Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Harper Lee Dies At 89 Years Old R. I. P.
However, in no way is her one and only book, written primarily by her Lippincott editor, Tay Hohoff, To Kill A Mockingbird…. an American Classic! I will riff off of the obituary column about this southern writer, Harper Lee, who could only write one book, Go Set a Watchman, which was nothing more than a series of short stories and impressions of the deep south, really but a “.. child’s book” [Flannery O’Connor, Southern Gothic novelist].

I am not going to attack Harper Lee because she did what she was supposed to do: write a best-selling novel. Instead, Lee’s more ambitious/talented Lippincott editor,  Tay Hohoff, rewrote the entire proposal that Harper had submitted to her editor about a Southern lawyer [Lee’s father] defending the blacks; while, at the same time, “affiliating himself with raving anti-integrationists, anti-black crazies…”
Ms. Lee, who had never married in her eighty plus years, nor produced any sort of literary body of work,  because “she was ostensibly  paralyzed by fear” was immediately  canonized by the liberal institutions such as the teachers guild and the NY Times and other esteemed magazines as an “American Classical writer”. The truth of the matter, is that she never was nor will ever be an American Classic.

The reason is simple. One book selling over 40 million copies over a certain period of time is considered “a NYTimes Best-Selling Novel”…not a “Classic”. In fact, the novel itself is so simplistic and inaccurate that her real novel, “Go Set A Watchman” which was highly conservative and portrayed the Alabama small town life as it really was: nasty, bigoted and without any form of redemption, was completely rejected and transmuted into a beatific vision of moral courage.

The issue at hand is the power of the northeastern intellectual elite to determine what is or what is not an “American classic”.. or even our so-called, American History. Remember: History and Classics are determined by the ruling elite so as to indoctrinate the students in “progressive theories.”  Think about the sometimes boring, mostly not true books that you were forced to read as a kid, (i.e. Diary of Anne Frank, biography of Abraham Lincoln). I was fortunate enough to read Rudyard Kipling, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Ernest Hemingway and most important of all, Margaret Mitchell while, the teachers in public school [men] were singing in a falsetto tone the misbegotten merits of some ethereal writer like, Harper Lee.
Let me assure you from over thirty years of being a so-called, “NY Times Best Selling Author”, along with my former partner, Tom Clancy, neither one of us can be considered an  “American Classic”.
We both were commercial writers, whose primary interest was to generate as much income as possible; creating content that most Americans would buy at a fair market price which everyone could afford [about six to nine dollars]. As Tom Clancy once boldly stated to the then President of Walt Disney, Bob Iger: “We may not be the best writers in America; but, we certainly knew what our audiences want to read.”  We were rejected for our new TV series called, “The White House”—eventually it became Aaron Sorkin’s “West Wing”.

I would be interested to see what would happen, if I, and others, who have read Margaret Mitchell’s brilliant novel, Gone with the Wind; suddenly declared that she was the “one of the greatest American writers” in the 20th Century. Ms. Mitchell wrote extensively about the trauma that both the black/white south endured during the barbarous, chaotic period euphemistically called, “The Reconstruction.” I am certain that Margaret Mitchell will be noted mainly as the novelist who wrote the book for the eponymous movie… and nothing else.

If you think that I have gone astray, then ask yourselves… who was the greatest black author in both the 20th and 19th Centuries?
It’s a Russian by the name of Alexander Pushkin! He was a poet, playwright and novelist born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is still considered the founder of modern  Russian Literature. But his father was an “African page given as a gift to Peter the Great”.
Bye-Bye Mockingbird! 

Hello, Gone With The Wind!


  1. To Kill A Mockingbird came along at a particular moment when America was fat and happy and people had enough leisure to direct their attention at the remaining imperfections of their utopian Republic. It was a melodrama about good vs. evil in a bitterly racist South and the importance of virtue embodied in a single individual standing on principle against the mob. All very appealing.
    Nell Lee, aka "Harper" Lee, did actually write every word of To Kill A Mockingbird but only after many revisions because although her editor liked her writing she needed constant guidance as to how to write a narrative plot in novel form.
    But To Kill A Mockingbird was the editor's idea after she rejected Go Set a Watchman. "Watchman" was Lee's first novel effort, and her editor considered that not only did it need structural reform but also it's content was not appealing commercially. It was her idea i believe to write a "prequel" first in which Atticus' character would be made a heroic element the public would find timely.
    I'm gratified that "Watchman" was released because unlike Dr.P's harsh characterization of it I think it's merely a reflection of life in the South at that time, and I am not outraged by the racism which persisted.
    I'm an apologist for Southern racism and segregation. I don't see anything wrong with racial segregation and history has shown that although the Voting Righs Act and the Civil Rights Acts made negros "feel" better in fact their poverty and conditions have become MUCH WORSE since these statutes were codified.
    Atticus Finch waa an ironic character in that like everyone he was opposed to race mixing however that keep him from also opposing cruel treatment of negros. He considered that negros should be treated humanly under the law and in all manners just as you would not consider a horse or a dog to be equal to a human yet you would never sanction cruelty against it.

