Monday, February 29, 2016

The Academy Award for Impending Reform/Peace Goes to Iran!
More than 30 million Iranians voted on February 26, 2016 for major changes in two different bodies of Iranian legislation [NYTimes, Feb. 2/28/2016]. These hopeful Iranians voted to change the composition of the 290 member Parliament; from a hardline direction determined by the clerics to one consistent with economic/political reform; which will open Iran to worldwide trade. At the same time, two senior liberal clerics were leading in the equally powerful legislative body of “Assembly of Experts,” an 88 member body which will inevitably pick the next Supreme Leader, replacing the present hard-liner Ayatollah Ali  Khamenei.
The front runners in this clerical election are Presidents Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Hassan Rouhani; both highly regarded in the west [NYTimes, 2/27/2016].

Interestingly, the father of Iranian’s Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini’s grandson, was disqualified from the elections. In this case, the usual nepotism that was rampant in both bodies of representation was relatively absent.
So what does this really mean?
For our own country, it means that many of our major transnational companies that were forbidden to do business with Iran will have another opportunity to expand their business and hire more Americans and foreigners to rebuild the war-torn Iranian infrastructure. In particular: Halliburton, Baker-Hughes and other Texas oil/gas companies should see a resurgence of business. France, Switzerland, Japan, Germany will ramp up automobile and consumer products for a sophisticated Iranian population.
In general, acceptance of Iran’s nuclear activities was really the beginning of the end of American economic sanctions that was truly hurting Iran and the world economy.

When I was there several years ago, I witnessed a raging black market [run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard ] to compensate for the absence of a legitimate international economy. More importantly, POTUS Obama’s risk to lift the sanctions has had a very positive effect in terms of realigning the asymmetry of the fighting forces in the Middle East. Contrary to the Neocon/Israeli hysteria that Armageddon will arrive if sanctions would be lifted, nothing of the sort has occurred.
As I predicted eight years ago, Iran would return as a major military/economic power in the Middle East; neutralizing the nefarious Saudi Arabian Salafists, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Sunni terrorists, et. al. More importantly, Iran has, in conjunction with Russia, delineated a path toward peace in Syria which was completely obliterated by the inertia and incompetence of several western/Middle East players.
We should remember that those Democratic and Republican representatives who have professed expertise in foreign affairs [Marc Rubio, Ted Cruz, Hilary Clinton] were wrong on every occasion when judgement, and not experience, was demanded. All three sanctioned the misbegotten Bush Jr/Cheney war in Iraq which eventually led to the untoward consequence of bringing Iran into the fray for power. As a result of their ineptitude, Iraq is now divided into three parts –Kurd, Shi’ite, Sunni—just as I warned it would be turning that area into a post WWI scenario a la Gertrude Bell [MI-6 operative].

Similarly, Libya which was completely destroyed by the pathetic insistence of the Three Lady Tigers in the Obama Administration: Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and of course, Hillary Clinton. Invading Libya,  a country which posed no threat whatsoever, has recapitulated the horrific consequences of inciting terrorism all over Africa and the EU. Those who had espoused war, failed our nation. And those who initiated peace talks succeeded to improve our financial/political standing in the world.
Grant onto Caesar that which is his: Obama and Kerry must be lauded for their enduring work over the years in trying to seek a lasting peace with Iran. Whatever happens in the forthcoming elections in the USA, the youth of both nations should mirror to some extent the powerful dynamic forces razing the staid political establishments of both America and Iran.The youth of both countries have screamed for change in the political system. So change, it should be… not for us but for our children’s better future.
And….. the Oscar goes to the Iranian people, who for thousands of years ruled as the Persian Empire, now have come forth again with the wisdom and compassion of Cyrus, the Great.
I will end with a Persian warning to its own people:
“If fortune turns against you, even jelly breaks your tooth.”


Friday, February 26, 2016

Christie endorses Trump, smart move.

The Borderline, Self-Destructive GOP: Self-Immolation at the Thursday Night Debate!
Last night’s Republican Debate in Houston Texas [CNN] was lengthy exercise in self-destruction. As both Cruz and Rubio ganged up on Trump, I began to reflect on images that preceded and occurred during the VietNam War. In 1963, when a Buddhist Monk committed suicide by fire, in protest against the CIA-backed Catholic Ngo Dinh Diem, that was the beginning of the end of our potential success in that war.
Self-Immolation of the Republican Party by hostile verbiage cast by three candidates amounted to much fury signifying the end of any rational discussion. These insults and counter-insults, vehemently thrown to, by, and against all of these three candidates portended, for me, the end of a party that counted Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Bush Sr amidst its spokesmen. Once civility is gone in any discourse then emotions flare up and desperation fuels an unintended consequence of self-destruction.
Nothing could have saved last night’s debate except John Kasich, Governor from Ohio, who vainly tried to emerge above the fray to explain the details of one or another program. However, his moment of sanity was lost within the active barbarism fueled by Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and the rest of the CNN panelists cum Agitation Propagandists for the evening.

