Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marco Rubio –Republican Zombie Puppet!
Zero Talent Supported by Self-Destructive Republican Party! and a few billionaires.
At present we have three viable Republican Candidates: Trump, our favorite. Cruz—a Canadian /Cuban. And now,  Marco Rubio—the Zombie Republican Candidate.
Many of you may remember that I had used the term ‘Zombie Banks’ for those institutions which were too large to fail and with a ZERO NET WORTH—they were propped up the our taxpayers money—or the FEDS. Similarly, I think that Marco Rubio, who has never had a day of honest work and has accomplished nothing, is being kept alive by “republican money” and other donors that see him as the perfect lackey to do their bidding.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why voters could even consider such a non-achiever. But wait, voters are NOT considering him, its the Republican Establishment and Big Money that supports him.  The paid-off media is now trying to shove “rubio” down our throats.

“rubio” is a complete unmitigated failure in almost everything he has done, except in collecting money for himself.  Presently, he is earning a handsome salary without attending to his primary duties as U.S. Senator from a very demanding state, Florida.
Like most of his calculated unimpressive political ascendancy in Florida politics, “rubio” has talked much and accomplished almost nothing. Most of his time in the Florida Legislature was spent on the highly developed skill of self-aggrandizement. Pardon me, “rubio” is very accomplished at one thing, getting paid to play.  If you pay him, he will do almost anything. In Tallahassee, “rubio” delegated much of the real arm twisting to the House Majority leader, Mike Fasano; while rubio spent the rest of his nine years:
redistricting Florida, gerrymandering that still causes problems today
became spokesman for the majority party
co-sponsored bill giving-in state tuition rates for the children of undocumented immigrants
requested/received $20M for Jackson Memorial Hospital where he worked [while a legislator] as a CONSULTANT;
when Jeb retired from the Florida Governorship, rubio hired as payback EIGHTEEN BUSH AIDES [governor’s office in exile]
opened a private dining room for his cronies in the legislature
he supported EMINENT DOMAIN
increased sales tax by 2.5%;
Grover Norquist described “rubio” as the most pro-tax legislative leader in the country [Wikipedia]
2010 rubio placed his house into FORECLOSURE;
rubio charged about $110,000 to American Express including his personal expenses
Fla. Commissioner Inspector accused rubio of ‘NEGLIGENCE”;
rubio was appointed Florida International University Professor after having routing millions to FIU
Billionaire Norman Braman funded rubio’s studies, wife, and family for decades because rubio was unable to make a living as a private lawyer. 
His brother-in-law was/is major cocaine trafficker in Miami.
rubio hired Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff as his own
Uses the same advisors who failed Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush 
rubio switches religions—Catholic, then Mormon, the Southern Baptist –expedient believer

I think by now, dear readers, you get the idea why this pathetic individual, whose intellect is supremely unimpressive and whose gravitas amounts to political cronyism to some exponential degree, is really not worthy of any elected position in the USG. Fortunately, he is true to his lazy nature, and has given up his position in the senate because “it is boring”.
That’s just what we need right now, a Cuban American wastrel, who is unable to fulfill his six year duty as a Senator because he has higher aspirations for himself---perhaps a touch of self-delusion here?

I am truly ashamed, as an American born in Cuba who served my country repeatedly like many other Cubans who were fortunate enough to become American Citizens, to say that neither Ted Cruz, a Canadian Cuban nor “rubio”, are the least representative of a formidable class of Cubans. There are so many better Cuban-Americans who serve their country and were part of the military or Intel Community.
But who am I to go against the wisdom of my peers in the mainstream Republican Party? Only one man has that right to say anything and he is dead.. Ronald Reagan …  who would not have approved of rubio despite Nancy’s coronation. If the truth be known, Reagan needed Bush Sr., who in turn required the unique talents of James Baker III. And that folks, that is not going to happen in my life time again, as Jeb stupidly replied “Baker is an old man!”
Right idiot! See what happens when the Republican pragmatists are gone and you are left with dos merdes de Cubanos… Two Cuban shits!
I will end with a quote from the famous narcissist, Andy Warhol:
“I [rubio] am a deeply superficial person!”


  1. agreed. he is being supported by the former j bush supporters.

  2. He's not only a crook but he's an unimpressive person. He's very immature physically and not in a positive way. He has a childish voice and big ears and is small. "Establishment" Republicans are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. He has no appeal.

  3. Replies
    1. “Obama- The Grave Digger”

      This is a dark cartoon that befits the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Antonin Scalia. At the very least, it’s inexcusable that there was no autopsy. There’s also a distinct possibility that, like Breitbart, Tom Clancy and Michael Hastings, he was assassinated. Now, conveniently, Obama will install someone who wants gun control. Will the Republicans delay the appointment? I have my doubts. They’ve caved into Obama’s demands in the past. Welcome to the corrupt, criminal world of mobster fascism lead by the central bankers. Rest in peace liberty and the Republic.

      The grave digger may as well bury the Constitution along with Scalia. After all, he’s not using it.


  4. Replies
    1. "Rubio was sweating so much he looked like he came out of a swimming pool." - Trump 2016

  5. Rubio is an anchor baby born to two alien Cubans ineligible to serve as Potus ( article II SECTION 1 clause 5)

    His parents were employees of Meyer LANSKY, first in Miami & then to Vegas.

    Braman must have a connection to Lsnsky, or a commitment to watch over these four flushers.

    Lawsuit in Broward county Court FLORIDA over Rubio & Cruz's eligibility

    CASE # CACE15022044


    2. Rubio's parents became naturalized citizens about 4 years after he was born. I assume his parents were in the U.S. as Cuban citizens seeking political asylum and on a waiting list to become naturalized. Big Media, Congress, Government Agencies and the Political Parties have failed to ensure Candidates are born of two U.S. citizen parents on U.S. soil - Natural Born Citizen.

  6. Cool story on the topic of Scalia's last days on this water planet:

    Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters

  7. My main concern with Trump: Will he sellout his constituency and pull a "Yassir Arafat" ? Cool Story about Yassir's diverted funds and his wife's 100,000.00/month Paris apartment and shopping sprees. Life is good if your King:

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Apologies. Typos:

      He has already committed to not drawing a salary & not accepting social security, but he might be receiving it now.
      Doubtful he will pay off Hamas. On the contrary, He will deprive them of any additional funding

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