Monday, September 2, 2013

Secretary Of State John Kerry: Divine Life/Failed Immortality.

  John Kerry’s recent insistence on striking Syria with American missiles for an alleged miscreant Syrian deed of ‘killing over 1,400 innocent’ people,  marks the apex of the John Kerry’s fifty year sojourn for immortality.  KERRY's FOLLY.
      Let me say that from the beginning of time,  that is John Kerry’s nativity,  he was born to be divine.   Not just like Lady Madonna or Lady Gaga who created their own ‘divinity’ Kerry was born to become ‘divine’. 

  In a more Christian Existential or more accurately in a Hebraic-Cabalistic term,   Kerry was the "Thou" [God] in Martin Buber’s “I-Thou” Relationship. 
In the truly Biblical sense—choose as you may,  the Old or the New Testament—John Kerry was born of the manor;  and probably according to his own sense of importance,  he was also born to the “Manger” with all the accoutrements that accompany that divine scene.
  If you doubt my analogy,  let me present you with the following  historical/mythical  facts.
John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943 to  Richard Kerry,  a Foreign Service Officer [FSO] and ‘attorney’ of the United Nations Affairs Bureau.   His mother was  Rosemary Isabel Forbes Kerry,  a WWII nurse and member of an EXCEEDINGLY WEALTHY FORBES FAMILY.   His mother was born in France.   So technically she was French.  But his father, was the son of Austro-Hungarian Jews,  named Fritz Kohn and Ida Lowe.   They changed their name to Frederick and Ida Kerry and in 1900 converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism.
  The name Kerry was selected ‘arbitrarily’ from a random perusal of the atlas.   Kerry’s grandparents thought that they could hide their jewish origins by selecting the most Irish of names—none other than County Kerry,  Ireland.   Kerry’s grandfather after unsuccessful attempts in business,  committed suicide.   Kerry’s father,  Richard,   joined the State Dept.

Sidebar: BTW,  State Dept. gave a lot of cover to three letter agencies all over the USG.

Next the converted Jew,  Richard, who was bankrupt,  married  Ms. Forbes who eventually inherited 230million dollars that was passed onto the ‘holy child’—John Kerry.   Fortunately,  for this blessed Roman Catholic altar boy,  John Kerry,  he learned to behave like a good WASP at the prestigious Episcopalian St Paul’s Academy in Concord,  New Hampshire.   According to Wikipedia, the captain of Kerry's school hockey team was none other than Robert S. Mueller III.   Kerry plays hockey with the future FBI director and he starts a debating society.    He gives political speeches in favor of John F. Kennedy and like Bill Clinton,  insists on meeting JFK for photo op.    Oh yes, and like Bill Clinton,  JFK makes an indelible impression on young lad Kerry's political career.

  Around the same time,   Kerry begins his long term social climbing by dating Janet Auchincloss,  First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s half –sister.   In 1962,  its off to Yale for our young aspiring politico.    There, he played hockey,  soccer,  lacrosse, and fencing as well as he took flying lessons.   Yes,  of course he becomes a member of Skull and Bones!  His junior brother was none other than junior himself,  Bush Jr that is….

  So what we,  plebeian America citizens,  had participated in the ersatz Presidential Campaign between  CIA sponsored Skull and Bones George Bush Jr and a CIA-sponsored Democratic John Kerry was nothing  more than a FARCE.

  Just two fraternity ‘knuckle-head’ jocks  [Bush Jr was a CHEERLEADER!!] making believe they were running against each other.   And none other than Fred Smith,  also Skull & Bones, mediating their ‘supposed differences’. 
  News Flash!!  Americans are waking up to the fact that CIA and Skull and Bones  determines the outcome of our Presidential elections. 

Sidebar:  Think of Billary Clinton,  both Yale graduates and CIA endorsed through Strobe Talbot,  former Editor of Time Magazine.   Then Bush Jr!  CIA Obama—mother, maternal grandmother and grandfather-CIA operatives,  working in Indonesia and South Asia.
Now back to the golden boy.
  Unfortunately,   there is no evidence to think that John Kerry,  in any way was either ‘intellectually superior’ or ‘precocious’ of any talent other than social and political self-aggrandizement.
  Then,  low and behold,  the Vietnam War comes along and ‘golden boy’ joins up to the elite WASP service-THE NAVY.
  And there he gets himself Three Purple Hearts,  One Bronze Medal  and a  Silver Star.  Commanding Officer was Elmo Zumwalt of agent orange fame.

Now as a blogger of Kerry’s divine sojourn for immortality,  I am not foolish enough to get into the Swift Boat controversy.   But I will say when I was in the Nixon admin,  we enjoyed a chuckle over  that Navy Lieutenant John Kerry - the only combat soldier in the entire American military to bring his own CAMERA CREW INTO COMBAT!!!
So what’s a few ‘political campaign’ photos,  here and there, about yourself-- in combat?  Could prove useful in your future or future demise.