Perhaps a more comical image of last night spectacle would mimic John Belushi screaming Food Fight in the satirical movie, “Animal House”! There is no doubt in my mind had there been bottles, cans or food remnants, the Three Non-Amigos would have been at each other respective throats. Pretense of leadership fell by the wayside as each of those candidates screamed above the other’s denials and ex cathedra comments “Trumped” facts and figures.
I could only tolerate so much until I switched to Turner Movie Classics [TMC] to absorb a moment’s respite from the CNN venom, as I watched the Normandy invasion by the allied forces in the movie, “The Longest Day”. When a debate performance transforms into a feeding frenzy a la “Hunger Games”, then it is time to ask oneself what use are these debates when, in reality, they become platform for self-immolation?

I have no one to blame except the staunch mainstream Republicans who, out of extreme desperation, ordered their Romulus and Remusto to devour, once and for all, Donald Trump. Was Donald innocent of any blame? No! Did either Cruz or Rubio further their own paltry gains? I think not.
So who won that night?
The Democrats?  
Not really! It  was a warning to all that emotions and ideas must be titrated with common sense and decency.
Then who won?
The American people who watched the primordial instincts of a party hell bent on destroying its own, at whatever price.The American public, both Democrats and Republicans, have long understood that their respective representatives on both sides of the aisle could never serve we, the people, because they were too busy attacking each other in Washington DC at our expense.
It’s time for us to expand our parties and create some new ones that truly represent major concerns like the economy; education reform; and national security.
The only emotions I have left after last night are:
Regret, Sorrow and Pity!
That is no way to select a POTUS!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marco Rubio –Republican Zombie Puppet!
Zero Talent Supported by Self-Destructive Republican Party! and a few billionaires.
At present we have three viable Republican Candidates: Trump, our favorite. Cruz—a Canadian /Cuban. And now,  Marco Rubio—the Zombie Republican Candidate.
Many of you may remember that I had used the term ‘Zombie Banks’ for those institutions which were too large to fail and with a ZERO NET WORTH—they were propped up the our taxpayers money—or the FEDS. Similarly, I think that Marco Rubio, who has never had a day of honest work and has accomplished nothing, is being kept alive by “republican money” and other donors that see him as the perfect lackey to do their bidding.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why voters could even consider such a non-achiever. But wait, voters are NOT considering him, its the Republican Establishment and Big Money that supports him.  The paid-off media is now trying to shove “rubio” down our throats.

“rubio” is a complete unmitigated failure in almost everything he has done, except in collecting money for himself.  Presently, he is earning a handsome salary without attending to his primary duties as U.S. Senator from a very demanding state, Florida.
Like most of his calculated unimpressive political ascendancy in Florida politics, “rubio” has talked much and accomplished almost nothing. Most of his time in the Florida Legislature was spent on the highly developed skill of self-aggrandizement. Pardon me, “rubio” is very accomplished at one thing, getting paid to play.  If you pay him, he will do almost anything. In Tallahassee, “rubio” delegated much of the real arm twisting to the House Majority leader, Mike Fasano; while rubio spent the rest of his nine years:
redistricting Florida, gerrymandering that still causes problems today
became spokesman for the majority party
co-sponsored bill giving-in state tuition rates for the children of undocumented immigrants
requested/received $20M for Jackson Memorial Hospital where he worked [while a legislator] as a CONSULTANT;
when Jeb retired from the Florida Governorship, rubio hired as payback EIGHTEEN BUSH AIDES [governor’s office in exile]
opened a private dining room for his cronies in the legislature
he supported EMINENT DOMAIN
increased sales tax by 2.5%;
Grover Norquist described “rubio” as the most pro-tax legislative leader in the country [Wikipedia]
2010 rubio placed his house into FORECLOSURE;
rubio charged about $110,000 to American Express including his personal expenses
Fla. Commissioner Inspector accused rubio of ‘NEGLIGENCE”;
rubio was appointed Florida International University Professor after having routing millions to FIU
Billionaire Norman Braman funded rubio’s studies, wife, and family for decades because rubio was unable to make a living as a private lawyer. 
His brother-in-law was/is major cocaine trafficker in Miami.
rubio hired Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff as his own
Uses the same advisors who failed Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush 
rubio switches religions—Catholic, then Mormon, the Southern Baptist –expedient believer

I think by now, dear readers, you get the idea why this pathetic individual, whose intellect is supremely unimpressive and whose gravitas amounts to political cronyism to some exponential degree, is really not worthy of any elected position in the USG. Fortunately, he is true to his lazy nature, and has given up his position in the senate because “it is boring”.
That’s just what we need right now, a Cuban American wastrel, who is unable to fulfill his six year duty as a Senator because he has higher aspirations for himself---perhaps a touch of self-delusion here?

