Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Iran-American RapprochementScheherazade!  A Tale of One Thousand and One Nights!!
On Tuesday,  September 24, 2013,   President Obama addressed the UN General Assembly and made a constructive overture to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for a peaceful rapprochement between the two countries. 
From a musical perspective,  one could say that this might be the overture to Rimsky-Korsakov’s musical masterpiece  entitled ‘Sheherazade’.
As most of you know,  I have not been a fan of this administration’s  domestic or foreign policy.
But this olive branch speech by Obama to the Iranians has been long overdue.   If he is successful in orchestrating a rapprochement with Iran,  long abandoned to the repository of American hatred resulting in a successful embargo,  it may be the most important accomplishment of his two term administration.
  As many of you know by now,   I have long promoted re-establishing a détente with Iran despite the hoary rhetoric concerning a fictitious Iranian  nuclear enrichment conundrum.   In fact whatever Iran,  may or may not be doing with it’s nuclear problem,  it pales in comparison to the unregulated,  chaotic Pakistani Islamic Nuclear Bombs.   Funny how the Pak Nukes are never discussed or even mentioned for fear that the atomic genie may really escape from the IAEA bottle of nuclear inspection.
However,  the issue at hand is overture of trust and conviviality and not belligerence and isolationism on both sides.
Like the mythical Persian story of the beautiful Princess,  Sheherazade,  who lulled her oppressive king with seductive,  enthralling  stories that made him fall in love with her over one thousand and one nights.

Here is important question:
Are Obama’s foreign policy experts capable of ‘seducing’ the Iranians into a peaceful rapture over a protracted period of time?
The obstacles are formidable!
First,  we have the CIA created myth that then President Carter and not the CIA blew the relationships in the late 1970’s.   If one were to believe that nonsensical farce of a movie Ben Affleck’s paean to the CIA (Argo),  one would  be moved to believe that the CIA was brave,  courageous, and judicious.
Not quite!
  Thanks to the constant overture genetically embedded in the CIA’s “Legacy Of Ashes”  they were completely amiss in recognizing/assessing the internal shift of the Iran from a secular to Islamic state.   Despite the fact that the transition of Iran was five years in the making and that the CIA  helped Ayatollah Khomeini to move from the Shah’s ruthless SAVAK to the safe respite of Sadam Hussein’s sanctuary.
Nothing screws up foreign policy more than our dysfunctional intelligence community!
Then there is the twin bête-noire of American foreign policy---AIPAC or Israel.
  No country has become more of an American STRATEGIC LIABILITY than Israel.
Believe me,  Israel knows that. 
In order to make certain that the dysfunctional state of Israel is not forgotten by it’s Big Brother,  the USA,  it makes certain that it’s proxy American representatives—Dennis Ross,  AIPAC, and other Zionist organizations flip the Holocaust card to inflict guilt and censure [as an ‘anti-semite’] upon any legislators,  government officials or citizens that may disagree with them.
But they know all too well that they have been forewarned by me to be careful when they tread on those who have dared to criticize them or even denounce their tactics.
They know that there are the ‘untoward consequences‘ of their actions.

Israel should not be a problem since Obama is well ensconced in the American Jewish community and is not in any way pro-muslim or anti-Israel.

What is left to impede the progress of this peace overture?
What remains is the political will of the executive to undertake what is a long and at times fruitless task with real experts,  not self-appointed self-aggrandizing neo-cons.
It is time for this administration to use professional diplomats from the State Department who are Arabists and Farsi experts who have been trained and tutored in the ways of Persian/Islamic culture.   It’s nauseating to see the constant parade of self-pronounced ‘outside experts’ who have never created or implemented any type of peace treaty.   There are many in the bureaucracy who have been involved in these complicated processes without need to go to any outside think-tanks like the Brookings Institute or AEI  [both intellectual parasites funded by American citizens].
The final question is:
  Can the current president of the most powerful country in the world,  the USA,  do what a mythical princess supposedly did several centuries ago?
  Let me quote the Sir Richard Burton’s translations of the ‘The Nights’ and his description of the princess which should serve as a model for the present day American negotiators:
“Sheherazade had perused the books,  annals,  and legends of preceding Kings,  and the stories,  examples, and instances of bygone men and things;  indeed it was said that she had collected a thousand books of histories relating to antique races and departed rulers.   She had perused the works for the poets and knew them by heart.   She had studied philosophy and the sciences,  arts and accomplishments; and she was pleasant and polite,  wise and witty.   She was well read and well bred.” 

