Sunday, February 14, 2016

From: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Former Director of Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] 
To: Hillary Clinton
RE: A Serious Warning-> Pull Out of the Presidential Race While You Are Being Investigated by the FBI.
When a Senior Military Officer of the US says something serious, it would be behoove the American people to listen. When a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn, says the following, then the storm clouds of discontent are gathering overhead:
“If it were me [sending classified emails] I would have been out the door and probably in jail…” He decried what he said was a “lack of accountability, frankly, in a person who should have been more responsible as the secretary of state of the USA.” [Nicole Gaouette  2/13/2016, CNN].
I met General Flynn when he was the Director of DIA.  I was invited by someone else to attend a seminar that he was convening, with all types of intelligence analysts and academic social scientists. At his behest, Mike ordered the attendees and presenters to share their respective knowledge and experience with each other regarding Actionable Intelligence and its future uses. From my personal and professional point of view, Gen. Flynn is a very serious intelligence operative-- in the fullest and best sense of the word. He is what I and others have called, “The Professionals’ Professional” in the field of civilian/military intelligence.

When the spokesman for Clinton’s campaign pushed back, stating the Flynn’s suggestion was ‘just silly’, Flynn soberly retorted:
“The over-classification excuse IS NOT AN EXCUSE!..It’s [emails] classified… it’s CLASSIFIED!” 
Flynn went on to add:
“Clinton knew better, given the roles that she had as a senator, a secretary of state, and even back when she was married to the POTUS…. She was going to HAVE PRIVILEGED INFORMATION IN THAT REGARD.”
There is a reason why I am harping on the words of this talented intelligence military officer. Our military has been subservient for too long to the whims and ethereal proclamations of the White House, State Dept. Sec. Def. and other civilian organizations.  In reality, our military deftly controls our destinies in both domestic and foreign policy areas. As much as a civilian president or Cabinet Officer imagines him/herself to be in charge of any element of our foreign policy, he/she are automatically beholden to our US military, one way or another. This holds true of the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, State Dept.
Without elaborating on the subtext of Flynn’s statement, I can only add a caution to Hillary and her cohorts: Don’t mess with Gen Michael Flynn! The words he says are the silent expression of millions of US veterans, who have become disgusted with the Clinton Family abuses within our republic. The US military has one of the highest tolerances of any organization for allowing civilians to falter in a crisis which eventually they, the military, will have to resolve/reconstitute.Witness the disasters of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Hillary voted for military action in all of those fronts while Bill managed to avoid military service completely as a ‘draft dodger’ and treated our troops cavalierly. 

Former Sec Def and ex-DCI , Robert Gates, in his overstuffed novel [autobiography] proffered a very ominous warning to the military:
“Do not engage in any activities that might be construed as a military coup.” The looming fear of a US military coup is ever present in every administration that has not had a President who had not served in the US military.
Clearly, the past three POTUSs, Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama have abused our military for their personal gain; while at the same time, our military restrained themselves from moving into a ‘strike position’ targeted at the WH. I have warned my fellow countrymen not to take for granted the number of brave warriors who died in overseas wars that we, as civilians, could not justify then, or even now. 

In my novel, Maximum Vigilance, I postulated what would happen if POTUS were found to be incapacitated. The military took over the country through a few subtle series of actions.. and then… imposed Martial Law. That was twenty years ago.
The warning to Hillary and her sycophants is really quite simple: 
Betray us today, and, we, the American people, will betray you tomorrow!
Let me end with a Latin proverb :

“When its time has come, the prey goes to the hunter.”


  1. That last saying, gives me goosebumps Dr P.

    1. Well you are welcome to "goose" Hillary if you wish.

  2. Dr.P I think you're way off on this one. The military was never "mistreated and abused" by these recent Presidents. The military of this terrible government was eager to invade Afghanistan AND Iraq. They thought it would improve their careers and they looked forward to the many opportunities which lie in winning wars. But when their wars turned sour and it turned out ONCE AGAIN THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING they did as in Vietnam -- dug in their heels and pretended everything was good from the start :) :)

    What a bunch of feckless idiots we have in the American military, when they're not chasing after their secretaries or their cute little underlings for a romp and a little poon tang...

    I'm glad for you Dr.P that you are still nieve enough to fall for this General's bullshit. I've been around these guys at the kind of conferences and seminars that you describe and they are on their best behavior in such places. It doesn't impress me. And what "actionable intelligence" were you discussing with them? "Actionable" is an adjative never heard when I was in the field in the 1980s. All of a sudden as our wars have gotten less important and the stakes never lower but the budgets never higher....

