Thursday, January 29, 2015

Colicky Crying Baby Bibi, “The Republican Senator From Israel” is Leading Israel into Another Quagmire of Self-Destruction and Pariah Status!
Bibi’s recent gratuitous assassinations of an Iranian General and a Hezbollah official near the Golan Heights in Lebanon demonstrate once again how Israel, founded on the blood and guts of Diaspora Jews, as well as IDF soldier, is being led into a quagmire of self-destruction. Even the prestigious Jewish/Yiddish paper/blog Forward has printed in bold letters the following words:
The Forward did not print that bold statement just to make a sensation. They articulated in a very elegant, calm, non-religious fashion the reasons why Bibi’s  impetuous, completely narcissistic desire to deliver an unwanted speech in front of the US Congress defending his untenable position in trying to destroy the Iran Treaty--- insults both the United States President Obama; as well as the American people, especially the American Jews, who purportedly are the back bone of support for Israel.

The Forward quotes the following statistics and important personnel in the USA:
Bibi’s appearance coalesces both the left wing Jews in America, represented by J Street [Soros] alongside right wing Chris Wallace [Fox News; Murdoch’s mother was Jewish]. 
Both extremes of the American political spectra agree that Bibi’s actions can hurt Israel, qua Israel; as well encourage the ratification of the Iran Treaty, more quickly.
Even Bibi’s ex Former American born Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, says the [Bibi] speech was a ‘cynical political move’ that could ‘hurt our attempts to act against Iran’

A childish narcissist like Bibi who was bred and raised in the cradle of luxury outside of Philadelphia, PA. [nowhere near Israel] mistook his entitled breeding for understanding the very people, Americans, who gave him the unique opportunity to become the Prime Minister of Israel.  First, and most importantly, Bibi never really appreciated how much Israel’s independence and survival really depends on America’s goodwill. It’s not a mandate from heaven that orders us Americans to assist and abet Israel in her most dangerous times.
Bibi was not there in the 1970’s when another American born Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, begged (yes, begged, pleaded) Nixon and Kissinger [German Jew] to immediately aid her and Israel to avoid defeat in the Yom Kippur War. Nixon, not known as a Hebraic scholar, went out of his way to order ASAP American Fighter Jets to fly into Israel; and quickly allow Israeli fighter pilots to take over control of the American Jets that were on the ground with their after jets still burning,  marked with Israeli markings and allow them to save the day for Israel. At that moment, Nixon literally saved the Israeli nation. And according to the John Dean, the snitch of all snitches, Nixon was supposed to be an “Anti-Semite”!

By coming to America and delivering a nonsensical speech about the dangers of Iran, when in fact Pakistan already had 250 plus atomic bombs, insults our President, our Congress [that may be too stupid to know when it is being insulted] and most importantly, alienates the preponderance of American Jews.
The Forward:
“Apathy on Israel is far more dangerous in the LONG TERM than a few angry college kids protesting the occupation [West Bank, Gaza]. …. Whoever is advising Bibi is showing their ineptness at reading and reaching the majority of American Jews…” On a more objective level, as if this would matter to the emotional immature Bibi, “the Pew Research Center 2013 Survey of American Jews showed that 53% APPROVED of Obama’s HANDLING OF IRAN compared with 41% of the public as a whole”. [Forward]. 
The problem of Bibi is quite simple.
He is immature, self-absorbed and bereft of strategic concerns or ability to map out a course for his country for more than a week or two of fighting and repression. It is time for the Israelis to change course ASAP.

In the middle of March, 2015, Israel has the choice to vote for two Sabrahs whose family marked the true history and legacy of the Zionist State—Isaac Herzog and Livni Tsipi. Whatever their collective views for both these alternative candidates of the new Zion Party, they represent a history and future potential truly rooted in both Judaic history/ Diaspora and Zionist Terrorism, upon which the state of Israel was founded.
Chaim Herzog, the father of Isaac Herzog was an Irish-born Israeli politician; General of the IDF; and lawyer who served as the Sixth President of Israel. Chaim had fought for Irish Independence; and his famous Talmudic father, Rabbi Yitshak Ha Levi Herzog,  spoke fluent Irish Language and was knows as the “SEIN FEIN RABBI” [Irish Republican Army].  Go Irish! Chaim volunteered for the British Intelligence Corps in WWII and participated in the Liberation of several concentration camps. Chaim also was involved in the capture of the notorious Nazi Heinrich Himmler. Finally Chaim joined the new born Israeli Army as Chief of IDF Military Intelligence , 1948-1962. He then left the IDF as a Major –General.
Try to match that one, Bibi! with your draft-dodger father.
Herzog was appointed Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, serving until 1978. In 1981, Herzog entered politics for the first time and became a member of the predecessor party to the Labor Party.