  Not one to miss and political opportunity,   Kerry reversed the Vietnam Story to find his own political narrative by fighting a war he detested.   He ostensibly threw away his medals in a public protest of the Vietnam War.
  How clever of him and the CIA –which had already decided to turn against Nixon and the FUBAR they had created in Vietnam,  Laos, and Cambodia.  Now  Kerry was ‘re-incarnated’ as ‘infamous War Protestor’.

The point is that for or against a specific war,  is not the issue for John Kerry.   The war, whatever one it is,  including the Syrian War,  is about trying to make his personal mark on history or his immortality,  at whatever cost to the Presidency,   the American public or civilian casualties.
  It’s about me, me, me—JOHN KERRY.
  Interesting that our aspiring young sociopath/ politician is caught by in a WATERGATE-LIKE break in of his own when he was running for office in Massachusetts….
  In February 1972,   Kerry and his brother Cameron were arrested by the Lowell Police Department ‘for breaking and entering [sic] his primary Democratic opponent Anthony Di Fruscia’s basement with the intent to commit GRAND LARCENY’.   Both the divine Mr. Kerry and his brother tried to ‘disrupt the get-out-the vote efforts’.
  Kerry was also accused in that Democratic Primary race of  Carpet-Bagging  because he had only moved into Lowell a few months before from Worcester.
Again,  not one to be any type of political slouch,   Kerry ‘beat’ one of the corrupt Tip O’Neal’s ‘political lackeys’  in order to fill the ‘sick’  Paul Tsongas' Senate seat,  despite the fact that there was a nationwide landslide for the Republicans.
  Once in the Senate,  a war in Nicaragua was going to be good fodder for our war- lover.    He found another war where he could make his historical,  or is it ‘hysterical’ mark on his immortality.
  History called it the “Iran-contra Affair/Hearings”.
  A few months after taking his junior seat as a Senator,   Kerry wasted  no time in supporting the Communist Leader of the Sandinistas Daniel Ortega against the Reagan Administration  CIA-backed rebels known as Contras.

Sidebar: remember that our CIA plays all sides.  That’s just a standard part of the Intel/covert world.
Once again,  the Divine Master Kerry proclaimed in a stentorian voice:
  “I am willing—to take the risk in the effort to put to test the GOOD FAITH of the Sandinistas!!”
Get the flavor of  his PORTENTOUS DECLARATIONS?

Then, Kerry ran against Bush jr.   The rest is history.
  But one little foot note.
  Despite being fellow a Skull & Bones Brother and a Fellow Traveler in the Yale-CIA nexus,  Kerry said the following about his  ELDER BROTHER  GEORGE H. W. BUSH  SENIOR:
“If Bush SENIOR is shot,  the Secret Service has orders to shoot Dan Quayle.” 
Not a very WASPY behavior!!
For most of Kerry’s thirty years in the Senate,  he was exceedingly unimpressive.   Rather than match the intellectual forte of  his liberal democratic congressmen who sponsored bills to stop smoking or improve the quality of the air,  Kerry was on ‘codels[ Congressional Delegations]’ –junkets,  acting like the Foreign Policy Viceroy,  he imagined himself to be.
  Included in his junkets was five or more ‘suck-up’ trips to Dr Bashar Assad to pronounce the presence of Assad as ‘a necessity for stability’ in the Middle East.
  Now,  the denouement of  John Kerry,  the divine one,  bless him!

His desire for those Missile Strikes has less to do with the stolen lives and souls of poor civilians caught the in maelstrom of a civil war and much more to do with SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY and HIS PLACE IN AMERICAN HISTORY.
  Will he be recognized as the “Great Man Of American History”???  or will he  just remain the  pathetic,  narcissistic,  not-too-bright,  wannabe who wants to force the will of a weak American President and a war-weary nation into KERRY's  FOLLY called , “SYRIA”?
Unfortunately for Kerry,  the Gods were not kind when they made him insolent,  ignorant and arrogant.    But they  gave him solace to reconcile his inadequacies by allowing him to make inane pronouncements in his two native tongues—German and French.
  He remains an  IDIOT SAVANT --ALL THE WAY!!!!
Malheureux!! Tant Pis!!
  Too bad for America and the World!!!


  1. Well I think you're right about his family and ambitions and so forth, but I don't think his actions add up to the "sociopath" that you label him as being.

    I really can't look to anything he's done and say that anyone was harmed by it. His judgements and actions have been positive over the many years.

    In the race in 1984 I voted for his opponant, Shannon, and was dissappointed when Kerry won. But I was soon impressed with his focus in the Senate.

    It was Kerry who pursued the Reagan/Casey/Dewey Claridge criminality in Central America. You mention only his connection to Daniel Ortega, but what you omit is that Kerry was the FIRST AND ONLY CONGRESSMEN TO ESTABLISH THAT CIA ASSETS WERE USED TO BRING COCAINE INTO THE US VIA THE 'CONCTRAS.'

    That's no small accomplishment. No one believed Kerry's witnesses when they testified to this, but time has proven their testimony to be correct.

    And that was only one of scores of bombshells Kerry exposed when no one else wanted to.

    I only wish he and the others around Obama would have been able to convince him to not wait for Congress to return before striking Assad.

    This confusing delay by Obama is disgraceful - putting off a war because of a holiday.

