Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Breaking Bad!"   The New USG Security Test For TOP SECRET Clearance- Eliminate  USIS’s  $2.65 Billion Fraudulent Outsourcing Contract and The False 700,000 Yearly Security Checks.

The recent spate of false reality shows consisting of leaked revelations about massive NSA surveillance by the nefarious NSA as revealed by the heroic but completely confused Sino-Russo-Phile  Edward Snowden,  has had me thinking about how one obtains a TS clearance.    I asked myself  how does a loose cannon like Snowden  obtain  a TS Clearance with Booz Allen [known as ‘Booz and Aliases’ in the Intel Community].
Then I discovered that he was cleared by a ‘bullshit outsource company’  by the name of United States Investigation Services (USIS) Inc.  in Reston, Virginia.   Reston is the community for the ‘lame, sick, and mentally disabled’  professionals in the Intelligence/military community who are unable to obtain a real job outside their cocoon of Washington D.C.
Interesting that USIS was founded  by none other than the corrupt Equity Investment Group—Carlyle Group!  (we all know of the Bush/bin laden family connections to this group)   In fact,   many of it’s top managers lived in my community in the Washington DC area.    At social gatherings,   I often would ask them how could they make any real money without ‘scamming the US taxpayers’ and selling non-existent assets back to DOD and other US agencies???   I was considered a real social asset at dinner parties ;)
Anyway,  this absurd reality show did not end with Edward Snowden but continued with the make-believe ‘shoot-out’ at the Navy Yard with the penultimate ‘mental case’ contrived by the US Navy--- Aaron Alexis.     And where did he,  a full-blown paranoid schizophrenia get his Secret clearance???  from none other than USIS!
  How coincidental!
  But of course,  I was not surprised.
  The Obama national reality show could beat any TV reality show on  absurd plot lines,  inconsistent characters and predictable endings-  where the SWAT team always wins.   And unfortunately many people are dead.    Yet the dying recite their lines of dialogue with conviction for Obama administration’s agenda of ‘gun control’ or ‘fund our brave navy’ ….

I thought hard and long to figure out what type of test would I institute in order to evaluate a person’s ability to keep a MAJOR SECRET—be it for the USG or just personal.
  First,   I want you to know that I am not a proponent of TS Clearances.   Over thirty years in and out of govt,  I discovered that the biggest ‘leakers’ [excluding men with prostate problems] were the Presidents,  VP,  White House personnel,  Capitol Hill Staffers and US agency personnel.
  Secrecy at all levels of social,  government and financial exchange is completely DEAD!!!
  And spending inordinate amount of tax payer's money and other resources on the issue of USG secrecy is both offensive,  exceedingly perverse and beyond costly.
My solution is OSINT—Open Source Intelligence.
  But the USG knows that.
They insist on wasting our hard earned money on useless perversions like making believe there is some secrecy that is so vital to our nation that without it,  we would be destroyed.
  LBJ once said presciently: ”98% of all secrets can be found in the NY Times or any media outlet.”
  Well,  I thought to myself,  there must be an even more selective way to uncover those who really can keep a secret.
  And it came to me as it did many countless others…..

After watching 60 episodes of  AMC's  "Breaking Bad" (yes,  I AM a binge-watcher of BB),  I think I have a way to ensure top level security clearances.  
  Perhaps,  the highest level of TS is to keep the ending of Breaking Bad to oneself after this Sunday's final episode.
On that basis alone,    USG could conclude that if no one reveals the ending to someone who has not watched the show up until then----this is a measure that is better than what USIS fraudulently charged the American citizens,   $2.65 billion dollars for 700,000 non-existent TS clearances.
  It’s time to get rid of our USG waste!!
  Wake up America!!
  The only secret that has not been revealed yet:  is how MAD WE AMERICANS CAN REALLY GET!!!

