Sunday, January 25, 2015

This is how the neocons start wars with the help of the NYTimes.  I have respect for Robert Parry.


  1. Europe is in a horrible mess due to all the important leaders of the past being replaced by pygmies. As in America the leaders in Europe today such as Anglea Merkel are so far below the needed level of intelligence that it's disgraceful. Merkel was a communist youth leader in East Germany who then claimed that all her communist convictions were all and act for opportunistic reasons, and yet people want to believe she has credibilty??????????

    She's ruined the economy of Europe and destroyed relations with Russia over Ukraine and other issues.

    It's time the Germans throw out the 21st century Thatcher old hag and her pants suits and men's clothes.

    She's a devil.

    1. She is lesbian and Hollande is Pygmy painted in white, he is their secret service... they are also very fast, when Berlusconi or Rasmussen (both gay) hide, you get Hollande out. Germans are afoul what they are accepting, in Germany new workers have to work in some kind of unprotected model, while both French and English said f... off to that neoliberal model, they are letting so much of those muslims nazi operators to ruin salaries further more. 3Mil. of Germans today are working poor. And there is one thing i can not understand about Germans, they sell on e-bay used Apple computers for higher price than for what you can buy new one, and they put HD pictures from many angles like it is some sprite. I guess it is their fetish about german settlers settling USA. When one croat german women went to Bloomington, Indiana to teach german, she was amazed how much space there is, and how people are nice and careful on street. All US towns smaller than 100,000 people should be protected under UNESCO as cultural heritage. Because those american mega cities can't work, because police there can't control anything. Alex Jones should hang on tree.

  2. I dream of 3000 F35Bs (vertical take off) hiding in every wood you can find in east europe and norther europe with one atomic bomb among others. F35B should not belong to airforce, it should be battalion under land division. Then we can talk with Russia like friends.


    For the benefit of the good fellow on this board who has called me a liar and who wishes my death, here is a good summary about the fake videos. SITE (run by Rita Katz, possibly of Mossad) used to produce (er, "find") the fake Osama bin Laden videos. Now SITE produces (er, "finds") the ISIS beheading videos.

    The videos have been so sloppily produced and have been called out so many times that now we have just audio. If you check out "Unraveling the Matrix," he's also done videos within the past 48 hours on the ISIS audio of the Japanese captives.

    History Repeats Itself: Fake Videos and Fake Tapes
    Published on Jan 24, 2015
    The interests and alliances of the transnational entities owning such media make them poised to profit from the very geopolitical designs drawn up by SITE’s corporate and government clients–the most important of which may be those seeking to broaden Middle Eastern conflict. No doubt, the wide-scale acceptance of such propaganda is also the result of the vastly diminished critical capacities of the broader public, now several decades in the making.


    2. i don't wish the death of anyone lightly.

      But creatures like you who lie and lie and lie in order to create a fantasy world to mislead others and create confusion and DISCREDIT THE LIBERTY AND TRUTH MOVEMENTS are scoundrels to the core.

    3. People like you and Alex Jones are the biggest benefit to the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and Fox News liars that they ever could hope for.

      People like you make it easy for all truthers to be laughed at.

    4. And about the specific lie that you told. You claimed that no one was killed in the ISIS videos because someone on Fox News authoritatively declared that no one in the videos was killed.

      In fact the Fox News segment was this....

      One guest said that the killings in the videos were real killings but that they might have been recorded in a studio using a backdrop.


    5. This is what Alex Jones CONSTANTLY does.

      He falsely claims that some news report or article admits some insane claim that he's made WHEN IN FACT THE REPORT OR ARTICLE SAYS NOTHING OF THE KIND.

    6. "They've admitted it!"

      "It's on record!"

      "It's on record!"

    7. Barry you should maybe go see are you cursed, go to Catholic church are ask priest to tell you how to remove it. It is not important for life after life, but on this life it is important, especially if you have same chronic diseases and lack of money. That is sign.

    8. Chia Cha I hope you are joking, the last person Barry should be seeing is one of those Clowns.

    9. C_I_A_ is making valid points here, though perhaps a little more delicacy would be nice. Even if you can prove that videos have been faked, terror events staged, etc. this does not necessarily mean that "nobody died". Fake evidence can be inserted into real events for the explicit purpose of diverting and discrediting investigators, especially those of the "conspiracy theorist" persuasion.

      Yes, I've heard Alex Jones make these kinds of errors over and over again as well, most recently with his interview of Bill Ayers. He started by saying that Obama lived with Ayers and Dohrn at some point, which Ayers quickly denied, along with about every other allegation that Jones made. I've been following the Ayers/Obama connection for some time, but had never heard that they lived together, though it is true that Obama essentially began his first political campaign at a meeting in Ayers and Dohrn's living room - some how this got jumbled up in Jones's dyslexic mind into "they lived together!"

      Jones however is a little more cautious than Jim Fetzer is in making these kind of fallacious statements, such as "videos were faked on 9/11, therefore there were no planes!" or "there was staging at Sandy Hook, therefore nobody was killed! Rejoice!" Fetzer as a philosophy professor should know a thing or two about how modal logic works; he should know that when evidence is incomplete, leaving much room for adjustment to our factual assertions, we must avoid hinging exclusive disjunctive propositions on incomplete knowledge.

      In the case of the ISIS beheading videos, they may very well have been shot in front of a green screen, but does this entail that the victim wasn't killed? The perpetrators would have other, more likely, reasons for fakery, particularly for throwing off intelligence from the actual location of the beheading.

      On the other hand, there are legitimate questions to be asked about the SITE org. I recall some time ago, in reference to one of the Al Qaeda videos that SITE had released, a video forensics technician had examined the video and found that the SITE logo was seamless with the Al Qaeda logo, showing that it hadn't been overlaid onto an earlier generation, hence proving that the Al Qaeda and SITE logos were overlaid at the same generation of the video...