What more can… or should I say?
 Inshallah! God Willing!! Amen!!


  1. Time magazine reports it as "the handshake that rocks the world" Israel dismiss this initiative as "fraudulent" whilst Israeli prime minister calls it spin whilst Iran keeps its centifruges spinning, seems to me Israel had better get on the bus and welcome this initiative because its seems apparent they are in great danger of being dumped! But please answer me this Dr p, how is it that its always the so called protagonist that seems to offer the initiative for constructive talks? What I do know is Iran has what the world wants and she is willing to trade it! As for Israel well the last time I checked my car didn't run on oranges or dates!! I'm sure we will all watch these events with great interest

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    In the early 1950s when CIA was panicked to find a way to influence people they realized that neither psychology or psychiatry possessed any consensus on what the mind was, how it was structured, or how it worked.

    Work within the CIA on these topics resided in two areas of the CIA - the Technical Services Division, and several other Branches spread throughout the Directorate of Plans, later the Directorate of Operations, in which psychological warfare practicioners were found.

    Within Technical Services little progress was made. Technical Services was more of an acedemic place rather than a results-oriented operational environment. Because they were eggheads rather than mission-oriented personalities they went on wild chases into highly hypothetical avenues which bore little practical value. Chief among the personalities who typified this unproductive approach was Sidney Gottlieb, who is now infamous for operating ghastly experiments of all kinds in his own bizarre search for ways to control individual's minds.

    Elsewhere however individual Branches in which psychological warfare practicioners were located progress was made, not by much experimental work, but by analytical review, evaluation and criticizism of the work of experimental psychologists. Much of this work was contracted out to private institutes such as Stanford Research Institute and others in the US and abroad.

    In the early 1950s psychiatry didn't have an agreed-upon model of the mind, and psychology had several competing models. This condition led the CIA to seek it's own model in an effort which continued until the mid-1970s, at which time a consensus was reached that an accurate model had been made.

    However the arrived-upon CIA model of the mind was not shared by either psychiatry or psychology in the development of those disciplines in the decades since 1950. Within psychiatry and psychology career and ideological contraints prevented scholars from researching necessary avenues of investigation. This conditions continues today and explains why psychology and psychiatry are virtually bankrupt when confronted with unusual mental properties or abilities. For example, many savants are able when provided with a historical date decades ago to instantly relate what day of the week that day fell on. Modern psychology has no explaination for this. Nor can modern psychology explain the phenomenon of hypnosis, dreams, or precognition. Pretty much any mental process, state or ability outside of the normal mundane operation of the mind is dismissed as not existing, or is ignored altogether so that psychology can continue to maintain their favored description - that the mind is a purely physical organic machine, like a digital computor, which is different in complexity but not qualitatively different than that of other mammals.


    In the hard sciences if you are going to put forward a comprehensive description of how something in nature works, like gravity for example, you have to put forward a model which explains and predicts what will happen IN EVERY SITUATION, not just the most common ones.

    The validity of a model depends on its ability to explain uncommon phenomena and include them within the model.

    Unfortunately modern psychology and psychiatry since the 1950s saw that they were not able to function within the materialistic foundations of modern science and persist in exploring uncommon phenomena such as hypnosis, for example.

    Hypnosis was used widely by psychiatrists, particularly military psychiatrists, well into the 1950s. However the inconsistency of effecacy from subject to subject combined with the unexplainable phenomena which often resulted when highly suggestable subjects were used, caused authorities within psychiatry to not only encourage it's discontinuation clinically, but to encourage criticizisms of it's existence. Controversy was unnecessaily created which discredited hypnosis despite a mountain of empirical evidence. Hypnosis and a host of other mental phenomena became disreputable, particularly since pharmacological medications became available which had some efficacy in treating psychosis and other psychological disorder symptoms.

    Another example of an unexplainable mental property is that of multiple personality disorder, today often referred to as dissassociative identity disorder. In fact this condition has been found to be so challenging to the desired model of the mind that most psychiatrists and psycholgists have chosen, without evidence, to dismiss this condition as non-existent.
    As for those extreme cases such as blind subjects who can actually see when in another personality modern psychiatrists simply turn away and pretend these cases don't exist.