  2. And I thought his anti-war activities regarding Vietnam were positive as well. It doesn't matter to me if he had a posse of photographers there with him. He advocated for the right side.

    For that matter I think Jane Fonda advocated for the right side as well.

    The reality of Vietnam was that the South Vietnamese people and their military wanted a neutralist integration with the North, even if that meant that the communists would win. That's what they wanted.

    It was the CIA and the Joint Chiefs which overthrew several successive neutralist juntas in the South from 1963 to 1965 until a group was found which would pursue the war against the interests and will of 99% of the people. Then in 1968 when the US negotiated to pull out that group resisted and fought to sabotage the US "peace" efforts, which were a charade of US withdrawl under any circumstances leaving the S. Vietnamese government hanging.

    The US IMPOSED that war on the Vietnamese, then abandoned them when the US couldn't win.

    Fonda and the far left, including Noam Chomsky, were the only ones in the US who bothered to learn the simple facts of the history of the conflict, and how it came about....

    It was NOT ABOUT the US coming to the aid of an ally who'd been attacked from outside.

    However that's what the American public and many good soldiers were falsely told.

  3. And just one other thing...

    What Kerry and Reagan have in common is that even into their seventies they both have amazing thick, dense hair like a teenager.

    I envy them for their hair.

    1. that's a hairpiece...and a face remodeling and botox and a chin reduction...

    2. No it's not Dude. No chin reduction or other changes.

      If that's the level of your "knowledge" then I can't anything you say seriously.

      I am though appalled by how aged and flabby his face is now. His skin hangs on his face such that his mouth barely moves when he speaks and his face is all puffy. He looks like a puppet or something.

      But the hair is all real.

  4. hair is very important to politicians, we call it "good hair" maybe nothing underneath but...

  5. John Kerry is a sociopath, so is John McCain.

    There has been NO EVIDENCE provided! The four page summary is not evidence. Actually, it is more like an opening statement in a trial, but not even that because the summary offers no sources like an opening statement would.

    It's a complete "trust us" document.

    There is substantial and mounting evidence this was a false flag by the terrorists to justify U. S. intervention because they are losing on the battlefield.

    And, no, I'm not going to provide links or documents because they are easily obtained with a little bit of research on the web.

    I don't think Mit is interested in the truth -- he admits as much.

    Mit is happy to see tens of thousands of Christians butchered at the hands of the "rebel" - terrorists.

    Mit, you are either being a dupe, a blood thirsty sociopath, yourself, or a limited hangout, I don't know which.

    We are supporting Al Qaida and other terrorists in Syria.

    In my analysis and estimation there is a 50% chance of any U. S. strike leading to a regional war and a 30% chance of World War III starting.

    Say, the U. S. launches cruise missiles, then the Syrians, in self-defense, launch shore to ship, Russian-made, cruise missiles that sink at least one destroyer (maybe all four of them).

    Where does that lead to?

    A very good chance of full out attack by the U. S. and then a response by either the Syrians or Russia.

    Iran could then become involved.

    If that happens, all bets are off and World War III is a distinct possibility as noted above.

    Fast Forward: A U. S. Military strike on Iran gives a 90% chance of regional war (which would destroy the U. S. economy with $8 a gallon gasoline) and a 70% chance of World War III.

    You are a sadistic fool, Mit.

    1. With all respect you are mistaken. Let's take these one at a time.

      1.Iran cannot attack Israel or the US because of the nuclear dimension. Iran can only defend itself in the event of an attack by the US, which isn't going to happen. Israel doesn't have the ability to attack Iran...with anything except nuclear weapons.

      2.Russia and China don't have enough interest with Syria to escalate anything with the US over Syria.

      3.The only country that has vital interests with Syria is Lebanon, and vis-a-versa. The US, Russia, China, and even Israel have no real national security issues involved with Syria. Syria is the backwater of all backwaters.

      4.So far only the Saudis have moved in with any real support of the Syrian opposition, and their support has been contrary to US desires, such as they are.

      5.If the US and France did there what they did in Libya it would be a similar outcome - which is a net positive.

    2. Obama must be removed from office immediately!

      First he says Assad "must go." [Then he does nothing]

      Then he says "using chemical weapons would be unacceptable" [then he does nothing]

      Then he says "Because chemical weapons have been used for the fourth time I will attack."

      Then he CHANGES HIS MIND and says he'll wait til Congress returns and get their permission.

      Then he says hes not intending to remove Assad but only to make a point??????

      Okay this guy, Obama, is clearly mentally ill.

      Obama has shown clear indications of mental impairment due to an obvious clinical condition which must be addressed immediately.

      Obama's mental impairment is causing contradictory and irrational actions regarding issues involving the use of deadly force.

      Obama must be removed from office immediately under proper Constitutional means and the Vice President must assume the Presidency.

  6. This is no joke.

    I've commented before on his childhood issues and his pathological lying, his flat affect, and many other indications of serious neurosis.

    He is not psychotic but so neurotic that his judgement is seriously impaired.

    He must be removed from office immediately.

    His actions are "clinically irrational."

