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Sent by a friend, short piece by Mark Manson
(I liked it).



    This is a guy who knows about false flags, too.
    Here Is The YouTube "Start A False Flag War With Syria" Leaked Recording That Erdogan Wanted Banned
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/27/2014 21:22 -0400
    As we noted here, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan had blocked Twitter access to his nation ahead of what was rumored to be a "spectacular" leak before this weekend's elections. Then this morning, amid a mad scramble, he reportedly (despite the nation's court ruling the bans illegal) blocked YouTube access. However, by the magic of the interwebs, we have the 'leaked' clip and it is clear why he wanted it blocked/banned. As the rough translation explains, it purports to be a conversation between key Turkish military and political leaders discussing what appears to be a false flag attack to launch war with Syria.
    Turkish President's Stunning Outburst: The French Are Behind The Charlie Hebdo Massacre; Mossad Blamed
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/13/2015 12:55 -0500
    It was less than 48 hours ago when Turkey’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, joined millions marching in Paris to pay tribute to the 17 people killed by ISIS-supporting extremists. Then, almost the moment he got back, things changed, and as the FT politely paraphrases what transpired, the "country’s president struck a much more confrontational tone." That's one way of putting it. Another is that the former PM and current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of NATO-member Turkey did the unthinkable: accused the west, and French citizens in particular, of staging the Charlie Hebdo murder in order to blame Muslims, even as the mayor of Ankara said "Mossad is definitely behind such incidents . . . it is boosting enmity towards Islam."

    "The duplicity of the west is obvious,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a press conference on Monday evening. “As Muslims we have never sided with terror or massacres: racism, hate speech, Islamophobia are behind these massacres.”

    His punchline: "The culprits are clear: French citizens undertook this massacre and Muslims were blamed for it,” he added.

    1. there are 4 old/new emperors like before WW1, german - Merkel, hungarian - Orban, ottoman - Erdogan and only really BIG of those - PUTIN...

    2. Turks should get few nukes on every major city for Armenian genocide and keep their mouths shut

    3. ah here we go, openly anti-semitic russian general and politician Viktor Filatov visiting Serbian Chetnik Fascist leader Seselj and telling him he is Serbian Putin and that they will win. today's serbian president and prime minister were his party members... northern part of serbia should be taken from serbia to create free european country, yalta deal must go in full.

  2. On another note apparently NASA have to keep switching off the live feed from the ISS Space station because huge, strangely shaped 'obvious' UFO's keep popping into view.

  3. "MUNICH" film review

    "MUNICH" directed by Stephen Spielberg

    As someone aquainted with assassination and assassins let me say that this film is like all of Spielberg's history-based fables - it's a piece of junk.

    Now I don't know if the story on which this film is based is true, partly true, or what. Maybe this Dude was one of several teams sent to kill ten or more Palestinians in retaliation to the Munich massacre in 1972 at the Olympics.

    Maybe his source of information and support was a family in France which Spielberg is either too stupid or too dishonest to characterize.

    So let me do it for him. This group of French is obviously French communists of the militant, radical and armed sort. They are armed all the time with bodyguards, etc., and say they were part of the resistance in the war and then ran afoul of the Guallists, etc., so that means they are communists, and of course they are connected into the international movements for liberation thereby, and here's the funny part ---- they are betraying them all for cash!

    Yes, these French communists who know the locations of Palestinian freedom fighters the world over will sell their locations for money, and for nothing else...not for principle or honor or anything...just cash.

    Well that's a fine bunch of commies for ya...

    Now I don't know if that part is true because if I were the writer, Jonas, then I wouldn't characterize my source as French or communists or whatnot because that would put a noose around their necks. I would lie and say they were some other kind of animal so I think they were in reality not French commies, but who knows.

    1. Now lemme give a more realistic alternative.

      Killer teams usually do not go out and hunt down targets anyway. Killer teams just go in a kill someone after other intl has indentified their location. What must have really happened in this Munich matter is that various intl was used to find where the targets were and then this four man team led by Jonas would show up and do the job and then leave.

      In one case in this matter one Israeli team killed a Moroccan waiter in Lilihammer, Norway thinking he was their target, the "Red Prince Solome." That wasn't dealt with in the movie but it was disclosed that the Jonas team was not the only one working, although in reality there would have been disclosure and even coordination between the groups, but in this stupid story the groups had to find the targets themselves so that's really unrealistic.

    2. God and Mossad... Calling God s name in vain makes you damned even if you are communist journalist... They were punished... They would not have been punished if they were just drawing that pedophile in vain :)... Civil war between islam and socialism, just how i recommended.

    3. Interesting observations MIT! I read the book on Munich and at least that was far more balanced and the Palestinians got a fair crack of the whip so to speak! I enjoyed the film purely for what it was a film and nothing else! Have to admit my favourite part is the french " godfather" he seemed so fucking ruthless!! About time we had a film championing the Palestinian cause! Five broken cameras is a brilliant start for anyone interested!