    Within those groups in CIA which were seeking to understand the structure of the mind however no such pressures existed. They were free to explore all mental properties, and particularly focused on those which were the least explainable by conventional theories. In this work the focus was made on unusual properties or conditions including:

    1.multiple personality disorder patients

    2.hypnosis subjects who had unusual physical or mental abilities not found in their waking states

    3.narrative dreams, in particular dreams in which the final act of the dream could not have been formulated except for before the first and second acts were experienced.

    4.pre-cognative dreams



    In the 1950s one of the chief places where the CIA sought to derive a model of the mind was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The founding of the "Cognative Sciences Lab" was one of many government-related institutes there such as the "rad lab," the CIS, Lincoln Labs, etc., etc...

    The Cognative Sciences Lab was inter-disciplinary, not tied to psychology, and allowed for the wide-ranging exploration of theories and experiments to evaluate and test models of structure and function.

    Ironically the best known scholar who worked in that institute in the 1950s was Noam Chomsky, who pioneered a model of language acquistion in which language was unconsciously gained by the mind at an early stage of development. According to Chomsky the mind is structured to gain knowledge of language unconsciously, effortlessly, in a window of early development by precise mechanisms which are unknown but are subject to testing and verification.

    Experimental testing of Chomsky's theory of language acquistion illustrated it's explaninitory power, and was subsequently adopted by all linguists although Chomsky was not a linguist. IN PARTICULAR, Chomsky's theory of unconscious acquisition was the deathnell of BEHAVIORISM, the then dominant theory of behavior championed by Harvard Professor B.F, Skinner. The empirical and explanitory validation of Chomsky's unconscious model over behaviorism promised to shift psychological research from behavioral/cognative paradigms to unconscious ones. However the implications of such soon re-directed psychology into other areas more consistent with the primacy of the conscious rather than the sub-liminal functions.

    Key in Chomsky's model of language acquisition is its unconscious nature. Other lessor known experimental research in the cognative lab also verified the primacy of the unconscious mind in explaining the structure of personality, the formation of believes, values and opinions, habits, and virtually all other elements of individual behavior.

    1. btw this is the reason why Chomsky's opinions about social issues are often misunderstood as "conspriatorial."
      What Chomsky understands that others don't is that individuals unconsciously acquire alligiances to doctrines without consciously knowing that they are adopting these beliefs. To the un-schooled it appears as though Chomsky is alleging that individuals are getting together and consciously colluding to perform sinister deeds. But that's not what he's saying. What he is saying is that these individuals come from a similar background or upbringing that led them to unconsciously adopt doctrines which serve their interests and they are not aware of why they have adopted these beliefs.



    In the early 1980s when I was trained in psychological warfare I was told that the model and body of work behind it had been concluded. I was told that these conclusions were not shared by modern psychologists or psychiatrists but that this body of knowledge alone was able to explain human behavior and personality. It's elements are these.

    The human mind consists of different parts which are almost entirely unconscious and interact with each other to produce what is experienced as the conscious mind.

    The unconsious mind doesn't have language, and can only communicate symbolically with the conscious mind using symbols, archetypes, etc. which the conscious mind may or may not be able to correctly interpret for conscious understanding.

    Conscious understanding, or cognative knowledge, can have only limited effect on the motivations of the unconscious mind, which operates on an almost purely emotional basis.

    The unconscious mind is able to perceive and access almost any icon, or fact, anywhere, There is no materialistic explaination for how this can occur, but there is no doubt that it happens this way. Therefore we must remain open to the possibility of a non-materialistic structure of the mind.

    There is no satisfactory materialistic description of perception or experience of emotion.

    Emotion is defined as an awareness which is ineffible but is altering, such as a state of mood, affect, and which can be pleasant or unpleasant and may also convey factual knowledge.

    The personality is a construction of the unconscious mind, as is all perceptions which are deemed knowledge. All perception is unconsciously interpreted and therfore is subject to distortion.