Just in case you have nothing better to do than educate yourself,  here is some C-span history for ya!  Gotta love the information age.  Here's John Forbes Kerry in '71
for what its worth,  check out a message this youtube gem
Most of the Carlyle Group/Bush connections are scrubbed clean but here is a tidbit from VV!
Be posting later....
Quick background for tonight's post (I know its main-stream media but...)  anyway the term is called "flushing"

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kudos to the Fed/State Prosecutors!  US Fed. Banking Officials;  DOJ;  FBI;  SEC; and Many Others Fed/State Agencies for their Continuing Criminal and Civil Indictments of JP Morgan Chase;  Bank Of America; and Steven A. Cohen [SAC Insider Trading].

In a time when we seem to be beaten down by news of real or false terrorist/massacre killing here and abroad,   we can see some light at the end of the tunnel of despair and anger.   I personally found that glimmer of hope in recent WSJ articles  highlighting the continuing civil and criminal indictments of JP Morgan Chase BankSteven A. Cohen and his insider trading as well as the fact that the overblown balloon called ‘Bank Of America’ is finally being brought to criminal trial for their miscreant activities regarding mortgage fraud.

  Of course,  one can simply respond with the effortless resignation: "So what? Who really  cares?"  Or more dastardly,  "It’s about time!!"
  I don’t agree with this cynical resolve.   At a time when the economy is flushed with cash and there is what one economist calls Moral Hazard  throughout the official and ‘black banks’ [money markets,  Structured Investment Vehicles [SIV], et al.  or ‘zombie banks’ [toxic banks that were rescued],   the series of federal and state prosecutions is a upbeat counterpoint to what could be a very dark and gloomy financial scenario.   Without elaborating too much about the impending perils of Moral Hazard of Zombie Banks,  it is sufficient to say at this point that Federal and State Prosecutorial bodies as well as the FBI  [which I have carped about for a long time] have been active in trying to correct that lack of accountability in the over-compensated financial systems in Paulson’s/ Bernake’s ‘bail out’ programs.
It has become more apparent to me that JP Morgan Chase continues to demonstrate an unrelenting and completely indifferent attitude of self-destructive greed.   Their singular focus is to fleece the American citizen/taxpayer.
  The feds have correctly brought not one,  but SEVEN Federal Criminal/Civil charges against Jamie Dimon and the nefarious Board of Directors on JP Morgan Chase.
1.   Chase decided to fleece the American citizens on the electricity—continuing the Enron scam a la Cheney/Bush administration. 
2.   Next JPMC went on to rob the American public on aluminum prices
3.   Trading/ increasing  EPA tax credits
4.   fraudulently foreclosing on non-existent mortgages 
5.   losing six billion dollars on the London whale trade 

Not to be outdone in the criminal insider trading and greed department we have the nouveau rich Steve Cohen who raised 15 billion dollars in a hedge fund. 
  He showed a consistent thirty per cent return year in and year out!
  Poor Pettifogger Bernie Madoff showed a similar consistency of return –about 10%.   Remember he went to jail running a Ponzi scheme.
Cohen thinks he is so smart but I can assure you that he bought and sold insider tips from the physicians in and around the FDA and other ‘private consultants’ whose ersatz job was to provide nothing but ‘insider trading’ information.
I find this type of behavior not only reprehensible but exceedingly cowardly.    If one really wants to make an ‘honest buck‘ with the passage of a drug through the FDA,   it is not so easy.   The FDA  for the most part,  is quite discrete and professional about the licensing of new products and tries to keep integrity and professionalism at the forefront.   I know because I tried to bring a product through the FDA system and found it quite complicated,  severely costly but understood it was necessary.

As for Bank Of America and I might add Citibank,   they are so replete with toxic assets and a highly distorted balance sheet with very tricky ‘off-the-books accounting’ that both should be taken apart.   They are in effect both Zombie Banks which were artificially propped up by the Feds in order to make certain that they did not ‘destroy’ the rest of the financial markets.  Unfortunately,  both Ron Rubin and Sandy Weil,  are completely compromised professionally and personally-  the only thing keeping them ‘alive’ is their political cronyism with all legislators.   Otherwise,  both men should be in prison along with Madoff;  Cohen;  Corzine;  Dimon; and a host of other “Zombie Bank Managers” and Corporate Vultures [AIG, GMAC].

