Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The future is here, spooky.


  1. Call me a Nazi but I don't consider the life of a fetus or embryo equal to that of a normal person. Nor do I consider the life of an infant equal either. It never has been in custom or law until the last few years as the lunacy of the voting public has swelled into lobbies which have made it a capital crime to end the life of a fetus when it's mother's life is taken. This idiotic inability to distinguish between thinking, feeling people and their tadpole-like precussors in development reinforces rigid principles over common sense and perception.

    Here in Austin in 2010 a jury convicted a 20 year old hispanic man of "Capital Murder" when he held his girlfriend's baby too close to his chest for seven minutes in an effort to subdue it's whaling. It's hard to imagine how holding a baby to one's chest for a time albeit too close would be a method chosen to KILL the infant, yet according to our prosecutor here that was clear evidence of intent to kill, and the jury agreed unamamously. The defendant, Johnny Castro, was sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE, and of course the jury wanted to believe that the incident was premeditated, malicious, etc., and not possibly in any way an act of negligence or impulse.

    This is just one example of how the law and public opinion has changed completely from the standards of tradition, as have public laws and opinions about women having sex with young men.

    On the O'Reilly Factor last night O'Reilly and Megan Kelly accused a very hot thirty year old high school teacher of "raping" three sixteen and seventeen year old young men, all of whom had the best time they've ever had in their lives and wanted to have more hot sex with this horny teacher.

    What the fuck has happened to common sense?

    If you are going to label things in which no one is harmed as horrendous crimes then doesn't that logically mean that you don't see a real crime when it happens?

    If you're going to falsely claim that someone is harmed when they're not just because the act falls into a certain category then you are not able to see when someone is actually harmed by acts which may not.

    1. Since time immemorial the taking of a life has been treated as different kinds of crimes depending on the circumstances. There has always been Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, and Murder in differing degrees according to the intent and 'mens rhea' or malice involved. Here in Texas there has always been 'murder without malice' which was a crime to which many pled to when caught red handed. Like the Charlse Harrelson case in McAllen in 1973 Mr. Harrelson was sentenced to seven years and served five.

      But when the Republicans and their 'law and order' idiotic reign of terror came about all tradition was thrown out the window and a non-traditonal, radical approach was codified which made no distinctions at all and called for 'life without possibility of parole' anytime anyone does anything that results in the taking of another life. And although the law is supposed to apply only to cases where malice and premeditation are involved the juries always stretch the facts to allow them to sentence anyone who kills even in impulse or even without meaning to kill but only injure.....

      And in the case of poor Johnny Castro they wanted to show that the life of a seven month old crying baby is equal to anyone else.....

    2. Here in Austin Alex Jones is an obnoxous opponant of abortion, though I'm sure in real life he harbors no such opinion and would have his girlfriend, mistress or daughter have an abortion in a heartbeat.

      And knowing O'Reilly's history of rampant sexual antics with the women he works with it's very unlikely that his real sexual morals consider a super hot high school teacher as a fiend when she spreads her legs for a seventeen year old jock in high school, or a sixteen year old on the debate squad or chess club.....

      These characters like O'Reilly and Jones are of course by their names NOT German or nordic by heritage or ancestry and therefore I can easily see how the immorality of deception and bad faith comes naturally to them, these malfactors of the British Isles.

    3. I learned about the case of Johnny Castro here in Austin because I met the infants mother, Veronica Sepulveda. She misled me completely about what happened. She told me her baby was "brutally murdered" and that the circumstances were these...

      She said her boyfriend was abusive and became insanely jealous and KIDNAPPED her infant daughter and ran off with her, then threatened to kill the infant if Veronica didn't return to him. Well, when I looked up the facts of the case this is not at all what happened. Ms. Sepulveda explained to me that she had started 'a company' to raise money for the cause of abused children. Hmmmmm........

    4. What actually happened is that Veronica left the house to go to a job interview and left the infant with Johnny to babysit. While he was babysitting the infant cried and Johnny held the infant to his chest "for seven minutes" until the baby stopped crying.

      The jury found that this was a premeditated and intentional act to kill the baby.

      Veronica couldn't be more pleased.

    5. You know I have to say my tolerance of people lying to the public is at an end.

      Whether it's the defenders of Chris Kyle claiming that he's a hero when in fact he was a crook...or Alex Jones and his continual serial lies about anything under the sun...or Ms. Sepulveda and her diabolical misleading of others about the events of her own daughter's death...