    1. David icke seems to say a lot of what your explaining as regards to the different levels of consciousness yet doesn't enjoy the credibility of the experts but just as I'm easily lost in a lot of what these eminent experts say I also find it fascinating especially mass mind control through media and television ect which to my mind (conscious or unconscious) goes on and I'd love to read more about that ect! My only worry would be is that I can't help feeling a great deal of it is supposition albeit well researched supposition! Or is it how David icke explains and there those with the knowledge that know all about the different levels of consciousness? Such as the reptilian part of the brain ect ect?? One things for sure is that I don't know and I wouldn't even attempt to debate the subject but it always niggles me that things are made more complicated than what's necessary and that coupled with people not actually thinking for themselves is carte Blanche for the ruling elites which is usually the same families!


    To this description I must add two thing:


    All observable human traits, physical and behavioral, possess variation between individuals, and often variation runs along racial or ancestral factors presumably due to genetic or environmental epigenetic factors.

    With regards to personality characteristics the variation among humans, between individuals, is so broad that it's almost difficult to assign them to the same species.

    The variation between different humans regarding issues such as ability to experience empathy, or intelligence, or predilection or motivation to experience exhileration, risk-taking, etc. is so profound that it's not found in any other species.

    On in humans is there such profound differences or ranges of behavioral traits within what must be considered the "normal" range of variation.

    Outside of the "normal range" of trait variation are those outliers who's behaviors are found in five percent or less of the population and whose traits must be considered "disorder" because they interfere with the intended function of the person to eat, sleep, reproduce, find a mood which is acceptable for life, etc.....


    This of course refers to those traits exhibited by many or most individuals, and some outliers in the extreme, which permits them to feel emotions or have perceptions which are not bounded by normal concepts of time or space.

    Very often precognition or other "paranormal" traits will be highly emotional in nature, due presumably to their origin in the deep unconscious level of the mind, and are delivered to the conscious mind symbolically or actually.

    By now the public is well aware of the projects by physicists Hal Putoff and Russell Targ at Stanford Research in 1970 and the DOD projects which that effort spawned. That particular project came about because of the directions of the Deputy DI.
    However there were several other similar efforts by other Divisions and Branches going back to the 1950s which are not publicly known.

    The Targ/Putoff project concluded the way all abnormal psychological studies unfold when confined to a lab - abnormal traits which present in normal range subjects are transient, uncontrolable, and will result in dramatic occassional manifestations which cannot be explained conventionally but are also accompanied with a greater number of false and misleading results.

    1. I'm sorry that I didn't go into the "homosexuality example" as I said last week I would, but these other explainations had to come first.

      Next week I will do the "homosexuality case study
      example" and will apply the CIA model to explain that homosexuality cannot be any of the phenomena which current psychologists suggest. Homosexuality is simply understood as a subconscious suggestion, an auto-suggestion, which permeates the personality but which is a disorder because it prevents the subject from reproduction, etc.

      Homosexuality isn't a funny topic but it's a useful one because the political dimension of it has impinged dramatically on the way psychologists and psychiatrists have distorted their treatments.

      As a preview homosexuality can be thought of in the same way in which multiple personality disorder manifests itself - it is a construction of the unconscious mind forming the personality and the conscious mind has absolutely no control over it.

    2. Example -

      I once worked with a CIA operator who was a cross dresser in private. He was a heterosexual who had a wife and children and was very masculine. He was only attracted to women, and had a healthy libido. However in private he liked to put on women's makeup and wear wigs, stockings, garters, etc.... He enjoyed having sex with women when dressed this way.

      Because I worked in communications he asked me to find him a make-up artist who would make up his face for his day of retirement because he wanted to show up on his last day dressed as a woman, which he thought would be fun.

      What he told me of his understanding of his feelings was this....

      "When I was five years old I had rhumatic fever so my parents put a rope around me and tethered me to a picnic table so I wouldn't be able to run around. Because of that I've always felt more comfortable dressed as a women."

      I'm very sure that he was given this "trauma-based" interpretation from a CIA-trained psychologist or psychiatrist, and it does encompass the model I promote in the case of heterosexual gender disphoric cross dressing, but not homosexuality.

      But I think his understanding made him able to accept his feelings and continue working in CIA without any shame or embarrisment.

      And that's a good thing.