Similarly, Bibi’s other opponent, Tzipi Livni has an equally impressive background. Her father was the Operational Director of the Irgun Zve Leumi [ETZL]—Menachim Begin’s ‘Jewish Terrorist’ group.  She grew up in Betar [which I had joined as a youngster] and then went on to many prominent senior legal and political positions in the new Israel.
Therefore, what we have here is the case of the colicky baby Bibi who wants what he wants when he wants it. On the other side of the nursery we have true Sabras born and bred of the best and the brightest of Israel’s scholar/warriors….. which one will continue to rule?
  Let me end with the words of a Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic:
“A sitting President [Obama] cannot be written off by a small dependent ally, WITHOUT TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES!” [my emphasis].

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

From the Jewish Dailey Forward

Russia Obtains Junk Bond Status! Half of the Banks in Russia will Collapse in 2015!
Russia is completely bankrupt and this is not acceptable.

Putin: Stop playing with your toy soldiers and fix the Economy or Leave. Just what I had predicted years ago when Putin was flexing his triceps, biceps and forceps, he forget that brains are really far more effective than brawn. How many times must I have to say that the Russian people deserve better than a miniature Rambo flaunting his six packs while Moscow and St Petersburg are descending rapidly into the cauldron of economic collapse? Contrary to many US intelligence assessments that we Americans are descending into a new Cold War…. we are not in any shape or form.
How do I know?
I was intimately involved in the one and only Cold War which was terminated “without prejudice”. The fact that we are pre-positioning US military equipment into the Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Bulgaria—Hungary once again chose the wrong side—means little more than allowing our European allies in the surrounding area to have a sense of comfort that we Americans are present in someway.

The real problem lies not with America or even the western countries. It lies squarely in the mind or lack of mindful thoughts of Vladimir Putin. He knows little or nothing about fiscal or market forces that are whipping his country into a humiliating bankruptcy. Russia’s economic collapse is nothing to gloat about for those of us who had helped to ‘terminate’ the Soviet Union once and for all. Real Russians will suffer the brutal winters of scarcity, the likes of which will hint at the misery that Russia once had tolerated during the dysfunctional Soviet Era. When my Russian friends and I had to stand in bread lines in the late 1970s and early 198O’s on Arbat Street in Moscow, I felt a kinship with all those people who were grateful to just receive a loaf of bread for one Kopek.
I was not grateful but furious that all these brave, honest citizens of a once Great Russian Empire had to basically beg for what was rightfully theirs---food and clothing.

Yet like the selfish apparatchiks who ran the dysfunctional Soviet Union, these new Kremlin Kleptocrats, an extension of the old corrupt KGB, have elicited absolutely no concern for their fellow Russians who did not rob, steal and destroy the State. Putin is now the only leader in the history of Russia who purposefully took a great country that could not afford a $50B Sochi Olympics and destroyed it’s industries, infrastructures for nothing more than his own narcissistic insatiable needs. He is more pathetic than feared. He is weaker than he is stronger; and he is clearly more ignorant than he even realizes.
However the Ukraine debacle started, the real issue now is who will save Russia from the Russians? As I had repeatedly warned, Russia cannot effectively exist on the forced reality of $40 per barrel of oil.  Putin was alerted six months ago by me and his financial ministers. He did not believe that oil would drop intentionally or otherwise to $40 dollars a barrel and even lower.

My Russian friends, it’s time for you to go into the bitter winter cold and demand that Putin relinquish the reins of control to your brilliant technocrats who have not been corrupted by the Kremlin Kleptocracy and turn the Russian economy around ASAP! No one man since Ivan The Terrible or even Stalin has destroyed such a great nation as Russia. What you need more than ever is Peter the Great; who reached out to Holland, France, and German to help him and his citizens become a modern nation. What you do not need is a MUJIK [peasant] who knows nothing except how to fight on a Judo Mat; demonstrating nothing more, than brute force and ignorance.
Think of what the great writer Leo Tolstoy would have said of Putin---“ He is a BLOOD STAIN on the rich soil of Mother Russia!”
“Idite Damou”, Putin! 
Go home, Putin! Leave Our Great Mother Russia alone to recover from your assault!

Monday, January 26, 2015

What is Faster than a Speeding Bullet…. More Dangerous than an Atomic Bomb? 
The Swiss France! Monopoly Money On A Grand Scale! 
Within hours of the moment that the Zurich Bankers in Switzerland decided, correctly, to break away from the Euro and appreciate significantly…. the following countries went into a financial tailspin: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia…..The list will rise every day.
Unbeknownst to many of us in the west, most of the Central and East European countries had mortgages denominated in Swiss Francs [SF]. That means as the SF rose, it became much harder to pay back the loans in the SF.  Instead, Hungary decided to convert all SF loans into their own currency-FORINTS [completely worthless in the open currency markets]. Therefore, the aforementioned countries cannot pay back the Swiss denominated loans without restructuring these loans [Poland]; or declaring massive bankruptcy [Romania].

