in control.
Not so, says, the grandnephew of the Revolutionary who had trained Mao Tse Tung. 

The Party is over!!!!
Gam Bai!! To your health!! 


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  1. How shocking to hear that communists slaughtered many more innocent people than facists.

    Could it be that this is the reason why so many 1950s-era CIA officers I knew admired facists?

    Could it be that the now exposed CIA partnership with facists in Hungary in 1956, as well as everywhere in eastern Europe, Latin America and other places might be because of this?

    Could it be that when the Germans swept through easter Europe and killed every communist they [and their local allies] could find they were doing the world a favor?

    Could it be that the "Nazi Holocaust" [a term only invented by Hollywood in the 1970s] was merely one side in a collossal murderous struggle between communists and their adversaries, rather than merely a sinister plot hatched by the Germans?

    If you want to see the American verson of the "Nazi holocaust" in the east look to what the CIA did in Java and Sumatra after 1965...

    Along with the Indonesian military every communist party member, almost all rural peasants as in Vietnam, were rounded up and shot [prolly around an even million murdered].

    No one in the Nazi party would have done it differently.