    Now we have all these pseudo-scientific acromyms like "Improvised Explosive Device" instead of simply "mine." We have "Existential threat" which is a concept which makes no fucking sense at all. We have "preemptive war" when we really mean to say "preventive war." And a host of other insane words and phrases, not to mention "warriors" and the like.
    So what the fuck is "actionable intelligence?" Well I guess it's intelligence which means something as opposed to intelligence which means nothing. All intelligence is important or it belongs in the waste basket. If you are going to take "ACTION," such a dramatic word, then of course you must distinguish the information which prompts it from all more mundane stuff. It's merely a dramatic turn of phrase and nothing more.

    I happen to know that Colon Powell and many others also had similar server arrangements to what Hillary is being accused of so I don't give a shit.

    And if this General wants to make a case out of it I will remind him that he was never Secretary of State so he doesn't have the privileges that Cabinet level officials have.

  3. Now let's talk about something funny.

    So Antonin Scalia the portly and rotund Italian and pugnacious Judge goes down to the wilds of Marfa, Texas for a good old fashioned quayle hunt with fellow Republican friends !!

    I don't know if Dick Cheney was along for this one with his artificial heart and accompanying oxygen tanks and so forth... But the heavy set and irracable Scalia must have over exerted himself somehow and he just couldn't take it.

    Just shows you how these chareacters think they can simply take a shopping trip to Dick's Sporting Goods and they're ready to meet the wilds of hunting game. They might consider staying in their libraries and perhaps go on a diet or something. Outdoorsmen they are perhaps in their own minds only.

    Goodbye Antonin Scalia. You will hardly be missed.

    1. Antonin Scalia did not advance the
      Carbon scam --$10 Trillion over a decade
      That was the reason for the death pillow?

  4. As I've posted recently I've come to actually welcome a Presidency with Bernie Sanders. I know this appears crazy as I am violently opposed to his gun hating, illegal immigrant loving, and spend, spend, spend convictions.

    However I am more than willing to compromise on these important issues if it means we can get someone who speaks about the bigger problems of America today...the fact that the rich have hijacked this nation and have changed all the rules so that now they've reversed the New Deal and rigged everything so that they get richer and richer at everyone else's expense. In good times AND BAD their wealth increases because their speculations are not taxed, they can hide their activities offshore, they can outsource all jobs and labor. They've destroyed the middle class and increased poverty vastly over what used to be.
    This is a much bigger problem than gun rights or immigration. This is the heart and sole of the American dream, and it must be reclaimed.

    Trump talks a good deal about these matters but he's not serious. Sanders is a serious man. I don't like New York Leftee Jews in particular but hey, he's all we've got.

    I'm not a progressive or a liberal but the things he's talking about the most are now known well to the young people of today and they're going to lead America into a new age of socialism sort of like Germany or Sweden has.

    And that's what America must have. We need to get rid of these asshole billionaires and grow our middle class and end poverty once and for all.

    And if it means driving all the billionaires out than so be it.

    I am a NATIONAL socialist, but if I can't find a NATIONALISTIC socialist then I will have to settle for just a socialist.

    But I'm sick of the rich in this country.

    I despise them.

    1. Why do I despise them?

      Because they don't give a shit about what happens to their fellow Americans much less anyone else.

      They only care about making every last fucking dime they can. They won't share anything, and they live in splendid isolation from normal people. They ONLY know each other and live in enclaves where they're walled off from all realities...

      It's time they learn the hard truths.

      It's revolution time my friends.

    2. I don't like being around other educated people like myself, and I can't stand being around rich people.

      As I've said before I prefer to be around factory workers, prostitutes, strippers, drug users and criminals.


      Because they live the lives dictated by our system.

      Anyone who ignores them or blames them is not facing reality.

      The reality is that all the social ills we have in America are because unlike Germany or Norway we just don't care about our fellow countrymen and we blame them for the circumstances they find themselves in.

      Get to know these people and you might learn the bitter truths about our system.

    3. Personally, I like being around repentent sinners who have learned through their own trials & tribulations how absolutely full of crap they are!

      One whom shall not address and work to correct their own shortcomings should never be taken seriously in adressing the flaws of others.

    4. I'm not fond of "repentent sinners" like the zealots one finds in the evangelical churches here in America.

      The "criminals" I like being around are not bad people. They are ordinary people who care as much or more about their fellow man as "respectable" people do. However because of circumstance they find themselves involved in "illicit" activities. I've been involved in a whole lot of white collar crime and corporate investigations. What I know about so called "law abiding" or "rule following" people working in corporations or businesses are that they are mostly highly dishonest and will lie and cheat and steal more than your average drug dealer or prostitute.
      Crime is something which is part of our society for various reasons and just as there are good priests and bad priests there are good criminals and bad criminals.
      In the criminal world we know this.