  4. (cont.)

    But here's the really sinky part. Spielberg of course portrays these killers as mild and meek, kind-hearted people who not only make a lot of mistakes but are totally ambivolent about their mission. They second guess their orders, etc, and chat among themselves about the justification of their targets.

    This point is pure crap. Spielberg is making a pacifist statement here, and also implying that Israelis are more morally sensitive than Arabs or others. This is absolutely the opposite of the truth.

    In my experience Israelis are widely known to be the most ruthless and least empathetic in covert action. They care the least about anyone, and are prone to use and kill their own agents IF they are not Jewish. To Mossad the only blood that matters is Jewish blood, and if you are not Jewish and you work for them they will slice your throat in a heartbeat.

    The reality of all government assassins whether Jewish or whatever is that they are focused on their targets and do not express any regret or ambivolence. Maybe years later they might have regrets but when the action is going they don't consider such matters and are merely instruments of policy and soldiers taking orders and doing a dangerous job.

    Assassins I've known doing government work did have profound reservations about their targets years after the action happened, but they either viewed themselves with guilt or didn't, and the ones better adjusted viewed the responsiblity purely on their superiors with whom they disagreed. This was common in the cold war as the US government had operators in it of all kinds of political stripes, and the targets were often not even tied to China or the USSR, but could merely have been independent leftists or even constitutionalists, nationalists, etc. with whom the American operators sympathized.

    Anyway in these fundamental regards the film is way off altogether. And the part about the four man team tagging along for the action in Beirut just out of hate for the Palestinians is pure crap also. They would never have been given permission or even wanted to go on such a thing because it's not necessary and it's not a fucking party for God's sake. That part is totally fictious and I don't have to have been there to know it.

    1. mmm Mossad, when that Yugoslav Stalin Tito (there were 4 of them because he died several time), sent boat with humanitarian help to palestine or egypt (full of arms) that ship went down, and people were told that it was storm there even there were no storm... also Mossad took some commie or nazi i do not remember now, to Sinai desert for his boots to be filled with sand... so that people would know where he was... it is not true that they are always ruthless

  5. Stay tuned for my review of Bob Baer's new work, "The Perfect Kill, Rules for Assassins" which i have not read and will not read but that won't stop me from reviewing it anyway in this case....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. of course, that way you would remain smarter so review would be more accurate

  6. Must read.
    Published On: Wed, Jan 14th, 2015 GeoPolitics / TheNewsDoctors Exclusive / Top New Stories | By Guest Post
    False Flag? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Spotlights Key Questions In Latest Article: “Charlie Hebdo”
    TND Guest Contributor: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people.
    The Charlie Hebdo story simply doesn’t wash.

    1. waaaa waaa now this is bad also, always something is bad, it is bad when people in middle east get s blown every day by fellow muslims and no one cares on bad west, and it is bad when muslims blows something on west because then there is too much attention on west, i do not know any more what government should do...

    2. For me, these three things scream false flag.

      1. VIDEO OF KILLED POLICE OFFICER SHOWS NO BLOOD. The police officer is supposedly shot in the head at point blank range and there's no blood. Makes no sense.
      2. FRENCH POLICE CHIEF COMMITS SUICIDE. More likely he was honest, found something he wasn't supposed to find or didn't agree to something, and was eliminated for that. Just how often does something like this happen and a police chief immediately commit suicide right away? And why does the press fail to report it?

      3. CHARLIE HEBDO TERRORIST LEAVES ID FOR EVERYONE TO FIND. Just like the 9-11 hijacker ID that escaped a fireball and landed harmlessly on a NYC street, to be picked up by police. Who believes a b.s. story like this?

      That's three strikes.There are more. (Lack of vehicular traffic on Paris streets on a weekday, complete lack of foot traffic on Paris streets, killers with no blood on them, Charlie Hebdo offices that look staged, killers met with Sarkozy and CIA asset Anwar al-Awlaki, et al.)

      What a way to start the year. The stock market is going down. 2015 looks like it's going to be rough sailing, and we're only two weeks in.

    3. Israeli foreign minister calling Erdogan a anti-semitic bully... east is east, who builds own power on east, builds power on sand

  7. Now come on Barry, why would you expect cops to have " blood" circulating in their head? A 7.62 x 39mm round blasted to the head at point blank range, why that should be no big deal right? I don't know why all the suspicions Barry, are you one of those "conspiracy theorists" or something? : /

  8. Now maybe if they had left their GPS on with the return trip mapped out, I would be getting a little suspicious, but hey, just cuz they left their "calling card", you can't let your imagination get the best of ! Probably just coincidence right? Riiiiiiiiiighttttt !
    : )

  9. Traffic Schmaffic, maybe their was a cheese sale or something on the other side of town you aren't accounting for Barry...get real ! ; ) I love the convenient "good muslim" "bad muslim" moral ending as well. How's that for a twist.... : )

    There are the bad muslim shooters, the good muslim cop, and the good muslim store clerk. The lesson to be learned.... Isis is good and Assad is bad maybe?

