Tuesday, January 13, 2015

For your enjoyment, "when I'm Gone" by Mipso


  1. Dr P you're lucky enough to have lived in the early 1960s when folk music as the norm. Peter, Paul and Mary, The Seekers, The Brothers Four, and "on and on....."

    Compare the tenderness and intelligence of these ballads and other tunes with the vulgarity and barbarism of today's youth music and you'll see why the society is beyond redemption.

  2. Ok, check out this guitar piece by - Tommy Emmanuel called
    Classical Gas (by Mason Williams) Very cool stuff.

    1. I remember in 1968 watching the Smothers Brothers when Mason Williams appeared and performed Classical Gas.

      Williams was a folk artist who somehow ended up as a writer for the Smothers Brothers and then composed Classical Gas and it was a huge hit.

      It's very difficult to play and everyone one Jim Stafford to Glen Campbell has played it.

    2. Man, nothing more beautiful for the heart than watching and hearing Mary Travers singing. A real treasure.

    3. In 1965 Mary Travers was one sleek hottie, but after that she put on so much poundage that she and Ronnie Gilbert from "The Weavers" and Linda Ronstadt could have together swamped any ship the boarded! These became so really large ladies!

      But Travers in her prime was an amazing talent, and her male companions were amazing also.

      The simplicity and heatfelt emotion of their singing, barely accompanied by anything, is inspiring.

      But these ladies needed some self control.

    4. Cum to think of it all women need self control.

  3. Dr Steve, Johnny Russell hits the nail right on the head with his comment about growing up in the golden era that country music will ever know, like he mentions the comradery amongst all the performers, that's one word that is missing in all aspect of life today COMRADREY!

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