Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Join the Navy and star in a TV Reality Show Admiral Greenert’s McHale’s Navy!

TV Pitch to the New Cable Network“Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert’s Navy Reality Show”
Catholic Choirboy,  Jonathan Greenert,  Naval Academy Graduate,  Submariner becomes Chief of Naval Operations at the recommendation of Monseigneur Admiral Mullen of famed  “SEAL TEAM SIX”  TV SHOW.

Key Conflict of Admiral Greenert’s Navy Reality TV Show:
How to get American citizenry and US Congress to appropriate trillions of dollars for useless Navy surface,  submarine and aircraft weapons.
Answer: Create a False Flag a la Obama’s Newtown School Massacre but at the US Naval Yard in Washington DC. 

Precedence for TV False Flag and Fake Crisis Scenarios:
9/11 under Bush Jr and CIA George Tenet,  Michael Hayden [NSA, CIA] .
Obama’s announcement of his having killed the already dead Marfanoid Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan near the Pakistan Military Academy. 
Follow up Faked Movie : “Zero Dark Thirty” By Kathryn Bigelow and DCI John Brennan, “Choir Boy” of the Counter Terrorism and CIA.
Newtown False Flag with non-existent Asperger’s,  schizoid teenage gun enthusiast carrying three guns including an Ar-15 killing  20+ white children and white adults in a fancy NYC rich suburb ---all in three minutes.
Use FEMA CRISIS ACTORS and make certain they talk about the non-death of the students coupled with the NEED FOR GUN CONTROL!
Let Obama make another nonsensical Shakespearian speech about the death of children and gun control.
Ensure POTUS never talks about his incompetence in relieving a 12/20% combined unemployment and underemployment problem.
Ensure no references made to the disastrous Obamacare and it’s Rube Goldberg machine.
Ensure that in this new Navy TV reality show, we have no mention of Obama’s failure in the Syrian chem/weap crisis.
No mention of Obama being aced out by Putin or Assad.

Requirements for Admiral Greenert's Navy Reality Show: "Please Save The Navy Budget" !!!!

Other considerations….
Need to have a black dead villain with a mental health history.   Despite a history of paranoia,  PTSD, and auditory delusions-  he receives Secret Clearance from an incompetent Navy to work for a failing  Information Technology company like Hewlett Packarda major recipient of Military/Naval IT contracts.
Make certain that the protagonist of the TV show is immediately identified in the first three minutes of the show as a black IT Navy Reservist with complicated mental history a la Eric Snowden.
Create a realistic-like scenario textured with names,  dates and detailed information that gives the semblance of reality to the show but never film the actual shooting event that never took place despite the ‘multiple surveillance cameras’ in the ‘so-called’ tightly secured Naval Base.
The constant paradoxes and inconsistencies of this TV show has to follow the same type of ongoing texturing that was done with the Osama bin Laden Faked Death and SEAL ATTACK.
For example:
--Create a simple memorable name for black protagonist  like Aaron Alexis—double A.   Easy,  memorable , non-ethnic.  Snowden and Bin Laden and other false TV characters were too complicated to remember.
--Give him a very textured,  psychiatric history of complete mental health illness,  throw the DSM V at him.
--"Aaron Alexis complained of hearing voices and ringing of the ears",  the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL SAID ANONYMOUSLY.
--Keep all attributions ANONYMOUS or make certain those who know him can give only a very bizarre picture of him. 
--NAVY OFFICIALS (never identified) said that although Aaron had shown a pattern of misbehavior;  which included insubordination  and unauthorized absences,  A.A. was awarded the NATIONAL DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL and the Global War on Terrorism SERVICE MEDAL.

Wait there is more that we have to add to Aaron’s non-history to make him credible for the new TV show!
He was born in a multi-ethnic neighborhood not like that white rich Newtown.
Aaron is interested in Buddhism and speaks Thai fluently.
He served as a waiter in a Thai restaurant despite his paranoia,  anger management and shooting spree.
Despite a horrendous civilian and military record he is recruited as full time reservist in the navy,  serving as an aviation electrician’s mate as a petty officer THIRD CLASS.
Background Story of Aaron:  In 2010,  we see him on TV shooting holes in an apartment somewhere in Fort Worth Texas,  explaining  to some Texas Ranger how he ‘had been cleaning his gun and it accidentally shot off’.   Not credible, but it’s TV!!!  Who cares? 
Get some ‘civilians’ preferably black to detail the history of the non-massacre at the Naval Yard  to contrast against the white non existent Sandyhook affair.
In the TV Show we have to show that Blacks are also affected by random shootings just as BLACK POTUS had forewarned. 

Producers and Writers:
 --Let’s get the Chief Of Naval Operations [CNO] Jonathan W. Greenert to orchestrate,  create and produce this Crisis scenario in conjunction with our reliable self-aggrandizing organizations like the FBI,  D.C.  Metropolitan Police,  SWAT Teams,  First Responders,  the USUAL SUSPECTS who make up the all the rest of the TV shows see now.
--Admiral Mullen must have input into his protege Jonathan Greenert's production.   Mullen did a great job on selling that nonsense with SEAL TEAM SIX.   Next get Chairman of the JCS, another Choir Boy,  Martin Dempsey to agree with this FAKE SCENARIO. 
-- Choir boys chief eunuchJohn Brennan must be completely in the loop as well as the rest of the Irish Catholic Mafia in the White House—Tom Donilon,  McDermett,  Biden.
Remember if we can sell the world on 9/11,  Osama bin Laden,  the death of OBL,  SEAL TEAM SIX,  Newtown  and other false flags/faked disasters,  we have a HOME RUN ON THIS NEW SHOW!

  I am certain as a former Executive Producer and Creator of TV SHOWs that  Admiral Jon Greenert’s  NAVY FALSE FLAG REALITY SHOW will be a SMASH HIT!!  Getting him several trillions for his Navy from mesmerized citizens and their congressional representatives!
Unfortunately,  if anyone finds out the truth,  we will have lost all our tax payer's money on unnecessary nuclear submarines,  worthless aircraft carriers and littoral ships.
Don’t worry the American public will never know the truth.
  And for sure,  Senator Carl Levin and his colleagues are completely ignorant!!!! 