As I have pointed out over the past two years, the European Market will never really be able to settle it’s financial/political/economic differences amidst the poverty stricken- southern tiered countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece [ready to exit the EU]—and the more prosperous northern countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Scandinavian [Denmark, Finland, Sweden].
The reason is quite simple,  it has to do with the different political cultures or the national characters of each country. One cannot expect the Spanish who have a corrupt centralized government in Madrid to be able to stimulate an economy with close to 25% unemployment rate.  Spain, other than Barcelona [Catalonia], has never been a major center of manufacturing or industry like Frankfurt or Bremen. 
Germans, despite two world wars; complete fragmentation of their country have, once again, ascended to their apex of economic performance because they are by nature INDUSTRIOUS, FOCUSED, HARD-WORKING; maintaining higher standards of production and manufacturing than most EU countries. That is both a historical and psychological reality. Therefore, when the French, who have never been recognized for their manufacturing skills or work ethic decided to corral Germany in the fictitious myth called the ‘EUROPEAN UNION’—then, the weaker of the two countries, France, suffers the most from this unholy alliance. The reason is that the economic destiny of that EU is not dependent on all the countries but on the strongest country and its currency. The French Franc could never compete against the German Deutsch Mark or,  even the stronger, Swiss Franc.
Angela Merkel, the brilliant Phd leader of a reunited Germany understands this better than anyone else. She grew up in the dysfunctional East German sector and she knows from past experience how poorly countries that are basically socialist or communist in nature compete in the present day worldwide markets.  However, there is one serious caveat that Merkel has to bear, like the Iron Cross. Germany/Austria had extended massive amounts of credit to these ‘failing states’ in the Southern, Eastern and Central part of Europe. If they refuse to repay the loans in the denomination that they are loaned out, usually Swiss Francs; then each country will decide to default on the loans; creating a massive banking crisis throughout Europe, England and possibly worldwide.

In time, that type of financial crises will lead to political instability throughout the European continent. The more marginalized minorities [Muslim, Gypsies, et al.] will begin to disrupt the political stability of their respective countries as we have seen in both France and Belgium. However, the real problem is the dissolution of the EU.
One way or another, the EU has to dissolve and allow each of the respective countries to print their own moneys. That money will clearly reflect what the dollar mirrors in our present day society—peace, prosperity and political stability.  All reality based psychological determinants that must be met in order for a currency to reflect real worth. 
As you know by now, Switzerland has had three hundred years of peace and political stability—irrespective of what they had to do in order to achieve this long sought after goal. Therefore,  this collective underlying pressure felt by the Swiss bankers compelled them to break away from the Euro-Pegged currency which did not really reflect how ‘good things were in Switzerland.’
However, currency wars are two-edged swords. No sooner did the Swiss Franc appreciate than the Swiss exports like Swatches, Chocolate, Weapons, became much more expensive; and not as competitive, in the open trade markets. So the currency wars can have unintended consequences far more reaching in my opinion than KINETIC ACTIONS [War].

Despite President Obama’s jubilance about our present economic situation, he has not really understood how our stock market does not reflect his exuberance. In fact, there is clear evidence to me that there may be signs of deflation creeping into, at best, an erratic stock market-- with very low trading volumes.
So, what are we to do?
I think it would be prudent if we, Americans, could remain liquid.  In effect the dollar is so strong that US Treasury yields are so low that just buying US Bonds denominated in US Dollars are considered a ‘safe bet’ for ‘flight capital’. Remember: a strong currency means fewer exports of US manufactured goods. And the one thing that we, Americans, are particularly good at is entrepreneurship; or creating businesses in real time.  
Clearly our conglomerates cannot carry the brunt of our economic growth. We have to be able to create new businesses at the rate at which employees are being fired in order to maintain the necessary growth rate that will prevent deflation. At the same time, we must have tax codes and financial incentives that will allow our country to grow without USG impediments.
I think it would be prudent for us to wait and see what exactly will happen-- as the Swiss Franc Bullet Speeds across the World’s currencies-- creating a major tidal wave of disproportionate heights.
I hope that I am wrong. 
The sooner, the EU dissolves, the better it will be for world financial markets which depend on the ability of each country to print money backed by nothing more than psychological determinants like hope, anxiety, and fear---specific to that particular country. What a way to run the world currencies: phony paper money absorbing the cultural/political/historical/psychological determinants of a body politic.