    3. A great read. Will keep tuned in for next chapter.

  7. IRAN is what started almost all of my current PROBLEMS! As stated in other comments, WEED AND SEED and the C.I.A. have "taken-out" my entire BACKGROUND (ALL RECORDS)!

    It all started back during the FALL OF 2006, when I sent several E-MAILS to illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES), THE C.I.A., THE D.O.D., parts of the U.S. CONGRESS, and parts of the mass-media! Said E-Mails started a chain-reaction of events! At first, I was being investigated by the CITY OF LONDON, England, the JESUIT ORDER, and the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES)! Obviously, they were going to come up short, because my background by GOD to originally fool the immortals; therefore, the immortals would not find out my actual identity until it was time (1986, when I was twenty-two)!

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    1. [CORRECTION/SPELLING] ..... Therefore, the ORDER went out by [correction] "middle-management" (CITY OF LONDON, England and THE JESUIT ORDER, WITH SKULL AND BONES TAKING THE LEAD) of DARKNESS to "DESTROY" ME! Hence, my entire BACKGROUND (ALL RECORDS) has been "taken-out"!

  8. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (September 25, 2013), there was a child taking a photo of me from a vehicle (adult in said vehicle with said child), while I passing by (about 50 yards away) behind a vacant building (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California)! WHY??? This is highly unusual; however, the C.I.A. is involved! And, the C.I.A., along with very corrupt WEED AND SEED (mostly very corrupts parts of the ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT), have been trying "FINISH-ME-OFF"! This has been going on since December 30, 2010 (CASE NO. 11CF0028 (FRAUD ON THE COURT BY THE ARRESTING AGENCY))!

    This might be nothing. However, when the C.I.A. is after a person, anything is possible! If said photo was digital, this said photograph could me illegally modified to substantiate a "FRAME JOB" at a different location! This is why I follow a regular redundant routine (regular locations), and I use my A.T.M. (BANK RECORDS/Bank of America) to create a SOLID ALIBI!

  9. Delusion is a perception of the conscious mind and is the result of distortions generated in the subconscious, usually by the malfunction of the chemistry of the brain.

    On another occassion I will discuss how "mind-altering" chemicals can change brain chemistry to alter the functioning of parts of the unconscious mind and deliver distorted or even un-distorted but unusual perceptions to the conscious mind for experience.

    1. The human brain might be the most sophisticated device in the known universe.

      It is HIGHLY TUNED, and if functioning correctly can enable it's user to experience tremendous contentment, joy, and motivation of purpose.

      The human brain operates this way when not under the influence of any mood-altering substance.

      Only when the brain is malfunctioning will the subject desire to alter his mood by the use of substances, even minor amounts of alcohol.

      That most people favor the use of mood altering substances is an indication of the shortcomings of individuals in finding the optimum ways to use their minds to attain the best modes of contentment and motivation.

  10. For example....

    The simple chemical compound commonly known as "iowaska" when taken induces hallucinations.

    But what is not commonly known is that this same chemical also PREVENTS CLUSTER HEADACHES.

    All patients presenting with cluster headaches who take "iowaska" every ninty days report a complete eleviation of symptoms.

    The chemical process is not yet investigated or understood at all.

    1. "Iowaska" is one of the few cases of the presence of a "miracle cure" for a life-threatening disease. Cluster headaches is the cause of many suicides. That this simple cure is unavailable to patients in the United States speaks volumes about the drastic shortcomings in American medicine and governance.

  11. At this point, it seems the only obstacle to a diplomatic agreement between the U. S. and Iran is the position of Israel and its supporters in the U. S.

    By and large, most Americans are tired of the tension between the U. S. and Iran.

    Israel's objection to a diplomatic understanding between the U. S. and Iran is not about nuclear weapons.

    First, Israel doesn't want any interference with their regional power. Iran, because of their huge geography and large population and immense natural resource base is a potential obstacle to Israel's regional dominance.

    But a second reason for Israel's fear of U. S. diplomatic understanding with Iran is hardly understood except for the inner policy circle of the Israeli government:

    If a diplomatic understanding existed between the U. S. and Iran where tensions were reduced and constructive economic relations were encouraged and bloomed, then the importance of Israel to the U. S. would be greatly reduced.

    Israel greatly fears being irrelevant to the U. S.