  1. I agree that 90% of the Navy budget has been useless since 1954. In the Korean war the carriers were the only source of tacair at the beginning in 1950, but after that there's been no need for them. They are the most expensive way imaginable to deliver a bomb, and they are very vulnerable.

    The nuclear subs however are needed, as they are the best way to counter other subs, and any sub is the best way to sink anyone else's surface ships.

    Our best Navy would be one with maybe three carriers and a number of subs.

    1. On NPR today the Israeli Ambassador to the US repeated again that Israel, "will never be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East..."

      He also repeated that Israel doesn't need to participate in the Chemical Weapons Treaty or the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty because, "Israel is surrounded by enemies."

      The Israeli position about their own nuclear weapons arsenal is that until they screw on the detonator that there isn't a single atomic bomb anywhere in Israel.

    2. Israel is surrounded by enemies the same way a armed robber who kills people in the course of his crime gets surrounded by cops. No murderer gets to use a self-defense argument after he kills a security guard, cop, or innocent bystanders. Nor does any sane legal system allow the robber/murderer to keep what he came to steal. Zionism is destroying everything that used to be good about the USA and is now controlling US foreign policy. Zionism is a superhighway to treason, heresy and fascism. Americans are in a worse plight than Palestinians because Palestinians know who their enemy is.

  2. But now for something really important which I've been hammering on....

    Today the Census Bureau released the Median Family income numbers, and they are pathetic.

    Family income peaked at 56,000 in 2007 and has been declining ever since. Last year it was only 51,000.

    Adjusted for inflation Family Income hasn't been this low since 1989. There's a glut of workers which isn't going away, and unless you are an experienced tax lawyer, a psychiatrist, or an "anti-terrorist security expert" there are a hoard of wanna-bees seeking your job and your employer will make the most of it.

    This situation will not improve, I predict. And the falling incomes of all but the top four or five percent of Americans is having real cultural and social effects.

    Apathy, learned helplessness, and cynicism have bred legions of drug-addicted, tattooed and pierced death-gouls to dawn hoods and ill-fitting clothes and wander the streets and shopping malls of what was once a cheerful land, seeking a moment's escape wherever they can in between angry and rage-filled encounters with others. Dispair..

  3. Dr. Pieczenik, glad you've come back from your travels and weighed in with both feet!

    The U. N. chemical weapons report regarding the August 21, 2013 gas attack has been released. It does not assign responsibility, but the proponents of a U. S. Military strike are claiming the facts & evidence support the conclusion that the Syrian government is responsible.

    The U. N.'s mandate was only to determine IF chemical weapons were used, not who used them, but that has not stopped the supporters of a U. S. Military strike to point to that evidence.

    This achieves two important objectives: To distract from the fact that the four page public summary of the "Government Assessment" didn't provide any evidence (only assertions & conclusions -- a "trust us" document), nor, it turns out, the 12 page private summary shown to Congressman & Senators.

    Now, they can point to actual evidence.

    And it distracts & contradicts the substantial facts & evidence independent from the U. N. report which point to this incident being a false flag operation by the "rebel" terrorists to blame the Syrian Government.

    Why? While the corporate media was wall to wall calls for bombing and explicit assumption the Syrian government was responsible, grass-roots Americans were skeptical of the claims and the false flag analysis was gaining widespread traction. Also, it was thought that if the American Public was convinced the Syrian government was responsible, support for a U. S. Military strike might grow among the public giving cover to the Obama administration & Senate & Congressional hawks for a unilateral military strike without Congressional Authorization or at an outside chance, maybe, even a vote for authorization.

    There is a analysis of the U. N. report that contradicts the media spin that the Syrian government was responsible.

    But here is a leaked video posted on YouTube (how long will it stay up, I wonder) that shows jihadist "rebel" terrorists launching chemical weapons, note the chemical gas masks worn by the gunnery crew.

    Breaking: Leaked Footage of Islam Battalion Launching Infamous

    Israel has come out publically for regime change, hoping to change American public objection to a U. S. Military strike on Syria.

    That is fraught with danger for Israel because American public opinion has hardened and it exposes the fact that the Israeli government is supporting radical jihadists & al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. Many Israeli citizens won't like that, neither will many Americans, nor will the jihadists, themselves, want to fight on behalf of Israel against fellow Muslims.

    In public shift, Israel calls for Assad's fall

    In my opinion, a desperate gamble by the Israeli government that might backfire and also confirms what many knew all along: Israel has been a cooperative partner in the longstanding U. S., Saudi Arabia, regime change operation in Syria.

    Notice the comments: The cat's out of the bag.



    In it's elemental form psychological operations are anything which degrades the morale, motivation, or combat effectiveness of an enemy by changing their beliefs or attitudes.

    On the tactical level psyops are less effective because there's little you can do under most conditions to alter the beliefs of an enemy once he's deployed an army you are about to engage in. There might be some rare circumstances where you can make use of dropping leaflets or something but that's about all. This function explains why the Army Air Corps and then Air Force gained dominance in psychological warfare AS A MISSION after the Second World War, and why Air Force Officers such as Ed Lansdale were among the chief exponents and practicioners of psyops.

    Within the newly formed covert action arm of the US government, the Office of Policy Coordination until it was folded into the CIA in 1952 as the Directorate of Plans of Action....

    Psyops in the form of propaganda was viewed as a mission second to none. Therefore most of the early high-ranking OPC personnel which became CIA officers such as Lansdale, my own mentor Walt Rostow, and scores of others such as Howard Hunt came from journalism or even advertising.

    The Cold War was above all a war of ideas and ideology. It wasn't about imperialism, resources or territory as much as it was a contest for the opinions of the populations of the world. It was an ideological struggle.

    1. One area of criticism of the CIA is that rather than an anti-communist action service it was really an arm of US imperialism which extended the longstanding financial interests which had heretofore influenced foreign policy in gunboat diplomacy. Such critic such as Philip Agee and Noam Chomsky point out that CIA interventions coincided with US investments and markets. I am persuaded however that the ideological factor was the determining one, not the coinciding business interests which played functional roles in these operations.

    2. For example...

      In the CIA coup in Iran in 1953 the British had tried and failed to bring about a coup earlier and had been thrown out of Iran and then subsequently tried to persuade the US to attempt a coup for reasons of anti-communism.