Monopoly Money on a Grand Scale!
That is the reality of the CURRENCY WARS!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Increasing Irrelevancy of the State of the Union and the U.S. Presidency!
Last night,  President Obama made his last State of the Union Speech [SOTUS]. The problem was that he made it. And I did not listen to it.
Like most Americans, I have become inured to the political absurdities that were once considered mandates of a free society. There is nothing that Obama or any other politician could tell me that could not have been predicted and disregarded beforehand.
He talked about wage inequality. We have always had and will continue to have wage inequality. So what? Americans struggle to make a living. We have always struggled to make a living. You get the idea. So on so forth.

The new biggest item on the agenda of ‘show and tell’ was ‘trannies’ or transgender. I don’t really think that the issue of ‘transgender’ or LGBT is commensurate with the supposed gravity of the SOTUS. Nevertheless, that statement made it into the Huffington Post as a ‘hot item’; alongside the “Deflategate”–the NFL report that the Patriots used ‘bum footballs’ in order to win their games.

By now, you get the idea of how prosaic and insignificant Obama’s or any other politician’s comments were last night or, as a matter of fact, any nights.
The citizens of the Republic have tuned out the words and non-deeds of it’s representatives.  For the most part, we realize that in age where the internet allows us to access information ASAP, world events transcend whatever inanities our so-called political elites utter.  As Obama was talking about ‘trannies’, the Israeli army was mobilizing it’s reserve units, aircrafts, tanks onto the southern border of Lebanon; after having provoked Hezbollah by killing one of it’s senior leaders. Now, that is news! or just another Middle East War, subsumed by an ovation of standing buffoons clapping and cheering the last, least memorable words of Obama.
Btw, Yemen had another coup by a shi’ite group called al-Houthis. Our American Embassy was ordered to evacuate ASAP! The Dutch were engaged in fighting in the Congo. And ISIS was once again performing it’s ritual kabuki of ‘killing for dollars’ [could be a game show; or comedy show. I don’t know which one would be more appropriate.] The CIA ‘hot paper’ on torture was pulled back by some Republicans.

Tom Lehrer [MIT instructor] words go:
“We will all go together when we go.”
Mixed in with his lyrics in the “Masochism Tango” 
Pretty much summed up my feelings about the State of the Union in general and in the speeches delivered by all individuals and parties that had nothing really to say. As for me, I watched a movie about ‘trans-species transformation’ called, “Dracula Untold”  (trailer posted earlier). Boy, did I learn about man’s inability to stop killing, maiming and torturing his fellow beings—by words, deeds and rapacious wars. In fact, nothing had really changed since Vlad, “The Impaler” of Transylvania [present day Romania]. Thank you Dracula for adding some relief to the evening’s costly, boring, irrelevant American side show entertainment called, “The State Of The Union”. 
In the words of Dracula:
“Let the games begin!” 

Here is a MUCH better movie to watch, loved it.  Dracula Untold
I will be posting my thoughts on SOTUS soon but here's another take

How to Make an Academy Award Best Film/Script:
Start with three hours about a completely insignificant subject like your own family problems- Make certain you record it over twelve years. Ta-dah! the movie “Boyhood.” Produced, Written, and Directed by Richard Linklater, it will be a front runner for Best Film/ Script.
You must know that nothing exacerbates me more than a pretentious person, story, or movie.  In my opinion, Boyhood, a 12 year pseudo-documentary of a family growing up in the hip-state of Texas is beyond BOREDOM! Clearly, I am in the minority of reviewers who feel the opposite according the blurbs on the movie jacket:
“One of the most EXTRAORDINARY movies of the 21st Century” . [A. O. Scott, NY Times.]
“A New American Classic. ACTING OF THE HIGHEST RANK. A four-star game-changer that earns its place in the cultural capsule. Boyhood makes us feel euphoric about movies again.”

I found the opening fifteen minutes of the film intolerable in terms of subject matter; acting; and a major lacuna of storyline. However, never one to take myself completely seriously, I sat down again at the grueling insistence of my friends and neighbors who convinced me that I should watch the whole film.
Well, I did.
Let me say this. I would rather be tortured by counting the blades of grass in my front lawn than watch this exceedingly boring movie. Imagine your most narcissistic family member, insisting on your watching family movies with a Bell and Howell projector for three hours; wherein, your relatives about whom you cared less than nothing, grow up in front of your eyes from bratty little kids to surly, mumbling, angst-ridden teen-agers… who, of course, are Obama enthusiasts!
Next imagine that there is no drama whatsoever except for the fact that the rotund Patricia Arquette transforms from a single mother without work to a sophisticated Psychology Professor at one of the Texas Universities or extension courses. Imagine the usually talented actor, Ethan Hawke, aging in front of you over three hours, splattering inanities about life while his son the surly, angst-ridden boy/teenager who wants to be a photographer, read: Director Richard Linklater, goes through puberty at the same time as the rate of catabolism breaks down our bodies.