      I'm just fed up with anyone misleading the public and claiming that certain people are evil WHEN THEY ARE NOT.

      It takes a really monsterous person to falsely claim that another person is evil when they are certainly not and known to be so.

      So Mr. O'Reilly please do yourself a favor and stop calling that hot teacher a predator and a rapist when she didn't rape anyone.

      What you're doing is an insult to anyone whose actually been raped......and I almost think some of the women you've been with might have thought what you did came close to that....

    6. Last year we had another man here convicted of "Capital Murder" when he defended himself against a policeman who assaulted him.

      In this case, Brandon Daniel, was under prescribed Xanex when he was spotted at Walmart acted strangely. The Walmart staff didn't do what the law and their own procedures did when they suspected someone of intend to shoplift, but instead falsely called 911 claiming that an emergency existed and that immediate help was needed.

      An Austin policeman showed up and went into the interior of the store and confronted Mr. Daniel with his suspicion that he intended to leave the store without paying for a package of mushrooms. The the policeman grabbed Mr. Daniel's arm and became aggressive. Mr. Daniel, not understanding what was going on AND AS NO CRIME HAD BEEN COMMITTED....

      Mr.Daniel became afraid and fled, running toward the exit. The policeman, seeing the extreme gravity of the situation [my sarcasm] ran behind Mr. Daniel and executed a 'flying tackle' of Mr. Daniel from behind.

      Once Mr. Daniel felt himself being tackeled from behind and not even seeing who was assaulting him, he reached for his concealed pistol and fired it at the person attached to him as they both fell to the floor of the Walmart.

      When they both hit the floor the policeman who assaulted Mr. Daniel was gurggling and choking on his own blood and died shortly thereafter.

      To the jury in Mr.Daniel's case the fact that he broke no laws when grabbed, assaulted, and finally tackeled meant nothing. No account was given as to the state of mind of someone attacked in such a manner. Capital murder was the finding, meaning he premediated set out that day to kill someone, and he is now facing execution. The Austin Chief of Police says he's only going to be satisfied when Daniel is put to death.

    7. Brandon Daniel was found to have a high IQ and worked in a highly technical field. However he was under the care of a psychiatrist for depression and was under medication.

      I can guarantee you Mr. Daniel's intelligence and value as a human being, as well as his compassion and empathy for others FAR OUTRANKS THAT OF THE WORTHLESS POLICEMAN/ASSHOLE who he shot.

      This is an evil society. Very evil.

    8. At least in the case of that homeless man on the mountainside in Albaquerqe [sp] who was executed by murderous city police there....

      At least in that case some of the killer cops have been indicted for that cold blooded murder caught on tape.

      And here in Austin police detective Charlse Kleinert has been indicted for "manslaugher" after he shot a man in the back of the head under a bridge when he caught up with him in a case [although the man being chased committed no crime and wasn't wanted for anything]......

      At least it was manslaughter, and Kleinert has quit the force...

      But the DA is taking FOREVER to take this case to trial, and it may never go to trial or anything because there's no activity in the case...

    9. And now one of the Grand Jurors in the Ferguson matter is suing the crimianal murdering co-conspirator DA Macoullah [sp] so he can speak to the public about the disgraceful way in which that crooked DA misled the Grand Jury.

      In my opinion any law enforcement officer who is caught breaking any felony law should have triple the sentence of otherwise prescribed due to the extreme damage done to society when crimes are committed by law enforcers.

    10. Now about these horny female teachers having sex with sixteen year olds or even fourteen year olds......

      It's not hypocritical to DISTINGUISH between older male teachers fucking young, hot and sexy teenage girls and when hot female teachers asked to be fucked by teenage young men.

      There's a world of difference between a strong, masuline man in authority over a young teenage girl and asking her for sex and a female teacher offering sex to a strong young horny teenage young man.

      The difference is in the power of the adult involved.

      A woman can only offer sex to a man but cannot TAKE IT as a man can with a woman.

      And if O'Reilly and the stupid ass Megan Kelly idiotic sex bomb herself can't admit this SIMPLE TRUTH OF LIFE....

      Then maybe both of them have been alive on this planet too long themselves.......

      Meaning they should get an incurable disease or kill themselves the way so many of my own enemies have done in the course of my own life...meaning that I've never actually yet had to kill any of my personal enemies because they seem to die suddenly on their own before I can get around to it.

      Anyway I hope this happens to Kelly and O'Reilly becuase they deserve it.

