Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Watch out for your water, here is some interesting news.
Reprinted from the Florida Specifier November 2014

High nitrate levels in Floridan Aquifer may have cancer implications

Robert Knight, PhD, director of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute in Gainesville, has been studying water most of his life and knows a bit about the state’s springs and natural resources. 

There’s one ugly piece of information that he is aware of about the Floridan Aquifer that he wants all of us to know.

“Existing elevated nitrate concentrations throughout much of the Floridan Aquifer may be harmful to humans in addition to their deleterious effects on the
ecology of springs,” Knight said. “The concerned public and their elected officials should demand that the federal, state and local public health organizations conduct a comprehensive epidemiological study of the effects of groundwater nitrate levels on human health in Florida.” 

Knight has good reason for his concern. A study released in 2001 indicated that drinking water contaminated with nitrates from fertilizers or human and animal wastes may cause bladder cancer in women—nitrates at levels far below current government ceilings. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that nitrate levels are safe below 10 parts per million. However, the study showed that levels as low as 2.46 parts per million may nearly triple the risk of bladder cancer. 

“There have been a few studies that looked at nitrate in drinking water and a variety of cancers,” said Peter Weyer, PhD, associate director of the University of Iowa’s Center of the Health Effects of Environmental Contamination and author of the study. “And while some have found an association with such diseases as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, there has only been one study done in Spain, published in 1993, that showed an association between nitrate, a municipal water supply and an increased risk for bladder cancer.” 

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the country. 

Weyer and his colleagues used data from more than 41,000 women, aged 55 or older, in the Iowa Women’s Health Study. 

“We were looking at women who were using the same water supply for more than 10 years. That turned out to be about 22,000 women. 16,500 of them were using the municipal water supplies from 400 municipalities,” he said. 

The level of exposure to nitrate was based on data collected from municipal water suppliers. No nitrate data was available for women using private wells. The research team checked the cancer incidence data from the Iowa Cancer Registry from 1986 to 1998. 

“What we found was a positive association for an increased risk of bladder cancer in women who used municipal water supplies,” wrote Weyer in the study. “For women on municipal-supplied (water), if the nitrate level was greater than 2.5 parts per million, those women had an almost three-fold risk for bladder cancer compared to a group of women who we used as reference who were exposed to less than 0.4 parts per million.”

The 2001 study was adjusted for risk factors such as smoking, nitrate in the diet and vitamins E and C that impact how nitrate is reduced in the body. According to Weyer, nitrates are reduced to carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds in the body. And nitrates are found everywhere. “It’s present naturally in the soil. It can seep into groundwater from nitrogen-based fertilizers, from both agricultural and farming, as well as from the single family home-owner,” wrote Weyer. “Nitrates are a by-product of livestock facilities, human waste, municipal wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks.” 

According to the American Cancer Society, the findings from the 2001 study are potentially important. Harmful concentrations of nitrate are substantially lower than what the government claims will prevent toxicity. In its 2008-09 Annual Report of the President’s Cancer Panel, “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk - What We Can Do Now,” published in 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, authors Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr. and Dr. Margaret L. Kripke implored President Obama to take action by warning the public about everyday exposure to carcinogens.

In 2009 alone, approximately 1.5 million American men, women and children were diagnosed with cancer and 562,000 died from the disease. With the growing body of evidence linking environmental exposure to cancer, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the unacceptable burden of cancer resulting from environmental exposures that could be prevented through appropriate national action. 

Of particular concern to the research panel was that the true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated. With nearly 80,000 chemicals on the market in the U.S., many of which are used by millions of Americans on a daily basis, exposure to potential carcinogens is widespread. And children are far more vulnerable to environmental toxins and radiation than adults. 

The panel expressed concern that significant harm from cancer-causing products had not been addressed adequately by the National Cancer Program and that the American people, before they are even born, are bombarded continually with myriad combinations of these dangerous exposures. 

The panel implored the president to use the power of the office to remove carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water and air that needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our nation’s productivity and devastate American lives.


  1. LOL Dude wake up!

    When are you ever going to learn about Florida?????

    Florida is the cesspool of America in every respect - the "banana republic" of the United States.

    It purposefully permits MDs who have lost their licenses elsewhere practice there - they set up a heroin pipeline to the other 49 states by permitting "pain clinics" that sell Oxycontin to out-of-state patients....

    88% of all Oxy sales are in the state of Florida alone LOL...

