Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Breaking Bad!"   The New USG Security Test For TOP SECRET Clearance- Eliminate  USIS’s  $2.65 Billion Fraudulent Outsourcing Contract and The False 700,000 Yearly Security Checks.

The recent spate of false reality shows consisting of leaked revelations about massive NSA surveillance by the nefarious NSA as revealed by the heroic but completely confused Sino-Russo-Phile  Edward Snowden,  has had me thinking about how one obtains a TS clearance.    I asked myself  how does a loose cannon like Snowden  obtain  a TS Clearance with Booz Allen [known as ‘Booz and Aliases’ in the Intel Community].
Then I discovered that he was cleared by a ‘bullshit outsource company’  by the name of United States Investigation Services (USIS) Inc.  in Reston, Virginia.   Reston is the community for the ‘lame, sick, and mentally disabled’  professionals in the Intelligence/military community who are unable to obtain a real job outside their cocoon of Washington D.C.
Interesting that USIS was founded  by none other than the corrupt Equity Investment Group—Carlyle Group!  (we all know of the Bush/bin laden family connections to this group)   In fact,   many of it’s top managers lived in my community in the Washington DC area.    At social gatherings,   I often would ask them how could they make any real money without ‘scamming the US taxpayers’ and selling non-existent assets back to DOD and other US agencies???   I was considered a real social asset at dinner parties ;)
Anyway,  this absurd reality show did not end with Edward Snowden but continued with the make-believe ‘shoot-out’ at the Navy Yard with the penultimate ‘mental case’ contrived by the US Navy--- Aaron Alexis.     And where did he,  a full-blown paranoid schizophrenia get his Secret clearance???  from none other than USIS!
  How coincidental!
  But of course,  I was not surprised.
  The Obama national reality show could beat any TV reality show on  absurd plot lines,  inconsistent characters and predictable endings-  where the SWAT team always wins.   And unfortunately many people are dead.    Yet the dying recite their lines of dialogue with conviction for Obama administration’s agenda of ‘gun control’ or ‘fund our brave navy’ ….

I thought hard and long to figure out what type of test would I institute in order to evaluate a person’s ability to keep a MAJOR SECRET—be it for the USG or just personal.
  First,   I want you to know that I am not a proponent of TS Clearances.   Over thirty years in and out of govt,  I discovered that the biggest ‘leakers’ [excluding men with prostate problems] were the Presidents,  VP,  White House personnel,  Capitol Hill Staffers and US agency personnel.
  Secrecy at all levels of social,  government and financial exchange is completely DEAD!!!
  And spending inordinate amount of tax payer's money and other resources on the issue of USG secrecy is both offensive,  exceedingly perverse and beyond costly.
My solution is OSINT—Open Source Intelligence.
  But the USG knows that.
They insist on wasting our hard earned money on useless perversions like making believe there is some secrecy that is so vital to our nation that without it,  we would be destroyed.
  LBJ once said presciently: ”98% of all secrets can be found in the NY Times or any media outlet.”
  Well,  I thought to myself,  there must be an even more selective way to uncover those who really can keep a secret.
  And it came to me as it did many countless others…..

After watching 60 episodes of  AMC's  "Breaking Bad" (yes,  I AM a binge-watcher of BB),  I think I have a way to ensure top level security clearances.  
  Perhaps,  the highest level of TS is to keep the ending of Breaking Bad to oneself after this Sunday's final episode.
On that basis alone,    USG could conclude that if no one reveals the ending to someone who has not watched the show up until then----this is a measure that is better than what USIS fraudulently charged the American citizens,   $2.65 billion dollars for 700,000 non-existent TS clearances.
  It’s time to get rid of our USG waste!!
  Wake up America!!
  The only secret that has not been revealed yet:  is how MAD WE AMERICANS CAN REALLY GET!!!


  1. Snowden's background wasn't so bad, not as bad as a lot of people who qualify for even higher clearances if they are liked.