      In this case the sole motive of the British was to regain the profits they'd lost when Iran nationalized British Petroleum's investment in Iran. But for the US this was no factor at all. The US was opposed to the British position on the BP asset nationalization. The US proceeded with the coup only when US officials became convinced, partly through British psyops, that the communists would take over Iran if a coup wasn't brought about.

      In the end the coup never regained the British investment in Iranian oil.

  5. An analysis disputing media claims that the U. N. chemical weapons report points the finger of blame at the Syrian government:

    5 Lies Invented to Spin UN Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

    While this analysis is not conclusive, the spin doctors of the corporate media don't have a "slam dunk" either, in spite their assertions to the contrary.

    How to end the carnage? (If that's what you really care about) CUTOFF the weapons to the terrorists. Obama's response: Authorize weapons to groups that are explicitly designated as terrorists.

    Doubling Down for Syrian regime change and revealing the moral bankruptcy of the Washington D. C. crowd.

    1. After reviewing the UN materials Anthony Cordesman has said he's convinced the attacks were from Syrian army ordinances.

      I think that says it all. There's no longer much doubt as to what happened, at least among people who matter.

    2. Mit, thank you for providing a named source so I can read it.

      Anthony Cordesman does provide an excellent analysis of the U. N. report:

      The UN Chemical Weapons Report: One Third of the Story that Needs to Be Told

      By Anthony Cordesman, September 17, 2013.

      As the title of Mr. Cordeman's analysis suggests, the U. N. report, while doing a good job with the time and access constraints imposed upon it, does not contain enough data to firmly tie these attacks to the Syrian government.

      Nowhere in Mr. Cordesman's analysis does it state he is 'convinced' the attacks were from the Syrian army, although, the tone of his analysis suggests he leans in that direction, but he frankly states not enough data is presented in the U. N. report to firmly tie this chemical attack to the Syrian government.

      (See, 5 Lies Invented to Spin UN Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack, linked above)

      "These are powerful new indicators, but the UN alone cannot produce the report that is needed. It is going to take a concerted effort by outside governments and intelligence agencies to put these data in full context, tie them firmly to the Assad regime..."


      "The intelligence evidence needs to show the trajectory data confirm to U.S. and French reporting indicating that Assad forces were known to be in the right locations. These data need to be tied to the reports of a clear chain of communications showing who gave the orders and the identity of the specific Syrian units involved. The UN data could indicate that the rockets were fired from or near a Syrian military complex with rocket range of both Moadamiyah and Ein Tarma."

      "The probability that two known weapons systems in Syrian hands capable of delivering chemical munitions were used needs analysis and confirmation."

      Sorry, that doesn't spell 'convinced'.

      Mr. Cordesman is honest in his assessment of the data, too bad Mit misrepresents Mr. Cordesman's analysis.

      So, while I appreciate a name was given which I can research, it's a misrepresentation to claim Mr. Cordesman is 'convinced'. But I'm not surprised Mit overstated Mr. Cordesman's conclusions.

      Mit's agenda has been obvious every time the subject of Syria comes up.

      But I do have to thank Mit for providing a source that can be research & analyzed.

    3. I haven't read Cordesman's commentary but heard him on NPR where he was less qualified about his conclusion that the ordinance came from the Syrian army.


    Therefore it is on the strategic level [rather than the tactical] that psyops has it's usefulness.

    Alexander of Macedonia was a clever man who liked to trick his enemies on the field of battle by tricking his enemies into thinking he was moving one way when he was really moving another.

    He also liked to fool potential enemies when he could, such as the time he left behind him an assortment of giant helmets and breastplates which could only have been worn by giants. His hope was that doing so would convince others that the stories he was putting about that his army was composed of giants would be believed by those who would follow after he moved on.

    This is an example of strategic psyops, and one intended to trick or deceive an adversary so as to DETER him. It's a practice often used of seeking to deter by exaggerating your adversaries' perceptions of your strength. In the 1950s and 1960s the USSR sought to convince the US that it had more bombers and missiles than it really had. Doing so gave the Pentagon the tools they in turn needed to lobby for bigger budgets, which then posed even bigger challenges for Soviet planners. So in that case the practice had unforseen and unwanted consequences.

    But as the Cold War was a contest for the opinions and beliefs of all nations the purpose of psyops was not so much to deceive the governments of the Warsaw Pact for strategic goals as it was to attenuate the overall threat of communist subversion worldwide. This is the reason why communications and persuasion were thought to have played so key a role, at least in theory and intention.

    Therefore within the Directorate of Operation, or "DO," one of the most important areas was that of International Organizations. During the 1950s and 1960s this function was operated by Cord Meyer, the son of wealthy New Yorkers who'd made their fortune trading and owning Cuban sugar. Without a doubt the Meyers, who today own large amounts of New York real estate, owe the greater part of their fortune to the US dominance over Cuba which resulted after the Spanish-American war, in which the psyop of the sinking of the USS Maine was key in providing the US public support [without which it never would have happened].

    Cord Meyer was a zealous rich kid who joined the Marines after Pearl Harbor and was badly wounded in Iwo Jima, after which he joined with Albert Einstein in seeking to promote international organizations which would minimize the chances of war ever happening again. Cord therefore participated at the founding of the UN in San Francisco after the war, and never ended his activism in promoting international organizations of all kinds. Such organizations however were used as fronts for covert action of all kinds, not just psyops, as well as espionage. Meyer actually ran an outfit which operated anti-socialist and pro-western groups in every country on the planet.


    Early on in the history of the CIA there was a conviction that it didn't have adaquit tools or understanding of how to move opinion against communism.

    There was in fact desperation, and almost panic, that communism would be able to win the global competition of ideas. The reasons for this panic were these:

    1.The success of communist parties in taking over the governments of all the eastern european countries after the war, including Yougoslavia which received no support from Russia.

    2.The rising success of communist parties in Greece, Turkey, Italy and France.

    3.The dramatic success of the communists in China in 1949, and the pathetic conduct of the anti-communists there.

    4.The success of the Vietnamese VietMin.

    5.The resurgence of communist parties everywhere in Latin America and The Phillipins despite the opposition of the church and civil society.

    6.The existence of communist parties in many places in the muslim world despite religious opposition, including parties in Iran and Iraq.

