Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just in case you missed this in Anaconda's comments,  read it!  Credit goes to Dempsey on this one!


  1. Walter White - pluses and minuses

    On the Plus Side...

    a truth seeker
    facinated/devoted to the universe
    devoted to his family
    opposed to cheating/lying unless necessary for survival
    obholds friendships wherever he can
    only kills when necessary for survial
    always seeks to minimize violence
    pragmatic/undogmatic/questions assumptions

    On the Negative Side....

    Poor taste in apparal/furnishings, etc..lacks any elegant sense of esthetics

    1. Above all Walter White believes in things outside of himself. He is non-egotistical/non-narcissistic. He never puts himself first in any situation.

  2. In the foreshadowing at the beginning of Season 5 when Walt's in New Hampshire we can see that he's made it to another birthday so cancer hasn't killed him yet, he's sullen and probably without his family, and he still has money. Above all he isn't incarcerated. And he uses false ID.

    So he was never prosecuted, may have fled using his lawyer's ID magic.

    If Hank did survive the shootout at the Indian reservation then he surely was fired by the DEA for his crimes in setting up Walt, particularly lying to Euell about his own attorney, etc...

    Maybe if Hank was fired it was him to trashed Walt's house and created the threats he's dealing with rather than Jack and Lydia.

    Personally I like Lydia. There's a lot of women out there exactly like her. She's fearless and willing to take risks to make money. I admire that greatly.

  3. What I don't admire are the low-paid bureaucrats I encountered at CIA who were so penury in their conditions and outlook that it impinged on everything. If for no other reason it was realized that my own entrepreneurial lifestyle and financial outlook made it unworkable for me to become an officer. Career officer training was out.

    1. Oh, do you mean black market criminal activity?

  4. I would have had more respect for them if they did.

    No, I mean things much worse than that.