Saturday, January 31, 2015

This is funny, in an American-super-bowlish sort of way.


  1. Of all the important articles in Mondoweiss you point to one of no importance at all?

    Have you been using shrooms again?

    The Norman Finkelstein interview comments on Dershowitz are interesting.

  2. In particular I agree with the article by Shabit Khan that the conflict between Israelis and Arabs is political and NOT religious in nature.

    Arabs and Jews can live together in Palestine just as Jews and Arabs lived together in mesopotamia/Iraq and other places UNTIL zionist ideology of hegemony over Arabs in Palestine ruined everything.

  3. The key to peace in Palestine lies in America.

    On their own the Israeli right will always outnumber the peaceniks. The only way that Israel will ever reform to become inclusive is for Israel's patron to force the issue.

    The battleground is here...not there.