Saturday, January 17, 2015

Neutral Switzerland Invaded the European Markets with Nefarious Economic Warfare on Thursday, 1/15/2015!
The Euro Keeps on Faltering into Possible Oblivion….
In the world of intelligence, nothing is more effective in warfare than diversion and distortion. While the world was watching the ersatz, buffoonery of the French/Belgian acts of ‘Muslim Terrorism’,  the Pakistani Army took over the Judiciary and created a De Facto state of a Military Coup. At the same time, while the world media was dribbling inanities about terrorism and other such irrelevant matter, Switzerland initiated a “SURPRISE ATTACK on the Euro currency.” 

The Swiss National Bank jolted the world by surreptitiously eliminating the cap on the Swiss franc’s value; thereby driving the Swiss franc up several percentage points. Concurrently,  the intended consequence was to drive down the value of the Euro another 5 to 10%.  For some time now,  I have been talking about this new form of Economic Warfare that we Americans had been practicing during the vibrant years of the Soviet Union; and now, more recently, in the ‘take down’ of Putin and the Russian economy.
Yet no one had predicted that one day the Swiss Government would suddenly allow the increasingly valuable Swiss franc to break away from the imaginary currency snake which artificially constrained the non-valuable Euro.  Like any good businessmen, the Swiss decided to release the Swiss franc into the Financial Markets of the world and allow those real markets to determine the true value of the franc.
Now everyone who has grown up with the Swiss franc, as I had during my short sojourn in Swiss Boarding School [Monivert] has always understood that the franc throughout wars, depressions and other turbulent political/economic periods was the most steady currency in the world.
In three hundred years of peace, the Swiss have produced the ‘cuckoo clock’ and ‘chocolates’ but more importantly, Geneva and Zurich have always been the major cities where flight capital of any sort went to, be it either illegal or legal. The only values the Swiss have embraced historically are the value of money, gold, diamonds and other precious commodities. Example: the huge confectionary/water conglomerate NESTLE, adorned its front door with the Nazi flag when the Germans were streaming across Europe and East Europe. Once it looked as if the Americans were going to win the war, Nestle took down the Nazi flag and replaced it with the American flag as our generals visited their headquarters just before the end of the WWII.

It should be no surprise that Switzerland became tired and disgusted with the French, Italians, Greeks, Spanish, and Germans – and their collective inability to titrate the proper value of the Euro, somewhere around fifty cents to the American dollar.  As a result of Draghi’s [Italian] incompetency as the Minister of Finance for the EU, the Swiss made the right decision to declare war on the Euro, forcing it down several more percentage points further until eventually the Euro (as I predicted) will eventually destroy the European Common market.

However, the Swiss have paid a heavy price for their financial assault.  Tourism to Switzerland will be hurt far more than usual. Swatches will go up in price.  Also all the American financial crooks who were defended by Attorney General Eric Holder, will have to pay a lot more for escaping American justice.  Those who fled to Zug Switzerland will have to pay much more for their accommodations in the crony capitalism capital of the world. boo hoo.  

I hope you are beginning to learn an important lesson: what is dramatized in the news, especially the defunct stations like CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, are the least important stories.  Learn to read between the lines of those countries that few people mention.
Who really ever gave a damn about Switzerland or Pakistan??
Now, you will!
Avoid the strum and drang of the buffoons on TV/Cable and other media outlets.
Let us see which other country will have either an economic or military coup while we are concerned with the Disneyland of contrived World Terrorism.


  1. I was happy to see gold and silver go up a bit. Both have been taken down in a rigged market since 2011. It would be nice to have a somewhat free market once again.

      Did The Swiss National Bank Destroy Central Bank Precious Metal Manipulation?
      Posted on January 17, 2015 by The Doc
      In a desperate attempt to save its own skin, Has the Swiss National Bank just DESTROYED CENTRAL BANK MANIPULATION OF GOLD AND SILVER!?!

      From the SRSRocco Report:

      After the SNB- Swiss National Bank dropped the bombshell on the markets Thursday morning, the prices of the precious metals have gone in one direction… UP. In just two days, the price of gold is up $40 and silver $1.10.

  2. in my country today 300 000 people which took credits in swiss currency will have to sell their organs to repay new bills... because we in croatia are occupied by germany and italy and their banks (they hold 90% of banking) we can only take credits in euros or swiss francs even we have salaries in domestic currency, so i am thinking that solution is for us to maybe go with Putin on to Berlin again and rape some German women there again because seems they liked it first time, Putins general said he will turn off tank engines somewhere around Switzerland, so maybe we can destroy this Swiss attack for incapable USA. When i was in Geneve in 2009 i saw that Swiss are so evolved nation, because that is only nation in Europe where white native people work in supermarkets, meaning over there every job is for human.