    The state was owned by real estate hustlers until the 1960s, and then Cubans took over the banks and the courts....

    They maintain the place as if it were 1950s Batista Cuba!

    It's fun if you want to be in the drug business or play "Sonny Crocket and Enrico Tubbs" cops and robbers...

    But otherwise the place is an aligator-invested swamp full of white trash like Janet Reno and the negro descendants of the Seminoles who walled the place off when no white people wanted to live there !!


    Man this country is so full of beautiful, awesome places.

    Florida is the worst...the pitts...and about 80% of all retired members of the "Association of Former Intelligence Professionals" are retired there.

    I like North Carolina, or Tennesse, or Wyoming, or anywhere.

    Even Waco, Texas isn't so bad....

    I have relatives who are judges in Waco and the Brazos river is gorgeous and the lake is HUGE and there's no traffic and it's close to Dallas and Austin and Mexico and everywhere.

    Check out Waco and you'll see the huge ranch style houses, the colossal yards with oak tress, deer and racoons and birds of all kinds. If I could I'd retire there in a heartbeat and live like a king on pennies on the dollar.

    1. In Waco for peanuts you can get a house overlooking the lake, and there's no traffic and few people around. My grandfather built have the houses there until his doctor killed him in 1967, and my grandfather's house overlooking the lake is amazing.

      It's a quiet place where a person can focus on work and get a lot of writing and concentration done, and Baylor University has it's share of tech professionals and others if brains are ever needed...

      I think I just talked myself into it.

    2. Go on google maps and check it out from above and see what I'm talking about. My grandfather's house was I think 270 Skyline Drive or's the house right on the curve of Skyline Drive on the bluff above the lake.

      I wish I had that house today.

    3. Oh dear seems Disneyland Orlando is off the cards then! You don't suppose they poison the water to kill off the ex Intel operatives do you??? I was thinking the Royal family could re- locate along with the Californian porn film industry!!!! Waco sounds interesting though with its location and proximity! Just had a thought! "Del does Dallas" good enough for Debbie good enough for me

    4. Looks like a nice place Mit. I think you could make it happen.

    5. The house is 2603 Skyline Drive. It has two large trees that were planted there when it was built in 1960 a few months after I was born.

      The view of the lake is spectacular, and the lake and surrounds are never crowded.

      It is an undiscovered paradise.

      Until my grandmother died in 1973 the two lots to the left were always kept vacant, and it was a large lot where I used to ride my Honda 60cc motorcycle like the one on "Mad Men."

      In July 1969 I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon while in that house, and also watched many appearances of Tom Jones on the Ed Sullivan show.

    6. A few years ago Terrance Malik was so impressed with Waco that he used it as the town the family lived in for his epic "Tree of Life."

      The scenes of the Brazos river and the mother in her front yard barefoot with the water hose running and butterflies is exactly as it really was....

      It is a garden. It is the earth.

    7. The laborers who built that house for my grandfather were all members of the "Branch Davidian" church in Waco, and nearby was their original "Mount Carmel" which they sold to my grandfather, which is when they moved east of town to the compound where Federal agents killed them decades later......

    8. "Mt. Carmel" of the Branch Davidians was on a hill which became valuable for homebuilding once the lake was made....

      I think there is still a Mount Carmel road there.

    9. YES it is still there and is called "Mt Carmel Drive" next to Skyline Drive where my grandfather developed all those neighborhoods...

      That is where the Branch Davidians lived for many years in peace and joy and then they sold that land to my grandfather and moved to their location east of town but then called it "Mount Carmel" also....

      That's where the cowardly Federal agents murdered the remainder of the Branch Davidians with cyanide and fire....

    10. Those memories sound bitter sweet. It pains me to read what happened to the Branch Davidians, all those innocent kids murdered, and for what? I keep thinking the human race is not that dumb, but they keep proving me wrong when these type of events unfold.

      But on the bright side, it sounds like you made some great memories in that home. I have a feeling you were a mighty terror on that motorbike lol ! You seem much less risk averse than myself...(understatement)

      I have similar types of "flashbulb" memories of places I lived while growing up. The older I get, the more distant they seem, but on a logarithmic scale, which makes me feel even older than I truly am !

      I didn't have a motorbike growing up, so I decided before I got too old to enjoy the experience, I went out and bought myself a Harley last year. I wouldn't say I'm a terror on it, but it is probably the most dangerous thing I do in my life at the moment, is to ride that thing. But it does give me a different perspective for sure.