I am truly ashamed, as an American born in Cuba who served my country repeatedly like many other Cubans who were fortunate enough to become American Citizens, to say that neither Ted Cruz, a Canadian Cuban nor “rubio”, are the least representative of a formidable class of Cubans. There are so many better Cuban-Americans who serve their country and were part of the military or Intel Community.
But who am I to go against the wisdom of my peers in the mainstream Republican Party? Only one man has that right to say anything and he is dead.. Ronald Reagan …  who would not have approved of rubio despite Nancy’s coronation. If the truth be known, Reagan needed Bush Sr., who in turn required the unique talents of James Baker III. And that folks, that is not going to happen in my life time again, as Jeb stupidly replied “Baker is an old man!”
Right idiot! See what happens when the Republican pragmatists are gone and you are left with dos merdes de Cubanos… Two Cuban shits!
I will end with a quote from the famous narcissist, Andy Warhol:
“I [rubio] am a deeply superficial person!”

This is what Dick Morris has to say……

Rubio is fundamentally weak. He is buffeted by outside forces and tries to walk a fine line of consensus among them. He appears to waffle from one side to another, not only to deceive but also to keep his balance like a tightrope walker carrying a barbell.
The would-be kingmakers are relying on massive amounts of money to elect Rubio. And they rely on huge doses of propaganda every night from Fox News. But to the extent that they push Rubio, they are trying to make a sale that the GOP outsiders won’t buy. And to the extent that they try to knock Cruz, they are creating votes for Trump.
No matter how you slice and dice it, the Republican electorate is 2-to-1 against the party’s leadership. Whether they express their discontent by backing Trump or Cruz or Paul or Carson or Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum doesn’t really matter. The candidates are fungible. It is the posture of animosity to the deal-making and craven refusal to stand up to Barack Obama that they oppose.

Rubio can never span that divide.

TG! Trump won Nevada.  They are going to come after him now in a big way.

Teodora was a woman who was born of conflagrations, revolutions and world war.

She had understood at a very early age that her survival was simply a matter of mistrust of nation-states, government officials, and weak men.

Teodora was born into wealth but she realized very quickly that all matters related to money were, at best, transient, and at worst, deceptive.

The Russian Revolution, splayed out in front of her homestead in Moscow, reinforced the notion that wealth had no privilege when the poor or, more specifically, those who advocated for the poor, like the Bolsheviks, had only one goal in mind. Theirs was the redistribution philosophy wherein the wealthy give all the gold and possessions they had to those who carried and wielded the weapons of destruction—guns, knives, torches.

Teodora accepted at a pre-pubescent age that power comes out of the gun. It was as simple as that. Stalin’s primordial philosophy of this type of evolution was quickly accepted by Teodora who vowed that she would leave Russia as soon as it was possible.

Interestingly enough, the only really viable memory Teodora ever had of the Whites and Reds fighting in the Moscow streets was the Typhus Plague, and not flashbacks of bullets or gun muzzles.

Until the day she died, some seven decades later, her one and only fear was always Typhus—a debilitating condition where fever, diarrhea, and death find common ground.

Her vivid memory of the ravaging effects of Typhus Fever had more to do with a young aspiring Russian poet who died in her arms in a spasm of death. She would retell this haunting scene over
and over again without any elaborations or accompanying details. For her, it was sufficient to say that at the age of thirteen (or was it fifteen?) she had known death as only one who had loved could understand and bear for the rest of her natural life.

In fact, it would not be too melodramatic or even a hyperbole to suggest that Teodora’s life throughout the Russian Revolution; World Wars I and II; as well as, the Cold War was suffused with one emotion above all others—love.

Love of men; love of her children; and love of her family.
When she too was in the throes of death’s lethal infusions of pain, she would mutter these words to her eldest son: 

“Don’t forget to love. That’s all you will remember. . . Love! The rest you forget! The pain; the hurt; the mistakes; and the anger. Love, my son, be in love and be loved!”

Those were her dying words. Believe me, I know. I was the one who pulled her off life support.

See more...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From Terry (a good citizen).  The reason why our precious earth remains in peril.