    5. Avoiding Zealots happens when you've been given the gift of discernment which only occurs from admitting to a life of rebellion towards God. Only when one sees their own sins and are truly repentent, but also willing to change, can they see both sides clearly. After Grace follows humility.

      Zealots are not only found behind pulpits, but also behind corporations, keyboards, and especially governments. Jesus avoided the Zealots (the perfect people) and instead chose sinners to hang out with, including prostitutes. However, once the gospel was revealed and He rose from the grave, they were obsolved of their sins and emboldened to share His message of God's LAST covenant with man. There will be no new covenant as Christ Jesus was the last sacrifice. John 3:16.

      There has never been a greater persecution of Christ's Church than there is today. Have you ever thought to question why? The World, aka: Satan, does not want anyone to know The Truth, because... IT SETS YOU FREE - DUMMY!

      The Truth certainly doesnt come from Zealots, nor obviously any politicians of recent memory. You cant even find truth in the average person today as everyone has their own agenda. Sure there is honesty in street hustlers, almost like honor amongst thieves.

      Listen to a murderer or thief confess to their crimes and beg to be forgiven. Hear a prostitute with aids or a condemned person on their death bed calling out for forgiveness while dying a slow and painful death. Witness the soldier writhing with blood curdling screams of agony from his mortal wounds begging to be forgiven as life leaves his body. See the multitudes of children starving to death while their parents struggle to stand up on a body devoid of any muscle tissue begging for a morsel of food, or a drink of clean water. The Truth will be found and accepted in those places because there is no second chance, no bailout.

      It is only by the Grace of God, through the sacrifice of His only begotten son, Christ Jesus, that anyone may saved, period. No Zealot or politician has the power to grant eternal life, only Yeshua. Amen!

      Finally, The Holy Spirit works hard as the final days approach. There is a great awakening taking place as the black shadow of mass corruption and spiritual death has spread across all lands. Great wars, plagues, massive disasters and global bancruptcy are all descending in concert over mankind. Heed the warning signs and prepare for His return like a thief in the night.

      Many will be called, but few will be chosen...Dont miss your call!

  5. So what may happen is this. Sanders will be the nominee on the Democratic side. He will choose a Vice President who is a woman, and she will be more moderate than him and lovable to the females.

    Trump will the nominee and choose Kasich because it's vital to win Ohio, and because Kasich is a known rational leader.

    But Trump will lose.

    In the final analysis the Fox News generation is now on death's door and unlike past elections the elderly will not make the difference they once did.

    Sanders wins the east coast and west coast and even Florida this time. Trump gets Texas and the south and Ohio and Indiana but Sanders gets Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnisotta. Trump just can't get enough electoral votes.

    Sanders wins.

  6. Hillary and conventional wisdom thinks the Superdelegates will make for a win but it won't work. There will be a revolution in the party if these delegates do what Hillary wants and go against the majority. The margin will be too great for Sanders.

  7. In 2015 61% of your US disposable budget went on the Military Industrial Complex, in fact you spend more than the next 17 countries combined. Of course you will be involved in endless War as you are Hammer looking for a nail which if you cannot find, you just make up. Probably Keynes fault as he suggested you would prosper best as a War economy. Military euphemisms for death and destruction are actually quite funny in their own bland PC way and it is all good for the news media to play with.I still think it would be better to claim the budget then have a fake War with CGI and a green screen, put 'stan' on the end of the made up country, then have a Victory parade.

  8. There are problems with the American economy. After the crash of 1930 things got a little better over time but then in 1938 it crashed again and things went right back to where they were in 1931. Why?
    Only the wartime production and spending beginning in 1940 ended the American depression. If the government had just spent the same amount of money on other projects in 1933 the depression would have been over by 1935 as the Nazis did. But no. Americans don't understand economics. Keynes and the Nazis understood economics.

  9. Who actually controls illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama???? It is primarily THE BUSH FAMILY, THE CLINTONS, and the current UNITED STATES Secretary of State John Kerry; therefore, Hillary Rodham Clinton does NOT CARE about THE F.B.I. or anyone else! Furthermore, THE CLINTONS have been "in bed" with THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) that reports to THE JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) controlled Vatican) for OVER 30 YEARS (since at least the early 1980's); and as for William Jefferson Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton has been involved THE C.I.A. since the late 1960's; and THE C.I.A. has been covering THE CLINTON'S ASSES since at least when William Jefferson Clinton was Governor of Arkansas (especially THE MENA CONNECTION)!

    1. Yes and when Pope Francis yesterday addressed the illiterate peasants of Chiapas Mexico in three different indiginous languages he was really passing along secret instructions to them for the next phase in the Vatican's diabolical plans to take over the world !!