  7. The fact is we have a broken institution in the Presidency.

    Most of our most recent Presidents have been individuals with manifest and serious neurotic conditions which impaired their judgement on issues involving the use of deadly force.

    Most of the individuals had clearly and UNUSUALLY TRAUMATIC childhoods which included ABANDONMENT, ABUSIVE ALCOHOLIC FATHERS, etc, which should DISQUALIFY THEM FROM CANDIDACY.

    ANYONE with the traumatic and turmoltuous histories of our most recent Presidents SHOULD BE SCREENED FOR MENTAL FITNESS AND REJECTED by the two national parties.

    The recent Presidents which such serious and manifest neurosis have been---------

    Richard Nixon
    Gerald Ford
    Ronald Reagan
    William Clinton
    George W. Bush
    Barak H. Obama

  8. Oh I forgot to include Lyndon Johnson, was a not only neurotic but according to recent leaks from the Secret Service a borderline personality disorder character.

    Lyndon Johnson was a sociopath in the clinical sense, and possessed little or no moral conscience.

    John Kennedy was the last of a long history of mentally fit Presidents because the national parties used to screen and nominate only mentally fit MEN! And I mean MEN!..

    It was a man's world and other men used to pick "a man's man" for that highest office.

    If a man couldn't impress other men with his lifelong abilities AS A MAN AND A GENTLEMAN then other men would IN NO WAY NOMINATE HIM FOR THIS HIGH OFFICE...


    That's why we are getting these sick people.

    The Presidents who have NOT BEEN mentally ill are....

    Herbert Hoover
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Harry Truman
    Dwight Eisenhower
    John Kennedy
    Jimmy Carter
    George Bush

  9. I want Presidents again who can play poker, hold their liquor, and screw women.

    I want healthy men.


    [all illicit drugs are stupid but marijuana is the most stupid of all]

  11. Mit, well, I know name calling is counter-productive, so I stand corrected. And, I commend you for not returning in kind. My initial response sometimes gets the best of me.

    To your points. I agree Iran can't attack the U. S. directly, but they can cause damage in the region. Also, an attack on Iran can cause Russia to attack U. S. vital national interests in the Mid-East region.

    I don't think Iran will lay down after any attack on their nuclear facilities or any other military attack, even though they have been quite patient regarding assassinations, sabotage, and constant Israeli threats of military attack (Iran knows Israel can not attack on its own, unless, as you say, it is a nuclear attack or the U. S. steps in to attack).

    Iran knows the Israelis would love to goad them into a first strike attack that could be responded to by a nuclear strike.

    I think your assumption that the U. S. would not attack Iran is misplaced. You underestimate the power of the Israeli lobby and/or the U. S. hegemonists desire to prevent Iran from being a successful regional nation-state and a world energy power equal to Saudi Arabia.

    Yes, the Israelis can not attack Iran via conventional, non-nuclear weapons, that's why they require the U. S. to attack Iran.

    An attack on Syria would not be the specific cause of World War III, but an attack on Iran could be the trigger for WWIII, because the Russians could conclude they were next in line or that defense of their national interests required a military response.

    The sad fact is that it would likely be either the U. S. or Israel who would launch the nuclear first strike that triggers WWIII.

    China isn't going to do anything with respect to Syria, other than rhetorical condemnation. But Russia has real interests in Syria and if they let Syria go down, then Iran will not trust Russia.

    China has real economic relations of a vital national interest in Iran.

    China can retaliate via economic means which again could lead to U. S. Military attacks.

    There is in my opinion super-national interests that want nation-states discredited. Having the United States discredited by overt military aggression and economically exhausted by such aggression, as the most powerful nation-state, would go a long way to discrediting nation-state sovereignty in general.

    There are political factions in Israel (and these factions are in the current government) who want Syria broken up into weak mini-states that can either be easily controlled or at a later time can be annexed into Israel. Not by any means are all Israeli political factions signed up for this strategy: A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties by Oded Yinon, 1981.

    Why do you think Israel has bombed Syria twice this year? Possibly to cause the Syrians to respond to Israeli bombing attacks? And the neocons (to a man Israeli supporters) want to attack Syria.

    Netanyahu is pushing Obama to attack Syria or at least signaling the neocons to push for an attack on Syria.

    Your previous denials notwithstanding, the U. S. role in supporting the "rebel" terrorists in Syria belie the claim that the U. S. has no interest in Syria. Do you really think supporting the "rebel" terrorists is about democracy?

    If you do, then I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    [Saudi] "support has been contrary to US desires, such as they are."

    False. We've been over that with the Seymour Hersh piece in the New Yorker entitled the Redirection (2007), where he reports the U. S. and Saudi Arabia want to destabilize Syria. It's also on the road to Persia.

    Wrecking Libya was not a net positive.

    Still, Syria is a stepping stone to Iran.

    In fact, Syria is likely perceived as a necessary prerequisite for a future attack on Iran by the imperial, hegemonist, U. S. and trans-national globalists.

  12. Oh, when you think of Syria, think competing natural gas pipeline projects.

    I'm sorry Mit, but you don't know geopolitics.