      That was some time ago, and finding the article again I see that there has been some prevarication on the statement that the logos were added at the same time: it is reworded - apparently at the insistence of SITE - to say the logos have the "same error level" - which does or does not mean they were necessarily added at the same time? After reading the updates I'm entirely confused...

      Seems that the people at SITE started breathing down somebody's neck.

    10. Correction: that was IntelCenter, not one and the same as SITE, though they appear to work together.

    11. No i am not joking, i was also cursed also, and now when i believe that i am blessed, everything is fine. God said you are cursed if you talk against Israel, or if you do not respect parents of if you bow to something which is not God of Abraham.

    12. Look, I said that the videos were fake and everyone knows that they are fake. I didn't lie.


      Do the fake Osama bin Laden videos mean that Osama was dead at the time? No, they do not. Do they mean that Osama was alive at the time? No, they do not. All we know is that the videos were fake, and that the mainstream media quickly accepted highly suspect SITE videos as true.

      The beheading videos are of the same manner. Do I know the fate of every single person in every single video. No, I do not.

      I do know that when ISIS wants to show real beheadings, it certainly can and has done so on many occasions.

      MIT/CIA has missed and denied every single thing in every single event these past three years, from Sandy Hook, to the Boston Marathon, to the Syria chemical attacks, and recently to Ottawa, Sydney, Paris, Ebola, and the ISIS beheadings. Why question anything, CIA/MIT? Why not just accept what the government says?

      Arguing with CIA/MIT is impossible. He said that Sandy Hook families didn't lobby for gun control. When I proved by a mountain of evidence that he was completely wrong, he doubled down on his ignorance. That's just how he is.

      He should receive the mental help that he needs.

    13. Everyone knows that the ISIS videos are fake??????

      Okay friend now I know you really are insane.

      You're not a liar afterall.

      You just don't know what reality is.

      According to you every act of violence or terror in the media is part of a conspiracy staged by the government, and anyone who says otherwise is "missing" what you are seeing.

      What you are "seeing" doesn't exist.

    14. And yes I do wish for the death of people who lie and distort reality for fun or profit like Alex Jones who snickers and laughs in private at his fans, and makes a joke out of revealing the truth about anything.

      People like Alex Jones need to die.

    15. Jones is a sick puppy who claims that as a youth he was constantly getting into fights and brawling when the truth is the exact opposite.

      His pathetic on-air claims of machismo are a smokescreen to cover his insecurities and neurosis.

      There was one case at the Austin Cablevision Access studios in the ninetees he challenged another patron to go outside "for a fight" and that patron defended himself and punched Jones once causing him to flee....

      Jones is just a really sick character and people here in Austin who know about him are just disgusted. He's like so many spoiled kids of dentists and doctors who grow up in leafy wealthy subdivisions and are good for nothing. He's a spoiled brat.

    16. Anyone who's seen his physical confrontations with people on camera in the streets can see what a bully he TRIES to be. He yells and screams and gets in peoples' faces because he knows it can't escalate into physical violence.

      Eventually he's cross over the line with the wrong person and that will be the end of the story of Alex Jones.

    17. YouTube
      Alex Jones challenges Bill O'Reilly to a fight: "You big, fat bully!"
      Published on May 30, 2013
      Sign the petition to arrest Marco Rubio under the NDAA at

    18. Chia Cha beware of men who wear dresses in different colours to denote rank and silly hats...nothing good can come of it. Also the God of Abraham used to get very angry on his cloud over Israel if you wore purple or worked on a fact he tried to drown everyone men,women even puppies, because he was so pissed off! This is not the kind of guy you want in charge, you need a more laid back kind of fella.

    19. Yes but God changes mind... beside God needed to intervene in to this world by respecting Satan laws because he created Satan for us to be able to learn about evil. All that until Jesus came to desert and gave order to Satan to go away from him for ever. Battle is won already.

  4. Thank you Dr. P. I am often bemused when you tell us how great the NYT is, so the balance here is appreciated. It inspired me to write this little missive (with a link to Consortium News) to the editors...

    I have little to add to this piece (linked). Suffice to say that it was bad enough when the New York Times helped the neo-cons to usher American blood and treasure into the atrocious misadventure that was the war in Iraq; over the past year however the NYT has been misinforming the American public (along with readers around the world) into a confrontation with Russia that has the potentiality (unlikely perhaps, but palpable nonetheless) of a nuclear exchange as its outcome.

    There are bad guys on both sides of this conflict, no doubt, but the worst by far are the ones who unnecessarily escalated the situation beginning in the Fall of 2013, along with those who continue to escalate the conflict, including those at the NYT who continue to deceive its readers, mostly through journalistic sins of omission, if not outright disinformation. Those who do so, like Rick Lyman and Andrew Kramer, are the scum of the Earth. They need to cease and desist. Immediately.

  5. The thing I do not get with the Neocons is this, small local Wars, a long way a way Vietnam, Middle East makes sense, and after you put in your Haliburton or Blackwater guns for hire. But winding up Russia or China is just plain stupid, if it escalates because of some inexperienced idiot on the ground they and we are toast. Seed banks and silos will make you king of the roaches. As it is they can speed past in their limos with their Motorcycle outriders thinking they are more important then the plebs, but if we are all fried they lord it over no one.It does not make any sense as a strategy.

  6. While i'm thinking of War, if they do ever take your guns away. Go see 'Lars Anderson : A new level of Archery' on Youtube, practise this and you won't need them. It is the difference between Hollywood Robin Hood and real Warrior archery.

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  8. Hi Kenneth a Mr B Obama needs to borrow 17 Trillion $'s and Greece will need a few quid as well.