    1. we Croats are so generous people that we are financing german muslim immigrants and their families, their social cases, hospitals, their political nazi parties... we are such nice position that we can enter in to economic war with Germany and Italy and win without any problem, and sell everything to United Kingdom as Americans likes to work via their italian and german proxies and lead from behind. And it is not fair that only UK can host Chinese navy every year in friendly visits, and we and Spain can not.

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    3. EU banks knew everything, here in colonies they told people when Franc was twice less that: "No no, you can t take credit in Euro, take credit in Francs". I now get why Swiss had referendum about developing nuclear weapons, they are collaborators together with Germans once again.

  3. Can you imagine the fortunes made by those who knew this was going to happen? And for the rest many were losers....

    Regarding tourism i think Switzerland like Norway has been out of reach for most already.

    Those of us though who travel with budgets in mind always have the Med countries, and their food and climate is better anyway, as well as the colorfulness of their local people, including the girls.

    1. thank you, you are always welcomed :)

    2. before 3 years i took 3 german hitchhikers in scout outfit, (two females and one male), because females were racially were attractive and of high stock quality, and while i was driving and while we were passing by supermarkets there were many german supermarkets, i told them how this is occupation and next time they must be much more serious when we go on to Russia again... funny how she knew much more german companies operating on occupied territory... germans were continental amateurs, going to russia without any winter equipment, send bismarck to atlantic but not to bomb russian ports in Arctic even they had full air support in Norway, not having long range bomber to bomb soviet industries and rail network behind lines... what is that... same with napoleon... total incompetence

    3. only of what i was impressed about germans was their ability to police things around them, while i was driving on coastal road behind some germans towing their boat in front of me, they stopped, but before they gave me chance to bypass them one not super attractive daughter came out of car like kamikaze and started to regulate traffic, and showing us what, how and when we will do something, how long everything would last, while she even was able to expressed her dissatisfaction with level of our ability to be put in order while her german vessel on trailer must go back reverse to be able to enter harbor.. i was so shocked by such assurance in her eyes that everything is going to really happen in controlled order that watched her for whole 20 seconds before i passed near her as they started to wave and jump as way because i was obviously not following order just because i did t understand that order is coming.

    4. Germans are that way when it comes to traffic, They will not tolerate other motorists causing disorder and they will address it themselves.

    5. This economic policies of Merkel are .... i will not use words... and that is so pity because in history under Franz Joseph only German police kept this area in order, but today Germans do not want to send police, they do not want expenses of total occupation... Bismarck and Hitler were idiots. Bismarck insisted on pure German nation so he did not take Austria with their Slavic nations, and Hitler thought that Austria was weak because of many nations living in monarchy. But that was not reason, reason was that Croat Duke crashed Hungarians and their revolution, and saved Austria from destruction in 1848, so civil revolution never happen in Austria so Austria remained feudal until end and entered WWI under pure feudalism with half effective army. We Croats are also idiots, we destroyed army of Karlo the Great successor in our woods, so his empire went down later and that was end united western empire, we just had to get some deal, and go together with Karlo to take together Constantinople and unite all southern Slavs as Croats. We are guilty for Russia and whole east, and later Muslims... Successor of Karlo after battle when he came out of woods and saw that he does not have army any more got crazy and died few month later :(((( horrible horrible, it was such historic chance...

  4. What is "addiction?"

    The falure or "re-lapse" rate for in-patient drug "re-hab" or facility treatment by "professionals" is over 95%

    Given that only 5% or less are reformed by "treatment" could it be that these outlying 5%ers are actually the small minority in the group who were actually not addicts? Could it be that all the real addicts, 100%, all re-lapsed?

    Could it be that "addiction" is hopeless, and once a person becomes characterized by behavior in which the only thing that matters is getting high that there is no chance at all for improvement? If so what are the implications?

  5. First consider two things. First, recognize that only 3% or less of drug or alcohol users become addicts. The vast, vast majority of users of cocaine, meth, MDMA, opiates, alcohol and xanex are recreational users who never have a problem.

    "Professionals" observe that only a tiny percentage of users go out of control, and they must therefore define the issue as centering in the individual and NOT the substance. That takes us to the second issue...

    Addicts will get high on anything.

    Although they might prefer one drug over others, if they can't get the drug they prefer they will use other drugs to get high. This is a severe challenge to those who focus on the mechanisms and effects of any one drug, such as the strong pysiological effects of opiates for example. It's true that sustained use of any of these drugs, even marijuana, will have body-altering effects, but more importantly is the POWER OF HABIT of getting high on anything.

    Therefore "professionals" craft their description by stating that the issue is one of "an addictive personality." They contend that some individuals are predisposed to form compulsions or obsessions with becoming high, on anything, and that for these people they are incapable of controlling their impulses in this regard no matter what the consquences.