    As long as tension exists between the U. S. and Iran, then Israel assumes an importance to the U. S. that is not justified by either geography, population, or natural resources.

    This fear shows that Israel is much weaker than most people in the U. S. are aware of.

    Israel is between a rock and a hard place: Most Americans do not have a passionate attachment to Israel (nether do they have an antipathy).

    Should Israel continue their intransigence in regards to Iran, they could provoke this majority of Americans to actually have an antipathy to their country.

    That would be worse than a crime (of which Israel has committed many), it would be a blunder of the worst order.

    Israel's grandiose long-term objective of "Greater Israel" promises war & chaos in the Middle East for decades.

    This state of war & chaos are not in the United States vital national security interest.

    The majority of Americans, while not knowing of Israel's objective of a "Greater Israel", do know that war & chaos in the Middle East is not in the U. S. vital national interest.

    Should this majority of Americans come to realize that Israel's long-term objective will foment war & chaos in the Middle East, then the majority of Americans will have antipathy towards Israel.

    Not just indifference, but active antipathy.

    This development is Israel's worst nightmare.

    But their long-term objective of "Greater Israel", because of the tactics & strategy required to achieve their objective -- war & chaos -- is non-reconcilable to their strategic need to keep in the good graces of the United States.

    Israel must choose between "Greater Israel" and good diplomatic relations with the United States. Israel CAN NOT HAVE BOTH.

    But policy leaders within Israel, chiefly Natanyahu, believe if the U. S. stays hostile to Iran, then they can have BOTH "Greater Israel" and strong diplomatic relations with the U. S.

    Thus, Israel's constant threats against Iran and their repeated efforts to keep the U. S. hostile to Iran.

    But as discussed above this presents great danger to Israel because while a "Greater Israel" is the fervent goal of the inner circle of Israeli policy makers, Israel's survival is dependent on the United States good will.

    But Israel's active "cock blocking" between the U. S. and Iran threatens to turn the majority of Americans from indifference to active antipathy, which would then make it impossible for the U. S. to continue the current favorable diplomatic & military relationship with Israel.

    Remember, the fervent supporters of Israel in the U. S. are a minority. Yes, they have great sway on policy makers, but only because the majority of Americans are indifferent to Israel.

    The Syrian example shows the limitations of Israel's influence when a majority of Americans take a strong position against Israel's wishes.

    Let that be a potent lesson to Israel and the supporters of Israel in the U. S.

    1. The "Greater Israel" mentioned above is not limited to the West Bank & Gaza, but, as stated by many personages in both Israel's history and currently, runs from the bank of the Nile to the bank of the Euphrates. This also is shown on one of their coins as a map, so don't think it is simply a fringe of Israeli society who has this goal.

      No less of personage in Israel's history than Theodor Herzl stated this geographic objective (while he also talked of a "Belgium" like character & geographic extent, as well) and many others.

    2. I believe the Iranians started their bomb program when the US had them surrounded and people in the USG were lobbying for regime change there.

      Now that the US is exhausted of war and represents little threat I think the Iranians see their bomb program as more trouble than it's worth and will negotiate it away in exchange for something.

      The Iranians are intelligent people and have a first rate intelligence service. They are rational decision makers stuck with a strange form of government.

      The Likud in Israel needs to take a chill pill and tone down their hysteria over this. They need to do what they used to do and find some avenues of covert cooperation with the Iranians.

    3. I must add there is another entity which wants to prevent a lessoning of tension between the U. S. and Iran: Saudi Arabia.

      What's interesting is the apparent links between Israel and Saudi Arabia. It would seem Israel and Saudi Arabia have teamed up in various covert policy initiatives, most evident in the Syrian regime change operation, but others as well.

  12. Dr. Pieczenik, I understand from your background and experience as a quasi diplomat, trouble shooter, and successful peacemaker, that you are hopeful for a diplomatic solution for the tension between the U. S. and Iran.

    I share your hope for a peaceful & fruitful resolution to the Iranian situation.

    But whether a diplomatic solution is possible depends on the intensions of President Obama and those around him (or on a more conspiratorial note, his controllers, as Obama is a puppet for more powerful forces).