If by now, you are still hooked on this film and consider it a classic then you have too much time on your hands. The dialogue in general is simplistic, if not prosaic. The story line of a liberal film turning toward Christianity and supporting the second Amendment has more to do with the Director/Writer/Producer’s [same guy] incredibly patronizing attitude toward the town/people with whom he grew up in Texas.
Full disclosure: I also hated Million Dollar Baby —and it won, Best Picture Award. My point is that spin doctors have taken over reality and quality be it films, politicians, or events –so that the mundane and boring—bereft of drama or organic tension—is HIGHLY REWARDED and GLORIFIED.
As for those other films in which there was drama, tension and real acting---GOOD LUCK. You don’t have a prayer than to receive anything but a few head nods and maybe a good review from this blogger. However, amidst 6000 plus Academy Members, I really don’t count.

Too bad, “Whiplash” and “American Sniper” were great films.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Completely Clean Slate for the 2016 Presidency: President George Clooney and Mrs. Amal Clooney!
Have I gone astray?
Or perhaps I have been staring at goats too long.
  The truth of the matter is that as I purview both the Republican and Democratic field of contenders, no one and nothing stands out but mediocrity, boredom and old re-treads, same old story.  Neither Bush III, Romney, nor Clinton II will be elected for a number of reasons that I have previously enumerated in many of my former blogs. Furthermore, the ancillary players are just that -simple props to an old narrative that everyone has heard or read before, be you Republican, Democratic, or Independent.  Same old blah, blah and not getting any smarter or better looking.
So I came to the conclusion that what America needs now is another actor a la Ronald Reagan with a much more au courant script.  As I analyzed the primary criteria for Presidency,  it came down to one simple factor: Attractiveness, both physical and emotional or maybe I mean CHARISMA!

None of the contending candidates have the one element of CHARISMA that Oscar/Golden Globe/BAFTA Award Winning Actor, George Timothy Clooney, born Lexington Kentucky on May 6, 1961 has.  I am not into male or female appearances, but in the world of show biz which the US Presidency really is; no one can beat someone like George Clooney.
He is the only one in the history of the Academy Awards according to Wikipedia [don’t forget to donate] to win the following awards:
Golden Globe for the Best Motion Picture-Drama.
The BAFTA Award for the Best Picture and the Academy Award For the Best Picture Producing the CIA Fantasy—ARGO!
He has been nominated for Best Pictures; Best Actor; Best Supporting Actor; Best Director; Best Original Screenplay; and Best Adapted Screenplay.
Clooney was clearly briefed on all the nonsensical, phantasmagorial CIA adventures of Bob Baier [purveyor beyond fiction] and the non-CIA hostages in Argo. As for the CIA and its contrived fictions, Clooney has been well tutored by John Brennan and his group. And as for Clooney’s own political concerns, he has been active in trying to mediate the conflict in Darfur for which he received numerous real or imaginary awards.

Clearly he is a Democrat. In my opinion, he may be the only Democrat who can be elected. Move over tired, haggard Hillary.  However, he,  like many other Democrats, change their original political stripes to assume the necessary appearance of whatever he has to be at that particular point in time, having executed whatever manner of executive action.  In the world of political fantasy and non-reality when we have such dullards as Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid… who better to increase the ‘attractiveness factor’ but George Clooney?
His new bride,  Ms. Amal Ramzi Alamuddin is a Druze/Lebanese/British subject who was trained at Oxford University and New York University [Masters in Law]. She is clearly beautiful and exceedingly cosmopolitan. She speaks fluent Arabic, French and English and belongs to the most interesting Middle East Religious sects. Druze have been around for centuries, quietly living their lives in their respective countries—be it Lebanon, Syria, Israel [in fact the Druze serve in the IDF with great distinction].  So Ms. Amal brings not only worldly jurisprudence but a Middle Eastern credibility that would easily co-opt any extremist group –ISIS, Al Qaeda, Salafists, et. al.
The fact that Clooney has been an actor, director and producer as well as a successful businessman, building his own production companies speaks volumes for his personal sense of self worth. Certainly, he has accomplished more than Clinton [both Hillary and Bill]; or Bush jr or Jeb or Obama before any one of them ran for the Presidency.
That he is a Democrat is totally irrelevant to me, considering that Obama has shown that a Democrat can be more ruthless in wars than even Bush Jr and his family members. We are entering a new era which is defined by looks, charisma and acting; be it in psyops or executive functions. Who better to fill that role than a person born and bred of acting and false pretense than the fully certified actor than George Clooney.