  6. The interesting thing for myself is what happens to drug addicts when they go to prison. Once in prison they, presumably, have no access to drugs. In their prison environment there is no "temptation" or prospect to sell their best friend car, or to forge checks on their parents' accouts, or the other interesting things drugs addicts do to obtain their high. In prison they have no visible compulsion over their drugs because it's not a prospect. Only the prospect of obtaining the high motivates them to sociopathic acts. But does it?

    1. that is why concept of human right where you can t throw addict in to prison is wrong, first you give them 2 years, if they fail than next 4, they must see how prison wall can last much longer than he, that is why stone wall is more appropriate in cage without buddies. rehabs for hollywood stars is funny

  7. I knew something was up; it appeared like the banksters stopped dumping large amounts of naked short paper gold into the market to drive the price down.

    Just like the old timer told me 30% Gold, 30% property, 30% fine art (I gotta skip that one), and 10% Cash.

    1. buying US dollars before two years was no1 investment, great Marc Faber was right, like aways, he is always right, like Dr. Pieczenik

  8. In my personal experience with heavy drug users two things were found.

    The first is, as mentioned above, how surprised I was at how easily the person would switch from one drug to another. Whereas in casual drug users they either want to be sped up or slowed down, with heavy drug users they don't care that much. The heavy drug users I've known want to be sped up sometimes and other times want to be slowed down. They alternate by preference or by necessity of their drug of choice isn't available. But the big surprise to me was that this exists at all because media treatments portray that the addiction is caused by the substance and therefore that substance alone is what's driving the behavior FOR THAT DRUG. But this turns out to be a myth.

    The second thing is that all the heavy drug users I knew were all sociopaths. All the "addicts" I met were constant pathological liars, theives, always betrayed confidences, made up stories and scenarios....

    And this wasn't related to their drug use at all. I mean, they would display these extreme narcissistic behavior when on drugs or to get drugs, but they were that way even when they were sober or before they even started using drugs.

    In fact I've concluded, and this is my epifany and insight, that DRUG ADDICTS ARE ACTUALLY SOCIOPATHS OBSESSED WITH GETTING HIGH.

    Now this explains a lot. In fact it explains everything, and has total and complete "explanitory power" because the same kind of personality which is only concerned with self and views all things outside of self as valuless is the precise kind of personality REQUIRED to lie continuously, sacrifice their family members, their careers, and care nothing about anything except getting high. Now the interesting thing is that "rehab professionals" have observed that "addicts tend strongly toward a sense of entitlement....."


    It goes way beyond "entitlement." It's simply the kind of mind that believes, as a matter of faith, that nothing of value exists beyond itself and that all people are like that and that the only difference between him and all the other people of the world is that he is more clever and has figured out how to deceive others to get what they want.

    That's all addicts.

    1. yes, you are again right, that is why we call that in science: personality disorder caused by other means,,, ...different addictions... drug addicts are animals, because their ability to put back their artificial non-natural cultural and sociological part of brain as part which will define their person away from natural (alcohol is natural because all animals likes it, even spiders) is not there, they are weak people, many many poets were weak animals, even they had ability to mock human behavior for some time... when i was drinking i used to drive car drunk and go out in to nightlife two days per week, now when i stopped i saw that i do not go out in to nightlife at all any more... i thought that i was going out to have fun and see my buddies, but now i see only reason was booze... when you give booze to monkey he will drink it until he die, because animals do not have artificial part of brain... only way how to get rid of rats is to give them alcohol in to water, they are scared of it than, because they see they liked and it is killing them, they are afraid, alcohol after 20 years is same like heroine. alcoholism is 1dl of pure alcohol per day

    2. of course too much of artificiality in brain (as only way out of addiction) makes you also to become religious fundamentalist, but you should take care to not become muslim one because islam is not socially acceptable, addictions can only be switched, there is no cure. for instance when you stop drinking you will smoke more, you you will gain 20kg because you need more sugar and bread to produce your own alcohol in body, or you will become sex addict or workaholic, or religious fanatic... it funny how alcohol addicts think that they have brain cancer when problems starts, but it is never problem with alcohol, also they become evil, they thinks how to kill their own kids because they are barrier for them to enjoy without any responsibilities, they start to think about cloths, cars, they are becoming like females... real fetish is talks about real estates as way to drink in peace, because that is what you are going to sell so you can without any job continue to drink

  9. Bloody hell!! Lesson well and truly administered Dr pieczenik! You gave us the clue first but we rambled on with what you correctly said was a diversion! The difference between Paris and this is huge! The London daily mail quotes city analysts "we can't find a friend in the world" and holidaymakers over in Switzerland experiencing a 30% increase across the board! This isn't looking good for Europe at all but who is taking the fall Dr p to divert us further?? Russia? Islam? I need to try harder at this game as I've been woefully short in class!!!

  10. Another good article Google "king world news Gerald celebre" and I mean good in the sense its on the button because in reality there's nothing good about it at all!!!!

    1. King world news Gerald celente. Apologies for error

  11. How will this affect the price of Toblerone?

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