      With the helmet and motorcycle attire, I seem to attract a whole different type of female attention, especially at the local Harley shop's parking lot. It makes me laugh, as I keep in mind the whole "get up" obscures my true age and not so young looking physique. I keep telling myself that this is just a secondary benefit of dressing safely, in case I wipe out on the bike, I don't want to ride unprotected, but I am thinking there are some really hot biker chicks, and maybe I need to "accessorize" my Harley with one of them sitting on the back. Lol !

      Anyway, I was curious, about a previous comment you had made, you seemed to express a kind of "immortality complex", when comparing yourself to say a Castro in that way, would you not have to say that that is a form of faith? Do you believe the past is a precursor for the future in this context? Sort of like analogous to a financial prospectus?... i.e. a good past performance is indicative of continued future well being? Which of course I sincerely hope is true. But you sounded so convinced that this is factual, that you even went as far as to say something like " I just know .... I am like that, like Castro in that way." What do you attribute this assurance to, just that you survived some dangerous "run ins"?

      I used to be the eternal optimist, the first 53 years of my life were very predictable, even keel, went as planned, and I felt very lucky or blessed if you will, because of that.

      However, my charmed life derailed with an unusual chain of events, starting with a nephew who was a little 17 year old walking encyclopedia of knowledge, Valedictorian of his high school class who, prior to being accepted to Humbolt as a double major in Marine Biology and Computer Science, decided to help build schools in Bolivia of all places, the summer following his high school graduation. He returned to the U.S. ill, was misdiagnosed by a U.C. Davis educated M.D. and subsequently died a few months after his return from Bolivia. This sent my wife of 25 years into a mental tail spin, and played a significant role I believe, in ending my quarter century marriage.

      Among other attributes, I think my "immortality complex" has been dinged, and I really have no expectation of ever really finding someone that could fill that void that my ex spouse filled, that is; finding an educated, and refined "soul mate" if you will, who has many common values, and lofty ideals for the future.

    11. When I got married some 25 years ago, I think our society was a little different than today. Today, I find myself tempted to ask anyone I am even remotely thinking of going out with, not only what their sexual proclivities are, but sometimes I wonder If I should start by asking if they are a man or a woman. I mean I really don't want any surprises. Our society is really kind of fucked up, as far as values, and boundaries and sexuality and such. I don't think I would want to be a teenager reliving the dating scene today (i.e. young and naive). It seems much more complex than in my day.

    12. Learn from history! It must be so difficult because you just get used to that person just being there and you know exactly how the other person thinks. However do not forget that many almost random events and decisions led to you meeting your first 'soul mate' and a similar collection could bring you to the next one...If you really want that, if something like this had happened to me I am not sure I could be arsed to find the 'one', two so to speak.But rather just sleep with big dogs on the bed, Motorcycles, mess and total freedom. However I think sometimes folk try too hard speed dating etc and instead by getting involved in evening classes, gallery visits, book clubs, Badminton etc meeting in no pressure situations it can workout in a more subtle way.I never really understood the Waco thing, as portrayed by MSM over here, there was a suggestion children were at risk, but it was so heavy handed I am surprised they did not call in Airstrikes, it was a Sledgehammer for a Walnut, maybe it was because they were living off the grid.I think many people think they are leading a 300 year life, well your not. I used to say to my old Dad come with me to Paris on The Eurostar before you get too old (he liked trains!) and he would say 'must just tidy the Shed today' well we never did that journey. I say to everyone to be as 'mindful' as you can of the present, but we are so distracted. I like the Bill Hicks 'Roller Coaster' analogy coupled with the Universe as a Computer simulation, it sort of makes all things possible.

    13. Great points by LFH & Bill UK! People don't seem to "meet" anymore! Its either Facebook or over here we have "plenty of fish" even "plenty of fat" each to their own I suppose but it seems lacking same as "speed dating" all it seems to be trawling the streets of the UK is armies of young mothers with 3 kids to 3 fathers with the kids following aimlessly with a pastry stuck in the mouths whilst the mothers have a £400 mobile phone glued to their ear! A lot can't even make a meal from scratch but I digress! Yeah bill is correct, live your life and remember there's no pockets in a shroud!!!

    14. Yes there were people who were trying to kill me decades ago, and once I had to escape when I was kidnapped. This left me with an emotional PTSD condition which was not rational but based somewhere in my reptile brain.

      But the truth was that the future holds no threat to my life.