I know that you,  like me,  are impatient for a complete denouement of the financial crises.
  But that will not happen soon.
Let us await the ascendancy of the new Fed Chairwoman—Ms Janet Yellen and let us give her a chance to resolve the liquidity,  net worth, and fiscal problems inherent in the flying albatross called the American Financial System.
Lets watch its flight pattern before we shoot it down!!!
BTW,  forget gold,  silver and diamonds ---Their trading value still boils down to their inherent perceived value and the trust that only a functioning financial system and a transparent, efficient government/financial system can provide. 
  The rest is all self-delusion.

some background for tonight's post

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ambassador Samantha Power:  The “Hellish Power” Who Bombs her Way Out of Genocide!

  I recently read an interesting but guarded article by Sheryl Gay Stolberg in the NY Times  (posted earlier) about the United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power. 
Both in her personal and professional articles and appearances,   I found her awkward,  gawky,  and  reincarnation of the Gaelic Woman Warrior lost in a world of touchy-feely sentiments.  

For those how do not know who she is,  and I admit that I really did not care to know more about her until this article entitled,  “A New U.S. Player, Put on World Stage By Syria” appeared. 
I had heard about her and her Pulitzer Prize Winning novel,  oops sorry,  non-fiction,  A Problem From Hell: America And The Age Of Genocide.   I had the good misfortune to have read the book and dismissed it as ‘childish,  simplistic and factually incorrect’.   Of course,  needless for me to say that this book had grown out of a paper that she had written for her law degree at Harvard.
Unfortunately for Ms Powers,  her descriptive inaccuracies were obvious to many but especially to me because of my personal involvement in developing the architecture for the 1991 Paris Peace Conference On Cambodia.
This Gaelic Whirling Dervish from Hell,  had no insights nor understanding of the realities on the ground and most importantly had no appreciation for how the Perm Five of the UN were brought deftly into the peacemaking process.   This group of nations disarmed the Khmer Rouge and eventually with the lead of an outstanding French diplomat,  Claude Martin-   Russia,  China,  England,  France and the USG agreed to bring a peacekeeping force to Cambodia.   Subsequent to the appearance of the UN Peacekeeping Troops from around the world,  Prime Minister Hun Sen,  led Cambodia into twenty years of prosperity and peace.   Now there is a healthy political fight between HunSen and his political opposition for dominance.   But that’s another story.
  As for Samantha Power,  she “who loved all of mankind”,   counseled President Obama  into bombing Libya to prevent another ‘non-existent genocide’.    She also counseled  POTUS recently as Ambassador to the UN to initiate a US military strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad.
How does a foreign policy novitiate ingratiate her way into a position of such serious responsibility as the UN Ambassador without having had any peace operations experience?   She has the foreign policy knowledge of a Yale/Harvard  Sophomore under the aegis of Graham Allison,  a well-known ‘intellectual blowhard’ who wrote one major book,   Crisis In Decision,  some thirty years ago.
In reflecting on the article and musing about her personality,   I resorted to the time-tested adage that Moliere wrote in his famous French play Les Misanthropes:
"He/She who loves ALL MAN,  LOVES NO MAN"
  Nothing could be truer than Hellish Samantha.
  Let me tell you why!
  Neither tutored in Realpolitik nor in geopolitical strategy and certainly not in psychology or nation/state behavior,   Samantha ascended to the powerful position by being what all such people do best,  ‘suck up’ and degrade those who  know more than her.
  There are many things I can write about Hillary Clinton but Samantha without merit or past achievements was able to say the following about her future boss at the State Department and still get away with it:
In a March 6 interview with the Scotsman,  ”We [Obama’s team] FUCKED UP IN OHIO.   In Ohio,   they are OBSESSED and Hillary is GOING TO TOWN ON IT because she knows Ohio’s the only place they can win.   HILLARY IS MONSTER TOO –THAT IS OFF THE RECORD.    SHE IS STOOPING TO ANYTHING!!”
I won’t argue with Samantha’s description but I will resort again to the old French proverb –“Qui s’excuse! S’accuse!!”