Environmental legislation is hard to defend and almost impossible to pass. The overarching problem is big money and special interests.  Legislation is all about
sliding the most money to regulated industries, large corporations and individuals.

There is really no cash to be had from stopping environmental destruction, degradation or pollution.  There is plenty however to continue degradation.

Even though environmental protection and oil drilling are number 5 on the list of the most important concerns of Floridians, all the money is on the side of drilling and exploiting the environment.  The public influence and voice are near zero in every major financial or environmental decision.

Just whose side are legislators on?
One of the architects of Florida's recent water-policy overhaul is collecting big checks from the state's largest sugar cane growers.
Growing a Sustainable Future, a political action committee run by House Speaker Steve , Crisafulli, R-Merritt Island, got $25,000 from West Palm Beach-based Florida Crystals on Jan. 11.
That was 10 days before Gov. Rick Scott signed the far-reaching water bill that Crisafulli had pushed.
Crisafulli's committee also got big money from U.S. Sugar Corp.: $25,000 on Dec. 31 and $50,000 on Aug. 31.
As Florida legislators started their annual session in this election year, at least $28.5 million has been funneled into legislative political committees in the past seven months, fueling progress on priority legislation for many industries, blocking other ideas from advancing, squelching public opposition to unpopular measures such as fracking.
The Barron Collier Companies, for example, which is seeking a permit to use hydraulic fracturing to drill for oil and gas in Naples, has steered $115,000 to lawmakers — up from the $63,500 it spent last session. Other members of the petroleum industry have warmed up lawmakers’ campaigns with another $170,000.
Cash received as of the end of the 2015 regular session, money to be used in 2016,  at least $9.5 million — in five- and six-figure checks — were sent to the political committees of individual lawmakers. 
Another $6 million went directly to the campaigns of state representatives and $3 million to state Senate campaigns. The Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee raised another $3.2 million for Republican senators. 
The Republican Party of Florida, which is collecting checks for state House campaigns, raised $4.3 million, and the Florida Democratic Party, which raises money for all its legislators, collected $2.1 million (1).

Why can't we pass a good solar energy bill, or stop unsustainable water permitting?
The state’s largest utilities always work to kill bills that pose a threat to their monopoly control, and to maintain that control, legislators, those who are supposed to regulate these utilities, receive large "contributions" prior to each legislative session.
Rep. Fred Costello, R-Ormond Beach, has introduced a bill that would open the state’s energy market to solar energy competition by allowing homeowners and businesses to lease their rooftops to companies that generate solar power and sell it back to the grid. But, it also allows regulators to charge solar users for the cost of maintaining the grid.
Costello has said that  “even if the bill gets heard, it will not make it to the finish line." “That’s because the industry does not want it..."  Too much money on the votes.
Florida Power & Light, the largest utility in Florida, gave $2.3 million to legislative campaigns, and Duke Energy, the second-largest company, gave $807,000, since July.
FPL gave another $911,500 to the business lobbying group Associated Industries of Florida, and $210,00 to the Florida Chamber of Commerce to distribute to legislators and their political committees (1-2).
lawmakers can't accept money during the regular 60-day session. So, as a result, periodic committee meeting weeks have become scheduled fundraising marathons and lobbyists and "clients"are pursued relentlessly for contributions - all with the expected string attached.
Well, there it is in a nutshell.  I'm passing this info along so you can appreciate just how much money is involved, and the corrosive, smothering influence it has on passing good legislation.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Donald Trump Wins South Carolina and Jeb[!] Loses/Exits Presidential Race!
I have waited a long time for this great news: The Bush Family of 9/11 notoriety and the failed Iraq/Afghanistan Wars are now the $140 Million USD shameful losers! I don’t gloat because Jeb lost. As for me, I have said from the very beginning of his audacious entrance as a 2016 presidential candidate that the American people [you and I] would never… never… elect him for anything, least of all a presidential position.

Jeb was the coiffed representation of all the malfeasance of the collective Bush family; Neil, Marvin, W.; rolled into one pathetic specimen of whining and entitlements. Since that day of infamy of 9/11, my faith in the everyday American who was smart enough to know that something was very wrong with the narrative starting from the very beginning when Bush and a group of neocon “chicken hawks” predicted that a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ was required in order to create an unnecessary war in Iraq. Remember: the weapons of mass destruction was exposed as a lie. 
The fact that Trump did not thank Jeb for his “slimy, pretentious campaign” reaffirms for me that once Trump gets into office, the well-known participants of 9/11 will be detained, questioned and incarcerated. Trump is a very sophisticated businessman and as a NYC developer, he knows the names of all the civilian/military personnel involved in this stand down/false flag.
Now, Trump has to win the rest of the Republican nomination. Please do not pay attention to these faked polls paid for by Cruz that show him ahead…its a farce. No one likes him except for the people he pays to do so. Now, once Trump faces Hillary she will fold into withering diatribe of self-aggrandizements which have no correspondence to any reality that you and I may know. Each of us in our own way have been working for a peaceful political revolution that embraces all types of people who simply want change and the elimination of a corrupt political system embedded in both the Democrats and Republicans.

