Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some humor from BuzzFeed on our gong show foreign policy


  1. First, let me say that I'll bet anyone here $100 that Walter White's favorite group is Steely Dan. Walter White is couple of years younger than I am.
    "They call Alabama the Crimson me Deacon Blue...Deacon Blue...."

    Walter cooperated with Hank's sadistic arrest because he knows DEA has no jurisdiction on tribal lands - the arrest is invalid, and Walt just wants to get processed so he can have the charges dropped when Jack shows up with the Aryan brothers and commences to a shoot out with Hank and Steve which only the Jack and his friends can win. When Hank and Steve run out of ammo I can't see any way that their lives can be sparred - Jack has to kill him and make a run for it. Walt will try to dissuade him but I can't see Jack letting Hank and Steve go under such conditions.

    If Jack kills Hank and Steve I think that will mean a war between Jack/Lydia and Walt, and I think that's how Walt came to have his house trashed and he was left to go to New Hampshire to protect his family and then return with a car full of weapons to take on somebody...Jack I guess.

    Anyway, Walt is making all kinds of stupid mistakes. First he should know that his cancer is curable and he doesn't have a death sentence. But more importantly he should know that all his problems can be solved by moving his money offshore and living outside the United States.

    If I were him I would have never stopped cooking but would have made a permenant alliance with Lydia and moved to Europe. I would have relocated my family to Norway or someplace and continued to make hundreds of millions of dollars and lived happily ever after..

    But Nooooooo............

    1. This wonderful show, the best ever produced, will end with a "politically correct" ending in which the people who are supposed to be "bad" according to society do not prosper because of their crimes.

      This of course is the opposite of reality.

      Crime does in fact pay. It pays big, and only the idiots or just uniformed people wind up in jail.

      I was hoping that Breaking Bad would be the first television show to illustrate the realities of life instead of the false myths.

      In the US there are over a million people in prison for non-violent drug offenses while the elites of the drug world never see the inside of a jail cell.

      Go figure.

    2. btw...

      I think it's pretty clear, and not a matter of 'taste' either, that Steely Dan is a very good act whereas Billy Joel is just aweful. I think all published music critics agree.

      But what do I know.

    3. "Steely Dan" was a dilldoe in a novel written by William Burroughs. What novel was that?

      this is a quiz....

    4. Please Dr.P tell us which novel it was.

      I would like to think you know William Burroughs.

  2. I'll let you 'two figure this one?

  3. Do you mean her article comparing Syria with Kosovo? You didn't give a complete link...

    Let me say this about Obama and this mess...

    Robert Young Pelton has said about it that, "Putin has stolen Obama's lunch."

    I agree.

    Obama isn't capable of making any decisions about anything - not changing policy in Iraq, Afghanistan, drones, Guantanamo, and certainly not bombing Syria.

    All he's prepared to do psychologically is contemplate a punative action for the reason of "arms control," and that's all.

    It's not a parrallel to Kosovo at all.

  4. Now let me explain why ousting Assad is necessary.....

    First, you must realize that like Zimbabwe, Syria is a state ruled by a group of Generals using a head of state as a figurehead. Assad is not really in control of what happens in Syria.

    But with that said he's a crucial part of a malevolent regime of extremely savage and brutal killers.

    It's not valid to look at the deep flaws of the opposition and then decide that therefore it's better to leave in the devil you know.

    That will lead to no progress at all.

    The way political development occurs is that a devil must be slain. Then you worry about what kind of regime will follow. Slaying the present devil sets a moral standard of justice which following generations will have as a guide.

    Once the follow on devils expose themselves as such then they too can be slain until finally a better system is achieved.

    This is what is happening slowly in Egypt.

    It's what happened in France, and in Iran....

    It must happen in Syria too.

    It takes a long time.

    Evolution doesn't happen overnight.

    1. What a ghoulish & amoral mentality, you can practically see the blood dripping from Mit's teeth.

      No mention or apparent concern for innocent people being slaughtered. No concern for the Christians of Syria or the innocent Muslims, for that matter.

      How many innocent people died in the French Revolution and what happened to the rest of Europe.

      It's seems apparent that Mit has little regard for human life, other than his own. If that isn't megalomania, I don't know what is. Or is it that Mit is a nihilist?

      Nihilism (per Merriam-Webster dictionary):

      : the belief that traditional morals, ideas, beliefs, etc., have no worth or value

      : the belief that a society's political and social institutions are so bad that they should be destroyed

      Seems to be a pretty close fit to Mit's world-view:

      Mit wrote (September 9, 2013 at 8:57 PM): "The US is over. [...]

      Forget about the US.

      It was never that good."

      What are your moral values, Mit, if you have any, that is?

  5. Now I want to say that I'm finding the commentary on this board to be rather vapid.

    Sorry but I just am.

    The level of discourse, and sadly even Dr.P's on blogs is getting more and more tempid.

    To assist in remedying this I'm going to do what Dr.P should be doing....

    I'm going to provide a tutoral on the subject of psychologial warfare.

    Dr.P could be doing this. It would be interesting for him to depart from his screeds on current events and digress into some substantial content, but he's not.

