Sunday, September 15, 2013

His Excellency Jeb Bush has just Designated Queen Hillary Clinton as the Next Empress Of The USA!
After my extensive sojourn visiting all corners of the vibrant American landscape,  I came back to discover one of the great travesties of democracy—the impending coronation of one incompetent politician by another pretender to the crown.   The so-called self-styled elites of American politics,  both the Bush and Clinton dynasties,  decided to crown each other with ersatz legitimacy for the mantle of American democracy.

In a bizarre scenario somewhat akin to the Tzar Nicholas I crowning Lenin as the next apparent heir to the Russian dynasty,   Jeb Bush in the name of an esoteric,  highly contrived organization called The National Constitution Center  (which has nothing to do with the constitution,  nor the nation!)  awarded the incompetent,  miscreant ex-Sec State, wannabe POTUS,  the organization’s Liberty Medal for ‘lifelong career in public service’.
  When I was informed of this travesty of politics,  I immediately thought it was a joke,  somewhat perverse but, nevertheless a sick-joke.   Then after some soulful deliberations,  I came to the sad conclusion that Jeb,  the prodigal son of a family that has done more to damage America -- financially,  politically and morally than any other family in the history of america—save of course—the Clintons,  REFUSED TO HEED THE WARNING OF HIS PRESCIENT,  SAGACIOUS MOTHER—BARBARA BUSH---‘NO MORE BUSHES IN THE WHITE HOUSE’.

This apparent self-designated celebration of ‘bipartisanship’ opened the dangerous doors of speculation about the non-apparent collusion between Bush Sr,  Bush Jr and Bill Clinton in the orchestration of 9/11 ‘stand down’ and ‘false flag’.

In this award,   Jeb basically admits that he,  alone,  has to atone for the sins of Marvin and Neil—his brothers who had created and were principally responsible for the 1980’s Silverado Savings and Loan Crisis that precipitated the major S&L crisis in which I had to try to salvage countless Maryland S&Ls.
Jeb is unwittingly reaffirming his brother’s travesty of leadership in sending our military to engage in a non-existent war in both Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world.   No less important,   Jeb is also covering up for Bush Jr’s financial travesties of the 2008  recession/depression.
  Good work Jeb! 
  A son like Jeb should always listen to his mother!
  As for Hillary,  what can I say that I have not already said?
  She has been the personification of Lucretia Borghia in her rapacious,  egregious grab for political power.   She has spared no lives.   She has made certain that her sexually inadequate husband,  Bill,  was always protected by lies, deceit, and denial. 
She wore and still wears the pants in the family.   She had allowed the CIA,  under Bush Sr to run illegal clandestine operations out of Arkansas to Central America at the expense of many brave American military and covert operatives.
America!  What is this monster marriage of two dysfunctional political families that lay claim to our Revolutionary forebears??
  I say that they are nothing but dangerous poseurs and tyrants who will do almost everything to destroy our hard earned American way of life.
  Neither family represents the valor  nor  courage of the men and women who work two to three jobs just to eke out a living for their respective families.
  These Busclintons have never sacrificed a son or a daughter for the wars they created.   Politically speaking,  its very dangerous for Jeb and Bush jr to open the door to their father’s legacy in American politics,   lest we all find out what dangers might lurk behind closed doors.
As for me,  Mr and Mrs America,   I find this travesty of anointment both repulsive and completely un-american.
  If Tony Blair,   the effete British whore for Bush Jr,  wants to congratulate Hillary then let him crown her Queen for A Day. 
  Our founding father must rolling in their graves!   These Buclintonites must really think that we are all so stupid,  sorry we are not!  


  1. Well it looks like today's episode of Breaking Bad unfolded like I said it would. Jack and the Aryan Brothers killed Hank and Steve, and now Walt and they are no longer buddies. His family left him and he's on the warpath...

    Walt is a man who's done everything imaginable to support his family and friends. He's exhibited nothing but loyalty toward them all and has put himself at tremendous risk over and over again to save them from harm. In the end one by one each of the friends and family members he was dedicated to not only abandoned him but maliciously sought to destroy him.

    I cannot predict how the final episode will play out.

  2. For whatever it's worth I wanna say that I'm uplifted by Breaking Bad's choice of a hero as being a scientist.

    President Eisenhower once said about MIT President James Killian that,

    "Killian's people at MIT were the only people I encountered in government who were only interested in what was best for the country rather than what was best for themselves."

    In my experience in government I agree with President Eisenhower.

    Scientists are not perfect but they are uniquely principled people who are largely truth-seekers. They are uniquely dedicated, diciplined, conscienteous, and they love the universe.

    Scientists are optumists at heart who accept the universe for whatever it is and believe that human life is meaningful and purposeful.

    Scientists are my heros.