We don’t need the ‘first woman President’. It’s a vainglorious,  hollow mantra. We just came out of eight years of the first “black/brown President” who manifested his full spectrum of skills by creating more false flags and absurd narratives that really belonged to the realm of a warped imagination in a CIA draped nonentity from Chicago. 
So, you, Americans, have shown the virtues that have made our country great---perseverance accompanied by significant, immediate change. Our military veterans thank you; as well as, our present military/intelligence community that will finally be able to breath a deep sigh of relief to know that someone in the WH is truly competent to execute the requirements of kinetic action without restraints or excuses. Nation/state building will no longer be part of the assignment of a military that has been shackled with the rules of engagement that traverse the boundaries of ineptitude.
And with respect to Trump’s ‘wall’, I repeat the following quote:
“Poor far from God [Pope]… and so near to the United States [Wall].” 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Harper Lee Dies At 89 Years Old R. I. P.
However, in no way is her one and only book, written primarily by her Lippincott editor, Tay Hohoff, To Kill A Mockingbird…. an American Classic! I will riff off of the obituary column about this southern writer, Harper Lee, who could only write one book, Go Set a Watchman, which was nothing more than a series of short stories and impressions of the deep south, really but a “.. child’s book” [Flannery O’Connor, Southern Gothic novelist].

I am not going to attack Harper Lee because she did what she was supposed to do: write a best-selling novel. Instead, Lee’s more ambitious/talented Lippincott editor,  Tay Hohoff, rewrote the entire proposal that Harper had submitted to her editor about a Southern lawyer [Lee’s father] defending the blacks; while, at the same time, “affiliating himself with raving anti-integrationists, anti-black crazies…”
Ms. Lee, who had never married in her eighty plus years, nor produced any sort of literary body of work,  because “she was ostensibly  paralyzed by fear” was immediately  canonized by the liberal institutions such as the teachers guild and the NY Times and other esteemed magazines as an “American Classical writer”. The truth of the matter, is that she never was nor will ever be an American Classic.

The reason is simple. One book selling over 40 million copies over a certain period of time is considered “a NYTimes Best-Selling Novel”…not a “Classic”. In fact, the novel itself is so simplistic and inaccurate that her real novel, “Go Set A Watchman” which was highly conservative and portrayed the Alabama small town life as it really was: nasty, bigoted and without any form of redemption, was completely rejected and transmuted into a beatific vision of moral courage.

The issue at hand is the power of the northeastern intellectual elite to determine what is or what is not an “American classic”.. or even our so-called, American History. Remember: History and Classics are determined by the ruling elite so as to indoctrinate the students in “progressive theories.”  Think about the sometimes boring, mostly not true books that you were forced to read as a kid, (i.e. Diary of Anne Frank, biography of Abraham Lincoln). I was fortunate enough to read Rudyard Kipling, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Ernest Hemingway and most important of all, Margaret Mitchell while, the teachers in public school [men] were singing in a falsetto tone the misbegotten merits of some ethereal writer like, Harper Lee.
Let me assure you from over thirty years of being a so-called, “NY Times Best Selling Author”, along with my former partner, Tom Clancy, neither one of us can be considered an  “American Classic”.
We both were commercial writers, whose primary interest was to generate as much income as possible; creating content that most Americans would buy at a fair market price which everyone could afford [about six to nine dollars]. As Tom Clancy once boldly stated to the then President of Walt Disney, Bob Iger: “We may not be the best writers in America; but, we certainly knew what our audiences want to read.”  We were rejected for our new TV series called, “The White House”—eventually it became Aaron Sorkin’s “West Wing”.

I would be interested to see what would happen, if I, and others, who have read Margaret Mitchell’s brilliant novel, Gone with the Wind; suddenly declared that she was the “one of the greatest American writers” in the 20th Century. Ms. Mitchell wrote extensively about the trauma that both the black/white south endured during the barbarous, chaotic period euphemistically called, “The Reconstruction.” I am certain that Margaret Mitchell will be noted mainly as the novelist who wrote the book for the eponymous movie… and nothing else.