      When my consciousness was raised over the years what was lodged in my reptile brain was displaced by an accurate sense of the future as my mind was perceiving it.

      Not unusual actually.

    15. Learn from History,

      I'm 55 years old and I would never date a woman over 30. First of all what's wrong with her that she isn't married already, or if she was what was the problem? Does she have kids with some other guy? What a mess. I agree with Stefan Molineux on that score. Woman who've had lives with other men and had THAT MAN'S children are a freaking mess.

      Furthermore I have absolutely no physical attraction for women over 30. Sorry ladies but you don't see women over, say, 27 or so in sex roles in porn or anything of the kind, so it's pretty clear that men really want girls of a youthful age for sex, and that's that.

      Life gives a girl a short window to find a husband and breed if that is what she wants to do, and if she delays it then the game is over. If she wants to pretend otherwise she can try, but it's un-natural, and I think in the porn business the attraction of fucking MILFs or older ladies is a fetish and fringe thing, so that's that.

      So if you are an older guy like myself forget about marriage. It's over so just get used to it. It's not a good idea anyway.

      However if you still have some libido and like to screw the world is full of girls under 30 who will enjoy you, and that's just the fact. You usually have to either compensate them in some way but that's the way the world has always been, and being a sugar daddy or client of a stripper or someone is the natural way of life in reality and that's that.

      Otherwise a person can probably go to Moldova or someplace, maybe even Tunisia or Algeria, and find a hot 19 year old who will have more character and morals than the American bitches who condemn them.

      Life is what it is and that's that. Personally I think it's wonderful.

    16. In assisted living centers the females staff members sometimes get groped or molested by the elderly men....

      This is really sick. Also in such places really old people hook up somehow and they form these deep romantic bonds.

      I don't get it.

      If I were an eighty-something year old guy the last thing I would want would be another eighty year old woman. Why on earth would I want that????

      I just don't get it.

      Romantic love is based in physical attraction, and then other things MIGHT be added to it, but it's about sex and breeding to make future generations or enjoy the process.

      That's what romantic love is, and it's not supposed to be about keeping from being lonely.

      Loneliness is for the birds.

      A person should read a book or build a model airplane or something. There's plenty of things to do without being silly and infantile and childish.

    17. I know the reality of woman, and I know the way they really feel, and not what they think they feel or say they feel. I know woman.

      Woman are animals when it comes to sex. They want to fuck wildly, and they are insatiable when it comes to sex. They are attracted to men physically, and otherwise they have no idea what a man is like, or anything. Woman go crazy with sex when they're turned on, and it's a totally physical thing for them, and their emotions are involved in it completely, but it's all about the physical act and nothing more.

      If women want to pretend that they are not seeking purely physical wild sex then they are just deluding themselves.

      Unfortunately as well intoxication is hugely involved in this, and for me that's always be a problem because I hate drugs and alcohol and I don't drink even beer.

      But most girls are all about taking MDMA or weed or getting drunk or whatever to increase their sexual pleasure.

      Girls loves drugs and alcohol and that's when they like to breed the most. In the past it was Ludes that made girls want to drop their panties and fuck, and now it's MDMA or "molly" but its the same for them.

      That's just the facts and that's that.

    18. Woman have so little testosterone that they have very little sex drive. However if they've had sex before they remember it and the idea of it will lead them to seek it again even though they are not really horny.

      The associations and memory of it will work on them and they will see someone they want to repeat the experience with, and that's just about the physical experience and nothing more.

      Then when they become intimate oxytocin is released and that's when they really get horny. Men don't act on oxytocin but women do, and when it makes them horny they can't stop because unlike men they're not used to being horny and don't know how to behave so they just want to fuck when it's released.

      Women are just not horny until you push their button physically and then they will fuck anything in trousers - they become much hornier than men.

      And that's that.

      It's just nature and it's about reproduction so don't try to make such a big deal out of it.

    19. Furthermore girls enjoy masterbation a lot more than men do.

      In places like Egypt and other horrible places women like to cut off the clitorises of their daughters so they won''t masterbate or enjoy sex or orgasms and this is a crime against nature and women and life itself.

      The practice of mutilating girls's sex pleasure organs is an attack on pleasure and nature itself and such societies are perverted and demonic in the extreme.

      In my opinion genital mutilation is a terrorist act and the denial of the most basic human rights and the US should not trade or even have diplomatic relations with any country which permits it.