    Maybe Obama got bored one evening and asked for a similar know like "life imitating art".

    Anyway, maybe its one big distraction while Obama dicks around with our freedoms a bit more.

  10. When I picture an AK47 round hitting someone in the head, I imagine a watermelon exploding upon impact with a sidewalk after being dropped from a building some 20 stories high.

  11. The suicide, now that is interesting, he must have been a real patsy, to think he could bring up any discrepancies that became apparent to him, and think they would say something like, " very good point, we are considering giving you a promotion for your keen sense of observation".

    So were there several shots to the head by the Chief who committed "sewer pipes" Barry? I mean suicide. Or just one?

    1. It does get tiresome, but it is fishy again. The edited footage from the rooftops, cameramen wearing flak jackets. No blood or recoil from close range shot, casual nature of escape. Getting through Paris traffic on weekday...impossible, have tried it. Bad luck of Police Chief 'suicided' . Will there ever just be a straight forward incident where it is what it is?


    serbian animals are saying that william bennett were killed by chinese secret service

  13. Am I the only person here who knows anything about gunshot wounds?

    There was a case in Phoenix some years back where an old man and woman were told to sit on the floor of their bedroom so they could be shot "execution style" in the back of their heads. I think the gunman was using a very powerful handgun like a .357 magnum. He shot the man and the man died. But when he shot the woman the bullet entered the back of her head and travelled between the hemispheres of her brain. She fell over and the gunman of course assumed she was dead but she wasn't. She didn't lose much blood if any, and when assistance arrived they took her to hospital and she recovered nicely.

    Bullets don't always do what you expect them to do. When I was in Africa I saw countless 7.62 AK gunshot wounds and some were catastrophic and others were nothing...with no blood to speak of and just a little hole there where there used not to be one.

    Unless I knew exactly where in the head this bullet struck I wouldn't assume that it would produce a lot of visible display like John Kennedy's head did when a rifle bullet blew out the back....

    1. Its a good point MIT and one a friend made regarding the same! He said about when some SAS soldiers came to do a days deerstalking they brought there own high powered rifles which caused the bullet to enter and exit the deer but the deer ran off!! It was only when using the gamekeepers rounds did they actually kill the deer!!! BUT a doctor first on the scene at charlie he do described the scene as a warzone with victims showing MASSIVE chest trauma ect ect! Claimed he'd seen many incidents but nothing like this and his emphasis was on the actual trauma!! Gaping open chests and such like! So somebody is telling fibs somewhere I'd suggest

    2. Anybody interested in the doctor on the scene at Charlie hebdo's comments please Google. Gerald kierzec daily telegraph. Take you straight on it! Apologies for my lack of copy& paste expertise!!!!!

    3. Much depends on the bullet used. Most game hunting bullets are hollowpoint and expand and create a huge cavity in the target whereas all military rounds such as the AK bullets are metal jacketed and not hollow point and always pass through the body unless interrupted by hitting bone...

  14. Now's as good a time as any to go over the normal rifle bullet calibres in the differing and oft confusing styles as there are two different ways of measuring them, by mm as always in Europe save England, or by the fraction of an inch as in England and the US sometimes.....

    The largest to the smallest....

    .375 Holland and Holland - venerable old English Elephant round

    .30-378 Weatherby - like all Weatherbys it's made for very high pressures and velocities.

    .338 Lapua [it has no mm equivalent and it was invented in Finland]

    .300 Remington Ultra-mag [the largest cartridge made with a .300 of an inch calibre.

    Now the .30 calibre bullet is the same as the 7.62 mm bullet which is used by NATO in the .308 calibre as invented for use in the M-14 rifle adopted in the 1950s, or the AK-47 which uses a bullet of that exact width but in a much shorter cartridge.

    The Weatherby .300 magnum and the Winchester .300 magnum are both .30 calibres as well.

    Now for wider bullets there are handgun rounds, and the .40 calibre which is popular in the US is actually the same as the 10mm in width.

    The 9mm is actually the same as the .380 in width.

    The .32 is actually the same as the 7.65 which is slightly larger than the .30 calibre much used in rifle rounds as the 7.62 as mentioned.

    The old browning .25 calibre mouse gun round is also known in Europe as the 6.35mm as all Browning guns in the early 20th century were made in Europe and distributed there even more than in the US.

    Now back to rifle rounds....

    The 8 or 7.9 mm Mauser which was used in Germany during WWII has no "fraction of an inch" equivalent.

    The British in WWI and WWII used the same rifle, the Lee Enfield, which was .303 calibre which is basically a .30 calibre.

    The US used the 30-06 which is slightly different in so small a way it's just stupid.

    A step down in width from the 7.62mm or .30 calibre are the 7mm guns, such as all the Mausers the Germans built for Spain and Chile and Brazil.

    The 7mm bullet is also .284 calibre and Winchester in the 1950s built a .284 which I happen to like.