If you think that I have gone astray, then ask yourselves… who was the greatest black author in both the 20th and 19th Centuries?
It’s a Russian by the name of Alexander Pushkin! He was a poet, playwright and novelist born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is still considered the founder of modern  Russian Literature. But his father was an “African page given as a gift to Peter the Great”.
Bye-Bye Mockingbird! 

Hello, Gone With The Wind!

Here is some American History for you, not the kind you get in school.

Friday, February 19, 2016

LIVE with Alex Jones [2-17-16]

LIVE with Alex Jones [2-17-16]
Listen closely, Alex brings up a lot of interesting topics...

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik discusses the death of US Supreme Court Justice, Donald Trump, 9/11, the Clintons, the upcoming election and other current events from his perspective as a former State Department official, psy-ops specialist and world-renowned psychiatrist.

"Assassination" "That is a possibility."
"Will there be another false flag?" "Probably."
"[Obama] is a CIA operative."

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pope Francis Declares that Donald Trump, a Born Presbyterian is “not Christian” because Donald will build a Wall on the Tex/Mex Border!
Warning: Privileged Socialists Living Among Pedophiles and Protecting Them Should Not Throw Stones Against Trump’s Wall.
Hypocrisy personified is former Provincial Superior of The Society of Jesuits, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a.k.a. Pope Francis.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog highlighting the most beatific aspect of the Pope Francis as a consummate liar and coward. I don’t say this lightly, but I was present at the State Dept. when the Argentinian colonel threatened me with dismissal if I did not help the Colonels to fight “Jesuit Priests and Catholic Nuns” in Buenos Aires, Argentina ,whom the military designated as Communists in 1987. The  colonel informed me that the Provisional Superior of the Society of Jesuits [Pope Francis] was also “helping the Argentine Colonels” to arrest these presumed  6000 Catholic clergy so called Communists. In fact, several Jesuits and nuns were imprisoned/died. 

In the capacity of the omniscient purveyor of blessedness, Pope Francis forgets to reflect on his own serious deficits of bravery, intellect or worldwide financial knowledge, other than socialism. A man who fails to act at a Christian existential moment of truth to save his Catholic brothers and sisters of the cloth has lost all rights to make any pronouncements other than to beg forgiveness from those saintly people who gave their lives in that awful Argentinian military dictatorship in the late 1980’s. 
This poseur of poverty, Pope Francis, who supposedly embraces the presumed bottom of society; nevertheless rides in a multi-million dollar jet; a glass encased Bat Mobile; and lives in the Vatican, a city replete with corruption, pedophilia and homosexuality. St Francis of Assisi, who was canonized by Pope Gregory X on July 16, 1228  and renounced his trappings of wealth, dedicated himself to improving the lives of the poor. Let Pope Frances renounce his worldly surroundings and re-dedicate his life to a less grandiose position and embrace an ordinary life, attending to the sick and needy. Only then will his words reverberate with conviction and integrity.

Otherwise, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones…
As St Francis responded when asked whether he would marry someone, he retorted:
“Yes, I a fairer bride than anyone of you have ever seen… my “Lady Of Poverty!” 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hope voters in South Carolina do their homework, here's a start.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Ex-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger:
One Polish Jew in Search of Socialism; the Other, a German Jew in Search of Realpolitik and Immortality!
I was compelled to write about two Jews who have captured the front page of the NY Times in a most bizarre twist of fate on this propitious date, February 15, 2016, President’s Day. Most of you know by now that I had worked for Larry Eagleburger [Henry’s surrogate] at the State Dept. during the end of the Nixon and Ford eras. I knew a lot about Henry’s personal dynamics and past real/ presumed accomplishments when I had entered the USG as a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow. Yet, I expressed my reservations personally to Larry and proceeded to serve the State Dept. as a DAS for Management. 
At the time I came into the State Dept., I knew absolutely nothing about Henry’s background; other than the fact that he and his family had fled Germany [just like mine from France] in 1938 to come to America.

For me, that is an important distinction to be made about anyone who comes to this country and ascends the political pole of the Republican Party. President Nixon also saw in Henry an intellect and strategic mind that matched Nixon’s own brilliance [even if somewhat faulty at times].The truth is that Nixon had initiated most of the policies [China, Soviet] that were accredited to Henry –including the good, the bad, and the ugly[Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia].

Whatever else might be said of Henry Kissinger, one can read in the British historian’s, Niall Ferguson, highly textured biography of Henry during combat operations in WWII and his peacekeeping efforts immediately after WWII. I was extremely impressed by the fact that Henry was battered around the army bureaucracy until he ended up to become of the most sophisticated/capable Counter Intelligence Operatives [CI] in occupied Germany. He served with acumen, empathy and efficiency. Henry has always surrounded himself with some of the brightest, most talented professionals I have ever met. Men like Winston Lord, Hal Saunders, Larry Eagleburger, Charlie Hill, Dick Soloman, John Negroponte, Peter Rodman et. al. [In order to understand Henry’s earlier years in military/civilian leadership, I strongly recommend that you read Ferguson’s book, Kissinger, 1923-1968.]