    7.The escalation of the Korea conflict into all out war with the invasion of the South by the North with Soviet aid in which Soviet and then Chinese personnel were in direct combat with US soldiers and airmen.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think within the CIA tradition imparted to me the view is this:

      Most of what the public believes in any society is invalid. It is the product of institutional and class doctrines founded on the career and financial interests of individuals. Such doctrines are the determinents of majority opinion and are countered only by minority dissents which are marginalized and do not determine national policy until a transformational change can be brought about.

      Sometimes a key psyop can bring about such transformational change when all the conditions are right and all that's needed is just to put your finger on the scale just a little to tilt the balance.

      The best way is to change social beliefs by appealing to emotion, either fear or idealism depending on the circumstances. And if the conditions are right for an event or series of events they need to have the emotional effect of shifting opinion from one paradigm to another based on emotion while providing the APPEARANCE of a rational reform.

    2. Yes, Mit, your description is right:

      "Most of what the public believes in any society is invalid. It is the product of institutional and class doctrines founded on the career and financial interests of individuals. Such doctrines are the determinents of majority opinion and are countered only by minority dissents which are marginalized and do not determine national policy until a transformational change can be brought about."

      Yes, Syria is where the covert operation has been exposed to such an extent that "a transformational change" is coming about.

      The Syrian covert operation of regime change is not just a tactical operation, but in its ramifications and necessity (as a stepping-stone to a military attack on Iran), is strategic.

      Syria is a strategic defeat (I acknowledge the fight is not over, as Washington D. C. is still "all in and doubling down" for regime change, but with the American People rejecting the Washington regime's play of having a 'shock & awe" bombing campaign to save the proxy "rebel" terrorists and act as supporting cover for a Blitzkrieg by the proxy forces going on to Damascus, the extent of Washington D. C. corruption is being exposed).

      That, you, a self-appointed agent (?) of that operation, fails so miserably to be persuasive and can't effectively rebut the facts & evidence exposing this stratagem, shows how bankrupt and poorly crafted this operation really was.

      Libya gave the "regime changers" confidence they could pull off the Syrian operation successfully, but "the plans of mice and men" can fail, as they failed to anticipate that Assad could withstand the proxy fighters, then failed to anticipate the American People's opposition to a "Hail Mary" military strike to pull their chesnuts out of the fire.

      Witness history my friend, that "transformational change" is happening as we speak.

      Washington D. C. should be afraid... of the American People, we have had enough!

      What happened is that as a significant majority opposed a U. S. Military strike on Syria, which crossed the ideological spectrum and political divide, it allowed the party and ideological blinders to drop from many peoples' eyes.

      The elite count on one side's blinders to stay covered over their eyes, whether party or ideology, so that a "divide & rule" marginalization can operate, as you describe above, but, in this instance, that strategy fails because opposition crosses those familiar ideological and party divides, so that people with their eyes open can easily expose the lies and deceit to other people within their own ideological or political camp, as these people will listen to and consider their fellow campers arguments, where as in the normal course of events that persuasion is blocked by the unwillingness of people to consider views from the other camp, ideological or political.

      And, it is said that a tipping point comes when 30% or more understand the deception.

      We have crossed that tipping point and Washington D. C. is going "all in and doubling down" making it even easier to spot the lies, hypocrisy, and deceptions because going "all in and doubling down" causes them to takes more chances to be exposed and in desperation people often get sloppy and don't execute their operation with exactitude.

      This is the elite's Waterloo.

  9. PSYOPS CONT....

    Amid all this panic about the ideological supremacy of communism came the news that many American servicemen captured by the communists in Korea had TURNED THEIR BACKS ON CAPITALISM AND HAD JOINED THE COMMUNIST CAUSE...

    Numerous allied POWs held by the communists, including Americans and British, made propaganda films for their captors, broke with their fellow POWs, etc., etc., in a bizarre twist of events that left the CIA mystified.

    And although these POWs, at least he ones that didn't chose to stay behind, once returned re-joined their rightful places as credits to American capitalist society....

    What was only learned much later was that at least one British POW once returned became a mole for the communists, passing along everything he could to the KGB.

    This was not only a disaster but it was unexplanable. Within CIA there came to be agreement that what was needed was a complete and comprehensive understanding of HOW THE HUMAN MIND WORKS. The focus of CIA research would be on ATTAINING A MODEL OF HOW THE HUMAN PERSONALITY REALLY OPERATES. It was sought to understand how opinions, beliefs, values, and motivations are formed, and how personalities are form. What constitutes the human personality? How is it formed and can it be altered? What are the basic building blocks of every human being and therefore all the human beings which constitute a society?

    These questions were not easily answered at the time. Unfortunately within psychiatry great weight was still given to Freud and psychoanalysis. Other diciplines of psychiatry were crude at best. There were no psycho-pharmalogical chemicals in use theraputically until thorazine was accidentally discovered to benefit scizophrenics years later, and there was only the crudest forms of "brain mapping."

    CIA leaders knew they had to explore unconventional avenues and test unexplored territories in an effort to pioneer themselves some areas of accurate knowledge of how the personality actually operates.

  10. Next week I will explain the model of personality formation which resulted from CIA research. I will use the example of homosexuality to illustrate the explanitory power of the CIA-derived model versus alternatives, and why the CIA model correctly describes homosexuality as disorder rather than a personality trait within normal or benign ranges of gender variation.

    At that time I will welcome opposing views and illustrate their inadequacy as well as their political rather than scientific determinants.

    1. "At that time I will welcome opposing views and illustrate their inadequacy as well as their political rather than scientific determinants."

      Heh, this is funny.

      I have a question though, you don't personally feel a sense of outrage that so many Americans still believe the "official" story for 9/11? Are you not angry that the Israelis staged a terror attack on our soil and that the US' foreign policy is basically Israeli foreign policy? This stuff doesn't get you pissed off? Not that we can really change anything, but do you feel disgusted about all of this stuff? Are you appalled at how effectively psychological warfare has been waged against Americans?

      Another question, I'm not sure if you're familiar with Mordechai Vanunu (I think you know who he is) but he used to work at the Israeli nuclear plant at Dimona. He basically spoke up on the fact that Israel was building a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons, more than what would be deemed reasonable. I mention him because he's stated in an interview that JFK was killed because he was going after Israel's secret nuclear facility. I think Gaddafi has admitted in a speech that JFK was killed for the same reason.