    And then there was a whole bunch of smaller ones such as the 6.5mm Carcano which you know Lee Oswald supposedly used, and other 6.5mms such as the Mauser used in Sweden, or the game hunting round popular in the US in the 1950s the fast velocity Winchester .264 or the later Winchester .270. Now some 6.5mm's are listed as also .257 calibres, and that includes many excellent rounds such as the .257 Weatherby magnum, or .257 Roberts. All 6.5mm's are going to be in the .257, .264 or .270 range.

    Now step that down again to 6mm and you have several popular rounds such as the Winchester .247 or the Weatherby .240.

    The very fast Weatherby .240 was a small 6mm bullet which is now almost forgotten but was a favorite of Texas hit man Charles Harrelson, the father of actor Woody Harrelson. In 1979 Charles used a Weatherby .240 to kill Federal Judge John Wood.

    Now as for smaller rounds like the .223 NATO used in the M-16 that is a .22 round and has no English inch equivalent. .22s are .22s.... .

    1. You know I really ought to mention that the 7mm is probably the most popular bullet today for game, not in the form of the old Winchester .284 but the Remington 7mm magnum. The 7mm magnum was basically a Winchester .264 which was made a little wider at the neck to accomodate a .284 or 7mm bullet. The 7mm Remington magnum is of the similar velocity range as the Winchester .264 but with a wider and slightly heavier bullet.

      The Remington 7mm is became so popular after it's introduction in the early 1960s in the Remington 700 model rifle that they started making it in many different weights or lengths of bullets, and some of these are so light that they don't shoot very accurately with most rifles but they are very fast...

      And of course Remington made a 7mm Ultra Mag which is the fastest 7mm on the planet.

    2. As for personal favorites I have to say I like velocity. I don't like slow moving rounds that came from the military like 30-06 or .308 or .303 or the 8mm Mauser. These are heavy bullets that travel slowly and are made to drop literally feet or yards when shooting at anything at any range.

      When shooting at something at a longer range I don't want the bullet to drop much, and when shooting at shorter ranges I don't want the bullet to drop AT ALL.

      I want something that will travel at 3,700 feet per second to 4,000 feet per second.

      That means having a cartridge designed with a lot of powder and a relatively light bullet.

      So my favorites are these...

      Weatherby .240 4,000 ft per second
      Weatherby .257 magnum 3,900 ft per second
      Winchester .264 3,700 ft per second
      Remington 7mm mag w. 100 grain bullet 3,800 fps
      Winchester .247 w. 60 grain bullet 4,000 fps
      7mm Remington Ultra Mag. 3,800 fps
      .300 Remington Ultra Mag. 3,800 fps
      Weatherby 30-378 3,900 fps

    3. During WWII the artillary rounds which proved effective were all high velocity rounds. American 70mm guns on the Sherman or other places like on anti-tank platforms were only about 2,000 ft per second. They could penetrate nothing.

      The best gun of the war was the German 88mm gun which had a velocity of 3,800 fps because it was an anti-aircraft gun and needed high velocity to reach high altitudes to throw flak at aircraft....

      In France in 1940 the German tanks had guns so small that they couldn't penetrate the heavier French tanks so out of desperation a few of the anti-tank guns were pointed at the French tanks and....urika!!!!!! These shells went right through the French armour!

      So then they started using these anti-aircraft guns as anti-tank guns and then put them on tanks themselves....

      And you have a shell travelling at 3,800 fps tearing right through any armour put against it and it drops doesn't drop much at all over ranges of 800 the Germans can hit tanks so far away it's not funny....

    4. Now let me say something about why military rounds are so slow...

      It's to preserve the barrel. Many Weatherbys have pressures and velocities that the barrels can be worn out after so many shots, and that's the case with pretty much all high velocity barrels.

      But when using something like a German 88mm anti-aircraft gun on a tank like the German Tiger tank, the gun is not going to be shot that often anyway. Wear on these barrels starts to degrade them after about 1,200 shots. So if you like highly accurate long range shooting like I do you just have to be prepared to change out the barrel if you shot hundreds and hundreds of rounds, and that's not likely anyway. But some hunters will actually shoot so many rounds in practice that they can wear out their barrels, and some Weatherbys I suspect can wear out after less than 1,000 rounds.
      If you even seek to buy a high velocity used rifle look carefully at the barrel to see if the rifling is still there at all.......