    Apparently Snowden is sort of a wiz when it comes to digital security, and I think he used to teach on the matter.

    It's a shame that he hasn't been accepted by the Sweds, the Swiss, the Sierra Leoneans, or any of the many others out there who claim to be neutral but who are always cowering and trembling in servile humiliation and ubsequiousness [sp] when it comes to the United States....

    I wonder if every country in the world will still fear the United States when it's debt is 30 trillion dollars and paying only the interest has bankrupted the American treasury?

    How much respect will America command when it's deficit spending is finally slashed when it can borrow no more and it's growth goes negative in a repeat of 1930?

    When the American economy shrinks by twenty percent in one year and there's no more money available for ObamaCare, Food Stamps and Unemployment Benefits how much fear will the United States be able to scare out of Liberia and Moldavia then?

  2. As for Walter White....

    In order to make this episodic television show work he had to do a lot of stupid and nonesensical things. The major one was admitting to his wife that he'd been "cooking" meth because he couldn't explain where he'd been....

    He'd been in a government lab dummy! And that's where he got the money to pay for his cancer treatments!

    That's what he would have REALLY told his wife under those conditions given that he's a genius chemist WHO LIVES IN NEW MEXICO WHERE MOST OF THE SECRET GOVERNMENT LABS ARE LOCATED....DUH.........

    Anyone in Walt's situation would have thought through what to tell his wife should she corner him about such circumstances, and anyone living where he does would have had no trouble explaining that he was off doing top secret government contract work in a government lab and he'd been sworn to secrecy.

    Everybody who lives in New Mexico knows people who work in the labs (Sandia, Los Alamos, etc.) and the government is the major employer for chemists at the Universities there.....

    It would have been the first thing he would have thought of.

    Now look where he is. Of course the series must end with him in tatters or worse when IN REALITY HE'D BEEN LIVING IN SWITZERLAND NOW WITH ALL HIS MONEY like the REAL drug kingpins who are smart enough to even have a college degree.

    In the real world of narcotics only the dim-wits wind up in prison.

    All those drugs just keep on a commin.'

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    2. Having seen the last episode where Walter White is killed and he takes down his enemies in a hail of bullets.....

      So I guess the black-uniformed American law enforcement represented by the Reagan-loving flag-waving angry little shit Hank Schrader are really the good guys in all this and the Walts of the world are the losers......

      What a fucked-up series this turned out to be.

      Now Vince Gilligan and his crew will have to live the rest of their lives knowing they had a chance to break from the bullshit of their hollow careers and do something REAL but NOOOOOOOOOO..............

      For those of you who read this board and know that the war on terror is phoney and the government is corrupt let me put it this way.......

      The same mind of Vince Gilligan that says that the Walter Whites of this world are the losers and the black-uniformed police are the good guys is the same shit that keeps the majority of the American people totally asleep in this hypocritical society which is collapsing all around them.

      All these social myths about the individual being the bad guy and the government being the good guys is what will kill America every bit as much as the dead corpse of Walter White on the the floor of his meth lab.

      And all this destruction just because a bunch of worthless junkies want to take meth?

      Let them fucking have it.

      Or said a better way.....


      (I guess Walt should have shared his money with CIA and that way he's still be smiling)

      Look at Afghanistan today and tell me the United States Government isn't in the drug business.

    3. Guiess you failed the security clearnace
      Why not take a long break?

  3. The biggest villain in Breaking Bad wasn't even the Aryan Brothers but Hank Schrader, the fat, insecure DEA agent for whom anyone who defied the government and lived by their own rules as a "shit stain" or an "asshole," and who used to ridicule, laugh at and humiliate drug users and addicts.

    In the end he was killed because even with a gun pointed to his head he wouldn't produce his policeman's badge simply because he was the law and he shouldn't have to. In Hank's world he shouldn't have to even identify himself because he represents the government.

  4. Let me elaborate on my statement that the addicts will get their drugs from our government.

    It's true that in the real world there will always be criminals who will supply drugs. As long as we have a somewhat free society that will be true.