He has an incredible work ethic and does not spend his time on the golf courses. He writes, produces, directs and acts.  As mentioned, he has had a history of successes. He is articulate and looks good on screen. George Clooney out guns all others if you really ponder it.  Imagine him giving the state of the union or negotiating with other world leaders.  He will rule in social media and you tube, not to mention TV news.  Break down the Clooney vote: women, gays, california, spanish, 20/30s, Kentucky, urban, suburban all will vote Clooney.  Match him up with a decent VEEP and Clooney 2016 is unstoppable.  Compare him to the other horses in the race and you might start to see it the way I do.

In case you missed it...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Neutral Switzerland Invaded the European Markets with Nefarious Economic Warfare on Thursday, 1/15/2015!
The Euro Keeps on Faltering into Possible Oblivion….
In the world of intelligence, nothing is more effective in warfare than diversion and distortion. While the world was watching the ersatz, buffoonery of the French/Belgian acts of ‘Muslim Terrorism’,  the Pakistani Army took over the Judiciary and created a De Facto state of a Military Coup. At the same time, while the world media was dribbling inanities about terrorism and other such irrelevant matter, Switzerland initiated a “SURPRISE ATTACK on the Euro currency.” 

The Swiss National Bank jolted the world by surreptitiously eliminating the cap on the Swiss franc’s value; thereby driving the Swiss franc up several percentage points. Concurrently,  the intended consequence was to drive down the value of the Euro another 5 to 10%.  For some time now,  I have been talking about this new form of Economic Warfare that we Americans had been practicing during the vibrant years of the Soviet Union; and now, more recently, in the ‘take down’ of Putin and the Russian economy.
Yet no one had predicted that one day the Swiss Government would suddenly allow the increasingly valuable Swiss franc to break away from the imaginary currency snake which artificially constrained the non-valuable Euro.  Like any good businessmen, the Swiss decided to release the Swiss franc into the Financial Markets of the world and allow those real markets to determine the true value of the franc.
Now everyone who has grown up with the Swiss franc, as I had during my short sojourn in Swiss Boarding School [Monivert] has always understood that the franc throughout wars, depressions and other turbulent political/economic periods was the most steady currency in the world.
In three hundred years of peace, the Swiss have produced the ‘cuckoo clock’ and ‘chocolates’ but more importantly, Geneva and Zurich have always been the major cities where flight capital of any sort went to, be it either illegal or legal. The only values the Swiss have embraced historically are the value of money, gold, diamonds and other precious commodities. Example: the huge confectionary/water conglomerate NESTLE, adorned its front door with the Nazi flag when the Germans were streaming across Europe and East Europe. Once it looked as if the Americans were going to win the war, Nestle took down the Nazi flag and replaced it with the American flag as our generals visited their headquarters just before the end of the WWII.

It should be no surprise that Switzerland became tired and disgusted with the French, Italians, Greeks, Spanish, and Germans – and their collective inability to titrate the proper value of the Euro, somewhere around fifty cents to the American dollar.  As a result of Draghi’s [Italian] incompetency as the Minister of Finance for the EU, the Swiss made the right decision to declare war on the Euro, forcing it down several more percentage points further until eventually the Euro (as I predicted) will eventually destroy the European Common market.

However, the Swiss have paid a heavy price for their financial assault.  Tourism to Switzerland will be hurt far more than usual. Swatches will go up in price.  Also all the American financial crooks who were defended by Attorney General Eric Holder, will have to pay a lot more for escaping American justice.  Those who fled to Zug Switzerland will have to pay much more for their accommodations in the crony capitalism capital of the world. boo hoo.  

I hope you are beginning to learn an important lesson: what is dramatized in the news, especially the defunct stations like CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, are the least important stories.  Learn to read between the lines of those countries that few people mention.
Who really ever gave a damn about Switzerland or Pakistan??
Now, you will!
Avoid the strum and drang of the buffoons on TV/Cable and other media outlets.
Let us see which other country will have either an economic or military coup while we are concerned with the Disneyland of contrived World Terrorism.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

While Paris is Burning with Terrorism Hysteria, Pakistan Has Forged a Dangerous Strategic Dagger to plunge into Heart of Kashmir and India!
Pakistani Military succeeded in Soft Military Coup against the failed state.  This change in force structures and geopolitics is far more significant than the Terrorism Farce taking place in the least valuable strategic/tactical ally of the USA: France.

The irony of political psychology and intelligence is that the least important incidences, i.e. French magazine/Kosher Market events, takes precedence in the world media over the most dangerous and lethal soft coup, where Pakistan ISI takes over the judicial system.  This is called Distraction.