    20. Woman are meant to breed.

      If they don't they wind up fucked up monsters like Condolezza Rice or Janet Reno or Ellen Digeneris.

      They're unfulfilled monsters.

    21. The whole world to any girl is acceptance by her peers and her desireability for breeding and sexual love and security and so forth...............

      Girls will always be obsessed with their status versus other girls for their sexual desirability, and this is the entire self-esteem and nothing else.

      They are meant to compete with other girls for the fittest males to mate and have babies with, and arranged marriages and other such bullshit prevents them from breeding with the fittest men and creates races of mis-shapen trolls like you see in India.

      Go to a place like Norway or Italy where girls have been fucking who they chose to and you will see gorgeous people who are selected for their fitness.

      In Norway in my family tree for hundreds of years the first births of children came about six months AFTER the marriage....

      For generations in Norway in my family the girls got married ONLY AFTER THEY BECAME PREGNANT...



      AND SAME FOR ITALY AND FRANCE whereas in India everyone is a toad.

    22. I love to read feminist fantasy garbage like Naomi Wolff and "The Feminine Mystique" and I just laugh my ass off !!!

      I've known real, live girls all my life and all they do is think about what they are going to wear and how they are going to make up their eyes and their eyeliner and their eyelashes and their lipstick......

      When they look gorgeous they FEEL GREAT.

      And if they feel for one instant that they look bad....


      That's the way they are programmed and there's nothing wrong with it.

      It's very...very...challenging for them and leads many of them to be unhappy but there's nothing you can do about it.

      It's their nature.

    23. Being a female is extremely difficult in this world. They are painfully aware that they are physically weaker than men, they are afraid for physical violence and intimidation. They don't like to admit this but it's always on their mind because of their small size. Almost any girl who is struck or physically attacked by her lover will not retaliate, but will act submissively or leave the country or something rather than stand up for herself.

      I've known girls who've left the United States entirely just to get away from abusive boyfriends.

      Women are very fatalistic, and have little courage to stand up and fight or struggle. They have little stomach for any fight. If attacked they retreat.

      Women know their self-esteem is all tied up with their appearance, and they know that will not last very long. It's a terrible situation.

      I don't even want to mention menstration, but it wreaks havoc on a girl's self-esteem, as well as their own perception of their un-hygenic nature of their feminine organs. They feel they are only acceptable when they've had the leisure to wash themselves continuously. In Europe you see bideas everywhere you the US there's not even that.

      Women have very little political power, little financial power or career power, and they are at the mercy of others.

      All they have is their looks and their charm and that is fleeting.

      Given this some are strongly apt to become conceited in their self-image and their ability to gain financially from stupid men who throw money at them with nothing in return. I've seen this conceit a million times, but all it is actually is a compensation mechanism for their insecurity.

    24. For all these reasons I really strongly believe in the traditional family...absolutely.

      The family unit is the only system which protects women's financial security as well as her emotional security.

      It's absolutely imparative that when a women is over thirty and loses her youth that she have loving children and family members for her happiness and well being.

      Family is all that women have for their emotional well being after youth is gone, so for feminists and homosexuals to seek to destroy the family is insane.

      All advocates of the weakening of the family or of homosexual marriage should be put to death.

    25. The purpose of marriage is the security of children and women.

      If someone gets married with no intention of having children it's a false marriage and should be considered using a loophole in the marriage laws to pursue an unintended lifestyle....

      Marriage must be preserved and the attack on marriage and the legality of homosexual marriage will make life more unbearable for women than it already is.....

    26. And to think that there are millions of men who want to be women......

      Men have their own challenges and that's the way it should be. Men should be expected to be manly and if they are not and try to compensate for it by becoming bullies or police officers they should be taken out and shot in the head.

      Men who are not men are unfit to live.

  2. Texas is centre of world so you have it both. Alamo is ultimate sacred place (just remember faith of those kids there dying against snake with feathers), and you have Houston, also interesting place, Houston is city which does not exist in news, did you ever heard something about Houston, some trivial humane news, of course not... It is 100% city ruled by Satan... People there can not make news there, it is like city on the moon, like everything what is happening there is not part of carbon chemistry... No news from Houston ever and that huge city...

    1. In history of warfare to clean such areas you needed to use simple atomic bombs like on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Or in Europe where you do not want radiation you would do it with napalm like on Dresden. But for Houston solution is neutron bomb, because you want take gold from that skyscraper.