      I mean if they can't understand a sexual romp between a hot teacher and a teenager than they are truely and absolutely twisted and evil beyond all redemption. They are evil.

  2. Okay let me make myself CLEAR.....

    I'm very traditional....VERY TRADITIONAL.

    I believe that there should be NO SEX between teachers and students and when they're found to be doing so they should be fired...okay but that's not a violation of law...just morals!


    And when employees are fucking on premises like at Sulzer Orthopedics or even having sex anywhere THEY SHOULD BE FIRED.


    There's a difference between morality and honor and a crime!

    1. And these asshole like Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton who THOUGHT IT WOULD BE COOL TO FUCK IN THE OVAL OFFICE....

      You guys are sick and both deserve to die slow painful deaths.

      JFK never would have done that and always had his sex in private areas where sex belongs and not in the PEOPLE'S OFFICES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And to think the fucking Democrats want to put Bill Clinton back in the White House again..this time as the 'first husband'.....LOL....

      What a fucking joke this country is now.

  3. I grew up near that Bofa shootout in No. Hollywood. I Bought my 1st gun (Sig P220 45Cal.) from a gun store near where the shootout happened, whose proprietor was asked to lend guns to the officers so they could make a "dent" in the perps armour.

    I heard one of the deceased perpetrators family membes, actually sued the police for not allowing medical aid in the form of an ambulance to enter the area to help or to render aid.

    Instead the officers approached the remaining gunman who had a fully automatic rifle and shot at his legs and ankles (no armour there).

    When the suspect finally went down, the officer; kept the suspect face down, kept his boot on the perp's back and ordereda coffee in a white sStyrofoam cup till the perp bled to death, then the cop ordered the ambulance.

    Said for safety reason he had to make sure the area was "clear" before letting in paramedics.


    1. I wouldn't be caught dead with a .45. It is a terrible round that is only about 1,000 feet per second velocity at most.

      It cannot penetrate doors, cars, or kevlar. It's terrible.

      What you need and what the police should have had is either of these...

      .357 magnum at 1,500 feet per second
      .38 Super at 1,500 fps
      .357 Sig at 1,700 fps
      TT Makarov at 1,600 fps
      10mm at 1,700 fps...

      All these rounds can penetrate body armour, kevlar, automobiles, doors and even walls.

      That's what you need.

    2. As for the police murdering that guy well the LAPD is the most murderous and crooked force in the country and always has been. I know more about the truth of that force than I care to say.

      In the depression there was no organized bootleggers in LA County because it was the police themselves who sold and distributed all the alchohol.

      Anyone who tried to horn in on their criminal racket became victims of the 'gun squad' which was a group of hit men in the city police who roamed around and killed anyone they wanted for any reason.

      I used to live in Topanga Canyon and I came to view LA as the most depraved city I ever witnessed, with the gangs, the crooked police, the Charles Mansons, etc.....

      It's a hell.

    3. In the movie "Heat" Robert DiNero uses a Sig 220 in .45 and Al Pacino has a Colt Model 1911 in .45 with ivory handles.

      Sig used to make the 220 in .38 Super and it's a far...far better round.

      In the early 1930s when Colt started making the 1911 in .38 Super all the gangsters and bank robbers dumped their .45s and replaced them with .38 Supers because they could shoot through cars....

      And then the police adopted the .38 Super in 1911 model also...

      But many police couldn't afford the model 1911 like the well funded Texas Rangers who were given the 1911 in .38 Super...

      So as they could only afford revolvers that's when Smith and Wesson invented the .357 Magnum so that police could have a affordable revolver which could do what the .38 Super could do in semi-auto model 1911.

    4. At that time in San Antonio the "armourer to the gangsters" Jewish gunsmith HYMAN LEBMAN....

      Mr. Lebman had a gunsmith shop underground at 111 south Flores street JUST ONE BLOCK FROM THE COURTHOUSE...

      And there he received all the famous gangsters/bank robbers such as Lester Gillis and Homer Van Meter the partner of John Dillinger...

      And Mr.Lebman sold them a full auto verson of the model 1911 but in .38 Super! So this was the first baby machine gun on the planet and it was invented in San Antonio by the Jewish Mr. Lebman who was cornered by the FBI and put out of business because the FBI had collected a huge vault full of the guns he sold to all these gangsters....