In contrast, Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, NY.  His parents were Polish Jews who eked out a meager living. As far as I know, Bernie did not rise to the heights of academic achievement as did Henry; nor was he as ambitious to make his mark on history. Bernie went to the University of Chicago which was not, at the time, anywhere near the intellectual gravitas of Harvard or MIT. Then, Bernie did what most American born Jews do—avoid the draft. In his case, it was simple-dying in a useless war was against his faith.  So he requested automatic dismissal from military service on the basis that he was a conscientious objector. Ironically, the neocons [also from the Univ. of Chicago] also avoided the Vietnam Draft; as did many liberals and so-called “intellectuals”, who made certain that they extended their learning/teaching careers throughout that misbegotten war. 

Bernie was such a man. I don’t fault him; nor, do I praise him. He is like many of his university classmates, the neocons, a master wordsmith without the vaguest idea of what war or combat is really all about. These men, like the four Bush sons, were the new leaders of a country that no longer wanted or thought they needed a draft [a big mistake]. For the most part, Bernie and his counterparts, the neocon Jews, quickly entered the legislative branch of our government, espousing all types of ideas that sounded wonderful; but, were quite impossible to implement. In a shorthand way, I can call Bernie Sanders, “the Idealist”. Therefore,  Henry Kissinger, the Realpolitik practitioner, becomes a  pragmatist with a wide variety of successes and failures.
Who is better to serve?
The realist has forced our nation to pay a very large price for unnecessary wars in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The idealist insists that we must spend money to alleviate all injustices created for and by the citizenry of our country.Ideology has become the nectar of wishful thinking in American politics. If you are a conservative, you fight wars. On the other hand, if you are an idealist or socialist, you avoid confrontation and embrace isolationism with a fervor that one day will be costly, in terms of lost opportunities.
Perhaps the most important contribution that Henry made was to take over the helm of foreign policy while Nixon was deteriorating both physically and mentally. As for Bernie, I cannot judge him accordingly. Has he been tested in the same crucible of fire and found wanting?
I don’t think so.
However, times have changed. And “draft dodgers” are aplenty in this race where everyone agrees that they want to destroy ISIS and other virulent terrorist groups.Yet who has had the necessary experience in counter-terrorism to implement an effective policy? Who is capable of surrounding him/herself with the talent to do so?

Bernie? Hillary? Cruz? Rubio? Jeb? Or Trump?
The narcissistic hounds are afoot and let us see which one can finish the race without too much prevarication and wishful thinking.
Shakespeare said it best:
“Such as we are made of, such we be.”    

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

From: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Former Director of Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] 
To: Hillary Clinton
RE: A Serious Warning-> Pull Out of the Presidential Race While You Are Being Investigated by the FBI.
When a Senior Military Officer of the US says something serious, it would be behoove the American people to listen. When a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn, says the following, then the storm clouds of discontent are gathering overhead:
“If it were me [sending classified emails] I would have been out the door and probably in jail…” He decried what he said was a “lack of accountability, frankly, in a person who should have been more responsible as the secretary of state of the USA.” [Nicole Gaouette  2/13/2016, CNN].
I met General Flynn when he was the Director of DIA.  I was invited by someone else to attend a seminar that he was convening, with all types of intelligence analysts and academic social scientists. At his behest, Mike ordered the attendees and presenters to share their respective knowledge and experience with each other regarding Actionable Intelligence and its future uses. From my personal and professional point of view, Gen. Flynn is a very serious intelligence operative-- in the fullest and best sense of the word. He is what I and others have called, “The Professionals’ Professional” in the field of civilian/military intelligence.