    So I'm going to provide a seminar, albeit brief, on what I was taught on the subject of psychological warfare.

    This is not the "psychological warfare" which you might have seen written by Ed Lansdale. This is not your father's psychological warfare from the 1950s.

    I'm going to be explaining the state of the art as I knew it in the 1980s, with an emphasis on the role of media communications and understanding political and economic trends by interpreting popular culture.

    1. When are you going to post the tutorial?

    2. I wanna start next week if I have time.

      I really wish that Dr.P would do something like that but instead he's doing these screeds about current events so I'm stepping up to the plate.

      What I'm gonna do will blow your hair back.

  6. Let's provide facts & evidence with analysis instead of abstract desires for slaughter & mayhem in some ghoulish quest for what? It's not clear what Mit wants, talk about vapid.

    Syrian Chemical Attack: More Evidence Only Leads to More Questions, by Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs, September 10, 2013. (

    Yossef Bodansky, the Director of Research at the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA) and Senior Editor of Defense & Foreign Affairs publications (including the Global Information System: GIS), was, for more than a decade, the Director of the US House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.

    "Accumulating new evidence regarding the August 21, 2013, chemical attack in Ghouta, eastern Damascus, raises most basic questions.

    The recent findings point increasingly toward the conclusion that it was indeed a self-inflicted attack by the Syrian opposition in order to provoke a US and Western military intervention against the Ba’athist Government of Pres. Bashar al-Assad. Ultimately, it will take the detailed chemical analysis by the UN of the agents used to provide the guidelines as to who’s the guilty party."


    "The most explicit finding to-date comes from the UK’s Defence Science Technology Laboratory. Soil and cloth samples “tested positive for the nerve gas sarin”. The sarin in the cloth was in liquid form that soaked into the cloth. As discussed below, this finding reinforces the conclusion that “kitchen sarin” was used. Hence, so much will depend on the UN’s findings when their tests are completed."

    This analysis is long and comprehensive, but well worth the time & effort to read & digest:

    Syrian Chemical Attack: More Evidence Only Leads to More Questions

  7. Bodansky merely says that he's uncertain and that he's waiting for the UN to finish there work.

    The other article merely says that "questions are raised."

    Just like Alex Jones the sources you produce simple don't say what you claim they are saying.

    1. Mit, you are a liar and act like a maggot crawling over the dead of war.

      I didn't say anything about the Bodansky article other than it provides facts, evidence, and analysis and that it is worth reading. The article speaks for itself.

      But your comment demonstrates you are a congenital liar.

    2. The Bodansky article provides no facts or evidence illustrating your theory about what's going on in Syria.

      There's no lying there.

    3. Mit, you are incorrigible, but I'm in a generous mood as both political parties are relieved war has been averted, for now.

      I hope it lasts, but I have no illusions, regime change is still the objective of the Obama administration.

      The permanent solution: Cutoff weapons to the "rebels" terrorists.

  8. Maybe some info here...

    1. D Aderhold, thank you for the link.

      Reading the post. The author interviews three chemical weapons experts. All three are doubtful the videos of claimed chemical weapons "victims" actually are the victims of a chemical weapon attack, except, perhaps, one women, but they are doubtful she is a victim of a sarin gas attack.

      It must also be recorded that all three are extremely doubtful the canisters shown in possession of the "rebel" terrorists were used for chemical weapons dispersement. More likely, they think, the canisters are smoke for screening or riot control gas.

      These claimed "victims" were part of what "rebel" terrorists claimed was a Syrian government gas attack earlier this year.

      But if they are fake "victims", it shows the "rebel" terrorists are willing to fake a gas all likelihood to attempt to justify outside military intervention via propaganda.

    2. NEWS FLASH:

      Why would the rebels do a gas attack to prompt outside intervention when there's no prospect of any intervention occurring?

      There hasn't been any enforcement of any 'red line' ect.....

      It's not as though they had any reason to think the US or NATO or anyone else would repeat what happened in Libya. Where would they get such information/be completely and totally wrong?

      Don't you think under the circumstances that perhaps these three "experts" are merely wrong, as in, they are making erroneous conclusions based on very little evidence such as "what people looked like from the video, etc..."

      Hardly much for any real expert to draw conclusions from.

    3. Mit, you are incorrigible. You sound like Bagdad Bob. Laugh out loud...

      Don't worry, there is plenty of fraud, corruption & death along with double-dealing & backstabbing in the sea of international skulduggery for your kind of entrepreneurialism to thrive.

    4. You can be morally sanctimonious or just immature if you like, however let me put it this way....

      If I were in an agency that had a mission I believed in and the simplist way to fund it was to take away a drug market from a bunch of malevolent assholes and run it myself that's what I would do.

      In the real world you have to make choices and do the best you can.

      There's always going to be someone, usually someone bad, who's going to sell the junkies drugs.

      I don't blame those I know in CIA who smuggled heroin or crack or anything.

      That kinds shit happens in the real world.

    5. I blame the CIA officers I met for a lot of terrible things, but traffiking in drugs to junkies is the one thing I don't blame them for.

  9. Regarding the link the expert, become the expelled?

  10. When the UN produces their finding what will all these ideologues say then? Of course they'll fabricate something.

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