  Now what makes Samantha “Hellish”? 
I think that an apt description of her,  is that she comes out of "hell"---Ireland (or Britain?)—and is invested in hellish scenarios of killing in order to resolve those hellish problems  with HELLISH INSTRUMENTS OF WAR!!!   I find that to be an apt description of a so-called  anti-genocide,  pro-humanitarian,  childish embrace of ignorance and arrogance.
  But what I find far more fascinating are the people whom I have known well that support her out of political convenience and/or Political Cronyism—all of whom have never been the UN Ambassador.   They include famous state department ambassadors,  and other nefarious neo-cons like Dennis Ross,  the trifecta failure of the Middle East Peace Process despite being Israel's professional foreign policy ‘streetwalker’.    Then there is always the delightful twosome ‘dumb and dumber’,   Senator John McCain and Miss Lindsey Graham.
However,   I do respect Ambassador John Bolton who helped fund the Peacekeeping mission in Cambodia,   and criticized Hellish Samantha Power for her having compared THE UNITED STATES TO NAZI GERMANY in a 2003 article that she had written in The New Republic.
    Who best to represent the great United States than an incompetent,  arrogant,  ungrateful,  Yalie NON AMERICAN who learned foreign policy from  intellectual mentors [Ambassador Richard Holbrooke—whom I had known very very well];  teachers [Graham Allison et al. at Harvard Public Policy School];  and Obama, Susan Rice.

I would like to thank following Jewish Organizations for their fullhearted support of Hellish Samantha Powers and her comparison of the USG to Nazi Germany:
-- The Jewish Council For Public Affairs.
-- The President of the Rabbinical Assembly,  Gerald Skolnik.
-- The Eastern Director  of the Simon Wiesenthal Center,  Steven Burg.
-- The National Jewish Democratic Council. 
With friends and ambassadors like that- what more do I have to say,  America ???

Be posting later,  her is some homework on Samantha Powers recent headliner

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Iran-American RapprochementScheherazade!  A Tale of One Thousand and One Nights!!
On Tuesday,  September 24, 2013,   President Obama addressed the UN General Assembly and made a constructive overture to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for a peaceful rapprochement between the two countries. 
From a musical perspective,  one could say that this might be the overture to Rimsky-Korsakov’s musical masterpiece  entitled ‘Sheherazade’.
As most of you know,  I have not been a fan of this administration’s  domestic or foreign policy.
But this olive branch speech by Obama to the Iranians has been long overdue.   If he is successful in orchestrating a rapprochement with Iran,  long abandoned to the repository of American hatred resulting in a successful embargo,  it may be the most important accomplishment of his two term administration.
  As many of you know by now,   I have long promoted re-establishing a détente with Iran despite the hoary rhetoric concerning a fictitious Iranian  nuclear enrichment conundrum.   In fact whatever Iran,  may or may not be doing with it’s nuclear problem,  it pales in comparison to the unregulated,  chaotic Pakistani Islamic Nuclear Bombs.   Funny how the Pak Nukes are never discussed or even mentioned for fear that the atomic genie may really escape from the IAEA bottle of nuclear inspection.
However,  the issue at hand is overture of trust and conviviality and not belligerence and isolationism on both sides.
Like the mythical Persian story of the beautiful Princess,  Sheherazade,  who lulled her oppressive king with seductive,  enthralling  stories that made him fall in love with her over one thousand and one nights.

Here is important question:
Are Obama’s foreign policy experts capable of ‘seducing’ the Iranians into a peaceful rapture over a protracted period of time?
The obstacles are formidable!
First,  we have the CIA created myth that then President Carter and not the CIA blew the relationships in the late 1970’s.   If one were to believe that nonsensical farce of a movie Ben Affleck’s paean to the CIA (Argo),  one would  be moved to believe that the CIA was brave,  courageous, and judicious.
Not quite!
  Thanks to the constant overture genetically embedded in the CIA’s “Legacy Of Ashes”  they were completely amiss in recognizing/assessing the internal shift of the Iran from a secular to Islamic state.   Despite the fact that the transition of Iran was five years in the making and that the CIA  helped Ayatollah Khomeini to move from the Shah’s ruthless SAVAK to the safe respite of Sadam Hussein’s sanctuary.
Nothing screws up foreign policy more than our dysfunctional intelligence community!
Then there is the twin bête-noire of American foreign policy---AIPAC or Israel.
  No country has become more of an American STRATEGIC LIABILITY than Israel.
Believe me,  Israel knows that. 
In order to make certain that the dysfunctional state of Israel is not forgotten by it’s Big Brother,  the USA,  it makes certain that it’s proxy American representatives—Dennis Ross,  AIPAC, and other Zionist organizations flip the Holocaust card to inflict guilt and censure [as an ‘anti-semite’] upon any legislators,  government officials or citizens that may disagree with them.
But they know all too well that they have been forewarned by me to be careful when they tread on those who have dared to criticize them or even denounce their tactics.
They know that there are the ‘untoward consequences‘ of their actions.