    But in the case of meth it's now the American government which is the supplier, albeit indirectly.

    90% of the high grade meth in America today comes from Mexico. The Mexicans have been making cheap high grade crystal meth the last few years and are using it to offset the crack and cocaine markets so they won't have to import coke from South America anymore. The Mexicans have all the chemicals to make as much crystal as they want, and their goal is to transfer over as many Americans to meth use as they can because it's easier and more profitable for them.

    Now do I have to explain that the reason why the Mexican drug gangs exist is because the Mexican government allows them to?

    And do I have to explain that the Mexicans get away with this because despite the kidnappings, rapes, and killings that go on that the American government has chosen not to lift a finger in all this?

    If the American government wanted to shut down the flow of drugs from Mexico all they'd have to do is tell the Mexican government to put a stop to it and all the drug gangs in Mexico would be history within thirty days.

  5. 40 billion a year in Mexican drug profits are recycled into American banks every year, and another 20 billion stays in Mexico where it employs people there and keeps the Mexican economy afloat.

    That's why Obama and other US politicians want Mexico to have the "American Drug Concession."

    Same as in Afghanistan.

    The US wants the Afghani people and government to have the concession rather than the Asians who used to sell all the heroine.

    1. Of the 40 billion Mexico deposits into American banks about half is cash, currency notes, which are deposited into banks in Mexico and then transferred by wire into American banks.

      These transactions are totally monitored, transparent, and everyone in government knows exactly what's happening.

      The other half is just as transparent, and involves the paper notes being laundered in the United States into drafts which are negotiated into Mexican banks and then wired to their American bank partners.

      Viva Mexico!

    2. The twenty billion in cash smuggled back to Mexico and deposited there then is bundled up AND SENT BACK TO THE US FEDERAL RESERVE.

      How do you like that for transparecy?

      And you don't think everyone in the USG knows where all this cash from Mexico comes from...


  6. Vince Gilligan likes to say that Walter White made "bad choices."

    I think it's Vince Gilligan who's made the bad choices here.

  7. Heroin users and cocaine users are not interchangable. A drug user will either take one or the other but not both.

    With Afghanistan now having all the US heroin users and Mexico having all the meth and cocaine users the US government has gotten what it wanted.

    It's shifted the profits from to it's friends.

  8. The explosion of heroin use in the United States is because users start by first using oxicontin which is obtained legally from Florida drug stores because of the regluations in Florida which permit it.

    Then the oxicontin is distributed illegally to all other fifty states.

    Millions of people start by using oxicontin from Florida, and then discover that illegal heroin from Afghanistan is cheaper. They move to injecting heroin because they can no longer afford oxicontin from Florida.

    Ask yourself who controls the laws in Florida the last ten years and you'll have your answer to who set this up.

    It's a "no brainer" if ever there was.

  9. My hero in Breaking Bad isn't Walt anymore as Gilligan chose to redefine him in the end as a stupid loser rather than a survivor, as a narcissist instead of the anti-narcissist he always was.

    But my hero remains Saul Goodman. He was always pragmatic, realistic, and always knew what to do in every situation except at the end, and that's only due to Gilligan's prevarications.

    And on top of it all Saul was the only person who had a sense of humor.

    And if that doesn't say it all.

    1. btw....

      For what it's worth it's obvious that the last two episodes were filmed first, before all the others in the last two seasons.

      Do you know why?

      Please don't let me be the only one to figure this out.

      It's as clear as the hair on Walt's head.

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    1. D Aderhold, there are no such things as "black holes". The center of galaxies are electromagnetic plasmoids.