  2. My German and Norwegian ancestors in the South were opposed to slavery. There were no German or Scandanavian or Italian or Polish or such in America who owned slaves. Everyone who owned slaves were either of French ancestry or of English or Irish or Scotch Irish ancestry. This is because these cultures ONLY in Europe practiced chattle slavery as a form of the feudalism which existed in those places. Land ownership, feudalism and chattle slavery were unique to the British Isles and to France, from which the aristocrats came which ruled over England and Ireland and Wales after 1066. The public might not be aware that in England the Kings and Aristocrats spoke French for gerrations, and didn't even speak the local language of English. These were extremely cruel people, and therefore their practices of drawing and quartering and beheading and so forth are unique in European history.
    So when you look at the institution of slavery in America, whether in the North until it was banned there, or in the South where it persisted...
    You are looking at a uniquely Scotch Irish, English, and in Lousiana French, cultural institution.

  3. Only a small percentage of wealthy people in the South could afford to own slaves. And their lives were surrounded by their slaves constantly. Imagine living on a plantation where you are miles and miles removed from any other white people. And yet you and your family in your house are surrounded night and day all the time by these negro slaves that you own. They are in your house all the time and in the fields and outdoor quarters all the time. It must have been a very strange situation. But whites who didn't own slaves didn't like negros for several reasons. They competed with them for what would otherwise be wage earning employment. But more importantly the negros of that time were little removed from the savages of their African homeland and they were brutish, cruel and barbaric. They not only looked aboriginal but they spoke and moved and in all manner comported themselves like savages. They smelled very bad as their skin flora was different from that of Europeans and the bacteria which lived on their skin made them stink all the time. Halatosis and body odors were offensive.

  4. The fact is that in the South as in the North that negros live among themselves and whites live among themselves. People prefer to be with their similar kinds whether racially or in terms of their interests or temperaments. To by law eradicate the former principles that keep whites and blacks separated is nonesense. It's not integrated anything but in only the most formal and legal ways while society is and always will be racially segrageted, unless you are a female in the Kardashian family. And of course these female decendants from someone from the shit hole of Kardash in the Caucasus are reviled by their Armenian countrymen for wanted to be fucked by monkeys and have their disgenic offspring. They are a disgrace to all humanity.

  5. But I ask all negros to ask themselves this simple question. If in fact they are not inferior then why do they perceive themselves as inferior? They do not admit it anymore than they admit many other things, but they of course do perceive themselves as inferior. I won't belabor the topics of their own prejudice against dark skin and their preference for light skin, or their males' deep attraction for white women or mixed race women. This is undeniable.
    But consider this... As a white person I don't care at all what any negro thinks about me. I could care less if any negro hates me or discriminates against me because I am white. Yet when it comes to negros their feelings are deeply hurt at the thought of a white person hating them? Why? Why are their feelings so hurt and they are so insulted and degraded by rejection by whites? If in fact they thought of themselves as equal to whites they wouldn't care. They only care and are hurt by rejection because they consider whites to be the standard by which all men are measured.

    That's their idea and not mine.

  6. Go to the biographies of any of the negro civil rights activists of the past and you will see that at some moment they encountered rejection by whites, and when they did they felt this deep, all-consuming hurt and feelings of humiliation. And they all say that this moment was the event which propelled their efforts to eliminate racism.

    By why?

    Why on earth would they feel humiliated at being rejected by whites?

    Think about this. What white man would feel humiliated and hurt if they are rejected by a negro?

  7. In 1964 there was a documentary film made in Selma, Alabama about the civil rights agitators who where there. In one portion of the film there is a young, short negro male who is speaking to a Sheriff's Deputy.

    Why don't you love me? Why don't you love me?

    I'll choose you I love.

    But I don't understand why you don't want to love me. Is there something wrong with me?

    This interaction explains it all. To negros rejection by whites reinforces to them their own awareness of inferiority. Their obsession with approval by whites is their seeking of a remedy for their own awareness of perception of inferiority.