Israel should not be a problem since Obama is well ensconced in the American Jewish community and is not in any way pro-muslim or anti-Israel.

What is left to impede the progress of this peace overture?
What remains is the political will of the executive to undertake what is a long and at times fruitless task with real experts,  not self-appointed self-aggrandizing neo-cons.
It is time for this administration to use professional diplomats from the State Department who are Arabists and Farsi experts who have been trained and tutored in the ways of Persian/Islamic culture.   It’s nauseating to see the constant parade of self-pronounced ‘outside experts’ who have never created or implemented any type of peace treaty.   There are many in the bureaucracy who have been involved in these complicated processes without need to go to any outside think-tanks like the Brookings Institute or AEI  [both intellectual parasites funded by American citizens].
The final question is:
  Can the current president of the most powerful country in the world,  the USA,  do what a mythical princess supposedly did several centuries ago?
  Let me quote the Sir Richard Burton’s translations of the ‘The Nights’ and his description of the princess which should serve as a model for the present day American negotiators:
“Sheherazade had perused the books,  annals,  and legends of preceding Kings,  and the stories,  examples, and instances of bygone men and things;  indeed it was said that she had collected a thousand books of histories relating to antique races and departed rulers.   She had perused the works for the poets and knew them by heart.   She had studied philosophy and the sciences,  arts and accomplishments; and she was pleasant and polite,  wise and witty.   She was well read and well bred.” 

What more can… or should I say?
 Inshallah! God Willing!! Amen!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Join the Navy and star in a TV Reality Show Admiral Greenert’s McHale’s Navy!

TV Pitch to the New Cable Network“Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert’s Navy Reality Show”
Catholic Choirboy,  Jonathan Greenert,  Naval Academy Graduate,  Submariner becomes Chief of Naval Operations at the recommendation of Monseigneur Admiral Mullen of famed  “SEAL TEAM SIX”  TV SHOW.

Key Conflict of Admiral Greenert’s Navy Reality TV Show:
How to get American citizenry and US Congress to appropriate trillions of dollars for useless Navy surface,  submarine and aircraft weapons.
Answer: Create a False Flag a la Obama’s Newtown School Massacre but at the US Naval Yard in Washington DC. 

Precedence for TV False Flag and Fake Crisis Scenarios:
9/11 under Bush Jr and CIA George Tenet,  Michael Hayden [NSA, CIA] .
Obama’s announcement of his having killed the already dead Marfanoid Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan near the Pakistan Military Academy. 
Follow up Faked Movie : “Zero Dark Thirty” By Kathryn Bigelow and DCI John Brennan, “Choir Boy” of the Counter Terrorism and CIA.
Newtown False Flag with non-existent Asperger’s,  schizoid teenage gun enthusiast carrying three guns including an Ar-15 killing  20+ white children and white adults in a fancy NYC rich suburb ---all in three minutes.
Use FEMA CRISIS ACTORS and make certain they talk about the non-death of the students coupled with the NEED FOR GUN CONTROL!
Let Obama make another nonsensical Shakespearian speech about the death of children and gun control.
Ensure POTUS never talks about his incompetence in relieving a 12/20% combined unemployment and underemployment problem.
Ensure no references made to the disastrous Obamacare and it’s Rube Goldberg machine.
Ensure that in this new Navy TV reality show, we have no mention of Obama’s failure in the Syrian chem/weap crisis.
No mention of Obama being aced out by Putin or Assad.