  13. I think you're exaggerating these linkages all around.

    1.The US people and military will not tolerate any invasion of Iran, and Obama doesn't want it either [even if he were mentally able to make a decision]. The Isreali lobby cannot overcome these factors.

    2.Syria doesn't mean enough to Iran to compell them to retaliate against Israel or the US. When Assad is defeated Iran will be fine, and they know that.

    3.Israel doesn't have the ability to strike Iran with conventional arms to hit their nuclear facilities. They don't have the range, they can't overfly Iraq or Saudi Arabia, and Iranian air defense would decimate them. They were barely able to hit one target much closer in 1981, and this set is 100 times bigger than that.

    4.The Russians have backed a total loser in Assad and they know it. Assad has only been able to hang on by displacing a quarter of his own population, two million of whom are now refugees outside the country. The Russians know the situation is untenable and they aren't going to wreck their relations with NATO and the US over Assad - that would be ridiculous.

    5.As for any "pipeline" anything like that would have to go through Turkey or Iraq to reach Russia, and both those countries are enemies of Assad. There is no prospect of any pipeline under any conditions.

  14. As of this morning Obama said,

    "When bad stuff happens people ask what's the United States gonna do about it?"

    When "bad stuff" happens?

    Like always he spoke with a flat affect, with no emotion at all, and once again he spoke with his phoney, insincere "urban" folksy negro dialect which is not his real dialect and which he uses when he's trying to find acceptance with a large audience.

    Obama is mentally ill. His vocabulary and dialect changes according to who is speaking to. He is uneffected by the gravity of any circumstance of facts. He cannot respond rationally or within the normal range of emotion to events. He is incapable of perceiving reality within the normal range of perception.

    He must be removed from office based on his contradicting actions and statements regarding Syria.

    Sufficient grounds based on his behavior exists for his removal.

  15. Anyone who would refer to the situation in Syria as "bad stuff" is someone clearly out of touch with reality.

  16. Henry Kissinger has explained that when he was working with Richard Nixon that Nixon was incapable of expressing his real views in personal conversations, or even looking at the person he was speaking with on some occassions. Therefore in order to gain the President's answer on most questions he had to so through writing. Nixon was only able to express his consent or disagreement in writing, even with his own National Security Advisor. Nixon was incapable of normal conversation or personal interaction with anyone due to DISABLING NEUROSIS.

    Nixon was mentally ill, and his illness effected every decision he made. He was incapable of rational decision-making or perception of his environment within the normal range of perception or response.

  17. When an executive shows himself to be mentally impaired no one around him will ever point this out or challenge him no matter how bad things get.

    The executive will go on with his behavior becoming more and more extreme and his subordinates will pretend that nothing is wrong or that nothing can be done until it's too late.

    When it comes to challenging authority loyal subordinates will let anything happen before they act.

    They will deny everything.

  18. We have become a CAPTURED NATION.
    Kerry is a sick F--K...

    Here are some sources to ponder and educate others who care about their posterity.

    This has been the plan for many POTUSes, not just with the fall guy, Bari Malik Shabazz.

    (Did you notice his left forehead artery protruding during his press conference in Sweden? This guy is not well and I am certain has serious vascular issues.)

    Surely, many know an economic collapse of the dollar AS THE RESERVE CURRENCY (INTERNATIONAL OIL) is the GOAL.


    Bashar Assad is an opthamologist. He took the Hippocratic Oath. I believe him more than the dumbells voting against our Bill of Rights.

    1. Mit, you don't even know that the proposed pipeline wouldn't go through Russia. It is proposed, and there is a formal agreement, to go through Iran, Iraq, and Syria from the North Pars gas field in Iran, the largest gas field in the world.

      The current terrorist campaign in Syria is an attempt to stop any gas pipeline, on that I agree with you.

      So much for your ignorance.

      Mit, you write "invasion" of Iran, but nobody is talking invasion, rather, a bombing campaign by air is the proposal.

      In regards to Iran and Syria, you don't seem to realize that the Iranians know that if Syria falls, then Iran is next on the target list.

      Let's face it. You have been consistently wrong with regards to Syria (or simply spouting the party-line) and carry water for the hegemonists who want to take down Syria. Perhaps, you take such a position because you know the hegemonists have had designs on Syria since the 1970's, but failed when Assad's father destroyed the Muslim Brotherhood in the alleged Homs "massacre" in 1982.

      Maybe, you even worked on it at one time or another (my sense is that once somebody works on something, they never let go).

      Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood was a cat's paw of the West back then, too.

      Mit, you don't know what the Russians are thinking. They are backing Assad to the hilt by their actions. Your speculations about their intentions and lack of motivation is not backed up by the actions the Russians are taking.

      Again, you show your lack of knowledge, Iraq is backing Assad (passively) and allowing Iranian airplanes to overfly their airspace and probably allowing ground transport as well.

    2. The Russians are already saying they will drop Assad.

      The Muslem League dropped him three years ago.

      The pipeline proposal hasn't gone anywhere for years - it was dead on arrival and no one's looking to it.

      Israel cannot strike Iran. Israel doesn't have the range, can't overfly, etc....