    5. Oh we used old german 88mm for hitting serbian chetnik red communist fascist frigate called "Split" in channel in front of my city called Split (only case in history where ship hitting city have name of city which is attacked). We even used old german ammo (it worked also after 50years even Italian shell were much better because they were made of pure bronze), that day they were hitting hospitals, schools and churches like always. Here is video of attack, they tried to destroy that day even old palace of western roman emperor Diocletian in centre of city, showing that they are raped turko-mongol bastards of muslims and their slave eastern-orthodox stock. Same destiny as for Dubrovnik but luckily Masonic circles protested so it had to be stopped as they cared about culture. Ethnic cleansing is only possible way when you deal with pagan nations which bow to tribe more than to God of Abraham. For Serbs and Russians mother Russia or mother Serbia is above God. Same what is happening to Germans after Bismarck, getting smaller and smaller. and attack of Dubrovnik with way much more destruction , luckily america helped us with war so we had chance to move number of serbs from 12,2% to 4,5% in croatia... same could happen when china enact pax-mongolica on to north america with their pagan stock of amerindians, on greenland, and mexico and south america, combined with neo-paganism, which you see in south africa and bolivia today

    6. today serbia is full of anti-anglo hysteria, hoping for french reaction and full of anti-hazar racism (they support only those jews who were pets of muslims), but those anglo-american hazar jews are source of every world problem

    7. Here is what appears to be the questionable headshot to the French police officer imo, in slo mo, from you tube link: The officer has good tone to his arms and hands, and coordination of both of the aforementioned, after the shot to the head, he gently lays them down to his side, to me it looked to posed and as a result looked staged, the cop looks like he can pass a knee jerk reflex test, as well as Babinski reflex test.

    8. Huh...

      I don't know exactly how to say this but you can clearly see the shot missing his head entirely and hitting the concrete and kicking up dust....

      I don't think anyone in authority is suggesting this was a shooting of anyone.

      If he was shot it was at some other time...

    9. He looks like he's wounded already and that's why he's lying there sort of helpless, but the shot near his head is clearly a miss...

    10. Yes, it's a clear miss, but the official story is that it WASN'T a miss and that he was shot in the head.
      An authenticated video surfaced on the Internet, showing two gunmen and a wounded police officer, a Muslim, Ahmed Merabet, after an exchange of gunfire. The wounded officer was lying on a sidewalk near the corner of Boulevard Richard-Lenoir and Rue Moufle (fr), 180 metres (590 ft) east of the main crime scene. One of the murderers ran towards the policeman and shouted, "Did you want to kill me?" The policeman answered, "No, it's good, chief", and raised his hand toward the gunman, who then shot the policeman in the head at close range, killing him.[61]

    11. How many citations do you want? The official story is that the officer was shot in the head. You can use your eyes and see that the shot missed.

      YouTubers are not happy with this Daily Beast story. Alex Jones is siding with the official story and throwing those who question the Charlie Hebdo events under the bus!

      Ahmed Merabet Fake Blood
      All About Perception
      Published on Jan 15, 2015
      They added fake blood at the spot where Ahmed Merabet was supposedly shot in the head.
      "You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there because of the blood that was shed yesterday" - FAKE BLOOD for the Phony Fake Show.

      The Daily Beast Slams FRR + "Charlie Hebdo" Truthers - Alex Jones + PJW AGREE!
      Published on Jan 15, 2015
      Olivia Nuzzi twitter: @Olivianuzzi - Let her know what you think of Corporate Media WHORES!

    12. It's gonna take a lot more evidence than one misunderstanding over when someone was shot to persuade me this was a staged event. I'd have to be convinced that the family members of the victims were all actors and that the killed victims are now living in Brazil or Peru under different names.

      I really don't think you understand what a real "false flag" event is.

      A REAL false flag event isn't when you claim that the victims were all actors and are now living in Switzerland or someplace....that's laughable.

      When someone really wants to stage a false flag event they don't bother getting actors or talking students or newspaper staff into going along with some idiotic plan...that's laughable.

      What they really do is this....

      They just show up and kill everybody with real bullets and that's that.

      A real false flag is an actual attack, but by people who are posing as someone they are not.

      That's the only way to make a false flag event work.

      The victims are real and they are dead.

      So as for the idiotic conjecture about Sandy Hook and so forth....

      Think again.

    13. There are different false flag operations (or "hoaxes," if no one died). We'll never be able to identify every aspect of all of them, but if one thing smells like a lie or coverup (the "I've found one cockroach!"deal), that calls into question the entire thing.

      If you're going to stop at 9-11-2001, as you seem to do, you're missing the boat on what's happening. You have to look at Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon, and LAX, and the Washington Navy Yard, and Elliot Rodger, and Cassidy Stay, and Isis (and the beheadings), and Ebola/Ebolie, and Ottawa, and Sydney, and now Paris.

      If you want verifiable real victims in all of your false flags, I can assure you that they're working towards that.

  15. I have no more information on the French police captain's "suicide," but here are some more videos. The first shows some audio fakery, and the second shows that YouTube is deleting the channels of those who talk about this.

    French False Flag MEDIA SHAME! Confirmed FAKE SCREAMS added to Police Raid
    Published on Jan 15, 2015
    Fake screams. Undeniable. Shame on the French media, and whoever originally added in entire fake audio segments to be ran on the NEWS as "real".