    Based on the systematic increase in tensions in the Middle East via the so-called "Arab Spring", which was strongly supported by the Obama administration, the support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the support for al Qaeda in Libya, the support of al Qaeda in Syria, a known stepping-stone and prerequisite for a military strike on Iran, and other instances, it would seem the Obama administration, or their puppet masters, are not sincerely interested in a peaceful diplomatic solution with Iran.

    Again, I appreciate your hopeful encouragement for peace, that speaks volumes for your integrity and character, but for a sound analysis, a plumbing of the actual intentions of the Obama administration must be made.

    Dr. Pieczenik wrote: "Here is important question:

    Are Obama’s foreign policy experts capable of ‘seducing’ the Iranians into a peaceful rapture over a protracted period of time?"

    With do respect: The question that must be answered is whether the Obama administration wants peace with Iran?

    The Obama administration has been engaged overtly and covertly with too many policy activities which cast doubt on the proposition that President Obama is unquestionably interested in "Peace in the Middle East".

    There are more indications than not that the Obama administration or its handlers in the financial sector, military-industrial complex, and Israel supporters want a "Clash of Civilizations" to further their interests.

    Perhaps, this is an area that you want to avoid addressing because exploring it possibly undercuts what chance for peace exists in the region, although, it is my opinion that exposing these machinations to a thorough discussion & debate among the American People is the only way to arrive at a peaceful solution.

    What the U. S. has been involved in is a series of covert policies, secretly arrived at, which the American People have had little or no input towards those policies.

    What the United States needs is transparent diplomacy, openly arrived at, after open discussion & debate among the American People.

    So far, we have not had that and it is hurting the vital national security interests of the United States.

    1. What exactly are the vital national interests of the United States?

      In my experience not very much that goes on outside American borders, and certainly nothing that happens anywhere in the Middle East.

      A lot of bureaucrats and pundits make their salaries pretending otherwise, and it's in their career interests to exaggerate the importance of these issues.

      In my opinion America is a sinking ship for reasons which are financial, economic, cultural, etc., and these trends spell the doom for the rich society which America has been.

      However nothing that goes on in the Middle East will effect that.

    2. Mit, in terms of the Middle East, the United States vital national security interest is this:

      A peaceful and secure region where borders are non-threatened. Where internecine, fratricidal, sectarian war or proxy war is not launched by various nation-states or non-governmental actors. It's not in the U. S. vital national security interest to have the Middle East self-destruct.

      It is not in the U. S. vital national security interest to have or encourage a "Clash of Civilizations" between Islam and the West.

      It is in the U. S. vital national security interest for peaceful economic, trade relations between the nation-states in the Middle East and between those countries in the Middle East and other regions including the West.

      Transnational corporations and their home nation-states (do transnational corporations even have home nation-states?) to expect reasonable economic returns as opposed to excessive returns based on exploitation.

      The quest for excessive, economic returns leads to exploitative policies and conduct, which in return destabilize the region.

      Excessive economic returns often depend on creating instability, i.e., war profits.

      The free flow of oil & natural gas and exploration for oil & natural gas.

      Multiple pipelines from multiple sources of oil and natural gas. I.e., a pars oil field pipeline and a Qatar pipeline. A preference and encouragement against monopolies, whether Saudi or Iranian in natural gas transportation from the region.

      Re-writing international borders is not in the United States vital national security interest (as the inner circle of Israel's government would like to do).

      Saudi Arabia's consistent sponsoring of terrorism and intolerant Wahhabism is not in the U. S. vital national security interest.

      A peaceful and successful Iran is in the U. S. vital national security interest.

      A peaceful & secure Israel with defined borders is in the vital national security interests of the United States.

      A resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in the U. S. vital national security interest (it's quite clear the ruling party in Israel has no interest in resolving the issue on terms agreeable to the Palestinians.

      The American People will not accept ethnic cleansing by Israel against the Palestinians.

    3. If the whole region exploded in total war no one in the United States would be harmed.

      "Vital" means life or death....

      You're vastly exaggerating the importance of these matters to Americans.

    4. Considering, that of any region in the world, the Middle East is the most likely to cause World War Three, and that the world gets so much oil (the life blood of modern, technological society -- energy), it is not an exaggeration to state the United States has a vital national security interest in a peaceful & stable Middle East.

      But what do you care, anyway? You've already stated the United States is doomed and you don't give a damn about what happens to the United States. No wonder you don't consider the Middle East vital to U. S. national security interests.