    The entire civil rights "struggle" was about nothing more than negro desire for approval by whites. It was about their feelings of inferiority only and it improved nothing, unless you are a thug who gets to have sex with one of the Kardashians or other white girls conditioned by media to seek the forbidden taboo of being fucked by a savage.

  8. Marco Rubio is NOT getting THE WHITE HOUSE; however, he (Marco Rubio) may get the REPUBLICAN NOMINATION to go against Hillary Rodham Clinton! It does NOT really matter at this point who gets THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION! Because, at this point, I do NOT think any of the Candidates (Republican or Democrat) will try to save the UNITED STATES from THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) that reports to THE VATICAN (controlled by THE JESUIT ORDER since September 22, 1774)!

    As stated in other comments, THE NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" want to "MASS-GENOCIDE" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE "WORLD WIDE" (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "population reduction after economic collapse" produced by George Green (FORMER INSIDER, who sat-in at the NEW WORLD ORDER MEETINGS); "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" (at 00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC) on April 16, 2008; "Q4: What is the significance of the 'Snowden affair' and Obama's Narcissistic response to it?" [Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.: "THE QUEEN wants to "REDUCE" the current population of about 7 BILLION to LESS THAN 1 [BILLION PEOPLE]!] posted by LaRouche PAC Video Archive (AUTHENTIC) on July 13, 2013; and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5], Plum Island [Season 2, Episode 1], Police State [Season 2, Episode 4], Great Lakes [Season 2, Episode 6], BP Oil Spill [Season 2, Episode 7], and Ozarks [Season 3, Episode 4] (6 EPISODES "MAYBE AT" YOU TUBE AND THE INTERNET))!

    According to UNITED STATES SENATOR Dr. Rand Paul M.D., stated during the campaign, Donald Trump's FOREIGN POLICIES will possibly get the UNITED STATES into a THERMONUCLEAR WAR with both Russia and China! Donald Trump does NOT understand "THE GAMES" being played by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (primarily THE C.I.A. and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, along with MOSSAD); therefore, Donald Trump does NOT understand ISIS are basically "INTELLIGENCE MERCENARIES" working for THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY!

    Now that Jeb Bush is out, Hillary Rodham Clinton has to be "legally" removed from the race! If Hillary is removed, Marco Rubio might get THE WHITE HOUSE and produce a THERMONUCLEAR WAR!

    1. Raymond,

      Would it really be such a bad idea to reduce the population by seven billion? if it were not for the black death there would have been no renaissance. It was the black death which jolted Europe out of feudalism and the dark age into the light of knowledge and trade and progress.

      You should think about that before you criticize our plans to improve humanity.

  9. I like most of Cruz's views of the Constitution however this guy on Drudge hits the nail on the head in describing what I dislike about Cruz;

    Here's the problem with Cruz. Winning General requires substantial moderate swing voters. If Cruz's demeanour, religiosity, strident tone, shrill modulation, sanctimoniousness, and all around smarmy peavishness repels so many of us conservatives and Libertarians, then no chance in hell with the centrist swing voters. Trump is far more connecting on a personal level. Cruz is a bitter lawyer, Trump is a rock star. This does not mean Cruz supporters are bad. They have not processed the reality of a changing America yet. And change is ACCELERATING. You are falling out of the running formation.

  10. I like most of Cruz's views of the Constitution however this guy on Drudge hits the nail on the head in describing what I dislike about Cruz;

    Here's the problem with Cruz. Winning General requires substantial moderate swing voters. If Cruz's demeanour, religiosity, strident tone, shrill modulation, sanctimoniousness, and all around smarmy peavishness repels so many of us conservatives and Libertarians, then no chance in hell with the centrist swing voters. Trump is far more connecting on a personal level. Cruz is a bitter lawyer, Trump is a rock star. This does not mean Cruz supporters are bad. They have not processed the reality of a changing America yet. And change is ACCELERATING. You are falling out of the running formation.

  11. It's Trumps to lose now. He's the right person at the right time. He always has been lucky.

  12. However for any Republican to win the electoral college against Sanders will be an uphill battle. I think Sanders will win too many important states.

    As I've said I prefer Sanders, and I'm encouraged that he voted five times against the Brady Act because his constituents love guns as much as i do.

    However either Sanders or Trump would be interesting to say the least.

  13. Cool video of a trained sniper shooting an actual "orange" at a half mile away.... Holy shit!

  14. Long range shooting tips:

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