    2. Either a dismal attempt at disinfo, or you are completely missing 'The Great Whore' is in John's last Revelation.

      I give you a hint... Youtube search the following - Lucifer Prayer in Vatican Easter Service. That and google the name of vatican's super telescope ought to reveal more than you need to know.

      Btw, the day they start selling off the billions in priceless art collection, or a few parcels of land to help the needy, is the day... Forget it, will NEVER happen!

    3. The "GREAT SPIRITUAL WHORE" mentioned in Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 (BIBLE) is THE UNITED STATES! How do I know this??? Because, according to Hosea, to be a "spiritual whore," the nation had to be "married to GOD" and then "spiritually fornicated" with DARKNESS and the worship of dead Idols, such as, the NORTHERN and SOUTHERN TRIBES of Israel spoken of by the Prophet Hosea.

      As for the TRUE ANTI-CHRIST, it is THE ROMAN EMPEROR NERO [Revelation Chapter 17 and verse 10: "And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space."].

      The FIRST EMPEROR OF ROME was Julius Caesar, and Julius Caesar married Cleopatra VII Philopator. Cleopatra VII Philopator was related to King Ptolemy I, who was one of Alexander the Great's generals and deputies.

      This said marriage was the transfer from THE FOURTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON (Greeks/Alexander the Great) to THE FIFTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON (Ancient Roman Empire). There are SEVEN KINGDOMS OF BABYLON mentioned as to the "STATUTE" (SPIRIT OF DARKNESS) within Daniel Chapter 2 (BIBLE).

      After Julius Caesar, there was Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and finally NERO ((/ˈnɪəroʊ/; Latin: Nerō Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; 15 December 37 AD – 9 June 68 AD); and NERO crucified the Apostle Peter and beheaded the Apostle Paul (Judas Iscariot's actual replacement). Furthermore, NERO demanded to worshiped as a "god" (small "g"), for he (NERO) was actually an immortal.


      ...... Furthermore, NERO demanded to [correction] be worshiped as a "god" (small "g"), for he (NERO) was actually an immortal.

    5. Since GOD made changes during July 2006, and currently outside BIBLICAL PROPHESIES, THE SEVENTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON (NEW ROMAN EMPIRE for seven (7) years) will NOT HAPPEN. How do I know WE are outside BIBLICAL PROPHESIES??? Because, the destruction of the EARTH'S OCEANS (1/3 THE WATERS DESTROYED/Revelation) is currently greater than "1/3 THE WATERS" (Revelation); and WE have NOT had the "planned" NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, YET!

      I mentioned this before, but NO ONE LISTENED! GOD allowed Fukushima (detonation of the UNIT THREE FUEL POOL containing several tons of Plutonium) to show HE (GOD) made changes; and if they (NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE") follow through with their "forced plans" ("forcing destiny"), there will be an "EXTINCTION EVENT" (complete destruction of THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE)!

    6. [spelling corrections]

      Since GOD made changes during July 2006, and currently outside BIBLICAL [correction] PROPHECIES, THE SEVENTH KINGDOM OF BABYLON (NEW ROMAN EMPIRE for seven (7) years) will NOT HAPPEN. How do I know WE are outside BIBLICAL [correction] PROPHECIES??? Because, the destruction of the EARTH'S OCEANS (1/3 THE WATERS DESTROYED/Revelation) is currently greater than "1/3 THE WATERS" (Revelation); and WE have NOT had the "planned" NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, YET!

    7. Love you Raymond, but we'll have to disagree on the whore. Revelations clearly describes her as a worldly church (One World Religion) which has deceived the masses. Do not forget the last great revival of the 'Jesus Freaks' was birthed from the US and thus as a result has spread The Gospel globally into the far reaches of earth. And now is a time for simultaneous planetary communication, also foretold.

      There shall not be another judgement from our Father until Christ has returned for his bride, His Church. Prophesy and testimony is very clear on this point and we may not debate His word.

      On another note; Remember Tesla's pocket sized oscillator which shook a 10 story building using paired harmonic frequencies? That was more than 80 years ago. Its probably a safe bet the technology behind it has made some progress. Im not saying a directed beam of mass energy caused any earthquakes, it was probably just slippage of the continental plates occuring one year to the day Japan's foreign minister condemned Israel for its continued 'illegal' settlements in 'occupied' lands. Yeah, thats it...Thats what happened.

      There are also reports out there that Japan also made another official public condemnation of Israel on the actual day of the earthquake...

      Interesting times we are living in, no?

  10. For my own amusement I have just started 'Department N' on Facebook with the aid of my youngest son as a News feed. Apparently if I put comments on for a year someone might notice it!

  11. “When its time has come, the prey goes to the hunter."

    I prefer a simpler one:

    "Off with her head!"

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