    2. Skyscraper still exist only because his role is to be more evil for China and Russia and other 3rd world scum but skyscraper must know that who sleeps with eastern feather snake wakes up with skyscraperless.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This is best video message to Houston ever made, wait until end... Boy they like skyscrapers

    5. The city 100% ruled by Satan is Dallas.

    6. Most of the defenders of the Alamo were huddled together in a barracks and they forgot to spike their cannons outside when they retreated to the barracks.

      The Mexicans considered letting the men in the barracks surrender, but some of the men in the barracks shot from there hitting a couple of Mexicans so any deal was off...

      So the Mexicans pointed the cannons at the windows and doors of the barracks and let loose with rocks and rails from the cannons...

      The men in the barracks were torn apart in a bloody horror as the cannons were about thirty feet away.

    7. Now a Saul Alinsky Quote..."Lest we forget at least an over-the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer."

      ----SAUL ALINSKY

    8. The myth of Lucifer is like all metaphors and fables of the Jewish's total nonesense....

      According to the story Lucifer wasn't a bad person or malicious in any way......

      His only problem was that he wanted something he couldn't have, or didn't respect the priviledge of God, etc., and so he was cast out....

      But he's not a bad person.

      Well this is a load of bullshit because that's what Satanists wish to believe to a point, and then they finally get around to associating Lucifer with anything non-altruistic or otherwise individualistic, and then they get around to becoming predatory and malicious and sadistic.....

      Lucifer is used as a focus of malevolence by people who seek to gain exhileration by destroying other people.....

      So which is the real Lucifer? Is Lucifer the angel of light which was so great he was a rival to God, or is Lucifer the psychic partner of the American soldiers in Iraq who boasted how they invaded an Iraqi home and killed the family for fun, then took turns raping the fourteen year old there until they killed her too.....

      Which is the real Lucifer?

      Saul Alinsky is such as dumbass he wouldn't know.

    9. I think the real Lucifer is the silent partner inspiring the American soldiers who enjoying killing a girl's parents in front of her and then taking turns raping her and then kill her.

      This crime and a million others like it only happened because George W. Bush made it happen because he loves war, and when you look into his mind, and the spritual beliefs he holds, you can see that he is motivated by sadism, cruelty, and enjoys using religion as a smokescreen for his extreme violent obsessions.

    10. The real Lucifer is a metaphor for the kind of mind which pursues exhileration by the specific destruction of creative expression of the universe embodied in normal human beings....

      A normal human being is the apex of creativity on this planet, and the compulsion and exhileration in destroying same is the phenomena mythologized by the Luciferian myth.

    11. I will live long past the time when George W. Bush and his father die and their souls encounter the eternal.

      But it would be nice to be there on the other side and watch their essence implode into oblivion upon their ascension from this planet when they instantly encounter the colossus of their own destruction to the masses of planet earth and then their souls will collapse into a black point from which.....

    12. you can not hide power of Satanic rituals, those rituals were developed so deep and perfectly well just to target deepest fears coming from era of cave, they were developed so well because they work... For instance there is one bird in Australia, if white person hear that bird, no problem he lives, if savage hear that song he dies, why, because he was told for generations that he will die if he hear that bird... That is power of magic. But that is lowest level of magic, highest level of magic is science, because magic is just manifestation of imagination in material world, (imagic-magic), atomic bomb is high level of magic, very high level. It works also. Satan was allowed to run away before he was destroyed, he was transformed it to light and was allowed for his remains to pollute earth, seems we have him in our genetics, or we learned to construct artificiality of evil and good from some his entities (only later on by Bible) as you can not know about evil and good if you are not told and if it is not said to you what will be good and what will be evil. In some African tribes it is good to kill every first born child because genetically is better for tribe, kids of mothers who can t have more than one kid should not continue, also question of illegitimacy and virginity is also solved by totem who have stick on which every girl of child bearing age dance around and sit on that stick, as way to proclaim that every child is child of totem and she lost virginity with totem... Also using drugs is allowed once per year in dance around totem, if someone would use it more, that would be crime against totem and he would be killed. It is, because it works, it works because it is money, it is money because it is Satan.