    ATTENTION! Peekay22 and The Paulstal Service TERMINATED - SUB BACKUPS!
    Published on Jan 15, 2015

    1. you like more pax-monoglica alliance wilt islam and easter-orthodox preist bats dressed in same cloths like muslim bats?

  16. Also, if you're a gunman, why would you stop to pick up a shoe in the street?

    soleille201214 hours ago

    WHY DOES A SHOE DROP......and no one hears it?
    There are many things wrong with the Paris shooting video (posted below)…......All clues point to a false flag.....
    1. As already seen in the video the large cross hairs are painted on the road to make sure the gunmen know where to stop the car. The reason of course is to make sure the cameraman gets them on video.
    2. As the cameraman pans the scene we notice a shoe on the road right next to the open door on the passenger side of the car. It is sitting there in plain view seemingly out of place. But is it? What if the shoe is there as a visual aid. Movie makers regularly put cross hairs on the floor as an aid to actors so they know where to stand when its their turn to act. There are also other props that are placed in scenes to mark the time. We can confirm that the shoe is a time clue or marker because the gunmen who is supposedly pumped with adrenaline and is in a hurry to leave the scene, suddenly stops and picks up the shoe and throws it in the car. We know it is not his shoe because he has them on. The other gunman also has his shoes. So why pick up a shoe that does not belong to you taking time away from your get away and put it in your car. The shoe is a visual cue to the cameraman telling him that the gunmen are finished and are now leaving the scene. Why does the cameraman need this clue? Simple the cameraman also has to leave the scene before the police arrive.

    1. I think the cue that they're finished is when they leave, and they don't need any "visual cues" to indicate that. It's best indicated when they leave.

      Friend you might think about taking a course in logic or something because all your conclusions are based on such conjectures.

    2. I did not write that--a commenter did. I just said it was unusual to stop a getaway to pick up a shoe.

  17. Cuz you never know when you can use an extra shoe lol !

  18. I'm just glad it wasn't a mattress instead of a shoe, cuz that would have been comedic "keystone cop-like". Picture if you will; the loading and fumbling of the mattress, onto the roof of the "getaway" car, with the proverbial one arm above the head technique. Rofl.

  19. Barry Popick it is funny you should mention the shoe, because I remember a picture which got Piers Morgan sacked from his job as editor of the Daily Mirror. It was supposed to be British Soldiers torturing Iraq prisoners, one of the things that proved it was false was their boots. I would suggest it is these kind of details which can catch 'false flags' out. As an avid people watcher you can pick up so much about folk simply by paying attention. Maybe the shoe could only be purchased in Israel or it is just for Special Forces, something to ponder.

  20. I am no expert on social etiquette, but I have just seen pictures in the Daily Mail and it looks like your John Kerry making out with the President of France.A trifle odd.

  21. Yes clearly shows the gunman picking up a shoe or sneaker as you say in America! No wonder! Have you seen the price of decent footwear!!? No self respecting so called jihadi or sympathiser would not be seen dead without sporting a pair of Nike air max Jordan's would they? They may detest the west but boy do they love our sportswear and training shoes! In point of fact I was rather disappointed when the seals raided bin Ladens compound( or should that be crib?) We didn't see wardrobes full of tracksuits and sneakers with perhaps a Hummer on the drive! Mind since the combined forces drove these whilst searching for him in tora bora and decided Hummer didn't cut the mustard! i digress but one thing I do know reading the posts seems........we give a fuck!!!!!



    Robert Baer is not an assassin. He doesn't know what he's talking about. What I understand he does in this book is pick out someone from Lebanon decades ago who was in Hezbollah or something and uses him as an example of what a proficient assassin should do. Baer is a fan of this guy or something.

    What kind of weird book is that?

    If a sports writer writes a book about being the best quarterback he's going to take a particular trait and then reference several quarterbacks who possessed it. He's not going to make a list of traits and then constantly say how this ONE quarterback possessed it.

    That's really weird.

    Now as for the title, "The Perfect Kill," that's an exaggeration. Killing is messy. Some countries like the Israelis know this and that's why they assign like, over a dozen people on an assignment to kill one bloke. Look at all the Israelis implicated in that killing in Qatar a couple years ago. There were like ten or more of them to cover all these different tasks.
    Would Baer call that, "a perfect kill?"

    Well I think he's romanticizing and exaggerating the issue and making it sound like it's the craft of one person, a lone operator who sets out to crack the code and solve all the problems to bring the act to a standard of perfection.

    If he wanted to write a real book he might have looked at the methods of assassination used by governments over the decades. He might have referred to the methods used by Mossad in the post 1970 thing and compared it to what they do now, which is very different. Or if he knew about other assassinations by Americans and others he could have referred to those. Assassination by Americans is what I know about, and it changed radically from the Korean War era when it originated through the 1950s when it was changed and modified until it became what it was in the 1960s Vietnam era.

    But different targets require different methods, and while some targets appear to require ten or more people to conduct the act other targets can be dealt with by a lone operator, or a team of people simply placing a bomb in a car, etc.