      The US public and military will not strike Iran either. Iran could retaliate against other targets in the Gulf...yes. That's why the US cannot strike their nuclear facilities.

      Iran started it's nuclear program ten years ago when the US had it surrounded on all four sides.

      But now that the US is out of Iraq and is leaving Afghanistan the Iranians have SLOWED WAY DOWN ON THEIR NUCLEAR PROGRAM.

      It's possible that they might not ever build a single bomb given that the threat from the US is dissappearing.

      chill out....

      None of these issues are earth shattering.

    3. Again, with the half-truths. Putin has said if the U. S. presents their evidence (actual evidence, not summaries) to the U. N. Security Council and it proves Assad is responsible, then, and only then, would Putin agree to military strikes against Syria.

      Otherwise, the Russians will continue helping Syria. Putin was rock-solid in support of Assad at the G-20 and nobody is backing the U. S. beyond lip service, if that.

      Putting exposed how weak the Obama administration position is in international circles.

      Putin is calling Obama's bluff.

      Obama will fold and never provide actual evidence, not in the U. N. Security Council, not to the Congress, least of all to the American People.

      The U. S. won't provide that evidence, they have none... in essence Putin is calling Obama's bluff. But if the U. S. shows the security council the actual evidence, they better show the American People. Again, Obama won't.

      Congressman are stating the private briefing doesn't show ANY evidence, just a l2 page summary, as opposed to the 4 page summary released to the public.

      And Congressman are saying the private briefing raises more questions than answers. Also, some are saying the private briefing makes them less likely to vote for authorization.

      Are you kidding me... the administration wants to take the U. S. to war on secret evidence they won't even share with the Congress, let alone the American People.

      This has a bad ending written all over it.

      The corporate media is losing their tenuous grip on the American People... very few believe them, anymore.

      There can be no underestimating the damage this episode has done to the credibility of corporate media, both left-leaning and right-leaning corporate media.

      Trust in corporate media will never be the same again in this country.

      Oh, here's a theory: Obama went to Congress, yes, because of public opinion, but also because he isn't going to risk his presidency, on his own.

      In effect, he turned it over the corporate media, CIA-Military-Industrial Complex to swing the American People... after all, they put Obama in office and have been running cover for him. But, now, they can't deliver for Obama.

      The American People are wise to the corporate media agenda.

  19. The real problem we have isn't what the Russians might do, or what the Iranians might do....

    The problem here is that we have a President like the last one...

    A highly neurotic person who speaks with a phoney dialect not really his and who is a broken personality because of prior traumas that make him INCAPABLE OF PERCEIVING OR RESPONDING TO HIS ENVIRONMENT WITHIN THE NORMAL RANGE OF BEHAVIOR.

    Barak Obama needs to be questioned by a physician about the reasons for his recent contradictions. He needs to be questioned as to what he thinks and feels about the facts he's been told about events in Syria.

    If he replies with a flat affect, and displays that he is not feeling or thinking normally about these issues and that this is causing him to contradict himself....

    Then the physician to report to the Vice President and Speaker of the House so that a finding may be made of un-fitness of the President and he should be required to remove himself for medical evaluation and therapy. The Vice President would then assume office.

    No joke.

  20. As I previously stated in a prior comment section:

    "I think the dam is cracking and ready to burst.

    The Obama administration and its Republican collaborators have badly miscalculated.

    There is a boil on the American Republic and the People are ready to lance it."

    Evidence is mounting, this was a false flag by the "rebels"/terrorists.

    (U. S. News & World Report) Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated

    "Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., who is aggressively lobbying against a military strike on Syria, says the Obama administration has manipulated intelligence to push its case for U.S. involvement in the country's two-year civil war."[...]

    "Members of Congress are 'not being given any of the underlying elements of the intelligence reports,' according to Grayson. He's not sure if the information will come before the votes on a proposed strike next week."

    This is consistent with other Congressmen who have made statements after the administration's secret briefings to House & Senate members. They aren't being given much more than the public four page summary.

    This administration and their Republican collaborators are lying through their teeth.

    The whole Syrian gambit is crumbling.

    Heads will role in both the Republican Party and in the Democratic Party because of this corrupt Syrian policy.

    Backbenchers are starting to run away from this foul, stinking, corrupt covert operation against Syria.

    When will the rats start jumping from the ship... it's only a matter of time, now.

    Read the report and READ THE COMMENT SECTION:

    Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated

    The comments at the end of the report tell the tale.

    Americans are finding out that this is a false flag by the "rebel"/terrorists and evidence is mounting that the administration not only manipulated the intelligence, but knew it was a false flag from the beginning and may have helped arrange it, or more likely the Saudis arranged it, but the administration, while using intermediaries (to claim no knowledge or control... also known as plausible deniability) to actually do the logistics, know what was going on.

    Grayson is right (other statements not in this report) that the Military-Industrial Complex is behind the "Syrian Connection".

    Obama is a puppet of the CIA-Military-Industrial Complex.

    This may bring down the whole corrupt edifice which is the Washington D. C. power elite.

    It couldn't happen to a more deserving group of corrupt, immoral, bastards.

    The fucking bloody bastards!