When the spokesman for Clinton’s campaign pushed back, stating the Flynn’s suggestion was ‘just silly’, Flynn soberly retorted:
“The over-classification excuse IS NOT AN EXCUSE!..It’s [emails] classified… it’s CLASSIFIED!” 
Flynn went on to add:
“Clinton knew better, given the roles that she had as a senator, a secretary of state, and even back when she was married to the POTUS…. She was going to HAVE PRIVILEGED INFORMATION IN THAT REGARD.”
There is a reason why I am harping on the words of this talented intelligence military officer. Our military has been subservient for too long to the whims and ethereal proclamations of the White House, State Dept. Sec. Def. and other civilian organizations.  In reality, our military deftly controls our destinies in both domestic and foreign policy areas. As much as a civilian president or Cabinet Officer imagines him/herself to be in charge of any element of our foreign policy, he/she are automatically beholden to our US military, one way or another. This holds true of the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, State Dept.
Without elaborating on the subtext of Flynn’s statement, I can only add a caution to Hillary and her cohorts: Don’t mess with Gen Michael Flynn! The words he says are the silent expression of millions of US veterans, who have become disgusted with the Clinton Family abuses within our republic. The US military has one of the highest tolerances of any organization for allowing civilians to falter in a crisis which eventually they, the military, will have to resolve/reconstitute.Witness the disasters of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Hillary voted for military action in all of those fronts while Bill managed to avoid military service completely as a ‘draft dodger’ and treated our troops cavalierly. 

Former Sec Def and ex-DCI , Robert Gates, in his overstuffed novel [autobiography] proffered a very ominous warning to the military:
“Do not engage in any activities that might be construed as a military coup.” The looming fear of a US military coup is ever present in every administration that has not had a President who had not served in the US military.
Clearly, the past three POTUSs, Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama have abused our military for their personal gain; while at the same time, our military restrained themselves from moving into a ‘strike position’ targeted at the WH. I have warned my fellow countrymen not to take for granted the number of brave warriors who died in overseas wars that we, as civilians, could not justify then, or even now. 

In my novel, Maximum Vigilance, I postulated what would happen if POTUS were found to be incapacitated. The military took over the country through a few subtle series of actions.. and then… imposed Martial Law. That was twenty years ago.
The warning to Hillary and her sycophants is really quite simple: 
Betray us today, and, we, the American people, will betray you tomorrow!
Let me end with a Latin proverb :

“When its time has come, the prey goes to the hunter.”

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Britain Should Opt Out of the Self-Destructive European Union.
Vote For “Brexit”!
Unfortunately for Britain, Prime Minister John Major, a man of little talent and less education, decided to mark his place in history by signing the absurd piece of paper, Maastricht Treaty [1992]; devolving national power to a group of feckless politicians, hiding behind the iconic Bruxelle’s statue of a young boy pissing in the main square. At no time had the Brits ever benefitted, either economically or politically, from this unholy alliance of Southern Tier deadbeats: Spain, Greece, Portugal and worst of all, Italy—who have sucked up more financial aid without a modicum of shame or self-improvement.

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has contributed over 83 Billion Pounds to the EU; while at the same time, the Britain cut over 36Billion Pounds required by an austerity program. In return for the 119 Billion Pounds that Britain could have saved for its citizens, the EU returned a paltry sum of 8.5 Billion Pounds in 2015 and will receive close to 11 Billion Pounds. A Raw Deal.  Maybe they need a Trump as well!?!

At the same time, Angela Merkel [Germany] has invited millions of young male Muslim refugees from the warring countries of the Middle East- for which England had little involvement, as opposed to its more dysfunctional cousin, America. The EU has hampered British free trade with other English speaking countries like India, China, America, Canada because the impersonal bureaucrats in Belgium had no particular sensibility for the unique nature of British exports or the anglophilic cultural advantages. 
The Brits must vote to leave the EU because, for the most part, the EU is a virtual entity with no real sovereignty other than some signatures scribbled over  meaningless piece of paper. To be even more blunt, the EU does not have a military or intelligence entity that either precludes a potential incursion of any sort [ground invasion to hacking]; nor does it provide warnings of potential danger. The EU is a pretense of an organization composed of a surplus of Kafkaesque bureaucrats bereft of skill, knowledge, or national pride. Given the failing state of the EU currency which reflects more accurately the Central Bank of Frankfurt, Germany; the EU is descending pall mall into a major devaluation, while at the same time, quantitative easing will be employed as a stop-gap measure to prevent virulent ascending inflation.
Yes, Europe will be have the two worst financial problems conceivable—major deflation of assets; while at the same time, maintaining a runaway inflation of currency. If you have any doubts about what I saying, simply look at the deteriorating state of Germany’s major bank—Deutsch Bank--- caught in desperate measures of self-preservation through illegal accounting, loss of credibility, and waning capacity to service anything but their continued existence.

This problem of a United States of Europe was doomed from the very beginning of its inception. It was a  heuristic construct which the French Government concocted in order to co-opt Germany from becoming the super-power, again. France failed, as it normally does, in matters of state and international finance. Germany became the great EU engine of liquidity and jobs. Therefore, England has no real stake in this farce entitled: the EU. 
Times have changed all things mortal. England should vote to secede from an entity which should never have been created—the EU!
Brexit is the way to go!