    One interesting and simple matter is that of that American guy whose name I forget who blew up Orlando Leteliae [sp] in DuPont Circle in D.C. in the 1970s.

    I can't remember that American's name but he was working for Chile, and he was a very proficient assassin though the consequences of his very high profile actions were dire. I mean how stupid is it to blow a guy up in Dupont Circle when he could have been killed anywhere else?

    Baer could have dealt with those things but I understand he didn't and I'm not going to bother to read his book and never read any of his others because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

    1. The American rich kid assassin who put the bomb in Orlando Letelie's car and blew off his legs and killed Ronnie Moffett in Sheridan Circle was MICHAEL TOWNLEY.

      TOWNLEY was the son of a rich American business executive in Chile and Townley wanted to kill anyone the Pinochet government wanted dead.

  23. Look, lemme give you an example of why Baer is a nincompoop.

    He likes to talk about how he was accused of murder in the US when he tried to kill Saddam Hussein.


    Robert Baer on his own tries to kill Saddam Hussein?

    Why the fuck would he wanna do that?

    He says "the only thing wrong with Iraq was Saddam."


    Oh yeah when Saddam Hussein was finally ousted things in Iraq went back to normal? Is that what happened?


    Now why some lowly...lowly case officer probably GS-12 or whatnot would think he could on his own and without direction from anyone take it upon himself to murder Saddam Hussein...I don't fucking know.

    But that's the level of mentality you're dealing with when listening to Robert Baer the lowly GS-12 case officer.

  24. What is known by two stay secret, what is known by more than two, it is not secret any more. Nice combination is when two knows but they do not know each other. When you say Mossad it is always: them. Like i said, if you red book your review would not be so good, because you would become dumber after reading such book. 90% of books are dangerous because you become more dumb when you read them. Especially books about free market, books about connecting biology with economy, books about human rights, different biographies, philosophy books, history books... especially good books are books what are explaining what really happen or what reveal some secrets, for instance memoirs from some secret agent which reveals something disputable, with only result that after reading it you can be sure will know even less.

  25. Dr Steve, People should watch this eye opening documentary “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”
    The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken from an historical perspective starting around world war 1 leading to present day. We hope after watching this video you will know more about what happened in the past and how the world is run today.

  26. Follow this link to get an eye opening modern day view of

    The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds

    1. lie repeated 1000 times could become truth one day :), and after it even become factual truth, which would just prove that information is above material

    2. Learn from history! That Y/T video "The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds" is just an attempt to try and whitewash the Rothschild name! Try this site "The Rothschild Bloodline"
      Like it say Rothschilds three connections between Satanism, evil, and money! Remember Eyes Wide Shut takes a closer look at the elite secret society discovered by the film's main character, Bill. ... Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and Baron Alexis de Redé at a 1972 party!

  27. Also after reading Dr P's movie review of Clint Eastwood's new movie The Sniper, I just got back from the theatre and have to say it was a very entertaining film. Thanks for the movie review Dr. P. definitely well worth the time.

    Again, I want to say, if I ever have to make a get away, there are some things I may stop and pick up, but a shoe is not one of them. What is the logic of that I have to ask? Was the gun man part of the "beautify France" litter removal task force?
    Let me be as plain as I can be....Who the fuck is going to pick up a shoe in this god damned scenario? NOBODY ! But this gun man decides to do the inconceivable. WHY???

    My high powered thinking friends...until you can answer that question.... I have to say these fuckers that perpetrated this have a lot of 'splan'in to do. Please answer the Why question...anyone?

    1. Actually the explaination is simple.

      These guys were not in their right minds. They were experiencing something so far out of the normal range for themselves or anyone that it's not funny.

      In such circumstances people commonly are not thinking normally. It's perfectly understandable that under such conditions that the guy saw something which looked out of order and thought, "why not? It won't hurt to bring it."

      The point is a solitary shoe just sitting there looks way out of normal, and without thinking he just thought to be safe take it along. His mind was busy....very busy.

    2. This morning on NBC there was a long story glorifying the American Sniper film and making Kyle out to be a hero. They featured his wife, etc....

      They never for once mentioned his libel against Ventura, his constant lies, and his admission under oath that his book was a fabrication.

      The media is fucked...fucked...fucked.

      I think it was NBC that was the author of the phony "21" game in the 1950s, with Geritol and whatnot.

      They havn't changed a bit.

  28. I believe it is as Dr. P says, France at least allowed this to happen. But I believe it goes further, but can't prove it, its just something I feel in my gut...instinct, if you will. Shit like this doesn't happen.

    What is the explanation for having a camera crew ready on a roof to film the whole thing. That is FISHY AS HELL !

    Sorta like having a video camera on the World Trade Centers' top floor moments before the first plane hits. Just coincidence?

  29. I now feel for first time in many years that finally everything is going back to normal. I would just recommend that Pakistan secret service start talking with Kazakhstani about commonalities as cherry on top.