Requirements for Admiral Greenert's Navy Reality Show: "Please Save The Navy Budget" !!!!

Other considerations….
Need to have a black dead villain with a mental health history.   Despite a history of paranoia,  PTSD, and auditory delusions-  he receives Secret Clearance from an incompetent Navy to work for a failing  Information Technology company like Hewlett Packarda major recipient of Military/Naval IT contracts.
Make certain that the protagonist of the TV show is immediately identified in the first three minutes of the show as a black IT Navy Reservist with complicated mental history a la Eric Snowden.
Create a realistic-like scenario textured with names,  dates and detailed information that gives the semblance of reality to the show but never film the actual shooting event that never took place despite the ‘multiple surveillance cameras’ in the ‘so-called’ tightly secured Naval Base.
The constant paradoxes and inconsistencies of this TV show has to follow the same type of ongoing texturing that was done with the Osama bin Laden Faked Death and SEAL ATTACK.
For example:
--Create a simple memorable name for black protagonist  like Aaron Alexis—double A.   Easy,  memorable , non-ethnic.  Snowden and Bin Laden and other false TV characters were too complicated to remember.
--Give him a very textured,  psychiatric history of complete mental health illness,  throw the DSM V at him.
--"Aaron Alexis complained of hearing voices and ringing of the ears",  the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL SAID ANONYMOUSLY.
--Keep all attributions ANONYMOUS or make certain those who know him can give only a very bizarre picture of him. 
--NAVY OFFICIALS (never identified) said that although Aaron had shown a pattern of misbehavior;  which included insubordination  and unauthorized absences,  A.A. was awarded the NATIONAL DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL and the Global War on Terrorism SERVICE MEDAL.

Wait there is more that we have to add to Aaron’s non-history to make him credible for the new TV show!
He was born in a multi-ethnic neighborhood not like that white rich Newtown.
Aaron is interested in Buddhism and speaks Thai fluently.
He served as a waiter in a Thai restaurant despite his paranoia,  anger management and shooting spree.
Despite a horrendous civilian and military record he is recruited as full time reservist in the navy,  serving as an aviation electrician’s mate as a petty officer THIRD CLASS.
Background Story of Aaron:  In 2010,  we see him on TV shooting holes in an apartment somewhere in Fort Worth Texas,  explaining  to some Texas Ranger how he ‘had been cleaning his gun and it accidentally shot off’.   Not credible, but it’s TV!!!  Who cares? 
Get some ‘civilians’ preferably black to detail the history of the non-massacre at the Naval Yard  to contrast against the white non existent Sandyhook affair.
In the TV Show we have to show that Blacks are also affected by random shootings just as BLACK POTUS had forewarned. 

Producers and Writers:
 --Let’s get the Chief Of Naval Operations [CNO] Jonathan W. Greenert to orchestrate,  create and produce this Crisis scenario in conjunction with our reliable self-aggrandizing organizations like the FBI,  D.C.  Metropolitan Police,  SWAT Teams,  First Responders,  the USUAL SUSPECTS who make up the all the rest of the TV shows see now.
--Admiral Mullen must have input into his protege Jonathan Greenert's production.   Mullen did a great job on selling that nonsense with SEAL TEAM SIX.   Next get Chairman of the JCS, another Choir Boy,  Martin Dempsey to agree with this FAKE SCENARIO. 
-- Choir boys chief eunuchJohn Brennan must be completely in the loop as well as the rest of the Irish Catholic Mafia in the White House—Tom Donilon,  McDermett,  Biden.
Remember if we can sell the world on 9/11,  Osama bin Laden,  the death of OBL,  SEAL TEAM SIX,  Newtown  and other false flags/faked disasters,  we have a HOME RUN ON THIS NEW SHOW!

  I am certain as a former Executive Producer and Creator of TV SHOWs that  Admiral Jon Greenert’s  NAVY FALSE FLAG REALITY SHOW will be a SMASH HIT!!  Getting him several trillions for his Navy from mesmerized citizens and their congressional representatives!
Unfortunately,  if anyone finds out the truth,  we will have lost all our tax payer's money on unnecessary nuclear submarines,  worthless aircraft carriers and littoral ships.
Don’t worry the American public will never know the truth.
  And for sure,  Senator Carl Levin and his colleagues are completely ignorant!!!! 