      Definition of plasmoid: A plasmoid is a coherent structure of plasma and magnetic fields. Plasmoids have been proposed to explain natural phenomena such as ball lightning, magnetic bubbles in the magnetosphere, and objects in cometary tails, in the solar wind, in the solar atmosphere, and in the heliospheric current sheet. Plasmoids produced in the laboratory include field-reversed configurations, spheromaks, and the dense plasma focus. [the central focus of galaxies]

      The word plasmoid was coined in 1956 by Winston H. Bostick (1916-1991) to mean a "plasma-magnetic entity":

      The plasma is emitted not as an amorphous blob, but in the form of a torus. We shall take the liberty of calling this toroidal structure a plasmoid [a physical description for the center of galaxies], a word which means plasma-magnetic entity. The word plasmoid will be employed as a generic term for all plasma-magnetic entities.

      explanation of a plasmoid with supporting scientific citations

      Within the link, note the image to the right and its similarity to a galaxy.

      The simple proof that "black holes" don't exist: A "black hole" is often defined as a "near-infinitely dense" object in a "near-infinitely" small volume.

      That is what you call mathematical make-believe, mathematics, to have explanatory power for the laws of nature, must be an expression of observation & measurement, but "near-infinite" isn't based on observation & measurement, but is an priori assumption. It isn't even a defined term, what does "near-infinite" mean?

      Priori: Proceeding from a known or assumed cause to a necessarily related effect; deductive.

      D Aderhold, off topic, I know, but your comment makes use of cosmological gobbledygook that has no basis in reality.

    2. Anaconda,

      At the risk of sounding 'parochial,' what the hell difference does it make what's at the center of gallaxies?

      I can watch football and Mylee Cyrus no matter what's at the center of the Milky Way :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Everyone should look at the root cause of the PROBLEM. Out of SKULL AND BONES came the C.I.A., and there are two primary sides to the C.I.A.. There is the semi-naughty side; and there is the VERY DARK SIDE, that does most of the significant criminal activities, such as, assassinations! Hence, the C.I.A. has been involved in every major assassination done within the UNITED STATES! One example is the J.F.K. ASSASSINATION!

    Prescott Bush (SKULL AND BONES) was a co-founder of the C.I.A., and Senator Prescott Bush (SKULL AND BONES) helped push through The National Security Act of 1947 ("N.S.A.")! The primary purpose of the N.S.A. is to cover-up the various criminal activities of the C.I.A.!

    SKULL AND BONES is basically a major part of the "ILLUMINATI" MASONS and a BRANCH of CITY OF LONDON, England (HEADQUARTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to the JESUIT ORDER)! SKULL AND BONES was initiated during 1832 at YALE UNIVERSITY! Furthermore, out of SKULL AND BONES comes most of the major intelligence agencies, such as, BRITISH INTELL, C.I.A., MOSSAD, K.G.B., CHINESE INTELL, and others! SKULL AND BONES financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and Chairman Moa Tse Tung in China!

    Why are they (N.S.A. and C.I.A.) spying on us??? They do NOT WANT ANY COUNTER POINT TO THEIR "PLANS" OF "EXTERMINATION" (about 330,000,000+ people on U.S. SOIL or about 99.99% of the U.S. POPULATION)! Basically, they want "CONTAINMENT FOR EXTERMINATION"!

  12. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (September 30, 2013), while at SOUTH COAST PLAZA, I encountered two (2) individuals associated with the C.I.A.! One of the said individuals has already claimed to me that he was a C.I.A. ASSET (RETIRED C.I.A. AGENT still working for the agency)! When I met them (said two individuals), I had just purchased a coffee and a chocolate croissant at Starbuck's Coffee (SOUTH COAST PLAZA Costa Mesa, California)!

    Immediately after having a very brief conversation with said two individuals, I went and sat down on a bench near by and ate the croissant and drank the coffee! After finishing, I got up and started to go through the mall (SOUTH COAST PLAZA (MAIN BUILDING))!