    1. Sorry, but scientists, from my experience, are no better than anybody else, subject to the same follies, errors, and hubris as the rest of humanity.

      It is a grave mistake to put scientists on any kind of pedestal.

  3. Replies
    1. I looks like Skyler will be going straight to jail, and with no money for a lawyer as her assets including the car wash will be seized. I guess that's how their house came to be chained off because it will become seized Federal property even before any trial, and the furniture will be auctioned off.

      Welcome to America.

      Baby Holley will wind up in a foster home [where she'll prolly be molested] unless Aunt Marie adopts her and I don't think she's in any mood for that. If she did she can teach her how to be a cleptomaniac.

      It's going to be almost impossible for Walt to contact Flynn. Walt is alone now, alienated like Michael Corleone. His alienation is right out of the Coppolla playbook of powerful men....

      It's not likely but wouldn't it be nice if Walt would get together with Lydia again? Walt and Lydia should get married. They would make a real team.

      Part of Walt's problem is that he always tries to treat people the way he wants to be treated, and others don't think that way...

      Good Luck.

  4. Dr.P I have to take exception to your assertion that the Clintons were a part of CIA drug running from central America in the 1980s.

    There is no doubt that the CIA was part of this cocaine trafficking. One or more Directors of DEA have gone on record admitting such. John Kerry's Committee in the 1980s uncovered this when no one else wanted to accept it. Gary Webb's book [no relation to composer Jimmy Webb who also has a brother named Gary who might work for CIA] is accurate.

    However the allegations that the Clintons were involved at the Mena airport are unproven. Personally I don't believe them and don't think the Clintons would have anything to gain by such activity. The essential elements of that story have been debunked as much as the other slanders from Arkansas which Judge Star [current President of Baylor U. no less] investigated EXTENSIVELY AND EXHAUSTIVELY.

    But this raises a broader point about CIA drug operations. Yes CIA has transported what? If you really worked in government, and I believe you have, than you must be aware that all the intelligent people in government believe that the war on drugs is stupid. I never met a single person who believed that narcotics enforcement accomplishes ANYTHING!!

    Listen to the statements of George Schultz for example and you will see what every intelligent person in government really believes.

    As far as the 'brave and so forth government operators' you are referring to....

    Do you mean the DEA?

    If ever there was a red-headed stepchild in government that's them.

    They are as nutty and idiotic as Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad.

    I only wish the government could get their hands on more of the 60 billion Americans are spending on stupid drugs so the barbaric Mexican cartels and their devil-worshiping politician friends wouldn't have it!

    Mexico is a narco state, a failed state, and all because of US policy.

    The US should cut all trade with Mexico, shut down the border, and blockade Mexico until the situation is improved.

    And if it doesn't then invasion and occupation should be next.

    We have the right.

  5. When are the sheeple, the same sheeple that the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate have murdered in their droves, going to stand up and seek retribution for those very same murders, be they wars, political assassinations, revenge-style killings, or illicit drugs?

    When will the sheeple round up these children of Satan and hang them a la Mussolini, so that would-be Hilteries and would-be BushBandars at least think twice before inflicting their sick, twisted, Satanic doctrines?

    1. Hey don't talk that way about Mussolini. Are you a supporter of the Communist Stalinist Partisans who murdered Mussolini? Are you a Stalinist on this board who wished that Italy have become a member of the Warsaw Pact?

      I'll take Mussolini over the Communists any day.

    2. You'd take a Murdering Scumbag Fascist who led Italy into war after war and who ruled over his own people with an iron fist?

      I take neither.

      But good luck with that!

  6. Throughout our history Mexico and its banditry have spilled over in our country. Now their banditry has infiltrated every state and town and city of the United States.

    We have every right to invade them and change their form of government.

    I am opposed to what the US did in the first and second world wars, and every other war in which the US went to foreign continents and fought unnecessary and destructive wars.

    But this different.

    This is our very country being invaded here.

    This is the real threat to the homeland...not imaginary terrorists from the Middle East.

  7. I guess it was about 1977 or near year end, early morning huey flies close as possible to jungle top, because anything goes when jungle is full of guerrillas. Down the canal--fast and some distance, small river goes in about 800 Km or so, many abandoned yachts located in small lake in middle of ‘no where’. Pirates hijacked these vessels, but for what? Not much for taking on these types of crafts, maybe but doubt peoples for ransom. Maybe the vessels are what they desired in their possession. Was h-ll hole during this time, in deep jungle where anything and everything happens, especially in the night?

  8. It's the Mexican government which is behind the "cartels."

    It's the Mexican government which is behind the cartels sweeping aside all other gangs to monopolize the US drug market.

    The Mexican government is at war with the US.

    The US must defend itself against this onslaught.

    The US Congress should be considering a formal Declaration of War against Mexico, not jabbering about what to do with Syria.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

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