Monday, September 16, 2013

Little stroll down memory lane,  Steeler's Wheel.


  1. After reading your post regarding Hilary's award and tapping my toe to the great Gerry Rafferty and stealers wheel I remembered this little gem! Not to be outdone by our American friends Tony Blair received a 1 million dollar Dan David prize for...are you ready for this one! "His exceptional leadership and steadfast determination in helping engineer agreement's and forge lasting solutions to areas in conflict"!!!! These people honestly believe that our heads button up at the back!!!!

  2. Those awards are evidence of how morally bankrupt the elite really are and that they hold in contempt the little people who do the sweating, fighting, and dying.

    They think the little people can't see through their bull shit.

    Times are a changing!

    YES! A video post. Sometimes a song can express a situation or events much better than prose.

    Way to go Dr. Pieczenik.

    Yes, I first heard that song on the A.M. dial long ago -- good rhythm & beat -- catchy -- but I'll admit I was just a kid, but kids like music, at least I did and still do after all these years.

    There are so many situations where that song hits the nail on the head.