    All of a sudden, there were two (2) MALL SECURITY GUARDS that approached! They (said two guards) claimed that there was several complaints against me, and said complaints were recent! The "supposed" said complaints were about these certain individuals feeling uncomfortable with me! How could they complain, when all I was doing is consuming a coffee and a croissant on a bench??? Obviously, the C.I.A. with local support were causing waves (making-up complaints) to have me removed from the mall (SOUTH COAST PLAZA)! WHY??? Well, I use the computers at two (2) locations in the mall to write LEGAL comments against the NEW WORLD ORDER--EXPOSING THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

    As stated in other comments, the C.I.A. have been trying to annihilate me since the beginning of 2007! Currently, my entire BACKGROUND (ALL RECORDS) have been illegally erased and/or modified to substantiate an "IDENTITY SWITCH"! Therefore, Dr. Pieczenik I desperately NEED AN ATTORNEY that can practice in California (CIVIL and CRIMINAL)! Will you (Dr. Pieczenik) and others associated with you hire an attorney for me, and cover their ass from the C.I.A. (including WET TEAMS)???

    1. Someday someone will park a Rider van in front of the Skull and Bones building on the Yale campus.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Dr. Pieczenik: It's the documents.

    Yes, many private analysts & critics knew of the spying by the government on the American People, but the establishment could always blow it off as "conspiracy" talk, not to be taken seriously or addressed in a meaningful way.

    But Snowden had the documents to prove it.

    That made it official. And, as a result, now the American People, as a whole (not just a small number of government critics), know the government spies on all Americans.

    And, the government response is to hope the American People "shrug their shoulders and just 'lump it' and move on."

    For the sake of the Constitution and the American Peoples' right to privacy from government spying, I hope Americans don't simply "shrug their shoulders and 'lump it'."

    What's interesting is that many of these same analysts & critics, blow off the Snowden revelations with, "I knew it all along."

    But the American People didn't know... now they do, that's the point.

    In terms of the main argument in the post: I agree, the secrecy has gotten way out of hand.

    Dr. Pieczenik, do you see the irony, here?

    While the government is wrapping itself in ever increasing levels of secrecy (and justifications in "national security"), they want dossiers on every American.

    That, at a bare minimum, is a surveillance state, but with all the Homeland Security (or is that 'Fatherland' security? or even worse, 'Communist' security?), with information on each American, which would've been a wet dream for the East German Stasi and a control framework waiting in the wings, it can easily be characterized as a POLICE STATE (in waiting if not current operational mode).

    Yes, a POLICE STATE in waiting.

    This state of governmental secrecy is because of foreign policy secretly arrived at and covertly carried out and foreign policies masquerading as domestic policy; i.e., the so-called "free trade" sell-out of the American People on behalf of disloyal transnational corporations, immigration policies designed to turn the United States into a deracinated, polyglot, where there is no sense of an 'American People', just an idea, that when the idea fails or disgraced, the nation-state fails (the fall of the United States would be worse than the Soviet Union because Russia, at least, was left with a Russian People, whereas, the fall of the United States would leave a only a "tower of Babel" of disconnected and alienated people, only a vicious, foreign POLICE STATE could control.

    ADMINISTERED By a corporatist, transnational elite, the real sponsors behind the Communist Revolution in Russia.

    Dr. Pieczenik, you are completely wrong about President Lincoln being a tyrant. Lincoln saved the Union of a united American People.

    If there isn't a huge course correction and soon, there will not be another 'Lincoln' who can save the Union with an ultimate objective of humanity & comity, rather, only a truly vicious POLICE STATE with faceless, bureaucratic tyrants, much like what happened to Russia with the invasion of the Communists, sponsored by a post-national financial elite.

    The Communist takeover of Russia ultimately failed because despite the ethnic genocide carried out by it's masters, they didn't destroy the Russian People and eventually the Russian People overthrew the Communists.

    The Masters of the Universe learned their lesson from the Russian experience: You have to destroy the sense & reality that there is a People united by blood & soil by open immigration (Russia never had a huge influx from all over the world who had nothing in common with Russians such as the United States is experiencing now).

    The Masters of the Universe want to perfect a POLICE STATE.