    13. Satan can not understand why God loves ur humans so much, for him we are just mortal imperfection. He wants us all dead. Even bible says that we humans have more Gods spirit than Angels. We humans would destroy Satan alone 1000 times already, BUT God does not allow that... No no, he does not even allow to some things to be changed. Look Mongol genocide in Euroasia, yes it was done only muslims and easter-orthodox as punishment, but than those good whites killed savage mongols in northern America, people do forget that Earth is round, if you throw shit in one direction it will come to you from another. For instance USA, pooing on communism too much, now USA must eat it, HEY you almost got Super congress of 12, halloo, if that is not central committee, i do not know what is. Also savage pagans can not be destroyed politically or racially, look how whites thought we have now all in 1911... HE HE, but i think now north africa could be taken, even with genocide or muslim priests, it would be allowed by God.

    14. or triangular balance of Slavic, Germanic and Roman people in Europe, try move that balance, -can t be done, there must be factor of balance, if there is none there will be one

  3. No no, Dallas is city of flying angels, Dallas is carbon brain noodle protector from that very silent still silicon milky-gray frozen sterile moon hell of Houston. Also, Dallas never liked any royal soviet oil monopolist passing by. Alex Jones said that Dallas do not look so good like before, so that is bad sign. Now seriously, i never can hear any news coming from Houston, nothing, yes we all know here in my county for "Hallo Houston", Houston medical centre, Oil corporations, Bio corporations, but to hear or read for some news coming from Houston… Nothing, never, even in USA, only news coming from Houston was about that lesbian mayor trying to make USA a easter-orthodox 3rd world country… So OK, i am wrong, hiding snake on tree moved for first time in last x years, but tell me something what happened in Houston…

    1. Dallas is the vortex of evil for a two thousand mile radius. All evil for two thousand miles is sucked into metropolitan Dallas and into the neighborhood of Preston Estates where the most evil, sadistic and psychopathic Satan worshippers like George W. Bush resides. The Hunt brothers, Clint Merchison, and all the old oil crowd from Dallas were the evildoers of this age. Dallas was the home of the John Birch Society and the murderers of all peace loving statesmen. Dallas is the center of sexual perversion, beastiality, homosexuality and cross dressing Republicans who lick each others' boots and tie each other up and sodomize each other with twenty inch black phalluses....

      Get the picture!

    2. If Dallas is such a centre, a focus of evil. I wonder if JFK's demise there may have had a ritualistic element to it. I have always thought it was third time lucky after Chicago and Miami and the links with the Oil Barons and LBJ made the assassination and the cover up easier to control, however Satanists do like a bit of ritual...mmm.

    3. From your info, seems to me, people there make news, you said it: Dallas have spirit it is illogical. But Houston, Houston do not exist, Houston is logical.

  4. Hey Bill Gates - DRINK SH*T AND DIE!!!

    1. And a big thanks to Dr. P for trashing Gates via the Will Styles character in NetForce.

      He truly is one of the most despicable persons in all of human history.

    2. Apparently for every ton of sea water there is a gram of Gold. In every ton of shit there is two grams! We are rich.I understand Mr Gates is now working on the Shit Sandwich (it will have lots of updates) so while we are drinking turds, we can fine dine on them as well. Still we have an endless supply of fecal matter, so no water wars for us. I know myself, I have passed logs that would require their own pension plan...but now I am saving the World! Apparently when Margaret Thatcher was PM and dined in swanky Hotels the Waiters and Kitchen staff used to jostle with each other to piss in her soup of the day. Then she would ask for more, maybe the extra vitamins and 'body' impressed her refined palate.

  5. Only fair bill gates gets in on the act! McDonald's Burger king Pizza hut coca cola ect ect have been giving us edible shit for years!! I recommend Guinness and plenty of red meat that should send the blood pressure through the roof and bring on the welcome onset of a fatal heart attack because I don't think I can stomach much more of the banal shit the media churn out for idiot masses! Next time bill gates is tucking into lobster just give thought to the shit we constantly digest both orally and the audible variety!!

    1. Lets hope that de-pooper machine isn't running on an old Windows platform. Otherwise I conjure up an new rendition, of Bill Gates instead of Lucy, working on the chocolate assembly line as the manager hollers...."speed it up a little bit ! " ; \

  6. Just been watching the uncensored footage of Paris Footage on Liveleak. I do not know much about guns, but why when these rather well prepared looking men shoot the Police Officer is there no blood and no recoil of the head. Secondly why are they so casual getting away, I would move faster going after a Taxi. Also how did they get away in Paris with cameras, traffic jams and Gendarme's everywhere, life is not like Jason Bourne film. I think it needs some analysis by someone who knows about real gun play to establish who and what just happened.

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