Once again, our costly, burdensome intelligence community could not and did not predict that the Pakistani military would take over the judiciary a few years into Prime Minister Sharif’s tenure.  The corrupt civilian leadership which has had a history of incompetence and a running tension with the Pakistani ISI [created by CIA], has been overthrown so elegantly and quietly. The NYTimes article, January 11, 2015 by Declan Walsh (posted earlier) noted that not one person was killed nor were there any self-adulating CNN, FOX, MSNBC narcissists to glorify the non-event.

So in the absence of media attention and in the lacuna that is pervasive in our Intelligence community, the Pakistani military simply abolished the rules of civil law in order to execute their subjects according to an ersatz military rule. Whether this is right or wrong is not the concern here. What is the major concern is that our political elite and their spies have repeatedly failed to predict, manage or prevent military coups around the world.
Instead they, like most Americans, have been monitoring the hoi-polloi nonsense a Bourne Identity drama played out in the  most histrionic way, while India, South Asia and Kashmir have all entered a new period of potential nuclear conflict.

Congratulations to all the IC and our political elite. They never fail to fail assessing and predicting real, major strategic events.

They, like Anderson Cooper, are too busy commenting on nothing and everything, making absolutely no sense but much noise. Once again farce trumps tragedy. This blogger will have to retreat in order to monitor Pakistan’s activities toward South Asia and India and China.
Background for upcoming post.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just in case you missed it, here are my comments on Alex Jones regarding events in France
Thanks for all your support, we sold out of our limited edition SteveTalks.  Orders placed before 11 am today will be filled but then we are done.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I should be on Alex Jones today at 2:30.  I believe Europe will be the topic.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Watch out for your water, here is some interesting news.
Reprinted from the Florida Specifier November 2014

High nitrate levels in Floridan Aquifer may have cancer implications

Robert Knight, PhD, director of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute in Gainesville, has been studying water most of his life and knows a bit about the state’s springs and natural resources. 

There’s one ugly piece of information that he is aware of about the Floridan Aquifer that he wants all of us to know.

“Existing elevated nitrate concentrations throughout much of the Floridan Aquifer may be harmful to humans in addition to their deleterious effects on the
ecology of springs,” Knight said. “The concerned public and their elected officials should demand that the federal, state and local public health organizations conduct a comprehensive epidemiological study of the effects of groundwater nitrate levels on human health in Florida.” 

Knight has good reason for his concern. A study released in 2001 indicated that drinking water contaminated with nitrates from fertilizers or human and animal wastes may cause bladder cancer in women—nitrates at levels far below current government ceilings. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that nitrate levels are safe below 10 parts per million. However, the study showed that levels as low as 2.46 parts per million may nearly triple the risk of bladder cancer. 

“There have been a few studies that looked at nitrate in drinking water and a variety of cancers,” said Peter Weyer, PhD, associate director of the University of Iowa’s Center of the Health Effects of Environmental Contamination and author of the study. “And while some have found an association with such diseases as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, there has only been one study done in Spain, published in 1993, that showed an association between nitrate, a municipal water supply and an increased risk for bladder cancer.” 

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the country. 

Weyer and his colleagues used data from more than 41,000 women, aged 55 or older, in the Iowa Women’s Health Study. 

“We were looking at women who were using the same water supply for more than 10 years. That turned out to be about 22,000 women. 16,500 of them were using the municipal water supplies from 400 municipalities,” he said. 

The level of exposure to nitrate was based on data collected from municipal water suppliers. No nitrate data was available for women using private wells. The research team checked the cancer incidence data from the Iowa Cancer Registry from 1986 to 1998. 

“What we found was a positive association for an increased risk of bladder cancer in women who used municipal water supplies,” wrote Weyer in the study. “For women on municipal-supplied (water), if the nitrate level was greater than 2.5 parts per million, those women had an almost three-fold risk for bladder cancer compared to a group of women who we used as reference who were exposed to less than 0.4 parts per million.”

The 2001 study was adjusted for risk factors such as smoking, nitrate in the diet and vitamins E and C that impact how nitrate is reduced in the body. According to Weyer, nitrates are reduced to carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds in the body. And nitrates are found everywhere. “It’s present naturally in the soil. It can seep into groundwater from nitrogen-based fertilizers, from both agricultural and farming, as well as from the single family home-owner,” wrote Weyer. “Nitrates are a by-product of livestock facilities, human waste, municipal wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks.” 

According to the American Cancer Society, the findings from the 2001 study are potentially important. Harmful concentrations of nitrate are substantially lower than what the government claims will prevent toxicity. In its 2008-09 Annual Report of the President’s Cancer Panel, “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk - What We Can Do Now,” published in 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, authors Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr. and Dr. Margaret L. Kripke implored President Obama to take action by warning the public about everyday exposure to carcinogens.