    If they can do it to America, the land of the free & home of the raucous individual, the world is their oyster.

    And, they know it.

  14. The police state is already here. The public has already adapted to it and as long as it doesn't interfere with their football or Mylee Cyrus then there will be little opposition.

    1. What is it about this culture that every single female popular artist has to self-destruct in the most horrible way.

      Why is it pre-destined and unavoidable that every female pop icon has to become a wanton harlot, debase herself, lose her mind, and become a worse and worse person with time rather than someone gaining with more maturity?

      What is it about America that makes all girls lose their minds? Do I know even one girl who's happy with her life? America can't even keep girls with money, family, education, and everything everyone needs from killing themselves for no reason - except that they think it's expected of them.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. What's so discouraging about Vince Gilligan is that if Breaking Bad were a movie Walt would have ended alienated and unhappy but alive and rich. The same would have happened if it was a series on HBO.

    But simply because it's on a "family entertainment" network like A&E the creator thinks he's making a better show by making all things morally stupid according to lowest denominator of audience.

    He's done the chicken-shit thing and I just have to remind myself that he used to be a writer on X-Files and really just wanted to money and recognition that Chris Carter had as the "creator" of a mass popular show of pulpish shit.

  16. Last night I saw "Miller's Crossing" for the first time and I was reminded how really shallow and stupid the Coen Brothers are. Making films for pure entertainment is a great goal, but why make something that's so stupid, so divorced from any reality, and that goes nowhere and is just a fucking waste of time.

    The problem that film makers have is that they have never lived any kind of real life and have no reference for what's true, meaningful, ironic, etc. Their stupid lives are filled with fiction and fiction of the worst kind is all they know.

  17. MIT needs a job! How about an obamacare navigator?
    Perfect with your analytical background.
    Then you can stop by & tell us all your case studies...
    For now, give the keypad a break--huh?

    1. A trans-sexual in Belgium has been "allowed to die" after a series of un-successful sex-change surgeries failed to satisfy him.

      His doctors say that he had "unbearable pain" living in a body different from the gender he thought he should be.

      Now please explain to me how this condition of "trans-sexualism" is not a disorder.

      According to American psychologists and psychiatrists gender disphoria isn't a disorder or a mental impairment of any kind.

      When a person experiences "unbearable pain" because they believe and feel emotionally that they are supposed to be a different gender than they really are this is simply within the normal range of human behavior and there is nothing wrong.

      Such people are exactly as they should be.

  18. Dr. P.,
    Please listen to john hall md's author of "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in Americia", interview last week. It is quite frightening; yet I am certain you had your hunches about the seriality of OBAMA'S mass domestic shooting spree.

    His website has been LOCKED!
    Interview here:
    & here:

    KINDLY POST A LINK for all critical thinkers!


    Tom Clancy Dead: Celebrated Thriller Author Dies At Age 66
    Business Insider
    By Aly Weisman | Business Insider – 10 minutes ago

    According to the Publishers Weekly Twitter account, American author Tom Clancy died Wednesday at age 66.
    — Publishers Weekly (@PublishersWkly) October 2, 2013

    1. Untimely....what was he researching---microwave programming of assassins? Or DARPA ROBOTIC WARRIORS?

      Please inform us.....ANOTHER BIG BAMBOOZLE...
      Be cautious dr. P. Your website is being tampered with...

  20. 16 intelligence agencies and 106,000 FT intel agents do a worse job at taxpayer expense than Ben Franklin did as Ambassador and Postmaster

    1. Not to split hairs here, but American intelligence agency employees are called "officers." The non-employee persons who they hire to actually perform thefts of secret intelligence or covert action operations are called the "agents."

      This is different than the FBI, DEA, BATF, etc., in which these law enforcement agencies' employees are called "agents," and exhaltedly call themselves "Special Agents" or "Special Agents In Charge!"

      Oh how every impressive.

  21. Source
    Traitors, Turncoats and Revolutionary War Heroes

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