    1. Look friend....

      Obama is denying ever have said that there was a "red line" for himself in the first place.

      This is clearly untrue and he's lying in the most blatant manner.

      But my point is this....

      If Obama wanted to fabricate intelligence to do this strike then why is he so reluctant to do it?

      He's being dragged kicking and screaming into taking any action at all against Syria.

      He's provided almost no support at all for the Free Syrian Army, and now he's delaying and throwing the matter to the Congress and waited until the last chemical attack killed over a thousand people....

      If he was a keen to move forward as you're claiming this whole matter would be happening completely differently.

      If Obama or anyone else wanted to strike Assad he would have been attacked months or years ago.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks Anaconda for the Alan Grayson link, reposted for our readers.

  21. Yesterday in Sweden Obama blatantly lied by denying that he previously said that the use of chemical weapons was a "red line" for himself as President and for the USG.

    In fact that's exactly what he said two years ago. It's on tape, or disc, or whatever, and that's very precisely what he said.

    Obama's mental condition is serious. He is not capable of perceiving or responding to his environment within the normal range.

    Steps must be taken immediately to remove him from office on medical grounds.

  22. Earlier today Obama appeared at the end of the Summit and was visibly exhausted and confused. His speech was rambling and confused.

    Yesterday he met with homosexual group leaders from Russia in solidarity with them against the Russian government's.

  23. Mit wrote: "If Obama wanted to fabricate intelligence to do this strike then why is he so reluctant to do it?"

    Syria is an example of a covert operation. You try to keep your fingerprints off of it. Obama has followed that path. Only getting more publically involved because the proxy war by terrorists is failing.

    Why so reluctant to do it? Simple, have you looked at the polls and the response by Congress and the call ratio to Congress (400 to 1 against)? It's clear the American People are against this military strike big time.

    But the public opposition and Congressional opposition wasn't clear before the gas attack. Also, remember how fast they wanted to bomb. Remember, they planned on bombing on Thursday. AND, EVERYBODY ASSUMED THE BOMBING WOULD BE ON SATURDAY!

    But, apparently, Gen. Dempsey visited the White House around midnight on Friday, telling Obama that it would not be neat & clean and that unintended consequences could result.

    Also, objection & pushback mushroomed very quickly among the American People and Congress. 150 Congressmen signed a letter requesting the Congress to have an authorization vote.

    Consultation with the "leaders" of the Congress was not enough.

    Think of it: The military attack spins out of control and it causes a regional war.

    Congress starts investigating and the truth comes out.

    Mit, your speculation about Obama's mental state would never have any impact -- it's no better than tidledewinks (it's a distraction and I suspect an intentional one at that). But the revelation of manipulated intelligence or actual complicity and foreknowledge would lead to impeachment, conviction, and removal from office with many heads rolling.

    That would make Watergate look like stealing coins from under the seat cushions of your friend's couch.

    The Democratic Party would be destroyed and possibly the leadership of the Republican Party, too (they need bi-partisan cover, actually complicity since this was originally started during the Bush term).

    It's not really surprising that Obama would get cold feet. Obama got cold feet on the Osama bin Laden faked killing. Why? Because Obama knew he was crossing the Rubicon.

    Also, being the reluctant warrior is part of Obama's cover. Remember, Obama is a puppet of the CIA-Military-Industrial Complex, but got elected as the "peace" candidate.

    What a pile of shit.

    Obama is a fake from beginning to end.

    The last thing he wants to do is blow his cover.

    1. Obama has received no advise from Dempsey or anyone else that an American intervention would lead to a broader war.

      Yes Obama was swayed by the "pushback" you are citing. He was swayed so serverely that now he's doing anything he can think of not to make a decision. He's going so far as to deny having ever made his "personal redline" speech which he clearly made.

      Ray McGovern doesn't have any more data on this topic than I do. Frankly I think I'm in a position to know MORE about the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal and their use than he does.

      I can tell with with authority that Assad possessed exactly the weapons which were used, and claims to the contrary by Putin and others are untrue.

    2. Mit, so, you are now the "authority" on Syrian chemical weapons... do tell.

      But until you do... laugh out loud.

      You just jumped the shark.

    3. General Dempsey has made several statements about unintended consequences and the possibility of military strikes leading to wider consequences... before Obama announced his intentions to strike militarily... now, Dempsey supports the president... with a long face during the hearings.

  24. Mit, apparently, I am not alone in my position:

    Who's Lying? Brennan, Obama, or Both? by Ray McGovern, September 6, 2013.

    Ray McGovern is retired from the CIA. From 1981 to 1985 he was one of the intelligence officers in charge of the daily briefing of President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H. W. Bush.

    "Editor Note: Despite the Obama administration’s supposedly 'high confidence' regarding Syrian government guilt over the Aug. 21 chemical attack near Damascus, a dozen former U.S. military and intelligence officials are telling President Obama that they are picking up information that undercuts the Official Story."