      You don't care. That has been made perfectly clear by you multiple times.

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    1. If you are speaking of the battery powered electric car then you are directing your thought to the right person because I know more about that technology than anyone, including Elon Musk at Tesla, or the people at Nissan, etc......

      The limiting factor of a battery powered car is not mass or volume of the batteries but COST.

      Lithium batteries are so expensive that only a few can be put in a car and therefore the car has a tiny range and so the user is encouraged [as Tesla does] to use the entire range of the batteries.

      However all dry cell rechargable batteries can only be recharged, or have a cycle life, of about 500 recharges when discharged and recharged completely.

      Tesla is partly owned by Panasonic, and uses the Panasonic laptop battery or 18650 size, which is NOT an aviation or automotive grade battery! Look at the Panasonic site or any other which sells similar lithium batteries and you'll see that they are rated to be discharged and recharged no more than 500 times.

      There are other batteries and devices which will make electric automobiles CHEAPER TO USE, LAST LONGER, AND BE FASTER than current combustion engine autos......

      However these technologies are presently proprietory.

      If you want to know more than email me at:

      in short electric vehicles in the future are a must but not with lithium batteries.

    2. Nicola Tesla was someone with a brilliant start but who ultimately had unsound ideas and he eventually was discredited and crashed and burned and spent most of his life bankrupt.

      So it is also with the "Tesla" automotive company.

      Just watch.....

    3. Elon Musk is a very insecure and thin-skinned man so I don't dare say anything personal about him least he try to crush me with his 700 million dollar fortune from founding paypal, but which he didn't want to invest in his own Tesla company for some reason.....

      But I'll say this about Elon......

      It's pure Elon that he named the company after someone that he knows nothing about. Elon has similar unsound opinions about Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, and others which are not shared by any informed person.

      Elon has many opinions which he thinks are valid only because he's nearly a billionaire out of pure luck and everyone around him treats him like a genius when he actually is pretty much an ignoramus.

      Regrettably silicon valley is full of such misinformed, hubris people who have inferiority complexes, insecure personalities, and are therefore megalomaniacs.

      Elon thinks he's going to save mankind by freeing them from the bonds of earth so they can ditch this planet, which he feels in a wasteland, in favor of living on mars, which he thinks is a paradise.

      Go figure.

    4. In fact Elon Musk is the "Sidney Gottlieb" of American technology.

      I think I'm going to create a "Sidney Gottlieb Prize" for those wackos in American psuedointelligensia who do the most damage to their fellow man.

      I do hereby award this year's Sidney Gottlieb Prize to Elon Musk for inventing and falsely promoting the Tesla S sedan and decieving the public about what it will do in the future.

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    6. To be fair Tesla has put an option in the S model sedan which allows the owner to recharge the battery only up to 85% to increase the life of the batteries JUST A LITTLE....

    7. But then there goes their promised range, as does what happens when you use the batteries to turn the heater on [oh that heater uses of LOT OF electricity to work] or the air conditioner, or other things....

      And if you use the new Tesla charging platforms which push so much current through the batteries that they recharge in only 24 minutes instead of eight hours then WOWEEEEEE THOSE batteries won't last very long that way!

      Try pushing that much current through your cell phone batteries and see how long they last LOL.

    8. D Anderhold,

      Please email me.

      Lithium batteries will increase in cost rather than decrease because the economies of scale were reached years ago and all the usable lithium is in China, and their currency manipulation is masking the real cost of materials processing.

      A 18650 battery cost of production in China is 6 dollars or 4 Euros and going up....

      Other batteries with lower charge capacities and higher weights/mass cost about 1 Euro per equal voltage to produce. It's better to use heavier batteries and more of them and produce a car which can carry enough of them so that you only have to use half of the charge...thereby cycle life goes up to 5000 rather than 500....meaning you can use the car everyday for 12 years!

      Altair Nanotech has a lithium battery used by the military for radios which recharges in only 10 minutes and has a cycle life of 500,000 recharges with full depth of charge BUT IT COSTS 100 TIMES MORE TO PRODUCE because of it's crystaline material structure...

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    No way does Iran believe ANYTHING FROM "Obama".
    They know all about his past. Too bad they won't tell us.