  30. OK we have the policemen obviously not being shot secondly the first doctor on the "scene" describing massive chest trauma then we have this plain as day shoe!!! Coupled with the fact that this charlie hebdo published a picture of Mohammed in a gay kiss! Which I may add isn't being thrown into the mix by the mainstream press! We are getting another front page of Mohammed saying whatever! Coupled with the fact charlie he do refused to go along with some satirical piece in case of it being labelled anti Semitic!!!!!!!! Meanwhile whilst this is all going on my government want to protect my freedom of speech by taking that fucking freedom away!! I'm no expert on ballistics but I've a few pairs of shoes and I know when some bastard with a ak47 has missed at point blank range! I also know that if its accepted to poke Islam but not Judaism your on dodgy fucking ground!!!! Also what's perceived initially as an attack on "our" freedoms has quickly been hijacked into people of the Jewish faith offered sanctuary in Israel ( I'd take my fucking chances in France)not wwithstanding the state funerals in the mount of olives whilst the rest of us have to roll on!!! Touch of class this Charlie hebdo!!! The satire is well and truly levelled at the rest of us

    1. Apologies! Profanity is usually the last refuge of the inarticulate but this is staring us in the face!!!

    2. you can poke Islam because Islam is against freedoms, and Judaism is pillar of freedoms of judo-christian west. Islam is not even religion, that is something like nazism, belief not in race but in to pedophilia and homosexuality, globally... Beside there are some more crude facts, there 20M Jews around world left and 1,4B muslims, and you can not attack Jews any more in France because France luckily lost war together with Germany as collaborationists so they have to watch how to behave. Spain and Italy never had such problems with Nazism, they were never infiltrated by Nazis so they do not have to have such laws against socialists attacking Jews again.

    3. even Islam is more evolved because in Islam you use enslaved male kids for striptease, female kids for wives, grown females for slaves, while in 100% homosexual nazism you use all trucks you have and all capacity of your own rail network even your own solders on front need both, and even you will loose war because of that, just to be able to kill mothers with kids :) nazism is not economical

    4. The policeman may not have been shot in the head at that point but some other point, or maybe those saying he was shot in the head were mistaken and he was never shot in the head. I don't know.

      To hang an entire theory on that point when there are other explaination is folly, and as for picking up a shoe off the ground that doesn't prove anything.

      These are tiny little details of total ambiguity.

      The larger point is that it's not possible to use actors or recruit phony victims. It never happens, and didn't happen at Sandy Hook either.

      If you wanna claim that an attack is false why go through all this nonesense? False flags attacks like those in Belgium and Italy in the 1970s and 1980s were just anonymous killers who show up and kill everyone and you never find them.

      These killers are real dumbasses and we absolutely know who they were and where they are now, and we know who the victims were AND THEY ARE DEAD...REALLY DEAD. WE KNOW THAT.

  31. The English Government is Evil

    A lot of people don't know this but during WWII Ireland was neutral....NEUTRAL.

    The wise Irish know the English game all too well, and when England declared war on Germany the Irish declared their neutrality.

    Then after the war the Irish government accepted many Nazis into Ireland as refugees!


    It was Ireland which accepted scores of Nazis, many of whom came in under false identities because the English were hunting them. The wise Irish were used to hiding people from the evil English.

    Today common people in England are treated like surfs once again so go figure.....

    I prefer Ireland.

    1. Irish detested English and rightly so

  32. The English during the war sought to subvert Yougoslavia, Crete, Norway,Iceland, Iran and Iraq. But they were never able to turn the Irish government to their will.

    1. So then here comes along the US Ambassador, Joseph Kennedy, and people wonder why he was against the English fighting another war with Germany? People wonder why he was pro-German?

      Because every Irishman on the planet was that way LOL.....

    2. With all there issues I have to say I admire the Kennedy family, and not only were they underdogs against the English mafia in America, but they were more humane, and human, than all their Anglophile competitors and detractors.

      The Kennedys were at least human.

    3. The Irish were far from neutral they used to let German U Boats 'rest' there for their Atlantic Wolf Pack runs on allied shipping.Having spent many a happy hour looking for IRA semtex during a summer student job I had, in very public places like exhibition centres and galleries crammed with people, would like to suggest their terrorists were very good at murdering ordinary innocent people. They were not like the ersatz Islamic made up lot now, they used to hit every two weeks you could not walk closely to a litter bin in London. However even they had their weird elements the SAS had every single members address, the leaders waltzed around unmolested, the Bank of England knowingingly laundered their money...maybe they were training for the British Army who knows. But things change the Irish have gone from Public enemy number one, to those nice River Dance people. As for Joseph Kennedy apart from allegedly being a criminal 'bootlegger' the phrase associated with him in the 40's was 'I thought my Daffodils were yellow until I met Joe Kennedy!' I understand he was a complete Bastard to those around him, in fact the only mystery is how he produced a son like JFK who became a thorn in the side of the establishment so much, that he had to be murdered by the state.

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