Its always about the money or as they say "follow the money" some tidbits on SandyHook
Listened to this audio book on a recent trip, posting shortly.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Here is another guys it or not.  Citizens have had enough!
This is why I love the information age.

Little stroll down memory lane,  Steeler's Wheel.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

His Excellency Jeb Bush has just Designated Queen Hillary Clinton as the Next Empress Of The USA!
After my extensive sojourn visiting all corners of the vibrant American landscape,  I came back to discover one of the great travesties of democracy—the impending coronation of one incompetent politician by another pretender to the crown.   The so-called self-styled elites of American politics,  both the Bush and Clinton dynasties,  decided to crown each other with ersatz legitimacy for the mantle of American democracy.

In a bizarre scenario somewhat akin to the Tzar Nicholas I crowning Lenin as the next apparent heir to the Russian dynasty,   Jeb Bush in the name of an esoteric,  highly contrived organization called The National Constitution Center  (which has nothing to do with the constitution,  nor the nation!)  awarded the incompetent,  miscreant ex-Sec State, wannabe POTUS,  the organization’s Liberty Medal for ‘lifelong career in public service’.
  When I was informed of this travesty of politics,  I immediately thought it was a joke,  somewhat perverse but, nevertheless a sick-joke.   Then after some soulful deliberations,  I came to the sad conclusion that Jeb,  the prodigal son of a family that has done more to damage America -- financially,  politically and morally than any other family in the history of america—save of course—the Clintons,  REFUSED TO HEED THE WARNING OF HIS PRESCIENT,  SAGACIOUS MOTHER—BARBARA BUSH---‘NO MORE BUSHES IN THE WHITE HOUSE’.

This apparent self-designated celebration of ‘bipartisanship’ opened the dangerous doors of speculation about the non-apparent collusion between Bush Sr,  Bush Jr and Bill Clinton in the orchestration of 9/11 ‘stand down’ and ‘false flag’.

In this award,   Jeb basically admits that he,  alone,  has to atone for the sins of Marvin and Neil—his brothers who had created and were principally responsible for the 1980’s Silverado Savings and Loan Crisis that precipitated the major S&L crisis in which I had to try to salvage countless Maryland S&Ls.
Jeb is unwittingly reaffirming his brother’s travesty of leadership in sending our military to engage in a non-existent war in both Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world.   No less important,   Jeb is also covering up for Bush Jr’s financial travesties of the 2008  recession/depression.
  Good work Jeb! 
  A son like Jeb should always listen to his mother!
  As for Hillary,  what can I say that I have not already said?
  She has been the personification of Lucretia Borghia in her rapacious,  egregious grab for political power.   She has spared no lives.   She has made certain that her sexually inadequate husband,  Bill,  was always protected by lies, deceit, and denial. 
She wore and still wears the pants in the family.   She had allowed the CIA,  under Bush Sr to run illegal clandestine operations out of Arkansas to Central America at the expense of many brave American military and covert operatives.
America!  What is this monster marriage of two dysfunctional political families that lay claim to our Revolutionary forebears??
  I say that they are nothing but dangerous poseurs and tyrants who will do almost everything to destroy our hard earned American way of life.
  Neither family represents the valor  nor  courage of the men and women who work two to three jobs just to eke out a living for their respective families.
  These Busclintons have never sacrificed a son or a daughter for the wars they created.   Politically speaking,  its very dangerous for Jeb and Bush jr to open the door to their father’s legacy in American politics,   lest we all find out what dangers might lurk behind closed doors.
As for me,  Mr and Mrs America,   I find this travesty of anointment both repulsive and completely un-american.
  If Tony Blair,   the effete British whore for Bush Jr,  wants to congratulate Hillary then let him crown her Queen for A Day. 
  Our founding father must rolling in their graves!   These Buclintonites must really think that we are all so stupid,  sorry we are not!