      Where does Israeli/Zionist involvement fit into your picture as to why JFK was assassinated?

    2. Actually nothing that goes on outrages me. I don't emotionally feel that the United States is a special country, or is any better than a lot of other places. It has always been corrupt and I don't feel any attachment to it.

      JFK was assassinated by a large group including the CIA, armed services, and other individuals.

      Many people, particularly here in Texas, knew that the Oswald story was untrue, but there was no law enforcement anywhere to report to on the matter. The only law enforcement involved was the District Attorney of New Orleans Parrish, and he was quickly discredited in the public mind.

      I don't believe the Israelis had anything to do with the Kennedy assassination. It was about other things. Everyone has known for a long time that the Israelis have had a nuclear weapons program, and it's known how many bombs they have, what kind they have, where they got the materials from, etc. CIA obtained this from many sources, but particularly from South African sources after 1994 when the South African government dissolved and their joint program with Israel fell apart.

    3. CIA has known much about the Israeli nuclear program since it's inception, but after 1994 they knew every detail.

  11. Brilliant commentary, Dr. The question is: when will Americans, pre-ocuppied with television, weed, meds, or simply just attempting to survive, do something about this crap?

    Or is it a case of being a foregone conclusion?

    I favour the latter. The corruption is too deep and the greed and power-lusting too entrenched.

  12. It's always been this way. You just weren't aware of it.

  13. In the animal kingdom, its called domination! Dogs, wolves, horses, humans do it- predator or prey.....a new group of smarties has to "out dominate" the existing power structure....and it is already happening. When you are in it, it looks different than when you are above it or under it. Assad outsmarted the Obama school-boys, as he should have....Obama is too weak and has no bona fides, the 10% is waking up...get into the fight, its time. Just one old man's opinion....American Revolution was only 4% of the citizens but they were smart AND motivated. They fought hard and won...overtime, never is it easy.

    1. Please remember that the "4%" of Colonists who sought independence from the Crown only persuaded at least another half of their fellow Colonists to join them when they STAGED AN EFFECTIVE PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN TO ACCOMPLISH THEIR GOALS.

      The booklet "Common Sense" was the first mass published item which can be pointed to as a singular an indespensible factor in bringing about a mass change in public opinion.

      Without "Common Sense" there wouldn't have been sufficient public support for the ambitions of the elites seeking independence.

  14. You know it's possible that Skyler White might not be prosecuted.

    Given that Hank never left any records at DEA about his investigation of Hank and had Steve as a partner there they might believe the DVD "Confession" that Walt made if Skyler has the brains to use it.

    Also I think that they will surely ascertain Hank's last location from his cell usage and find his body on the tribal lands....

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    1. That's why I own a high capacity mag .223 AR-15.
      It's in moments like that when rapid fire and lots of rounds are NECESSARY.

      I can think of even more likely scenarios in urban situations when an AR-15 or AK-47 or 74 is REQUIRED.

      Mr. Alexis the ill person who shot up the Naval Yard used a shotgun no one is seeking to ban. In my opinion gun-control advocates have only one real agenda - to take every single firearm and pellet gun away from every citizen because they believe that to kill, even in self defense, is always wrong.

      They are zealots.

    2. Walter White is intelligent enough to be a survivor in a society which puts compliance and control above justice and reason.

      That's why he just bought an M-60 machine gun.

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    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Oh please...

      The idiots in government who staged 9-11 and do these evil deeds are not the most important factor in anyone's lives unless they are stupid enough to join the military or some other thing. Unless you do something that causes the CIA to drag you off to an eternal detention camp or assassinate you with a drone then life goes on...

      Sometimes I think Dr.P and others take the USG too seriously in terms of their real importance.

      The reason why drugs are huge everywhere is because most people like them. Most people would rather go through life intoxicated or elated or whatever their drug of choice does for them. To them sobriety isn't that good because most people are fucked in the head and don't know how to enjoy life or just don't care.

      As for the "cartels" that's a function of the way the US conducts its law enforcement, the 'war on drugs' and the idiocy of the drugs gangs left to do this kind of work in the US thereby. The Mexicans are able to sweep everyone else aside because the legal consequences of being in that business are so dire that only idiots are left in it and they are easy prey for anyone else with any organization or dedication, even if they are a bunch of demon-worshipping decapitating peasants from Mexico who can't even spell their own names.

    6. Oh btw...

      Since most of you don't live anywhere near the Mexican border, the Rio Grande River, you probably wouldn't know this but the border is wide open in about 90% of the distance of the river.

      It's a narrow river, and there are no fences or anything except for nearby to what few cities or towns there are.

      Almost all the property along the river is private owned, by individuals that usually farm it, and there's no barriers for anyone on the other side who wants to wade or swim across.

      Unless you came here and saw it you couldn't believe it.

      Having such controls on the bridges and such is silly. Sort of like the security you see in the airports. Anyone can just avoid the airports. Anyone can just avoid the bridges and towns.

      And there are no drones or anything flying over to check on who is on the river.

      What they have instead is border patrol on horseback.

      So cool.

    7. Anyone who wants to can buy land on the river. Lots of people will sell their land to you.
      I've been thinking about it. That would be fun. Imagine the possibilities.

    8. Dr.P instead of buying land in Bulgaria I will join with you in buying property along the Rio Grande river any time you'd like.


    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I have a suspicion that Jessie Pinkman is going to kill himself in the lab by swolling chemicals rather than continue as the Aryan Brothers' slave.

    If that happens they will descend on the White's house looking for him the "tape" Pinkman told them existed about cooking instructions.

    I think when Todd told Lydia that the last batch was 76% pure he was lying. She's going to come back and tell him it was less than 70% and he and his buddies will need Walt again.

    Why they're even wanting to keep cooking when they have 70 million in cash I'll never know.

    I just wish Walt would hook up with Lydia, and together they can make more money and he can move to Norway or someplace and forget about his stupid family who hates him and every other baleful thing in New Mexico.

    1. Or he could move to Bulgaria. Word is it's paradise...

  17. When Hank found out Walt was Heisenberg he sucker punched him.

    When Marie found out Skyler was working with Walt she slapped her.

    When Skyler thought Walt killed Hank she attacked him with a knife and slashed him...