    "We regret to inform you [President Obama] that some of our former co-workers are telling us, categorically, that contrary to the claims of your administration, the most reliable intelligence shows that Bashar al-Assad was NOT responsible for the chemical incident that killed and injured Syrian civilians on August 21, and that British intelligence officials also know this. In writing this brief report, we choose to assume that you have not been fully informed because your advisers decided to afford you the opportunity for what is commonly known as 'plausible denial.'"

    Yes, as I stated above, "...the administration, while using intermediaries (to claim no knowledge or control... also known as plausible deniability) to actually do the logistics, know what was going on."

    Another passage from McGovern's analysis:

    "The Intelligence

    There is a growing body of evidence from numerous sources in the Middle East — mostly affiliated with the Syrian opposition and its supporters — providing a strong circumstantial case that the August 21 chemical incident was a pre-planned provocation by the Syrian opposition and its Saudi and Turkish supporters. The aim is reported to have been to create the kind of incident that would bring the United States into the war."

    Please read the complete analysis at the below link:

    And note the members of the steering committee at bottom of analysis.

    Who's Lying? Brennan, Obama, or Both?

    Mit, you have little or no credibility next to McGovern and the members of the steering committee.

    1. Actually there is no basis to think that McGovern has any more "credibility" on this issue than any other person. He does not have ANY "inside" information.

      As for myself however....

      I do.

    2. Again, do tell, but until you do, laugh out loud, did you practice with Fonzy for that jump the shark moment.

      he, he, he.

      You don't know how desperate you sound.

    3. Simply read what McGovern says and you will see that he conceeds that he knows nothing.

      "There is a body of evidence..."

      "A strong circumstantial case..."

      What he is saying is that he doesn't directly have any information at all.

      All he has is rumours and circumstances.

      As for myself I'm one of about a thousand people who worked in that area. Any one of those thousand people would have information McGovern wouldn't have.

      McGovern didn't even work in the DO.

      McGovern worked in the DI, and continuously in areas and functions apart from Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

      McGovern is speculating.

    4. What is unfortunate here is that someone with Dr.P's former credentials would be promoting this kind of speculation when it's not shared by anyone with former government experience in the area in question.

      Simply ask anyone, myself or anyone else, who actually worked in the Iraq/Syria area and you might get an INFORMED opinion or actual facts and knowledge rather than axe-grinding speculation.

  25. Okay, I'll bite, provide facts and knowledge that provides a foundation for an informed opinion.

    I'm sure, notwithstanding my comments, you would have the attention of readers, after all, people come to this website hoping to get "insider" knowledge & insight. Whether from Dr. Pieczenik or anybody else, for that matter.

    The problem is that you have provided inaccuracies and ignored facts & evidence.

    From your comments (running back over several posts) one could conclude you are the one with an axe to grind.

    1. Actually what I've said is that people I know and who know the facts and evidence have told me directly that the gas attack came from a Syrian Army unit, and that unit's commander had been instructed by Assad NOT to use chemical weapons but the commander did so anyway....

      My information is direct and first hand whereas your quotes from McGovern are not.

      McGovern has a lot of good opinions and I admire him, however on this issue he's not accurate because he's not involved with primary sources.

    2. Mit, no, you've never stated on this blog, that I'm aware of, that supposed sources:

      "[...] told me directly that the gas attack came from a Syrian Army unit, and that unit's commander had been instructed by Assad NOT to use chemical weapons but the commander did so anyway...."

      Please, provide the comment where you have made this statement before on this blog.

      Actually, you've stated Assad was guilty as charged, by that liar John Kerry.

      It is only, now, when you've been called out for bull shit, that you come out with this "loose cannon" scenario, as a last ditch attempt to save your credibility.

      And save the fable Kerry is peddling for war.

      But, hey, if I missed a comment, then simply provide it with date and post, so it can be verified. I'll happily stand corrected.

      Your scenario, above, is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

      There are many former CIA who have contacts in the agency and none of them make this claim.

      As to the claim, itself, it seems to be a take-off of the German intelligence, which stated, based on electronic intercepts, that commanders asked permission to use chemical weapons, but Assad repeatedly stated no. The best evidence currently available is that the commanders never did launch chemical weapons because the evidence is that the weapons were catalogued and commanders interrogated and no weapons were missing and the commander, in question, staunchly denied launching any chemical weapons.

      But, hey, I got to give you credit for using a classic ploy: State something closest to the truth, but that changes the meaning.

      Why? Because a lie closest to the truth is the hardest to detect.

      As an aside, your information, even if true, is not "direct and first-hand".

      It would be second-hand at best. Direct evidence is somebody who actually sees the event or hears the conversation in question. You would be getting second-hand accounts (and, while, this isn't a court of law, but, rather, the court of public opinion, your claim is 'hearsay').

      Over stating your case is often a signal that the claim is false.

      And since you have been previously stating that Assad was guilty as charged, and, now you have changed your story, that's called making an inconsistent statement, a classic sign of a liar.

      Sorry, Mit, you have been caught in your own web of lies & deceit.

      Give it up before you look like the black knight in Monte Python.

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  27. I wish the Continum of Godheads would just get here and straighten things out before they get anymore out of hand. We're in really bad shape on this planet.
    Any planet where JayZ can sell millions of records is a world in a lot of trouble...

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.