    5. So after the 1950s when Mr. Lebman left business my father and several others took up selling modified guns to various criminal individuals such as Charles Harrelson who was a real gentleman and never killed anyone who didn't deserve it and also my father and Harrelson always wore suits and ties and bought them from Satel's Menswear on Broadway Avenue in Alamo Heights in San Antonio. Mr. Harrelson was always dressed well.

    6. And there was no fucking "Segur" or any such fucking psychopathic hit men in South Texas as in the stupid and idiotic "No Country for Old Men" either, and South Texas actually was the opposite of that depicted in that the crime was civilized and kept among gentlemen exactly so it would not be a horrible thing as depicted....but it is now because there are no courageous gentlemen who are willing to undertake these rackets here anymore and now it really is full of Mexican de-capitators and devil-worhippers and other assholes who would never have survived one second before!

    7. Watch the film "Public Enemies" and in one scene Baby Face Nelson, aka Lester Gillis....

      He is in the road after escaping the "Little Bohemia" shootout and a stupid FBI agent stops his car next to him thinking he was another FBI agent....

      So Nelson surprises the FBI agent driving the car...

      Nelson takes out this pistol and it's fully automatic and he shoots the FBI agent about ten times with a sudden spurt of bullets from this pistol...


      That's how detailed that movie is when it came to such details.....

      pretty cool.

  4. Great attention to detail, seems uncommon today.

    Yes the 45 was in respone to an armed robbery while working at my late father's pharmacy.

    Never had to use it until about 2010, to stop a home invasion one night.

    Perp stopped in his tracks when he realized he was looking down it's barrel.

    Said only 2 words after that: "Jesus Christ ! "

    Cops arrived late and hauled him off. I came close to pulling that trigger, it was a bit unnerving to say the least. Took about 3 months for me to stop jumping out of bed at every little noise.

    When I moved out of my home, the 45 was stolen out of the moving truck.

    I couldn't say I shot well with that 45, the grip was old style combat Sig and didn't fit my hand very well. It was a bigger grip than the new Sigs you see for sale today.

    If I got into a pinch today, I'd pick up my Ruger GP100 357 or my Glock 9

    1. What you describe happens hundreds of times everyday in America.

      An assailant finds himself looking down the barrel of a gun and then breaks off the attack.

      Everyday in America handgun owners also draw down their weapons on criminals who are also armed BUT in almost all cases the handgun users FAIL TO FIRE and this results in the situation de-escalating and resulting in NO VIOLENCE.

      This is in contrast to police, who know they can get away with killing anyone who threatens them with any weapon, even a pocket knife.....

      The difference between the ease and joy with which police always kill and the extreme reluctance with which citizens pull the trigger lies solely in the second class status that citizens NOW HAVE in law enforcement versus the thugs of the local police and their unions.....

  5. As Cagney might say 'You dirty rat!' There is certainly enough there for the debating club to keep going for a while. It falls into the Carl Sagan trap which I believed as a young man of forming baby as collection of cells. Convenient if you have an accident (as a young man) but is unfortunately I came to realise just convenient bollocks. The fetus begins to move and feel much earlier than most suspect and when you look at the pictures is complete at a very early age. I would not want to be a Dr who performs abortions, it is a bit like a Vet who has to put down healthy animals ( in the UK Vets have one of the highest suicide rates). However on the other foot how great if you or your family needed an organ! I understand in China they have execution vans which kill the 'miscreant' then harvest their organs for sale. Regarding the female 'hot teacher' scenario, it does not take account of their real biological and psychological differences. From about 12+ boys will literally fuck furniture, so an attractive lady teacher wishing to provide classes is a gift from the gods. Women do not get this as even at their most rampant they only have the testosterone of an 8 year old boy.Also there is a political agenda here where everyone is the same, it is completely different when a male teacher takes advantage. I remember reading of a case in Florida where a 16 year old boy was sleeping with two of his teachers at the same time, the idiot of course had to brag. The only danger to the lad was that he might die from high fiveing! From what is being said about your Police, looks like you are heading for a para-military force to keep the masses from the elite. We had a TV show in the 70's called 'The Guardians' based on this premise (menacing opening titles on youtube) of surveillance society, fake terror and total control.Bit ahead of it's time. Also wasn't Charles Harrison one of the 'Tramps' arrested at the JFK killing?

    1. Not mentioning that that boy in 12 will have that age only once in life and just for that one year. What a waste of stem cells. World is unjust.

    2. One must not lose one's sensitivity to human life. I am afraid that performing abortions would make one view a fetus as "the fastest growing tumor in the female pelvis", and make us less than human.