    Am I starting to see a pattern here...

    These sanctimoneous symbols of society's rules are vicious and violent compared to the rationl-thinking Walt and what he represents.

    Think about it.

  18. The question is then....

    Are the writers of Breaking Bad more influenced by Roussou, or Nietzche?

    Personally I think they admire Roussou, but I think Walt is a Nietzchian uberman if ever there was one.

  19. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. you should examine illegitimate Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) and all the rest; and have them all committed to the INSANE ASYLUM FOR LIFE! Talk about being SICK!

    It it was not for the DEADLY ELEMENTS, this whole thing would constitute a "SICK JOKE"! They (BUSH AND CREEPS) want to "EXTERMINATE" ALL OF U.S.!

  20. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I have been currently residing at the old location, since the last time I communicated to you! I reside behind 2227 and 2229 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California (HAIR SALON and RAUL'S SHOE REPAIR)!

    Yesterday (September 19, 2013), Raul (owner of SHOE REPAIR) wanted me to vacate the premises before 9 a.m.; therefore, he (Raul) would NOT BE AN EYEWITNESS to me staying at said location! Basically, Raul does NOT want to be my alibi incase WEED AND SEED (very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT put together by former SHERIFF (5 years at Colorado Federal Prison)) and the C.I.A. initiate any "FRAME JOBS" against me, while I am asleep at said location (2227 and 2229 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California)! Immediately after I had said minor conversation with Raul, the owner of RA FOOD STORE (2225 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California) stated that she (said owner of RA FOOD STORE) want me to vacate the premises (said location) prior to 9:00 a.m.!

    This is a recent issue! I have been at said location since March 2012! Furthermore, both S.A.P.D. and WEED AND SEED know that I stay at said location! If either owner had stated this during March 2012, this would make sense; however, both said owners want to assist the very corrupt GOVERNMENT in trying to put me back inside the "CAGE" (JAIL to PRISON) PERMANENTLY (FOREVER)!

    Today (September 20, 2013), the said owner of RA FOOD STORE stated she (said owner) wanted me to vacate the said premises before 7:00 a.m., as punishment for being on the premises while Raul (eyewitness/alibi) arrived and saw me! Therefore, possibly eliminating any potential "FRAME JOB" done by WEED AND SEED and THE C.I.A.! This is a potential set-up to FORCE SANTA ANA POLICE DEPARTMENT TO "FINISH-ME-OFF" BY "FINISHING" CASE 11CF0028 (FRAUD ON THE COURT BY THE ARRESTING AGENCY (WEED AND SEED (very corrupt parts of ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT)))!

    As stated in other comments, CASE 11CF0028 was used by the said arresting agency to illegally modify my RAP SHEET and FINGER PRINTS! This was to substantiate an illegal "IDENTITY SWITCH" already under way being done by THE C.I.A. for primarily THE BUSH FAMILY (starting with E-Mails concerning the invasion of IRAN during the FALL OF 2006), SKULL AND BONES, certain parts of CITY OF LONDON (England), and the JESUIT ORDER! In fact, as stated in other comments, they (corrupt GOVERNMENT) set-up a very brief encounter between myself and illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. on or about March 8, 2010 at about 5:30 p.m. (CIVIC CENTER at Santa Ana, California) to let me know who was "SCREWING ME"! In the interim, I have encountered several individuals claiming to be C.I.A. ASSETS and AGENTS (including a leader of a "WET TEAM" to eliminate anyone helping me)!

    1. I guess what people say about LSD use in California is true.

    2. L.S.D.??? MITmichael I do have mental issues; however, there has been NO L.S.D.!

      As to what is actually happening, my mental illness is irrelevant! Corrupt WEED AND SEED (mostly very corrupt parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT) and the very corrupt C.I.A. actually "took-out" my entire BACKGROUND (ALL RECORDS)! In addition, I have sufficient "EVIDENCE" (various documents) to substantiate all of my CLAIMS!

  21. Today (September 20, 2013), Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. I posted a few comments at Senator Rand Paul's last VIDEO posted (September 20, 2013)! This said VIDEO contained an interview done on September 19, 2013, mainly concerning OBAMA CARE (DEADLY)!

    After posted said comments, the comments were hidden by C.I.A., N.S.A., and possibly YOU TUBE over content! I was tying OBAMA CARE to the "PLANS" OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to the JESUIT ORDER), which is the "EXTERMINATION" of about 7 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE! When I finished, the "comment counter" stated 32 COMMENTS; however, there were 24 COMMENTS SHOWING! WHY??? I already stated what I think! After I posted my FINAL COMMENT, the said "comment counter" stated 33 comments; however, only said 24 comments were visible! Currently, the said "comment counter," after the last time I viewed it, showed 35 comments; however, there was only the said 24 comments showing! Therefore, there was additional comments hidden! I do NOT THINK THE C.I.A. IS HIDING ANYONE ELSES COMMENTS; therefore, they (C.I.A.) possibly hacked into my YOU TUBE CHANNEL and posted additional comments to thwart what I am trying to say!

    There might be a possible "FRAME JOB" happening! As stated in other comments, the C.I.A. working primarily for the BUSH FAMILY (SKULL AND BONES) want to put into PRISON with a "FLOATING IDENTITY," therefore, FOREVER!

    I did try and change my PASSWORD!

  22. There are no so-called "moderates" in Syria:

    The new ploy is to suggest al Qaeda is taking over the opposition in Syria, therefore, "moderates" must be helped out against al Qaeda.

    The linked article does a excellent job exposing this ploy by the western powers along with Saudi Arabia (plus a good overall summary of the regime change operation):

    In Syria, There are no Moderates, September 20, 2013 by Tony Cartalucci:

    In Syria, There are no Moderates

    1. If Jerry Springer could plan a war, I think this is the one he would design. Just sayin.... Lots of treachery and deceit, followed up by complete denial....this is not my love child!

  23. That's a bogus site.

    None of the sources cited in that article support the conclusion that Cartalucci, whoever the fuck he is, claims about the moderates vs. islamists.

    Personally if I had to choose between the islamists and Assad I'd choose the islamists anyway.

    There can be no progress there until Assad is roasted on a spiggot with an apple in his mouth while the dwarf RAS-Putin licks Obama's balls...

