Saturday, February 13, 2016

Britain Should Opt Out of the Self-Destructive European Union.
Vote For “Brexit”!
Unfortunately for Britain, Prime Minister John Major, a man of little talent and less education, decided to mark his place in history by signing the absurd piece of paper, Maastricht Treaty [1992]; devolving national power to a group of feckless politicians, hiding behind the iconic Bruxelle’s statue of a young boy pissing in the main square. At no time had the Brits ever benefitted, either economically or politically, from this unholy alliance of Southern Tier deadbeats: Spain, Greece, Portugal and worst of all, Italy—who have sucked up more financial aid without a modicum of shame or self-improvement.

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has contributed over 83 Billion Pounds to the EU; while at the same time, the Britain cut over 36Billion Pounds required by an austerity program. In return for the 119 Billion Pounds that Britain could have saved for its citizens, the EU returned a paltry sum of 8.5 Billion Pounds in 2015 and will receive close to 11 Billion Pounds. A Raw Deal.  Maybe they need a Trump as well!?!

At the same time, Angela Merkel [Germany] has invited millions of young male Muslim refugees from the warring countries of the Middle East- for which England had little involvement, as opposed to its more dysfunctional cousin, America. The EU has hampered British free trade with other English speaking countries like India, China, America, Canada because the impersonal bureaucrats in Belgium had no particular sensibility for the unique nature of British exports or the anglophilic cultural advantages. 
The Brits must vote to leave the EU because, for the most part, the EU is a virtual entity with no real sovereignty other than some signatures scribbled over  meaningless piece of paper. To be even more blunt, the EU does not have a military or intelligence entity that either precludes a potential incursion of any sort [ground invasion to hacking]; nor does it provide warnings of potential danger. The EU is a pretense of an organization composed of a surplus of Kafkaesque bureaucrats bereft of skill, knowledge, or national pride. Given the failing state of the EU currency which reflects more accurately the Central Bank of Frankfurt, Germany; the EU is descending pall mall into a major devaluation, while at the same time, quantitative easing will be employed as a stop-gap measure to prevent virulent ascending inflation.
Yes, Europe will be have the two worst financial problems conceivable—major deflation of assets; while at the same time, maintaining a runaway inflation of currency. If you have any doubts about what I saying, simply look at the deteriorating state of Germany’s major bank—Deutsch Bank--- caught in desperate measures of self-preservation through illegal accounting, loss of credibility, and waning capacity to service anything but their continued existence.

This problem of a United States of Europe was doomed from the very beginning of its inception. It was a  heuristic construct which the French Government concocted in order to co-opt Germany from becoming the super-power, again. France failed, as it normally does, in matters of state and international finance. Germany became the great EU engine of liquidity and jobs. Therefore, England has no real stake in this farce entitled: the EU. 
Times have changed all things mortal. England should vote to secede from an entity which should never have been created—the EU!
Brexit is the way to go!


  1. Thanks again for reminding us that despite the warlike efforts of the French and English in the last century that the strongest economy and most united society in Europe will always be Deutchland. And this of course is not due to it's scale but due to the simple integrity and diligence of it's ordinary people. These same people, genetically and culturally, also occupy Norway, and therefore Norway is the richest country in the world. The simple Norwegians have saved every penny and croner of their oil revenues and now have a soverign wealth fund of almost one trillion dollars. They have not been tempted to spend any of it on their lavish public expenditures, which they meet entirely from their taxes and economy sustained by fishing haddock and code. Yes the negroes of Nigeria love Norwegian code as all over west Africa it is the chosen fish used during weddings. They call it "stock fish" and it adorns many a wedding plate during the weddings of the savages of the Yoruba and Housa tribes, both of which squander their own oil revenues shamelessly.

    Deutchland Uber Alles!

    1. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Judge Scalia is 'found dead'...

      How about writing about something that actually matters for a change!

    2. LOL yes of course he was on another infamous REPUBLICAN ELITE QUAYLE HUNT IN TEXAS !!

      REPUBLICAN ELITE Quayle hunts in Texas can have really bad outcomes for their participants.

      They can get shot in the face or worse!

  2. I bet Obama is doing his happy dance. God help us all and America as well. Next will be our first gay Muslim Supreme Court Justice to fit in with the other lesbian(s) on the Court, while Ginsburg continues to nod off during State of the Union speeches.

  3. At least those sworn in to serve our Gov't are tasked with upholding our Constitution, here's hoping they keep their oath.

  4. When PM John Major held his first Cabinet meeting his first words were, 'who would have thought it!' He is the first kid to runaway from the Circus to join a Bank! They have already started the scare stories in our media regarding Brexit and I reiterate folk who will level Nations will not hesitate to have Voter fraud and keep us in. Regarding German supremacy in Europe as John Cleese would say, 'Who won the bloody War anyway?'

  5. Total agreement Dr Pieczenik!!! However the Queen and the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) advocate we do the opposite as does that great asset of the performing society our very own luvvie Emma Thompson so forgive any dilemma by us British... Do we look at your reasoned and we'll researched argument which oozed total common sense or Her Majesty and her just as useless grandson (whom we have recently been lovingly informed how bright and cleverer his son is compared to his classmates) And Emma Thompson ( never really impressed me)?? If we are stupid enough to wait outside a hospital for a week for a royal birth it's a forgone conclusion we are stopping in the European union but one can only hope!! How easy is a green card for the USA??? Could well be on the cards at this rate