In 2009 alone, approximately 1.5 million American men, women and children were diagnosed with cancer and 562,000 died from the disease. With the growing body of evidence linking environmental exposure to cancer, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the unacceptable burden of cancer resulting from environmental exposures that could be prevented through appropriate national action. 

Of particular concern to the research panel was that the true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated. With nearly 80,000 chemicals on the market in the U.S., many of which are used by millions of Americans on a daily basis, exposure to potential carcinogens is widespread. And children are far more vulnerable to environmental toxins and radiation than adults. 

The panel expressed concern that significant harm from cancer-causing products had not been addressed adequately by the National Cancer Program and that the American people, before they are even born, are bombarded continually with myriad combinations of these dangerous exposures. 

The panel implored the president to use the power of the office to remove carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water and air that needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our nation’s productivity and devastate American lives.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

new information on my previous post
some bits and pieces to support my recent post

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz Implicated in Pedophilia Case by U.S. Prosecutors!
Israel, as it begins to fall apart as a nation, has lost its main propaganda “Dummy”,  Alan Dershowitz,  to a child sex scandal.
Its quite a challenge when my readers are ahead of me on such happenings.  I congratulate you all on the different insights you have provided me and others regarding this nasty stuff. I can add very little to this despicable case of moral depravity implicating Alan Dershowitz and other prominent politicians.

May I suggest that by now, the Webster Dictionary should create the noun -- to become a ‘CLINTON’; which means  suis generis-- ‘morally depraved, grandiose, sociopathic, self-destructive.’ This would apply to all members of the Clinton family and their extended sycophant coterie. Yet the most interesting character in this specific criminal case is the egregiously unctuous so-called Harvard Professor—the professional Jew and Zionist, Alan Dershowitz who has been clintonized long before Clinton came to prominence on the political scene.

Never before have I found a more annoying strident voice promoting the cause of Judaism and the State of Israel than the ignorant, self-delusional Dershowitz.  His incessant craving for public recognition mirrors a sado-masochist’s need for constant pain and punishment as a release of internal tensions.  Israel has become a morally hypocritical nation, the existence of which was defined by a moral catastrophe whose founders including Theodore Hertzl [btw also accused of being a pederast] decided to front the Jewish Bund which wanted to create a haven for the persecuted jews.
Now God or serendipity has played its most brilliant strategy.  As punishment for Israel having killed thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and for its ‘stiff-necked’ insistence on war and occupation as the justifiable means of existence, the greater force of the universe have conspired to proclaim that Israel and its egregious spokespersons will have to pay the price of hubris: DESTRUCTION.  Several years ago,  I had warned that Israel’s self-destructive path towards Iran, Palestine and its constant double-dealing with Hamas and ISIS would eventually end up to eviscerate the very guts of the country.  Its a shame that those brave Israeli Reservists who were dying for a few inches of land attached to a false narrative would eventually end up in an Armageddon of  world condemnation.  An advanced hi-tech country, Israel has acted as a morally impeded child regressing to the very extremist ancient roots of the false prophet and charlatan Rabbi Schneerson, the faux leader of the ersatz Jewish Orthodox Group, Chabad.
The more Israel reverts to the precepts of these unholy charlatans whose panoply of sexual practices including homosexuality; leather fetishes; sado-masochism; and pedophilia—portrayed in the brilliantly prescient 1980 psychological thriller “Cruising” , starring the Al Pacino, produced by the intrepid Jerry Weintraub.  This vintage film delineates in clear pictorial exposition the perversions that Alan Dershowitz and those other so-called ‘religious Jews’ and Zionists have been involved in while at the same time professing to the world the moral imperatives of the nonsensical terms, “Never Forget [the holocaust] and Never Again!”

That grandiosity and self-delusion of people with little talent or real accomplishment like the low class Jeff Epstein who associate with Clintons and Dershowitz fits into the psychological paradigm that ‘birds of a feather flock together’.  Not more complicated than that.  I want to thank the Southern Florida Federal Prosecutors as well as the Judges and FBI agents for identifying Dershowitz and his fellow travelers.  
Israel will continue on its course of self-destruction as long as Bibi leads this nation of atheists, pious hypocrites, and military jingoists into an ever expanding area of depravity.  Such psychological political dynamics will spin Israel into a whirlwind of evisceration.
Palestine will eventually become a state irrespective of any interference.  It’s their time to be recognized!  They were there before any Diaspora Jew ever wanted to live in a desert. We Ashkenazy Jews are neither born of the tribe nor part of any ancient history that was concocted by some story tellers and fakirs. We were nomads in the Pall region of the Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

The rest is just that—myth making and weaving a nonsensical  story of entitlement. In any case, dear readers, thank you for all of your input on this salacious case. Please continue to contribute your thoughts.