    Get the picture?

    1. In fact I like this image so much that I'm going to make a surrealistic painting of it in the style of Salvador Dali.


  24. Keep it coming Mit. You do a good job of revealing your cold, amoral rationales... the rationales of a mercenary... with no country or honor.

    You also do a good job of revealing the like-minded barbarity of those in the U. S. government who have supported this crew of cut-throats these last two years.

    That's why when fighting mercenaries, while first offering them the opportunity to put down their weapons (to exercise humanity, not that they would offer such humanity in return), if they refuse, one does not hesitate to take all necessary means to render them inoperable.

    You support terrorists who commit the most heinous acts of barbarity. And your preferred imagery fits with what happens to mercenaries when their sponsors leave them to twist in the wind, as their existence becomes an embarrassment, as evidence of failure.

    Such is the only care of sociopaths.

    After all, they are the expendable tools of the imperial sociopaths running Washington D. C.

    I chuckle, seeing your frustration, because it reveals the fear of a naked animal with no conscious. Sadly, it appears you let yours slip away somewhere in in the past.

    A moral consciousness is a precious thing to waste.

    I'm sure there was a good Mit, once, but the winding course of your life has left nothing more than a dry riverbed, scattered with bones, where a river of human kindness once flowed.

  25. Another view of Syria:

    Syria: Al-Qaeda as the black operations wing of the US, by John Robles, September 19, 2013 (Voice of Russia)

    This opinion piece connects the larger dots to explore the metastasizing cancer in the top echelons of the U. S. government and their transnational corporate masters.

    Interestingly enough, Mit acknowledges this large-scale corruption, but then turns a blind-eye, with regards to a specific manifestation of this corruption: The Syrian regime change operation.

    At one point, I disagreed with Dr. Pieczenik regarding regime change for Saudi Arabia, but upon being informed of Saudi perfidy, their participation in the false flag gas attack and threats against Russia and the Sochi Winter Olympic, I had to acknowledge that perhaps he was right after all.

    This situation where Saudi Arabia spreads radical, violent, political stratagems masquerading as Islamic movements only hurts the Islamic world and hurts American vital national interests.

    Only a populist movement of the American People will stop this corruption and a popular movement will come only if the American People realize their Republic is at risk of not surviving.

  26. On a related topic of imperial Washington D. C.

    The imperial media of Washington D. C. are circling the wagons around the Washington stink hole.

    For those who watch the U. S. Sunday news & opinion talk shows (and those who don't), there seems to be a new phenomenon: The round robin of Washington talking heads revolving around the "round table" circuit of the Sunday talk shows.

    I've watched Sunday talk shows, long ago for information & opinion, but today, to see what the Washington scribes & transmission belts are saying. This provides a good picture of the thinking in Imperial Washington, both in public & private chambers.

    This revolving door of pundits & talking heads seems to be a reflection of the larger corrupt culture in Washington, where the powerful & influential revolve between public & private perches & sinecures which creates a group-think mentality and a "one hand washes the other" shield, hiding & protecting the corruption & immoral cesspool that is Washington D. C.

    Also, only "safe" pundits & talking heads need apply. Nobody who would challenge or threaten to expose establishment lies & deceit are invited on these talk shows. The "faces" are numbingly familiar and endlessly recycled.

    In my opinion, there is a willful blindness in some, outright deceit in others, and an intimidation of others who might speak truth to power, but do not.

    The corporate media have failed the American People and their own claimed journalistic standards.

    But this recycling of prior-approved opinion may have a silver lining: There is no reason to circle the wagons if there is no threat the natives are restless and aiming to scalp the inhabitants of the imperial city.

    1. “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” ― Thomas Paine

      Do any corporate journalists hear & respect Thomas Paine's admonition?

    2. You are really wacked. No where in my posts is there any frustration.

      Except for the fact that the Mexicans have flooded America with narcotics I've never expressed any frustration with anything that goes on in the United States because as I've said before...



      I'm half-German and half Norwegian. I'm of pure Aryan ancestry, in fact an uber-Aryan, and my two home nations ARE THE RICHEST COUNTRIES ON THE PLANET because they are composed of HONORABLE NOBLE PEOPLE LIKE ME instead of the idiotic unterminchen like yourself who is probably of slavic, French, English, Irish or Mediterranian descent.

      I can go back to Norway or Germany and find places without any of the shit that goes on here.

      But you can't because you're stuck in this country with all the Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, negros, and other sub-species...


    3. Mit, given that Assad is winning on the ground, destroying the terrorists, and defeating the objective you have been supporting non-stop, in the face of consistent evidence, and your idealization of Assad on a spit, it was clear your are frustrated.

      Of course, you even confirm such frustration by lashing out at me with name-calling, "wacked".

      Mit, be quiet, you've the mentality of a mercenary.

      There is no country or honor in that.

      Only selfishness. About your ancestry... who cares.

    4. Once again you are ignoring everything I've said.

      Because you're a moron who doesn't know how to read I'll repeat it....

      I don't need the United States because my identity, not my "ancestry," is that of the two richest, most functional, prosperous, fair, just, and unified nations on earth.

      Why would someone who comes from and belongs in places like northern Europe care what happens in a corrupt, criminal, polyglot nation like the United States?

      Among America's major problems is that it's always been ruled by English. Just look at Great Britain or the British empire and you'll see what the problem always has been.

    5. Americans like to believe in the false myth that there is an "American" civic culture. But there is no American civil culture.

      America has always been a polyglot of all the different cultures from which it's individuals came from. Once in the United States each of these individuals retained their ethnic civic and political national characters.

      It doesn't matter how long someone's family may have been in the United States. Even after five generations they'll still behave according to the national character from which they were genetically derived.

      It is the unique genetics and epigenetics of the individual of the ethnic group from which an individual is derived which determines the ranges of personality characteristics which determine how that individual's ethnic civic culture will be expressed.

      It is ultimately a genetic question.

    6. European writers, particularly in the 19th century and the early 20th century discuss national characteristics with particular habits of thought & action. But you take it to an extreme, as most of these writers admitted the importance of culture.

      Your talk of "five generations" puts you in an extreme camp.

      But I got news for you: Norway was a poor country (that's why so many left to go to America) up until oil was found offshore. Yes, Norway is now rich, the same way Alaskans get a rebate each year from the oil royalties received from the North Slope oil.

      Mit, while you are entitled to your opinions (and exposing your mercenary character), you are not entitled to make up your own facts.

      Norway was a poor country consisting mostly of isolated fishing villages in fiords before the discovery of offshore oil deposits.

      You really need to read Norway's history.

      If you did, you would know how foolish you sound.

      That's why Norway was politically run by Socialists for many decades, the little people, who were poor, got tired of a few elites controlling everything and in the early 20th century got some democracy going and the first thing they did was establish socialist governments to counter near feudal power relationships of the elite over the little people

      (I'm not advocating Socialism, here, just setting Mit right about the history of Norway.)

      By the way, Norwegians are good people who don't subscribe (generally) to your mercenary attitudes.

    7. Facts are facts.

      You may try to deny them but they still exist.

      Per capita Norway is the richest country on earth, with a soverign fund larger than Saudi Arabia's but with only a fraction of it's oil.

      But even before the Norwegians had oil they still had the highest living standard in the world with nothing more than cod and herring fishing to draw on.

      The Norwegians are so prosperous because, like other northern Europeans, they are a unified society the individuals of which never lie or cheat or steal.

      Instead they spend all their efforts laboring and creating things and then sharing with others less fortunate.

      Compare that to the United States, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Africa, Latin America, Asia.....

      As rich as Norway is there are no billionaires there because nobody there wants to be a billionaire.

      That's because they know what makes life worth living, and it's not being a billionaire jackass like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sheik Walid the pedophile, and all the other megalomaniacs of other lessor races of people of genetic mutants and creeps..

      Like you.

    8. Funny... most Norwegians wouldn't approve of your misstatements of Norway's history.

      And they aren't hung up on racial purity like you are, although, they are proud people, industrious, people, and open-minded people.

      Most Norwegians would look at your tripe regarding Syria and wish you wouldn't associate your misshapen view of life and politics with their country.

      Generally, Norwegians are truth seekers, which you definitely are not. You are a walking, talking, psy-ops operation... I guess that's why you feel like unburdening yourself on the subject... self-revelation is my guess.

    9. Yes in fact I am going to continue un-burdoning myself on the topic of CIA psychological warfare.

      As for the Norwegians I don't think you know them. You don't know any of them.

      If you did you'd know what I know, which is that no one is as aware of their performance and the reasons for it as they are.

      They sit in their cozy little fjords drinking coffee and look out on a chaotic world and wonder why everyone else treats each other so badly.

      For that matter you can go to Minneapolis St.Paul and find the same culture, only dragged down a lot by all the Czechs, Poles, and other inferior races which the Norwegians and Swedes have let in.

      There's no such thing a crime, corruption, or want among the Norwegians or Swedes in Minnesotta.

      Among the negros there though it's another story. All the crime in Minniapolis St.Paul is confined to the blacks, who rape, rob, and murder each other continually.

    10. There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese ! --- Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail.

    11. Note to self - Go to and order a copy of Mein Kampf.

  27. >>>“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” ― Thomas Paine <<<

    On Alex Jones' InfoWars right now is, "The duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country from its government. -- Thomas Paine."

    Thomas Paine never said it. It's been circulating since the early 2000s.

    From my website:

    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government” -- fake Thomas Paine.

    “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government” -- Edward Abbey, 1989.

    Please tell this to Alex Jones. Also, you might give him this national scoop:

    According to the "Uncle Sam" myth, Samuel Wilson of Troy, NY, supplied beef to the soldiers in 1813, stamped his barrels "U.S.," and that's how we got "Uncle Sam." Wilson was born in Monotomy, in what is now Arlington, MA. In 1976, Arlington gave Samuel Wilson a statue. Last weekend, Arlington gave Samuel Wilson a sign for "Uncle Sam Plaza."

    I wrote to Arlington and told them that we have new evidence now, and the term "Uncle Sam" existed before Samuel Wilson ever stamped his barrels. You can't tell this myth anymore--call the thing off. The Arlington website says that they answer you within one day, but they never answered me at all. And then they went ahead and told a lie about the United States, to increase local tourism, dontcha know.

    This should be a story somewhere.

    1. Barry Popik, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've look at your site. I stand corrected.

      Frankly, this is one reason I never cite Mr. Jones, but, yes, I saw the quote and now I feel embarrassed.

      The other reason I don't cite Mr. Jones's is that he's so controversial that the argument may be quite right, but that gets lost and derailed in arguing about the messenger. It is better to go directly to the primary source (often, Mr. Jones does provide primary sources, so why inject his name in the discussion at all).

      Again, please feel free to point out errors or disagreements.

      If you are searching for the truth, you need to be open and welcome correction. It's a powerful way to get closer to the truth and provide more accurate information.

  28. Episodic television is what it is. One thing I never liked about Walter White was the way he swung back and forth between being a man and a mouse, and in the second to the last episode rather than anything more interesting we had to sit through yet another dreary episode of Walt's self-pity and mindless devotion to a family which places no value on him...

    Instead of the show going in any of the directions which I suggested it's reverted back to a sulking Walt who finally bucks up one last time when he sees his prior work as a chemist denied by his former business partners, now made billionaires due to his work.

    When is Walt ever going to learn that most people are just shit.

    Not just the skinheads, drug dealers and junkies in the meth world, but also in government, law enforcement, and the corporate and even "charitable" worlds...

    If Walt is going to deserve his monicre as a "uberman" then he should do more than return to New Mexico for a revenge hunt against the Aryan brothers who stole his cash, but he should move out of the United States altogether, partner up with some better people, and continue making money and success.

    Walter White:

    The world is bigger than the United States of America.

  29. How many recidivist SERIAL MURDERS will occur before obama is ARRESTED & CHARGED (along with kingmaker fixer BRENNAN?
    It reminds me of HITLERs HENCHMEN:

    These CONSPIRATORS BELIEVE THEY ARE TEFLON DONS: even gandolfini suffered the consequences of the character he played.
    Obama or whoever he is has forgotten the bygones in History.
    He will be caught. He is a DESPOT. He is a malignant liar .

    Those who lie distrust others because they believe other are also liars.
    The executive branch & & the Democratic Party sycophants & most of the cowardly GOP leadership have STOLEN OUR TRUST.

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